Heart Connection (Undefined Love) Episode 11


Heart connection season 3… Undefined Love.
——————————–Episode 11:

The episode starts with Aansh sitting in the car and Shantanu sits near him. Anjali also sits in.

“What are you two doing here?” Anjali asks.

“We’re hear to sell kebabs, do you want some?” Shantanu says and fakes a smile.

Anjali glares at him. Ragini then sits inside. She looks around and was about to go out when Aansh drives off.

“I haven’t gotten off yet.” Ragini says.

Aansh is shocked looks at her through the mirror.

“What is she doing here?” Aansh says with an annoyed look.

Ragini then glares at Aansh through the mirror.

“But this is Sanskaar’s car.” Both Anjali and Ragini say.

“Yes, I know.” Aansh says.

“Then why…?” Anjali asks confused.

“Because I couldn’t be asked to get the keys for my car… Plus he can come with Laksh.” Aansh says and looks at the road.

“Lazy.” Ragini thinks.

Laksh then drives off while Janvi looks on.

“Swara and Sanskaar are coming with us Na?” Janvi asks.

“They can come in another car, they take 10 years and do you think Lucky would ever sit with him?” Laksh says.

“Never!” Laksh adds and increases the speed.

Sanskaar and Swara come out to see the cars missing.

“They took both of the car and my car.” Sanskaar complains.

The servant then comes out and gives Sanskaar a key.

“This is Aansh Baba’s car key, he forgot it.” The servant says and leaves.

“He forgot his keys and took my car?” Sanskaar says with an annoyed tone.

“Don’t worry, we will take the other car.” Swara says.

Sanskaar and Swara then sit in Aanshs car and Sanskaar drives off, they don’t talk to each other.

Aansh gets tried while Shantanu is relaxing. Aansh then moves the car side to side fast which makes Shantanu get up in a shock.

“No, I can’t die yet!” Shantanu shouts.

He looks and sees Aansh smirking and glares at him.

“If he can’t drive then why does he try?” Ragini says to herself but Aansh hears it.

“Oh really? Why don’t you try driving then?” Aansh says and looks at her through the mirror.

“I don’t want to.” Ragini says.

“Why? Oh yeah, you can’t drive.” Aansh says.

“Like you can drive better.” Ragini says.

“I’m a professional!” Aansh says.

“Yeah sure, no wonder an accident was about to happen.” Ragini says and fake smiles.

“Yeah, since you know how to drive then you might as well.” Aansh says and presses the breaks.

Ragini just looks at him.

“Yeah, all you can do is talk big!” Aansh says.

“Fish, why won’t the breaks work.” Aansh thinks.

Aansh continues driving and tries applying breaks, Shantanu sees this.

“Aansh, are you okay?” Shantanu asks.

“Shantanu, what would you do if I tell you we are about to die?” Aansh asks.

Ragini and Anjali look at Aansh.
Shantanu smiles.

“Aansh mere Bhai, that won’t reach at that stage, I would jump out.” Shantanu says.

“Shantanu, the breaks won’t work.” Aansh tells in a serious yet worried tone.

“Nice joke… I’m not going to jump out.” Shantanu says.

“Shan, it’s not a joke, Rakshas Kasam the breaks are not working.” Aansh tells.

Shantanu is shocked and widens his eyes.

“What?! You mean the breaks are not working?!” Shantanu says whilst being in shock.

“Naa, they’re gone to get eggs.” Aansh jokes in a worried and annoyed tone.

“Are you serious? We’re here in trouble and you’re thinking of jokes?!” Ragini angrily says.

“Well it’s not my fault that you sat here! I bet you done this!” Aansh shouts.

“I’m not fond of getting my hands dirty!” Ragini says.

“Haha very funny, when you don’t know how to joke then my try?! You sat in this and that’s why!” Aansh tells in an annoyed tone.

“How do we believe you’re not joking?” Anjali asks.

“Never have we ever lied while saying Rakshas kasam, that’s the main point. We can never lie.” Shantanu says.

“Rakshas? Why that?” Anjali asks.

“Rakshas aka DP aka DurgaPrasad Maheshwari.” Aansh tells.

Anjali and Ragini are shocked.

“You’re so mean, you can’t even respect your father no wonder!” Ragini says.

