Story: It’s from Raglak engagement but the twist is there is no separation of families Swara Sharmishtha Shekhar and Ragini are a happy family Raglak love each other and sanskar is Maheshwari family other son and the family decides to send Raglak to Goa to understand each other and SwaSan go along with them for company.. Basically families want SwaSan also married!!Swasan don’t know each other!


☀️Morning In Gadodia Mansion☀️

Swaragini are sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace and sunlight disturb Ragini sleep Ragini gets up and sees the time it’s 8:00

Ragini – Swara!!Swara!!Swara!! (She shakes her) get up Laksh family is coming over at 12:00 please get up

Swara – Offo Ragini see the time it’s 8 let me sleep okay

Ragini – you promised me that you will come shopping so that I can impress Laksh

Swara – oh Yeah I forgot wait let get ready and you wait outside with the Scooty I will come

Ragini – okay?

Swaragini get ready and move out but as always mom stopped them

Sharmishtha- girls where are you going early in the morning?? And what about your breakfast??

Swara – Achi mummy pyaari mummy please let us go it’s shopping please

Ragini – Ma please papa is not home too please let us go

Sharmishtha – NO??

Swara – (fake tears) mom you don’t love us you don’t want us to look good.. Mein loot jaungi barbad ho jaungi ?

Sharmishtha ? – Swara you are such a drama queen don’t do this here I’m not melting my girls

SwaRagini – kanjus ??

Sharmishtha – okay go drama queens? but be here at 10:00

Swaragini – okay bye bye

They leave and Sharmishtha says Pagal?


Shopping Mall

Swaragini are shopping and swara goes to the. Saree section as Ragini is busy in selecting jewelry

Swara sees an attractive pink and golden saree and gets attracted to it and goes for it but a old lady likes it too

They both touch the saree together and see each other

Shopkeeper – Mam we just have one of these

Swara – it’s okay give it to this aunty (to lady) aunty you can have this I will get an other one

Lady – thank you dear stay happy

All this is scene by two ladies it’s non other that AP and Sujata

AP – Sujata isn’t she Ragini sister aww she is so cute and sweet

Sujata – jiji I agree with you see she gave that dress to Nanda and she loved that most

AP – yeah anyway you only told that saree fir Sanskar’s bride right

Sujata – I want a girl like her for Sanskar and jiji she is single we should talk to Sharmishtha ji and Shekhar ji for her hand

AP – yeah now let’s go from here

AP and Sujata leave from there to MM and Swaragini too leave to GM after shopping


Maheshwari Mansion

Sujata and AP enter to the hall and sit on the dinning to join

Sujata – Bhaisa and RP ji listen we want to tell you something regarding Sanskar

DP and RP – yeah go ahead

AP – actually today we saw Ragini sister in the mall and is really good so

Rp – yeah Bhaisa remember we met Swara I think she is perfect for Sanskar

DP – ok we will talk to Shekhar and Sharmishtha Ji about this

Sujata – when did you guyzz meet her

DP – oh because of her today Raglak are together

Rp. – she saved us in the market and she is so honest and kind we already liked her as a bahu

AP – eat fast we need to leave for lunch over there

Soon all finish eating and go get ready and leave for GM



The Maheshwari arrive over there and Gadodia welcome them

Then a bit makes entry and takes blessings ?

AP – arrey Laksh where is Sanskar haan???

Laksh – Ma he is coming in a while office work you know

Soon Ragini comes down and blushes seeing Laksh and he gives her a kiss and she blushes

Shekhar – you guyzz can go inside we adults need to talk?

Raglak blush and move inside and the adults discuss about SwaSan

AP – actually we want to share something important with you

Sharmishtha – yeah go ahead please

Rp – actually I have a son Sanskar and we brought his hands for Swara

Shekhar – wow that’s awesome we don’t have objections

DP – but Sanskar and swara?? Shekhar ji actually Sanskar has a past I need to share it with you

Sujata – when he was in college days he loved a girl Meher and proposed her she accepted him and started dominating over him but one dreadful day he saw her in an intimate position with his best friend Sahil from that day he hates girls!!

Sharmishtha – that’s sad!! I have an idea lets do this we will send them to Goa with a excuse to let Raglak know each other and they give them company

Adults- okay!!



