My Heart Belongs To You-Naagin FF (Part 2)

Shivanya smiles and goes from there and Ritik continues with his work.Ritik is working when Shesha comes in snake form and bites him.Ritik gets unconscious.yamini comes in his room and is shock to see and tries to wake him up and she seesaid naagin has bitten him on neck and she calls all the family.Shivanya comes and sees snake bites on Ritik’s neck and comes to know it would be Shesha. She gets angry but stays there only.she maKeswick medicine of her poison and gives it to Ritik and he gets conscious.Everyone are happy and Yamini ask “beta how did naagin bite you?” “I don’t know how that naagin bite me” Ankush and Angad helps Ritik to get up and lays him on bed.Shivanya says “maa Ritik will be fine soon don’t worry” everyone goes from there and Shivanya sits beside Ritik and says “Ritik I am happy that you are okay if something would happen to you then I would”tears with her eyes and when she is about to complete her sentence Ritik keeps his hand on her mouth and says “don’t tell like this and you are there with me I know you will not let happen anything to me” Shivanya hugs Ritik and kisses his cheek and takes snake form and goes to Shiv temple and sees Shesha there and asks her “Shesha why did you bite ritik” “because he is a human and oneveryone day he will kill us” “no Shesha I believe on him that he will never kill is as he loves me very much” “Shivanya understand that humans are more poisonous then our poison and they can cheat us” “but Ritik is not like that you think.he can never kill us” Shivanya goes from there and shesha thinks “I have to do something to keep Shivanya away from ritik”

Shesha gets a idea and goes in snake form.Shivanya reaches Raheja house and goes to Ritik who is sleeping peacefully.Shivanya sees him and smiles and thinks “how much innocent you are then also why Shesha thinks you are not” Shivanya kisses his forehead and goes from there.

Precap-Ritik to try to kill Shivanya.Shivanya to get very much angry with him and Ritik runs from there.Afterwards Ritik comes back and Shivanya bites him and he got unconscious.Shivanya says “I can’t believe that you would try to kill me.Shesha was right that you are not good” with tears in her eyes.

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  1. The previous part of this ff was writen by me only not by sharad

  2. loved it but what about other ffs????

    1. Will update tomorrow

  3. very niceeeee….

  4. Hey sharad plz continue naagin-love forever ff also. And yes siddhi I am not getting dil ki baatein episode 3 even on the search bar. I will try again and again but if I don’t get will you plz write episode 3 again???

    1. I have wrote naagin love forever and will write again if u don’t get

  5. hi siddhi.. I am a silent reader but ur ff forced me to comment

    1. Thanks and pls always comment on my ffs

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