My heart belongs to you, only you – Raglak OS

A girl cornered a boy,she came close to him.She lined her fingers on his face .She came more close to him closing air gap between them.Boy closed his eyes,he said anjaneya help me pls help me someone help me.He was breathing heavily. When the girl got irritated ,she smiled seeing his face,she left him.He ran away like in a marathon race. That girl laughed .She is our gorgeous ragini.

She looked at the direction the boy ran,she asked when will you understand my love laksh.

Laksh was in his class.He closed his eyes all he could ever imagine is her.Her beautiful face.He was scared ,yes he was scared that he would love her.He closed his book n left to terrace.He pushed her thoughts aside.Little did he know that she had her place in his heart.

Her friends teased her, why do u always go behind that nerd laksh. Ragini said it’s because my heart loves him.It says that it belongs to him..

Laksh think why she feels special to my heart.I have not loved any girl in my life.What if she leaves me??

Ragini says I won’t leave him ever.she bid her friends bye n went in search of laksh.
Ragini was happily going to terrace when she something that broke her heart…
She saw laksh hugging a girl

Ennai kollathey thalli pogathey
Nenjai killathey kanmani
Sonna en solil illai unmaigal
Enao kovangal solladi….

Laksh saw ragini,he nodded no.When that girl who hugged him said I love you laksh mom has accepted for our marriage.Ragini was not able to take this, she ran down

Laksh POV
Ennil nee vanthai
Nenjil vazhginrai
Vittu chellathey
Ithu nayaimillai plays.

Laksh was staring at her path.He pushed the girl who was hugging him.He said shalini I don’t love you,how many times I want to tell me.Go away.Shalini wiped her tears and left,she smirked as she saw ragini hearing all these.

Ragini was walking on the road lifelessly.Her eyes were shedding tears.She clutched her dress tightly,she sat on the bridge swinging her legs.

Laksh was searching for Ragini.He didn’t love Ragini, but didn’t want her to misunderstand.He saw her entering the college.He went and hugged her.He was scared,what could have happened all these mins to her.

He realized he loved her.He cupped her face n brought it near,when she pushed him.She said stay away from me laksh.You don’t love me na.Pls stay away.She went from there.

Ragini was crying all night. Laksh asked his brother sanskar for help. Sanskar told him to propose her.

Laksh was now keen on getting back Ragini love .

He went to a shop with sanskar,then he remembered ragini once told him to change his dress.Like a black shirt n jean.He bought it n many things.

Laksh was now totally changed.His oily hair replaced by his gel spike.His old dresses with t shirt n jean.His attitude n fear everything due to ragini.

He entered college.Whole college looks at him stunned.Ragini was walking to canteen,when she felt a hand on her shoulder ,she was immediately dragged n pinned to a wall.She raised her hand,but stopped drowning in his brown chocolate pool.

Meaga kuttathil edhum minnalpol
Engum an vazhvil minnal….

Laksh pulled her near ,by sliding his one hand in her waist n other hand on her neck.He pulled her near.Their lips met n ragini eyes let all tear flow from her eyes.

En idhal Mel indru vazhum moungal
En manam pesuthu nooru ennangal

Ragini pushed him n said stay away from me laksh.Ragini remembered that day,

Before shalini hugged him,ragini was scolded by laksh.Shalini asked what happened laksh.Laksh said all n scolded n said her a disturbance in his life.That was what broke Ragini n shalinis proposal
broke her more

Sonna solinin arthangal nenjil vazhuthey
Thoram thalli sendralum uyir theduthey

Laksh said I love you ragini,which made her freeze

Asai varthai ellame indru kezhalai
Endhan nenjil orathil paya seiginrai

Ennai thendathey ennai parkathey
Onrum pesathey pothum thunbangal..

Laksh pulled her n hugged her tight.

En uyir kadhale endhan kathoram
Oru muraiyavathu solla nee vendum

He said ragini I love you pls don’t leave.raginjsaid Laksh I’m a disturbance let me go n went.

Enthan aasai muthangal unnai serumo illai kathal uthangal innum neelumo…

Ragini was happy, but she wanted punish Laksh for his mistake. She wanted to experience his love so she wantedly came.

Next day,

Laksh was before her,she flashed a smile.she ignored it.

Laksh sang
Konjam ullari kottava
Konjam nenjai thiranthu kattava

Ragini was walking
Konjam sirikka sonen
Adi konjam konjam marikka parkirai

Ragini was laughing, she saw him n bended her head .

Laksh twirled around pole….

He sang En idhayakuttile in idhayam serakkava iruyire serkka vaa onragida vaa…

Ragini looked at him,she ran to him n hugged him nnsaid I love you laksh.Laksh said I love you ragini.

Ragini saw other girls oogling Laksh. She hugged him tight n messed his hair.She made it even by using her hand.Laksh laughed looking at her possessiveness.

He hugged her close to his heart.Ragini was hearing rhythm that was beating for her.She said atleast now say those words na.Laksh playfully asked which words ragini.Ragini sqis that your heart n stopped nothing she said .Laksh pulled her n she fell on his chest ,she whispered ,”That my belongs to you, only you.”

Screen freezes over raglak.

I’ll give song translated meaning in comments guys,hope you like this.

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