The Heart that Beats for you by Vrushy ( Chapter 11 )

Hello Everyone.
Chapter 11
Because they are meant to be together !!

With tears in her eyes, she left.

Karthik was the reason for her tears. It was because of him that those beautiful eyes have shed tears,the cute nose had crinkled and the sweetest girl in the world was crying. Karthik was angry at himself for it.

When she smiled his life came to a standstill. But at the same time when she cried he felt miserable. He had promissed her yesterday that he would always keep her happy. It didn’t take him even a day to break his promise.

After a while, the bus stopped at a restaurant. Everyone got out to have their dinner. While Naira on the other hand came out and was sitting alone on a bench, nearby the restaurant with a dreamy look on her face.

She was looking into the distance and was completely lost. She must have been tired. But her eyes weren’t. They were still dreamy and thinking about Karthik. She was thinking about the previous two days when they had been soo happy.

Keerti came to her with a packet of dinner covered in a silver foil but Naira refused to eat. Karthik saw this and felt bad that because of him she was skipping her dinner. He insisted Keerti to give him that packet and promised her that he would make Naira eat.

Naira was feeling restless so she got up from the bench and walked away from the restaurant into the free space. The cold breeze made her feel very good. She wrapped her arms around her tightly. She was walking all alone on a dimly lit street.

She felt like someone was following her. She turned around but saw no one there. As she took steps forward, she saw a shadow next to hers on the road. The Shadow was gradually coming near her. She quickend her steps.

Suddenly she stopped midway as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Many thoughts were floating around her mind. Everything happened in the blink of an eye that she had no time to react.

When she turned ,she saw that the person standing infront of her was none other than Rithvik. She was about to scream but he pressed his hand over her mouth. The tight grip hurted her.

Utilizing her strength to the fullest extent she pushed him and shouted “Karthik !!”. She was breathing heavily when Rithvik approached her again. She closed her eyes as he caught hold of her hands.

Her heart was calling for Karthik. Suddenly someone pounced on Rithvik from his back. It was him. Her Karthik. Naira couldn’t have been more happy.

Karthik started to beat Rithvik very badly. After Naira begged Karthik to leave him, only then did he stop. Naira was crying. Karthik understood that paying attention and comforting her was more important that beating up Rithvik.

Karthik held Naira’s hand and led her towards the bus. She kept staring at him.Tears rolled down from her eyes. She hugged Karthik and he too reciprocated her hug this time.

“I love you Karthik.” She said.

“I love you too, Naira.” He replied.

They again hugged each other. Karthik took out the packet of food that he had taken from Keerti and both Karthik and Naira feed each other with their own hands.

After having their dinner Karthik drapped a blanket over them. Naira rested her head in the crook of his neck. Karthik smiled as she cuddled into him and kissed her forehead before sleeping.

Precap : A Romance. A Dance. A Kiss !!
They are together now. Did you like the Kaira millan ?!! So now their journey as a couple starts. It will be fun and full of drama so stay tuned.

Coming to the current track of Yrkkh, well I am liking how the story is progressing. Slow and steadily. As if all the problems would have been sorted out in a single day then our favourite serial wouldn’t have been running for nine years.

Also I loved how the Maheshwari’s and Singhania’s are getting the screen space as all of us were worried that they would be sidelined after kaira Marraige. Let’s have some patience and faith in the writters as they rarely have let us down.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!


  1. Shivaya khanna

    Vrushy you are superb chapter was fabulous kaira Milan was superb precap seems so interesting eagerly waiting for next pls upload soon and the current track is going good whatever problems they show kaira should always be together solving all the problems


    Cute chapter dii……
    Loved the kaira milan…..
    Precap is also too good……
    Waiting for the next……

  3. Ananya

    Wow!! Vrushy dii…how do you manage to write such good stuff?! I’m eagerly waiting for the next chapter of together for a moment called forever and the heart that beats for you..pls post soon!

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