Aansh then says “Well done, you finally realised?!”

Ragini and Aansh start arguing while Anjali and Shantanu worry.

Scene shifts to Laksh, he is driving and is feeling sleepy, Janvi looks around.

“Right or left?” Laksh asks himself.

“Left.” Laksh says and turns left.

He then turns right and then right again when he was meant to turn left.

“Left right right left.” Laksh says to himself.

“Is he gone mad?” Janvi asks herself.

Laksh then turns left and see a village. He stops his car.

“We reached… But it looks empty.” Laksh says.

Janvi then gets out and so does Laksh.

“Where’s the rest?” Laksh asks.

“I don’t know.” Janvi says.

Janvi and Laksh then go inside the village and see the lights off.

“Are we even in the right village?” Ragini asks.

“I don’t know, maybe the wedding will be later or tomorrow.” Janvi says.

Laksh then nods yes and they see a woman.

“Excuse me.” Janvi says and the lady stops and looks at them.

“Actually we’re here for a wedding…?” Laksh says.

“Shadi?” The woman asks.

JanLak nod yes.

“Okay, come follow me.” The woman says.

They follow the woman and she shows them a hut.

“Is the wedding here?” Laksh asks with shocked expressions.

“Don’t be stupid… How can a wedding be in hut?” Janvi asks.

Janvi and Laksh enter the hut and see it empty and dark.

They were about to go when the woman locks the hut door from the outside. Janvi and Laksh get shocked.

Swara and Sanskaar reach the right village and look around.

“Where are the rest? I don’t see their cars.” Sanskaar asks.

“They’re probably coming.” Swara says.

A man comes and greats them.

“Hi, you must be Mr Maheshwaris son?” The man asks.

Sanskaar nods yes.

“And this must be your wife?” The man asks.

Sanskaar then looks at Swara and nods yes again.

“Thank you for coming, the wedding would be tomorrow.”
The man says and takes them inside.

“Bas!!!!” Shantanu shouts.

RagAan/ RagAansh shut up.

“Thank you.” Anjali says and touches her forehead.

Aansh tries everything but in vain.

“There’s only one way left.” Aansh says.

“What?” Shantanu asks with a worried expression.

“Crash.” Aansh tells.

“Crash? Jumping out was better option.” Shantanu tells.

“So ready?” Aansh asks.

“Are you serious?” Ragini ask.

Aansh then turns the car and it slips on the rock and turns and explodes, the Lorry behind them stops with a sudden jerk.
The men stand out.

“Sir, your work is done, Sanskaar died.” The man says.

The man then disconnects the call.
Aansh who was standing behind the tree is shocked.

“Are you serious?” Ragini asks.

Aansh nods yes.

“I’m jumping.” Shantanu tells and opens the door.

Shantanu then jumps out and rolls down.

“I’m okay.” Shantanu says while in pain.

“Okay, Anjali, you’re turn.” Aansh says.

Anjali then opens the door and closes her eyes.

“God, please protect us.” Anjali says and jumps out and rolls down.

She falls on Shantanu making him fall again.

“Now it’s just you!” Aansh says o Ragini.

Ragini gets worried and moves towards the door. She then closes her eyes and jumps out, her arm hits the rock. Aansh turns the car and jumps out and it explodes.

Then the Lorry comes and stops.

End of flashback.

Shantanu, Anjali and Ragini are also shocked while hiding.

The man sits in the Lorry and leaves.

“Aansh mere Bhai.” Shantanu shouts.

Aansh comes out and Shantanu smiles seeing him. Aansh is in deep thinking.

“Who wants to kill Sanskaar?!” Aansh thinks and is shocked yet angry yet confused yet emotional.

Shantanu then touches Aanshs arm and Aansh jerks his arm away.

“Oh, so you’re hurt?” Shantanu says while breaking Aanshs chains of thoughts.

“But who would want to kill Sanskaar.” Anjali says and thinks

“That’s what I wanted to say too, what did Sanskaar ever do to anyone?” Shantanu says.

Aansh gets angry and holds his fist.

“But our luggage, it’s gone.” Shantanu complains.

Aansh then starts walking and Shantabu follows him while Ragini and Anjali do too.

After an hour Aansh, Shantanu, Anjali and Ragini reach the village.

