My heart belongs to you…(my bracelet girl) epi 6 *last episode*


Hello friends…. Smiley is back. Sorry for not posting the episode yesterday..
Today is the last episode, so plzz read and enjoy…..
Here it goes….

First day of fest,
At the college, a football ground is shown where an intense match can be seen as both the teams has scored 1-1 goal and only 15 minutes are left for the match to be finished… The match is between the two house teams of the college- one, the yellow rangers having laksh and sanskar with laksh as captain and the other is black warriors… Both swaragini were sitting in the audience curiously waiting for the final result. And then…laksh is seen progressing the football towards the goal, fully focused… but suddenly a player from the rival team came in his way, trying to divert the ball…but laksh using his wits spoofed that player and progress ahead…on reaching near the goal, he passed the football to sanskar who was already positioned there…. As soon as, sanskar got the ball, he immediately kicked it off to the right position and then….”goal”. Score becomes 2-1 and times up….”yellow rangers” won. All team members cheered he GH in joy…. Both sanskar and laksh move out of the ground along with the teammates..
Swaragini came towards them…swara hurriedly came towards lucky and hugged him tightly… “wow…laksh!! You won”, but then she controlled her excitement and break the hug…
Swara- I mean your team won….well done.
Laksh- aakhir captain kon tha…team has to win.
Swara- accha, kuch zyada nahi ho gayaa….
Both swalak become busy in their talks…and ragini tried to talk to sanskar.
Ragini- congratulations sans….
Sanskar- laksh….I am going to change….
He went away completely ignoring her.

In the dressing room, sanskar opened his locker and took out his towel… While wiping out his sweat, his eyes fall on the Pearl bracelet kept in the locker…he angrily closes it.
Sanskar- why…why this has to happen with me… ragini…swara…should I tell them about the bracelet…. no…no…I can’t…and ragini….what is her fault if I love her…hey… what did I said…I love her…oh yes, I do….
But then he thought about the bracelet…
He just stood there thinking…..

Second day of fest,
There was singing competition. Swara was waiting for her turn. Sanlak came to her. Both wished her good luck… But Sanskar’ s eyes were searching for ragini.
Sanskar- by the way, where is ragini??
Swara- vo actually…after singing, there gonna be dancing competition, so she is preparing for her performance…. She has already wished me….
Then the anchor announced swara’s name.
Swara- okay guys, I have to go…
Sanlak wished her luck. Swara went to the stage and sang the song”chahun main ya naa ” (from movie aaahiqui 2). Laksh was just admiring her completely lost in her…”I love her”. Sanskar got astounded by his statement. Laksh turned to him.
Laksh- yes bhai, I love her….I don’t know when it happened…but now I can’t live without her….after the party, I will propose her.
Sanskar just smiled and excused himself.
Here, swara finished the song. Now there was result time….swara was waiting anxiously for it….
Sanskar was walking through the corridor when he collide with ragini. They shared an awkward eyelock. Sanskar was about to go, when ragini stopped him.
Ragini- wait sanskar, I want to talk to you….
Sanskar stopped but both of them were not facing each other.
Ragini- vo…sanskar…whatever happened that day, it shouldn’t have happened…. I am very sorry for that…(before she completes, he went away)… but there is one thing that I want to confess that I really started liking you..
But then she turned to see no one there, which makes her sad.
Ragini- it means he doesn’t like me….he must be angry with me…
Swalak came to her and swara just hugged ragini, “hey ragu, I won…I stood first”
Ragini- I am very happy for u, swara…
Then there was dancing competition…. It was ragini’s turn.
Swalak- all the best, ragu….do well.
Ragini eyes were searching for sanskar. But then the presenter announced her name, so went to the stage….and started her performance.
Sanskar was watching her performance from other side of the stage.
Sanskar(remembering ragini’s words)- I can’t impose my love to ragini…
Then he saw swalak together cheering for ragini.
During the performance, suddenly ragini’s anklet got broke and all the ghoonghroo just spread away…she accidentally placed her foot on it and her foot start to bleed…
Here, sanskar and swalak stood in tension… Ragini however completed her dance.
After performance, ragini came backstage. Swara immediately does bandage to her foot.
Swara- ragini, are you okay…. Such a huge wound it is…
Ragini- swara…I am fine…. Its just a small wound.
Swara- ya…I can see.
Meanwhile, sanskar also came there running.
Laksh- see bhai…how badly her foot got injured.
Sanskar just wanted to hug her tightly, but he controlled his emotions.
Sanskar (in harsh tone)- it’s just a small wound…not a big injury.
Both ragsan looked at each other, but sanskar went away ignoring her.
Laksh- ye bhai bhi na….don’t know what happened to him.
Ragini just looked on sad.
At the evening party,
There is a large hall fully decorated with colorful lights, frills, disco balls. The ambience was really joyful. Laksh and sanskar dressed in dark blue and black suit respectively, were waiting for their their ladies….
Then swaragini came. Swara dressed in red gown with some black embroidery near the neck while ragini came dressed in dark pink one shoulder gown. Both having opened hair with slight curls at the ends…
Laksh- dekhna bhai….today I will propose her.
Sanlak went to swaragini.
Laksh- hello, beautiful girls…
Swaragini- hi.
All four of them went into the hall. While swalak were enjoying the party, ragsan too were enjoying, but still lost in each other.
“So friends, now there is time for dance…..please come on the stage with your partner”
Laksh asked swara for dance, to which she nod in yes. Both move towards the dance floor.
Swara- hey ragu, come…
Laksh- ya bhai….you also come.
Both initially said no, but on swalak continuous insistence, they agreed. All the couples came to the dance floor including swalak and ragsan..
“Dekha hazaaron dafaa..” (from movie rustom) plays…
Both swalak and ragsan danced passionately. After the dance, sanskar went out of the hall…ragini came to him following him.
Ragini- sanskar….listen…sanskar…
But sanskar was not listening to her. Ragini was following him, but suddenly her foot got twisted which leads to bleeding of her wound.
Ragini- aahhh…. She was wincing in pain.
Sanskar immediately came to her, and made her sit on the chair kept near. He slowly removed her sandal. Seeing her in pain, tears also started to come from his eyes…
Sanskar- who told u to run….can’t you see your foot is injured….u should take rest….
Ragini- no sanskar…I am fine…
Sanskar- ya…I can see how fine you are….don’t u know I can’t see u in pain…
Ragini- why…
Sanskar- because I…
He got up, trying to avoid her gaze..
Ragini- say sanskar….why it matters to you..
He slowly took out the bracelet kept in his pocket and saw it.
She got up and came in front of him.
Ragini- why you can’t see me in pain…
Sanskar- its nothing like that….(trying to avoid her)
Ragini- look into my eyes and say…
Sanskar at once turned towards her and hold her from shoulders (while turning the bracelet accidentally fall down)
Sanskar- yes I can’t see u in pain…because I…I love you…yes I love you..
And hugged her tightly.
Sanskar- ….I thought that I would fight with my heart…but my heart belongs to you…ragini.
Ragini- I love you too sanskar….
Both break the hug and looked at each other…
“See, they are here…”
Swalak came to them.
Laksh- we have been searching for you inside….and you are here.
Suddenly his eyes fall on the bracelet dropped on the ground. He picked it up.
Laksh- bhai…your love bracelet…
Swaragini looked at him shocked. Sanskar tried to stop laksh, but laksh told both of them about the encounter of sanskar with the bracelet girl, and how he kept that bracelet as token of love in a hope that one day he will find her. Both swaragini looked at the bracelet completely surprised.
Swara- this bracelet….this bracelet is….
Sanskar- I know swara…. it’s your, but now that’s not needed because I have found my….(looked at ragini)
But laksh interrupted “it means…that girl is swara…bhai’s love is sw…
Swara- no!!! This bracelet is not mine….
Sanskar-….but I have seen you wearing this in that photograph and you said that it lost somewhere..
Swara- ya…but this is not mine…..yes I had the same bracelet but I lost that at my first year college trip.(remember here they had taken admission in third year )…and this bracelet which you have in your hand belongs to………
Ragini- me…
Sanskar(surprised but somewhere happy inside the heart)- what!!!

