The Heart that Beats for you by Vrushy ( Chapter 10 )

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Chapter 10
Jealous Karthik !!

“Please pick up the phone Karthik.” Naira muttered to herself as once again the line went dead.

She was trying to call Karthik since last night but he was not answering her calls. She hadn’t spoken to him after their encounter at the park yesterday night.

It hurts the most when the person who made you feel so special till yesterday suddenly makes you feel so unwanted today. He left. Maybe forever.

“Did I lose you forever ?!!” She asked herself. Just the thought is enough to make her die. She tired of calling him again but still there was no reply.

She was cursing her fate. Why didn’t she realised her love for him earlier. All this mess could have been avoided. She then received Naksh’s call.

“Hello Naksh.” She answered like a deflated balloon.

“What happened ?!! Why are you so sad ?!!” He asked.

“I and Karthik had a fight. He is not answering my calls.” She said.

“Listen there is a college trip this weekend. I think this is the best way to mend up your relationship. I will try to bring Karthik along. You too join us. What say ?!!” He suggested.

“Are you sure that everything will be alright ?!! I think he won’t come.” She said.

“Leave that to me. I will convince him.” Naksh said.

“Then I am coming. Count me in.” She said happily.


Karthik was sitting on the couch and staring at Naira’s photo on his phone’s screen. She had been calling him since morning but he still was not ready to talk to her. He had been avoiding her calls.

Karthik was lost in his thoughts, when he received Naksh’s call. He knew that his best friend was calling him to convince him to come for the college trip.

” How many times should I tell you that I am not interested in coming for this college trip.” Karthik said without giving Naksh a chance to speak.

“Trust me Karthik. We will have fun.” Naksh tried to convince him.

“I am not coming Naksh. Its final.” Karthik stated.

“Oh, I just thought that you would come since Naira is coming. But I didn’t know you were so depressed because of the fight.” Naksh teased Karthik.

“What ?!! Naira is coming ?!!” He asked surprised.

“Yes, she told me so in morning. But its ohkay if you are so much affected and depressed, I completely understand that you don’t want to come.” Naksh said.

“Wait, Naksh. Since you are insisting so much then I will also come.” Karthik said.

If she is not at all sad because of out fight, even though she is at fault, why should I sit at home and weep over it. Even I will go out and enjoy. Karthik made a resolve and decided to go on the trip.


As he got inside the bus, Karthik saw that Naira was sitting with Rudra. He was one of their classmate who had a crush on Naira. Karthik knew about it and so was not happy with Naira sitting beside him.

She was supposed to sit with him as technically they were a couple. Yeah, they were fighting but that doesn’t mean she would go and sit with someone else.

As Naira and Rudra sat together, held hands, shared jokes and anecdotes, Karthik felt jealous. He went at the back of the bus and sat on a window seat.

Being in love is difficult. When she was right in front of him and smiled, he was glad. Now that he was alone and sad his loneliness consumed him.

After about 10 minutes, Naira came back and sat beside Karthik. She tried to hold his hands in hers but he jerked her off.

“I know you were jealous so just accept it that you still love me. I am sorry Karthik. I really love you. Please forgive me and let’s start afresh.” She said as tears formed in her eyes.

“I wasn’t jealous. You can go on and flirt with every boy you want to. I am not interested to listen to your clarification.” He said a bit angrily.

“I am sorry but trust me I never had any intention to hurt you or use you. Please for the sake of all the promises you made, just trust me.” She pleaded him.

“I am breaking all the promises and the relationship which you never respected but just pretended to be in.” He spit out.

With tears in her eyes, she left.

Precap : The return of Rithvik and Kaira millan !!
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Ps : Will post the next Chapter of “Together for a moment called Forever” Soon .

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