Heart Connection (Undefined Love) Episode 10


Heart connection season 3… Undefined Love.
Episode 10:

The episode begins with Janvi looking at a locket and is shocked.
Laksh then comes in.

“Tum yaha?” Laksh asks.

Janvi turns around nod looks at him shockingly.

Few hours earlier:

After Anjali tells Swara is pregnant,
All are shocked including SwaSan themselves.

“What?! When?!” Laksh asks shockingly.

“I can’t believe you!” DP angrily says.

“But Papa…” Sanskaar says and looks at Swara.

“Uncle, the best way would be to get them married.” Anjali tells.

DP thinks about it and nods yes.

“But with all the rituals! He left me now where, I thought that at least one son… But I was wrong!” DP shouts and leaves.

AP follows him and Sujata also goes inside.

Swara looks at Anjali.

“Anjali, why did you lie?” Swara asks.

“It was a lie?!” Aansh shockingly says.

“Yes… But I did it for Sanskaar.” Anjali says.

Sanskaar is shocked and says “For me?”

Anjali nods yes and says “You love Swara and Swara loves you… I’m the one who’s coming in between you two.” Anjali tells with a faint smile.

All look on, Sanskaar especially.

“If I said no personally then Dad won’t believe me so I had to do this, I’m sorry.” Anjali tells.

Anjali then smiles at Sanskaar.

“What? Don’t give me that look… I’ll be here for your engagement and in all the rituals till your marriage.” Anjali says.

Sanskaar then faint smiles and looks at her.

“You’re giving me the same look again…” Anjali tells.

Sanskaar then hugs Anjali and she hugs him back.

“I’ll be back tomorrow to help you… Don’t think that you got rid of me easily.” Anjali says and Sanskaar chuckles.

“For the first time Raavan laughed…” Laksh says and Sanskaar breaks the hug.

“Okay, bye, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Anjali says and leaves.

Shantanu also goes up, the servant comes and takes Swara, Janvi and Ragini to the guest room. Laksh and Sanskaar also leave the hall.

Janvi was walking past, she sees something on the floor outside Laksh’s room. She picks it up and goes inside the room and places it on the bed. She then sees a locket on the floor and picks it up and is shocked.
Laksh then comes in.


Janvi walks up to Laksh and says “Who’s locket is this?”

“Oh that… It’s Kishmish’s” Laksh says and remembers a fat Kishmish.

“Kishmish?” Janvi asks.

“Yes, my classmate who I used to…” Laksh says and stops.

“Used to what?” Janvi asks.

“Whats it to you?” Laksh asks and sits down.

“I was just asking.” Janvi says annoyed.

“I was joking… I used to praise her and play with her, she used to be my friend.” Laksh says.

“Lucky?” Janvi asks.

“Yes, I was known as Lucky.” Laksh says and smiles remembering his school moments.

Janvi is shocked and thinks “He used to play with Kishmish? More like bully!”

Laksh smirks and it goes into a flashback.
Laksh was walking down and meets Ragini.

“Ragini.” Laksh says.

Ragini then turns around and sees Laksh approaching her.

“Janvi wouldn’t forgive me… Please help me.” Laksh begs.

“Me? How can I?” Ragini asks.

“You know her better than me.” Laksh says.

“But… Well… Um… She likes Ice cream… She likes Kishmish…” Ragini says and continues thinking.

Laksh then looks at Ragini after hearing the word Kishmish.

“No, in fact her nickname was Kishmish… We all used to call her Kishmish.” Ragini says.

Laksh is shocked and remembers a young Kishmish.

“Was she fat when she was younger?” Laksh asks.

Ragini nods yes.

“Well ask Swara, she knows Janvi better than me.” Ragini says and leaves.

Laksh looks on and thinks “Is she the same Kishmish?”

End of Flashback.

Laksh then looks at Janvi’s reaction and smiles.

“Kishmish was a wonderful girl but she was bold.” Laksh tells.

Janvi looks at him shockingly.

“No she wasn’t!” Janvi says.

“Yes she was… How would you know?” Laksh says.

“Because I know!” Janvi says.

“No you don’t.” Laksh argues.

“I do!” Janvi argues back.

“Kishmish was bold!” Laksh argues.

“No she wasn’t!” Janvi argues.

“How do you know if she was or not?!” Laksh asks.

“Because Kishmish is m…” Janvi says and stops as she realises.