“I have never walked this much in my whole life.” Shantanu complains and touches his hips.

Sanskaar sees them and goes up to them.

“What took you guys so long?! And have you came walking? Where’s your car and luggage?” Sanskaar asks.

Aansh then looks at him emotionally.

“What happened?!” Sanskaar asks in a worried and serious tone.

Aansh then hugs Sanskaar which shocks Anjali and Shantanu and Sanskaar himself.
Sanskaar comes out of the shock a little and hugs Aansh back.

Bachpan Kahan? Tune plays…

Aansh then remembers those men saying Sanskaar is dead.

“I swear Sanskaar that I would find out who did this and kill him! No matter however you are! You’re my brother! I can hate you but if someone else even touches you, I’ll break their hands!” Aansh thinks.

Scene shifts to JanLak, Laksh tries calling but gets no service.

“Kishmish, have you got you’re phone?” Laksh asks.

“Nahi.” Janvi says and then realise.

Laksh also realises and makes a face.

“Did you call me Kishmish?” Janvi asks.

Laksh turns to her and nods no.

“I didn’t call you Kishmish, why would I? You’re not my bestie Kishi, I think you’re too obsessed with that name.” Laksh says and saves himself.

“No, I’m sure you said Kishmish.” Janvi says.

“Why would I call you Kishmish?” Laksh asks.

Janvi then thinks about it.

“Anyways, I was thinking to tell you a bit more about my bestie Kishmish.” Laksh says and sits down.

Janvi also sits down and thinks “Hmm, now let’s see what fake stories he would make about me.”

“As I said Kishmish was my best fiend, in fact, she was weak at Maths. She always stole my answer sheet and put her name on it.” Laksh tells.

Janvi looks on and then remembers Laksh stealing hers as he sits next to her.

“No she never.” Janvi tells.

“But she always used to get caught, I complaint to the teach and she pushed me and started teasing me.” Laksh lies and smiles seeing Janvi’s reaction.

“Kitna Bara Jhoota hai yeh.” Janvi thinks.

“And she used to steal your tiffin and especially your Laddo? And she used to tease you by calling you Mota and then she used to laugh at you and distract you and get you in trouble and she didn’t even know your name when she sat next to you. She always threw pencils in class and hit you once? She then must’ve ripped your work? And after ripping your work up threw it in the dustbin? She then must’ve applied glue on to your hair and then stick chewing gum?! She then cut your hair Nai? She then laughed at you and made everyone laugh at you. Then she stole your book and never gave it back, she must’ve got you in trouble? And she’s the one who threw the paper balls at the teacher and then blamed it on you? She must’ve made you cry and threw paint water on you? She then used to Call you different names and hit you with the chair and hit you with the door and then…” Janvi says and stops to breath.

Laksh looks on while widening his eyes.

“Yes, she done that, how do you know?” Laksh acts and says innocently.

Janvi then glares at him and he looks at her.

“You stupid, duffer, idiot, crazy, bully! I’m Kishmish.” Janvi says and looks away.

Laksh fakes a gasp.

“No wonder you remember those mean stuff you did to me? You’re a bully.” Laksh says.

Janvi gives him the annoyed looks and glares at him while he bursts out laughing.

Janvi gets annoyed and makes a face and looks away.

“You actually remember all that stuff you did to me?” Laksh asks.

“It wasn’t me! All of that was you! You always used to pick on me and bully and tease ME!” Janvi says.

“But I was the innocent one.” Laksh innocently says.

“Innocent?! INNOCENT?! You were a DEVIL!” Janvi says.

“Devil?” Laksh asks and stands up.

“Yes! You were always like call me lucky and I’m lucky with style.” Janvi says and makes fun of him.

“Yes and you were a cry baby! You always used to cry like Mamma! Didi! Shona!” Laksh says and makes fun of her.

Both then start arguing.

The sun rising is shown and shines in through the window. Janvi and Laksh are shown sitting down opposite each other and sleeping. Laksh then opens his eyes and looks around. The door opens and Janvi slowly opens her eyes.

“Hello.” A man with long moustache says.

“Hi, when is the wedding?” Laksh says and stands up.

The villagers get confused.

“Marriage? Who’s marriage?” The man asks.

“Aren’t you two the couple who were going to stay here for a night?” A woman asks.

