My heart belongs to you…(my bracelet girl) epi 3

Hellooo friends, smiley is back with another episode…. Firstly, thank you sooo much for the comments…its really encouraging. I know you all are curious to know who is bracelet girl and what is the pairing…..All i hav to say is that just stay with the story…upcoming episodes will unveil the mystery soon 🙂

Now lets start the episode……..

In the library,
Swara was looking at the books and laksh was just following her. She just turned towards him and collide with him resulting in falling of her bag.
Swara- laksh!!! What r u doing??
laksh- following u…..
swara- what!!! You go in economics section and search for the book on topic “policies of foreign trade” (turning him to go)
laksh goes towards that section.
Laksh- when will i get free from here…hav to go for my football match …
(scratching his head while looking for the book)
After sometimes “laksh”
laksh went to swara whi was looking up at the book shelf.
Laksh (tapping her shoulder)- what happen??
swara- i need that book (pointing at a book which was kept on the highest shelf)
laksh- i’ll bring the ladder.
He brought the ladder and looked at swara.

Swara- why r u looking at me……climb the ladder and get me the book.
Laksh- me!!!
swara- ya, you….r u afraid of falling?
laksh- oh!!! Laksh is not afraid of anything.
He climbed the ladder and got the book. As he was about to come down, his foot accidentally got slipped and then “aaahh”…..
Laksh on top of swara and both on the floor. Freezing for a moment, both share a continuous eyelock and then swara ask him to get up breaking the eyelock.
As he was about to get up, a book from that shelf just fall down and hit on his head resulting him again falling on her.
Laksh- aaahh……(holding his head)
To which swara smiled a little.
Swara- now will u plz get up ( still smiling from inside)
laksh- umm….ya…i am getting up.
Both got up.
Swara- r u fine?
laksh- yaa (still holding his head) and thn murmurs “still paining”.
swara- okay then..i hav got these books, i will make the report tomorrow.
Laksh- okay lets go…
Both go from there.

Outside the college,
Swara was waiting for the auto, but no auto was halting there. Then laksh came with his bike and stood before her.
Laksh-…..need lift??
swara- no thanks, i’ll manage.
Laksh- oh come on….come sit, i’ll drop you…it’s getting dark, u wouldnt get any auto at thiz time…
seeing no auto there, she sat on the bike behind him.
Laksh-you can hold me….
swara- not needed…
Then he started the bike. With initial jerk, she felt disbalanced and hold him tightly. Laksh smiled through the mirror, and started driving.

At swaragini home,
Swalak reached there. Swara got down the bike.
Laksh(seeing the house)- “nice house”
swara-ya…why dont u come inside??
Laksh- next time…i hav to go for my football match.
Swara- okay….
She was about to go but then turned towards him and said”thanks”
laksh- mention not my partner…..i mean my project partner.
She just smiled and went inside the house. Laksh also go from there.

At night,
While sitting on the bed, swara was lost in her thoughts remembering her eyelock with laksh…ride on the bike… Ragini came there and saw her lost in thoughts.
Ragini-swara…swara where r u lost?…nothing.
Ragini-ya i can see. (sitting beside her)
swara- ragu, i was thinking that this college is really nice na…see we got so many gud frnds here…
ragini- yes…u r right (remembering how sanskar has helped her yesterday)
ragini-accha chalo…lets sleep.
Then both slept.

After that, for next few days, all four become busy in their projects… Spending time together from classroom…to canteen…to playground….to evening coffee…. This all result in the strengthening of their frndship bond…..

In the college,
All four coming out of the class with their friends.
Swara- thank god…this project work is done.
Laksh- ya….was really time consuming.
Ragini- hope we get good score….
Sanskar- dont worry…our hardwork will surely result well.
Laksh-hey…why not hav some fun….the previous days were really stressed and boring.
sanskar- ya gud idea…but what will we do??
laksh- ….why not play “true and dare”…. It will be interesting..

swara- nice game….okay lets play.
All of them sat in the canteen….ready for game. Then laksh spin the bottle and it stopped facing swara.
Swara-oh first me!!! I will chose truth.
Mohit(one of their friends)- so swara, name the most gud looking guy in the college according to you…
Swara smirks looking at laksh…
swara- according to me…..its sanskar….i mean he is tall and cute looking too…
Laksh seemed lil jealous.
He immediately pat on sanskar’s shoulder saying “aakhir bhai kiska hai…”
To which all laughed.
Sanskar- thank u so much swara for considering me.
Then the bottle is again spinned and it stopped facing sanskar.
swara- okay, i will ask the question….so sanskar tell truth or dare?
swara- so tell do you ever fall in love ??
sanskar(remembering his bracelet girl eyes)- yess….
swara- ohh…who is she?

Sanskar- one question at a time only….
The bottle is again spinned and it stopped facing laksh.
Laksh- i’ll choose dare.
Kavya(another friend)- so laksh, your dare is that you have to propose one of the girls present here?
Then he just stood up and came towards swara. Swara seemed shocked. He bend down on his knee and hold her hand without breaking the eye contact.

to be continued…..
So here third episode also ends. Hope u all like it. Plzz do give comments…..

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