It was raining since morning. Swaragini’s grandmother was not well.
Swara- dadi’s medicines are finished…and its raining since morning, we need to buy her medicines urgently…
Ragini- don’t worry swara, u stay here….I’ll go and buy the medicines…
And while returning back to the home, the incident with the sanskar happened….

At night,
Ragini was remembering her encounter with the guy, when swara came and sat in front of her.
Swara- thank god!! you brought medicines at right time… dadi is fine…
Ragini- nothing will happen to our dadi…we will not let anything happen to her..
Swara smiled and she saw ragini’s wrist.
Swara- hey ragu…where is your bracelet??
Ragini looked at her wrist and then the morning incident flashed in her mind.
Ragini- I don’t know…..may be it had fallen somewhere.
Swara- but that was your favorite….
Ragini- ya….but nothing is important than my family…
Swaragini hugged each other……..

Flashback ends
Sanskar- that means my bracelet girl is you…
Saying this, he immediately hugged ragini.
Sanskar- that means my heart was always true….my heart has always belonged to you…my love
Both swalak stood surprised.
Then ragsan realized their position and break the hug.
Laksh/ swara- bhai/ ragu…..
Both ragsan looked down embarrassed.
Swalak came towards ragsan and hugged them.
Laksh- yo bhai…congratulations….at last you find your love…..
Swara- I am very happy for u…ragu.
Sanskar breaking the hug.
Sanskar- …but still one thing is left (winking at laksh)
Then made swara and laksh face each other.
Swara seemed surprised. Laksh hold her hand in his.
Laksh- swara…I want to say…I want to…
Swara immediately kissed on his cheek and coming close to his ear said”yes”.Both looked at each other.
Swara- yes, laksh I love you…
Laksh immediately hugged her. Then ragsan hugged them too……

And the story here ends on their happy faces…..
So my Dearie’s, here my ff ends. Hope u like this episode too. I must say you readers are really intelligent and supportive too. I have to end it soon as my exams are coming….and I need to prepare for that…At last, I just want to thank you all for your constant support throughout. Good bye….best of luck to all…keep smileying :):)

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