Laksh then laughs while Janvi stands up.

“Me and him as couple? Never ever!” Janvi says.

“We’re not married and anyways, who wants to marry this Moti?” Laksh says and glares at her.

She glares at him too sighs the villagers are shocked.

“You two aren’t married and slept together?” The man asks.

“Yeah, we are not married.” Laksh says in a care free way.

The man gets angry and shouts “How dare you?!”

Laksh and Janvi get surprised.

“They slept without marrying each other?!” The woman says feeling disgusted.

“Today you have broke our village rule! You won’t get pardoned!” The man shouts.

“What rule?” Janvi asks

“A girl and a boy is not allowed to stay together or even talk to each other before marriage.” The woman tells.

“But we’re not from your village.” Laksh says.

“But you have entered and are in my village!” The man angrily says.

The man then shakes his stick and men come in with knifes, Laksh gulps.

“Baba, if the other villages find this out then our image and village name would be tarnished.” A boy says.

The man thinks and nods yes.

Laksh then gets his phone out to text someone when the man snatches it off him. Janvi then gives the worried look. Both JanLak look at each other.
Laksh then looks around.

“There is no way for you to escape!” The man says.

The man signals one of the men to go forward to attack them but Laksh breaths and closes his fist. He then looks at him with anger in his eyes. As the man approaches, Laksh punches him and he falls back making the other men and man fall. Laksh then grabs Janvi’s hand and runs out, the woman follow them and men follow them.
As men approach Laksh, he kicks them and continue running. Janvi looks on.

Just then they get surrounded, Laksh was about to go forward when he sees one of the man pointing a knife at Janvi.

“If I do anything then they will harm Kishmish.” Laksh thinks and looks around.

The man with long moustache walks there and glares at Laksh.

“There is one way to avoid death penalty.” The man says.

“What?” Laksh says.

“Marry each other.” The man advices.

“I would rather die than marrying him!” Janvi tells.

“Then get ready to die!” The man says.

“What did you think? That I would let you get away with this?! My Village name would be on the top in the list!” The man says and touches his moustache.

Laksh thinks.

“I’m ready to marry.” Laksh says and let’s go of Janvi’s hand.

Janvi is shocked and looks at Laksh. The man then smiles and asks the ladies to take Janvi.

“Laksh! You can’t do this!” Janvi shouts while leaving.

The man then takes Laksh.

Other Village:

Aansh is seen thinking while Sanskaar walks inside.

“The breakfast is ready.” Sanskaar says and turns.

“Do you have any enemies?” Aansh asks and looks at him.

Sanskaar thinks and then nods no.

“Why?” Sanskaar asks.

“Nothing, I’m coming in a bit.” Aansh says.

Sanskaar then leaves and while going out, he bumps into Swara and Swara loses her balance but is caught by Sanskaar. Swara’s hands are around Sanskaar’s neck while Sanskaars hand is around Swara’s waist. Both SwaSan share an eye-lock. Swara then breaks the eye-lock and composes herself. She then looks down.

“Sorry.” Swara says and turns to leave but feels someone grab her hand.

“I’m sorry Swara.” Sanskaar says.

Swara then turns to him and says “Why are you apologising? I should be, I just came back and broke your marriage.”

Swara then looks down because of the guilt and leaves, Sanskaar looks on.

Scene then shifts to other village, Laksh is sitting down at the Mandap in a grooms attire. Janvi also comes and is forcefully made sat down. She tries freeing her self but the woman hold on to her and the wedding rituals start. Janvi looks at Laksh hoping he would do something while Laksh is thinking. One of the woman ties the ghatbandhan.

Other village:

Th marriage rituals of the bride and groom start. Sanskaar looks at Swara.

On the other hand Laksh and Janvi stand up for the pehres, Janvi tries her best to stop but the woman’s make her forcefully walk around.

Aansh is looking out and thinks “If that someone wants to kill Sanskaar, he would make sure if he died or not, so he must be here.”

Th groom apply Sindoor on the bride.

Aansh then suspiciously looks around. Aansh then sees a man looking at Sanskaar with evils and looks on. He then sees the man taking a gun out and looks on.
The man then aims it at Sanskaar and shoots it. The bullet comes out in slow motion. Aansh looks on and runs.

