My Heart Belongs To You-Naagin FF (Part 1)

Hi friends I am Sharad.I am your favourite ff naagin lover forever writer siddhi.I will write my first ff.I. Please tell how’s my ff.

Ritik is in his room and working.Angad comes and says “bhai what are you doing here bhabi is calling you”Ritik says “whyou is she calling me?”Angad says “I don’t know but she told she have to discuss something very important thing with you”Ritik says “okay I am coming”.Angad goes and Ritik comes out and sees Shivanya standing and ritik asks “Shivanya whyou did you called me?”Shivanya says “Ritik you know that I am a naagin but someday my truth will come out that’s why I am in tension”Ritik says “don’t worry Shivanya your truth will never come out”Shivanya says “but for how many days will we hide the truth from family”Ritik comes near her and says “don’t worry I will try my best to hide your truth”.Ritik comes near her pushes her towards him and kisses her lips.Shivanya gets shock and still closes her eyes.he takes her in his arms and lays her on bed and kisses her neck.she pushes him and goes from there blushing.Ritik stands up and smiles and continue with his office work.Shivanya comes to kitchen and thinks “I know someday the truth will come in front of family.I know Ritik will try his best to hide my truth but for how much time he will be able to hide the truth.”

Shesha is in forest and thinks “I have to keep Shivanya away from Ritik as we are naagin’s an he is a human and he can kill her.”

Shivanya comes inside the room and doesn’t sees Ritik. She is going when Ritik comes and pushes her towards him.Shivanya says “leave me Ritik I have to do work” Ritik says “if you have work then why you came to see me?” Shivanya says “I was …….. just” Ritik says “don’t say anything as I know why you came here” he kisses her neck and kisses her lips.he says “today I will let you go but not always” he smiles and Shivanya also smiles and goes from there.

Precap:Ritik’s life in danger.


Guys hope you like it as it is my first ff.and pls tell me how do you like my ff.pls tell its a request.

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  1. Excellent keep it going and have more romantic moments between shivanya and ritik.…

    1. Siddhi writes naagin love forever pls tell whose ff is better my-The or her as she is my sister and pls tell why it’s better and don’t tell that both ff are nice.

  2. Guys whose ff is nice my or my sister siddhi’s ff?pls tell and also tell why you like her or my ff.

  3. Wow sharad Bro your ff is awesome and I think your ff is better then mine because it have romance which all rivanya fans like my ff also romance but it’s not that much that much you have.and missing you Sharad brother please come soon.

  4. very niceeeee… keep writing….

  5. no siddhi di both the ffs of u and ur bro is equally nice…..

  6. Guys I have only writen this ff not my brother but he is commenting and I wrote Sharad because my brother forced me.

  7. what!!! anyway awesome

  8. very funny. ????

  9. because ur bro is like my sis. she always do this with me…..

  10. very very very niceeeee.

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