My heart belongs to you…(my bracelet girl) intro and epi 4


Hellooo friends….First of all thank u soo much for your love and support. Your precious comments really encourage me to write well…….
Ok now lets start the episode…..

Laksh comes towards swara, sitting on his knee he hold swara’s hand and say “swara…i know we had started as friends only…but with the growing days i have found myself falling for ur eyes…ur smile…and ya for your craziness….and i want to fall more for u….want to fall more for ur madness….so will u allow me to become ur crazy partner for rest of ur life??
(pardon me guys plzz, if u found it a boring proposal)
Swara was so astonished by his words, she was not able to say anything to him. Both were just continously looking in each other’s eyes lost in their own world…
The sound of claps brought them to reality.
Kavya- wow laksh, it was just awesome….seemed so real.
Both leave their hands.

Laksh- see…i hav completed my dare and that so well!!
Kavya- ya laksh u were fantastic…what say swara??
swara- ya laksh, u were very gud (smiling from outside, but somewhere in her heart she was lil sad, as it was done as a part of game only)
Then the bottle is again spinned, and this time it stopped at ragini.
Laksh- so ragini, truth or dare??
Ragini- …dare.

Laksh- dare!!! So ragini ur dare is that u hav to be the veeru of sholay…
(sholay is name of a film and veeru is one of the character played by dharmendra)
Ragini- what!!!! I have to act?? No i cant…
Laksh- u hav to ….its ur dare….come on.
Ragini- mm..m…okay but first you all close your eyes…
Laksh- what!!! Why??
Ragini- plzz do it….
All of them closed their eyes, and then…..
“Gaon walon..”

All of them opened their eyes and raise their heads up what they saw is that ragini is standing on a table with her scarf tied across her forehead, holding a water bottle in her hand and in full mood saying
“Gaon walon…yeh jo basanti hain na basanti…
Mohit- but who is ur basanti??
Ragini- woh…mm…this. (pointing at sanskar)
Sanskar astonished.
“yeh jo basanti hain na….isse mera lagan hone wala tha….par iss buddhi mausi ne…
Rohan(one of their friend)- par mausi kahan hai??
Ragini- mausi hai na…yeh hai mausi.(pointing at laksh)
Laksh- me!!!!
Ragini- yes u r the mausi.

“toh kahan thi me….
Gaon walon…yeh jo basanti hai na basanti….isse mera lagan hone wala tha……par is buddhi mausi ne….beech main bhaanji maar di… i will phall…phir this budiya go to jail…aur jail mei ja ke chakki pissing pisssing and pissing…”( she was literally moving around on the table holding the bottle)
(it is a famous dialogue of that movie…i dont know the exact dialogues lines, but i really like it)
All were just watching here with their jaw dropped. Ragini finished her act and stood still waiting for the response. Then all started clapping but sanskar was still admiring her completely lost in her.
Ragini came down from the table. Swara just hugged her and said “wow, u were just amazing ragu”
Laksh- awesome, u were too gud…hai na bhai?? (tapping on sanskar’s shoulder, bringing him into reality)
Sanskar- wo…ya….u were very nice.
Ragini- thank you….
All complimented her.

At night

At sanlak house,

Sanskar was sitting on his couch….Laksh came there.
Laksh-arre bhai…where are u lost?? Oh!! must be thinking about her.
Sanskar- ya…..she is really cute.
Laksh- cute?? So you have seen her?
Sanskar- ya….i meet her everyday.
Laksh just got up and hugged him tightly.
Laksh- Oh bhai…you found her, who is she?
Sanskar- lucky…leave me and what are u asking about??
Laksh- ….that you found your bracelet girl, right?
Sanskar- no!!

Laksh- what!! then about whom you were talking?
Sanskar- i am talking about ragini.
Laksh- ragini!! I thought you must be thinking about that brace….just leave it…..and ya what did you said….ohh so you find ragini cute??? hain bhai (teasing him)
Sanskar(blushing, but still trying to avoid him)- woh….am…its nothing like that…i was just…
Laksh- till now you were always thinking about that bracelet girl, but now i think someone else has taken her place in your mind…chalo accha hai.
Saying this, he went outside, while sanskar just sat there thinking….
At swaragini house,

Swara was lost in her thoughts remembering how laksh has proposed to her.
Swara(to herself)- why i am thinking about him…it was just a game…nothing is true…but if he really likes me then??…no no this cant happen….and i….even i also dont love him na……or i started falling for him…eeerr….no swara just stop it….
Fighting with her inner voice, she slept.

So, here the episode ends. Sorry for short episode……was lil busy. Hope you like it plzz do give comments. I guess now you all hav got the idea about the pairs….but who is sanskar’s bracelet girl, this will reveal soon and ya….do read the next episode….may be it reveal the mystery of the girl 🙂

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