The groom then puts Mangulsutra on her.

“Sanskaar.” Aansh shouts and pushes him, the bullet hits Aansh and the man runs ways but Shantanu stands in front of him.

“Vivah sampoorna hua.” The pandit says and gets shocked.

“You can escape!” Shantanu says and hits the man with a stick on his head.

Sanskaar is shocked seeing the blood coming out from Aanshs stomach while Aansh falls on the floor in slow motion. All get shocked.

On the other hand, Laksh then applies Sindoor and Mangalsutra on Janvi.

“Congratulation, you two are officially husband and wife.” The pandit says and stands up.

Janvi then glares at Laksh, the woman’s let go of Janvi.

“Now you two are free to go.” The man says.

Janvi stands up and so does Laksh, Janvi then slaps Laksh across the face and storms out.

“You saved our villages name and respect, you’re free to go!” The man says and leaves with the people.

Laksh then reaches near his car and sees Janvi crying. Janvi sees him and glares at him.

“My whole life is ruined! Why did you make tha decision?!” Janvi shouts.

“I had no other choice.” Laksh says.

“Yes because you were bechara,
Lachaar and majboor?!” Ragini shouts and looks away.

There’s a silence in between the for a while when both break it in union.

“No one should know.” Both say and look at each other.

“We would file for divorce secretly and then no one would find out.” Janvi tells.

Laksh nods yes and says “We shouldn’t even speak about it.”

Janvi nods, both sit in the car and Laksh drives off.

“Wait, Mera phone.” Laksh says and stops the car.

“We don’t have time for your phone!” Janvi says.

Laksh makes a face and starts driving. Janvi starts thinking.

“Ek minuet!!!” Janvi says.

Laksh stops the car with a jerk.

“If we go like this then they would get suspicious.” Janvi says.

Laksh also thinks and nods yes.

“Stop at a clothes shop or anywhere on the way.” Janvi tells.

“And I would listen to you because…?” Laksh asks for a reason and starts driving.

“Because you would also get caught!” Janvi tells with a fake smile.

Laksh then ignores her.

Aansh is taken inside and the woman in doing his aiding with herbs while Ragini, Anjali and Swara pray. Sanskaar is shocked and shook while Shantanu is shocked. The shooter is lying unconscious and Shantanu is sitting on his back.

After a while, the herb lady/woman comes out and all look at her.

“He’s alright.” The woman says.

All get glad, Shantanu and Sanskaar smiles along with Anjali and Swara. Ragini then goes inside and sees him lying down with bandage around his waist. She then thanks god.

Janvi and Laksh then reach MM but in different clothes. Janvi is wearing blue Anarkali suit with the stole pinned to her shoulder. She hides her Mangalsutra and gives the annoyed look. Then she covers the Sindoor with her hair.

“Shall we.” Laksh says.

“We’re not any couples! ‘Shall we!” Janvi says and mocks.

Laksh glares at her and both enter MM. Just then Janvi slips and loses her balance but is caught by Laksh by her waist. She keeps her hands on his shoulders and looks at him.
Both share an eye-lock.

Koi sone sa tole re
Koi maati sa bole re

Both Janvi and Laksh’s eyes are shown looking at each other.

Koi bole ke chandi ka hai chhura
Hota aise ye mauke pe
Roka jaaye na roke se

SwaSan are shown looking at each other and give a smile.

Achha hota hai
Hota hai ye bura

Ragini walks up to Aansh and relaxes seeing him fine.

Kaisa ye isq hai…
Ajab sa risk hai

JanLak are shown.

Kaisa ye isq hai…

SwaSan are shown

Ajab sa risk hai..


Ajab sa risk hai…

And Anjali is shown looking at Shantanu.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ladai, Jaghra, Ishq, 6 months leap, Shadi, Maza, Suhaagrat, aur bhi bahot Kuch ?
Aansh – Parth Samthaan

Mugdha – Sukirti Khandpal

Anjali – Tanya Sharma

Janvi – Vaishali Takkar

Shantanu – Shaheer Sheikh

Do tell me how it is…

I have also added some changes…

And there won’t be anymore cameo/special appearance until the last episode…?

Thank you for the support and your wonderful comments…??

Forgot to mention that the next episode would be a Maha episode ?

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