“Kishmish is what?” Laksh acts and asks.

“Nothing!” An irritated Janvi says and leaves his room.

“Don’t worry Kishmish… Lucky will make you reveal that you were that Fat Kishmish.” Laksh says and smirks.

Morning in MM:

The engagement preparations are going on, AP and DP get impressed with Ragini and her dedication and manners. Anjali comes and helps Ragini.

“There is a wedding of my friend in the village and I want Laksh, Aansh and Sanskaar to go.” DP says.

“Laksh, Aansh and Sanskaar?” A confused RP asks.

Shantanu walks down with Sunanina and says “You don’t need to continue with your Drama!”

RP turns around and all look at him.

“Which Drama?” Sujata asks.

Sanskaar and Aansh come down.

“My dearest and Pyaare Papa, don’t underestimate the power of Shantanu, he faked his memory loss and accident.” Shantanu says.

Sujata, AP, Sunaina, DP, RP, Laksh, Aansh, Sanskaar, Anjali, Swara, Ragini, Janvi and Swara are shocked.

“If you don’t believe me then see this!” Shantanu says and connects his video camera to the Tv.

“What did you all think? Shantanu wouldn’t get to know everything?!” Shantanu says and turns on the Tv.

They see the video of DP, AP and RP talking and saying its a plan and not to tell Sujata.

Sujata gets shocked and looks at AP, AP looks down because of the guilt.

“What is this?” RP asks.

“Don’t need to lie, we already know… Ab toh Bas karo.” Shantanu tells.

“Why did you do this Chachu?” Laksh asks.

“I did it for Love.” RP says and buts his head down.

“For love?” All say and get confused.

“Yes, I did this so that Shantanu and Sujata get back together.” RP tells

“Oh god!” Shantanu sighs.

“Anyways Bade Papa, you was saying something?” Shantanu asks DP.

“Yes, I was saying that there’s a wedding in a village and I won’t be able to make it, so if Aansh, Laksh and Sanskaar could go…?” DP says.

“Bade Papa, yeh bhi koi poochne Ki Baath hai? In fact they will go.” Shantanu says.

“You’re going too.” DP adds.

“Then they will not go, guys, tell your decision.” Shantanu asks.

“Arey, yeh bhi koi poochne Ki baat hai? Of course we would go.” Laksh repeats and says.

“Okay then, get ready, you’re leaving tonight.” DP says.

“But I can’t drive at night because I can’t compromise with my sleep and if I drive then I would get into accident then you have to pay for my hospital bill and…” Shantanu says but gets interrupted.

“I’ll drive.” Aansh says.

“Annapurna.” DP says and Signals.

DP then heads upstairs.

“Anjali, I was wondering if you could go with Swara and her sisters too.” AP asks.

“But Aunty…” Anjali says.

“Please beta.” AP says.

Anjali then smiles and nods yes.
AP smiles.

“Go carefully…” AP says to Swara.

Swara nods okay.

Then everyone are packing.

“I’m not going.” Janvi says and sits down.

“Please Kishmish… For your Shona…” Swara begs.

“Okay fine…” Janvi says and Swara smiles.

They packed and are waiting at the door.

“Where’s Aansh and Shan?” Laksh asks.

“They’re already in the car.” Sanskaar says.

“Couldn’t you tell before?” Laksh says.

“I would’ve but talking to you is useless.” Sanskaar says.

“Then why are you talking to me now?!” Laksh ask.

Laksh then remembers something and laughs.

“Bechara… You were in Papa’s good list and now you have slipped down… Aahh, I wish I could see that slap again… I felt so good.” Laksh expresses.

Ragini, Swara and Janvi shake their head in a disagreement.
Sanskaar looks at Anjali and she looks down because of the guilt.

They hear the horn and Laksh heads out with his luggage. Then eventually, all head out and DP is shown standing on the top.

Precap: Ragini and Aansh are forced to sit together with Shantanu and Anjali and argue throughout the way… Aansh takes Sanskaar’s car… Janvi and Laksh reach the wrong village…

Aansh – Parth Samthaan

Mugdha – Sukirti Khandpal

Anjali – Tanya Sharma

Janvi – Vaishali Takkar

Shantanu – Shaheer Sheikh

Do tell me how it is…

I have also added some changes…

And there won’t be anymore cameo/special appearance until the last episode…?

Thank you for the support and your wonderful comments…??

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