Gadodia’s are already there and Sharmishtha is giving the girls instruction then Swara says

Swara – mom dad I will go get water

SheShar – okay but come soon

Swara – okay

She leaves from there and gets water and its slips and spills all over there and then a man passes by and he slips over Swara and she falls over him
They blink and open their eye and see each other and have an Eye Lock

Swara – hello Mr don’t you know to walk haan idiot creature

Sanskar – it was you who spilled water get up

They get up and argue and sanskar gives up and goes away

Yes finally SWASAN met??✌?️❣❤️


Gadodia and Maheshwari meet each Other and SwaSan come infront of each other

Swara – You!!??

Sujata – oh you guyzz met Sanskar chore she is Swara you brother fiancées sister

Shekhar – Swara he is Laksh’s brother

They both glare at each other but pretend to be normal

Soon the youngsters bid bye and board the plane



Air hostess – Mr Sanskar Maheshwari and Ms Swara Gadodia please sit over here

They sit there and sanskar says

Sanskar – You are a problem making machine

Swara – hahahaha thnks for the compliment?

He ignores and then plane starts and swara hold Sanskar hands tight

Swara – please don’t leave me until we are in the air

Sanskar doesn’t understand but holds her tight and Ragini says

Ragini – she has fear of flying don’t leave her until we are in air

Soon they are in air and swara is enjoying where as Sanskar is working Swara feels sleepy and dozes of in Sanskar shoulder and he is mesmerized seeing her and moves her hair back but remembers past and becomes sad


Soon all of them reach the hotel and rest for sometime it’s night and Raglak are somewhere in beach?


Sanskar is lying down and facing stars and swara sees him

Swara – hello

Sanskar – oh hello

Swara – can I join you

Sanskar – yeah sure

Swara – thank you very much for what all you did like let me sleep and then glided my hands thanks a lot

Sanskar – My pleasure miss

Swara – So friends?

Sanskar – Friends?

Swasan shake hands and feel current pass through but enjoy each other’s company


Days Pass

Now in Goa SwaSan are great friends they go together for sightseeing and always spend maximum time with each other and sanskar falls for Swara and decides to propose her

❣Waterfall Area❣

Swara – Sanskar why have you brought me here haan

Sanskar – I want to tell you something

Swara – okay go ahead

Sanskar sits in his knees – Swara some people are destined to meet but you were a dua to me.. Swara I love you (I don’t know cheesy lines so simple proposal)

Swara is really happy she gets up and hugs him tightly and he reaprociates the hug and says

Sanskar – Swara I want to tell you something about my past

He tells her and swara eyes are filled up with tears

Swara – no matter what I just love you

And then they both kiss.. It’s a passionate kiss where both explore each other’s mouth Sanskar bites her lower lip and makes her gasps and she kisses him too they break the kiss and hold each other hand and go back??


Soon all youngsters reach Kolkata and preparations for Raglak marriage starts

(SwaSan didn’t tell anything to anyone)

Haldi Function:

Swara is walking and suddenly some one pulls her she gets scared

The man covers her mouth and he turns out to be Sanskar

Swara – you scared me

He back hugs her – Huh Jaan you should know me na

Swara – yeah may I know the reason of pulling me here

Sanskar is silent and swara turns and sees him he has haldi in his hand and he is moving towards her she moves back and then be pins her up and puts haldi on her cheeks and and she moves close to him and applies haldi from her cheek to his cheek they romance for sometime and come out as DP called everyone down



DP – actually everyone this is having two marriages one is Raglak and other is SwaSan

Swasan are really happy and all tease them a lot and then they take blessings from
All adults
And blush a lot


Marriage Day

Swasan sit besides each other, Uttara does their Gadbandhan and then take 7 vows and sanskar puts mangalsutra and puts sindoor on her forehead soon they are blessed and send for??


Disclaimer : Read this at your own risk don’t blame me at the end!!

Swara is in the bed with a veil Sanskar walks to her and lifts her veil

Sanskar – you are pretty you know I waited for this moment since long time

Swara blushes and breathes heavily Sanskar senses her nervousness and says

Sanskar – if you aren’t ready it’s okay let’s sleep

He gets up to go but Swara stops him and says – make me yours forever

Swara started unbuttoning his shervani and pushes him on the bed he pulls her and roles and comes over her and removes the dori of her blouse and loses his shoulder and neck and bites there she mourns and comes over him she gives him love bites on his chest and he makes her naked and kisses her then he nuzzles his nose in her neck and gives wet kisses there and she digs her hands in his hair soon he gets into her.. The moons and stars see two love birds uniting and SwaSan consumate and live happily ever After!!!



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