Heart Connection (Undefined Love) Episode 1


Heart Connection Season 3… Undefined Love!
Hey everyone, I’m back with another season of Heart connection… I hope you enjoy it and if it’s not good then do tell me, I’ll stop…
Episode 1:

“Hmmm… In every household, everyone lives like a perfect family, but in my eyes, Maheshwari mansion is a zoo… Every mother wants her sons to become like Ram Lakshman but Sanskaar, Aansh and Laksh? Nah… Sawal hi Nahi uththa!” A manly voice narrates.

Maheshwari mansion is shown, inside the mansion a small boy is running.

“Maa! Maa!” The boy screams.

“Rukho Vahi!” A man shouts in an anger and strict tone.

The man is shown running behind him, he is then revealed to be DP.

DP: Padhai mein fail! Toh Sab mein fail! Learn something from your brother!

The boy then huffs in anger.

It then shifts to a school, a boy around the age of 14 years old is playing basket ball with his friends, suddenly a boy runs up to him.

“Sanskaar! Your brother stole Mrs Ranchita’s Laddo’s!” The boy who came running shouts.

“Kya?!” A shocked young Sanskaar says.

Then Sanskaar enters a room and sees a boys back faced towards him.

“Laksh!” Sanskaar angrily says.

“Laksh Nahi Lucky!” The boy says and turns around, he is revealed to be the same boy DP was running after.

He looks around 10 years old.

The screen freezes on Younger Laksh’s face.

“Yeh hai Laksh who has now changed his name to Lucky…” A manly voice says

Then the screen unfreezes.

“Why did you steal Ma’am’s Laddo’s?!” Sanskaar asks.

“What’s it to you?!” Laksh says with attitude.

“Who are these losers?” Sanskaar says while looking at few boys.

“Hey! They’re my friends!” Laksh says.

Sanskaar shakes his head and leaves out of the room while Laksh smirks.

Sanskaar is shown then studying.

Screen freezes.

“This is Sanskaar… Durga Prasad Maheshwari’s layak son. He is first in everything.” A manly voice says

Sanskaar is shown doing karate in the ring. While Laksh is shown fighting outside with other boys.

“Ek does fight in the ring while other does it outside the ring.” A manly voice says.

Sanskaar is then shown sitting on the sofa, DP is reading the newspaper, Laksh comes home hiding the bruises. DP then hears Laksh’s foot steps.

“Where are you coming from?!” DP strictly says.

Laksh gasps and looks down. DP turns around and AP comes out of the kitchen, Sanskaar looks up and sees him.

“What’s that?” DP asks.

“What’s what?” Laksh tries to avoid the topic.

“You fought again?!” DP angrily says and stands up.

Laksh gulps while DP glares at him.

“Phir se?! Look Annapurna! He brought dirt into the house again!” An angry DP says.

DP then gets his belt out and Laksh’s eyes widen, DP starts walking slowly.

“Bas Papa, you stop, I’ll come there.” Laksh says and walks down.

DP is surprised, Laksh stands in front of DP. DP then hits him while AP is pained, Laksh jumps. DP then stops and throws the belt angrily. Sanskaar smirks.

“Kya Papa? At least stop for today? Ek Kaam Karo, save your stick for tomorrow and take rest today.” Laksh says and starts walking.

DP shakes his head in a disagreement, AP brings the first aid box and makes Laksh sit on the steps.

“Kya Laksh?” AP asks.

DP sits on the sofa and sighs.

“It’s not my fault Maa, he just need reasons to hit me!” Laksh says while looking at DP.

“Why can’t you two be the same?” A worried AP asks.

“We can’t Maa! I’m Lucky and he’s not! God gave you three sons, one is Maas ladla while the other is Papa’s! The third one ka patah Nahi… And one has to be different, what’s the point of having three sons that are the same?” Laksh says.

DP hears and looks on angrily.

“I sent Aansh away because of his bad deeds! Lagta hai Iss ko bhi bejhna chahiye!” DP angrily huffs.

“Beta, you two are brothers, why can’t you behave like Ram Lakshman?” AP says.

“Because we aren’t Ram Lakshman, I already told you, I’m Lucky and he’s Raavan!” Laksh says and stands up.

DP and Sanskaar glare at Laksh and Laksh walks up the stairs.

“Kuch Nahi Ho sakta is ladke ka!” DP sighs.

AP follows him to do his aid.

“Raavan? Ram and Lakshman? Not a chance!” A manly voice says.

It shifts to school, Laksh is seen teasing a fat and chubby girl, she is crying.

“Moti!” Laksh teases the girl.

The girl cries “Didi!”

Laksh starts laughing.

“Ho, Kya hua moti?” Laksh laughs and teases.

Sanskaar walks past and hears the girl crying.

“What happened?” Sanskaar asks the girl.

“It’s none of your business! So stay out of it!” Laksh says and glares at him.

“He’s teasing me and calling me Moti.” The girl cries.

She looks around 9 years old.

“Laksh… Stop it!” Sanskaar says.

“I told you it’s Lucky!” Laksh says.

Laksh and Sanskaar start arguing and then Laksh pushes Sanskaar and Sanskaar pushes Laksh. The girl looks on.

Then after few days, the girl is at the gate, Laksh comes out and she goes up to him.

“Lucky… Today is my last day and this school, I’m leaving.” The chubby 9 year old girl says.

“What?” A shocked Laksh says.

“Not fair, now who will I tease?” Laksh sadly says and pouts.

“I’m sorry if I ever hurt you.” The girl says and turns around.

“Arey… Before leaving, tell me your name.” Laksh asks.

“Kishmish.” The girl says and runs off.

“Kishmish?” Laksh thinks and giggles.

“Kishmish toh chali Gayi, but chod Gayi Kuch.” The manly voice says.

Laksh looks down and sees a locket, he picks it up and looks around but Kishmish was gone.

“Now read the story yourself…” The manly voice says and laughs.

Precap: 12 YEARS LATER… Hero’s introduced…
Young Sanskaar – Gautam Ahuja
Young Laksh – Shivansh Kotia
Young Kishmish – Amrita Mukherjee


Do tell me how it is and wether I should continue or not… I also have added some changes…

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