My heart belongs to you…(my bracelet girl) epi 2


Hi, smiley is back. Thank u so much for your support…..first episode aur itna acchha response, i am very happy…. And ya as per pairing is concerned, i hav already decided the story…so will go by that only 🙂

Now lets start the episode…..

In the college,
All the students are sitting in the classroom. Swaragini were busy in their studies while sanlak were busy in doing masti with their friends. Then the professor came, he delivered the lecture.
Professor- students, here is the list of assignments alloted to you all. Each project is to be done by two students. It is a pair project. You can check your partner name from the list.
He kept the list on the table and left. All the students check the list. ragsan and swalak were paired for the topic ‘importance of globalisation’ and ‘impact of foreign trade in india’ respectively.

laksh- oh no…such a tough topic.
swara- dont worry i am with u…we will complete the assignment on time.
laksh- you are with me…thats why i am more tensed.
Swara- la..k..sssh, and started beating him with her books.
sanskar- oh guys…stop it!! ragini, today is my guitar class till five, so will you come at royals cafe, we will discuss about the project there.
ragini- okay, i will come.
sanskar- superb…i will reach there by six.
laksh- …and when will we start our project ??
swara- we will start the project from tomorrow, i have some important work in the evening.
laksh- okay…as you wish.


At the cafe
Ragini was waiting for sanskar outside the cafe. Its been 7 pm and he has still not come.
ragini- where r u sanskar…(trying to call him but he is not picking up his phone)
Its getting dark. Some boys near the cafe were continuously noticing her. Seeing her alone, they came towards her. ragini got lil scared, but still she was trying to call sanskar. The boys start coming towards her. Seeing them coming closer, her phone got accidently dropped. The boys started taking rounds around her, in an attempt to tease her observing her from head to toe.
ragini- leave me…
She hit one of the boys and was about to run, when one of the boy hold her hand… he was about to touch her face when he felt a strong hand grip on his shoulder….it was our hero sanskar.
ragini immediately frees herself from the boy,s grip and stood behind sanskar.

And then dishoom-dishoom starts….sanskar beating the boys to blue-black. The beaten boys just run away…
sanskar come towards ragini. She was crying and immediately hugged him. He too put his arms around her to calm her. Later they both realize their position and break the hug.
sanskar- i..i am sorry ragini…actually my phone was on silent, thats why i couldnt see your calls. i am really sor….
ragini (not looking at him)- its getting late…we should go to home.
sanskar- aa…a.. May i drop you?
ragini- no i can manage…
Saying this, she immediately took the auto and went away, while sanskar just stood upset.


Next day in the college,
sanlak were chatting with their friends, but sanskar was lost in yesterday incident. Then swaragini came.
swara- hellooo everyone.
ragini too greet them, but still was not looking at sanskar. Sanskar was about to ask from ragini, when she interrupted.
ragini- its going to be ten, we should go to class…its getting late.
As all move to go to the class, ragini turned towards sanskar giving him a file.
ragini- this file has some information regarding the project… you check and if you want any changes, then we can discuss later.
She was about to go when sanskar hold her hand. She turned towards him.

sanskar- i am sorry for yesterday incident. My phone was on silent and i couldnt….that was my fault i should have messaged you.
ragini- its okay…actually i should have also said thanks to you for saving me.
sanskar- …now no more sorry no thanks..
ragini(smiling)- okay.
Both went to the class.


After the class,
swara- ragu, i need to take some books from the library for the project…you go home, i will come in two hours.
Ragini- okay, take care…
All were about to go.
swara- oh laksh!! Where are you going?? You are also going to help me in finding the books as it is our project….
laksh (making a sad face)- what!!! Oh no….
All laugh at him.

sanskar- bhai…this time your project partner is swara…so you also need to work this time….no laziness, she will not gonna leave you without doing work.
swalak move to the library, while rest of them leave from there.

Outside the college
sanskar- ragini…thanks for the report.
ragini- its okay….and ya read the report, we will dicuss about it tomorrow.
sanskar- ya sure….okay then bye…
ragini- bye…
Both move towards their respective paths.

So, that was episode 2. Hope u all like it. Plzzz comments

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  15. it was good but yr why u all bring heroes to save girls. First we say that girls need to be independent and then we always bring to save them. Why they couldn’t save themseves? I jist hate when many serials and ff they show such scenes.
    no offence. l was just telling my pov. Hope you will not mind.

    1. Dear Amna, thanks for your review, but i really didnt mean to disgrace girls….. I was just depicting a situation related to this ff only…
      and “Girl Power”-always zindabad 🙂

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