My heart beats for only you (Summary of episodes 1-5 and a msg to the readers)


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Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

I think reading the episodes would’ve been better bcz the summary wouldn’t really make sense but i tried to write one so that it’ll be easier .. Sorry if i got any of you confused ..

Summary of episodes 1-5

The first epi starts by showing us the death of usha and manohar and kunj being disheartened and sad. Mahi and Kunj are siblings. After the funeral, we got to know that yuvi and mahi loves each other and yuvi tells mahi he’ll always be there for her and kunj and reminds them not to be sad and crying all the time else bebe will get weaker since she’s already shaken bcz of usha and manohar’s death (they died in an accident). A
Leap of two months is shown where kunj is shown back to his normal self and talks to His mother and father’s photo every morning so he doesn’t misses them that much. Twinkle now arrives in India after being in London for quite a long time to stay with her brother yuvi. Kunj and Twinkle meets and Kunj instantly falls for her charm. Later they both learn that twinkle will be staying in the same house as kunj. Yuvi and mahi now leaves for Goa and kunj and twinkle becomes friends. Kunj now accompanies Twinkle for shopping where she bumped into her childhood friend chinki. Kunj and twinkle goes out and have a day of fun and a secret is unraveled. Here it shows tht Kunj is an amazing and talented singer but never sang for the world but only sang for his parents. During this night we learnt that kunj still has his parents’ memories and he keeps it alive all around him. Now twinkle and kunj now became best friends and promises to never leave each other’s hand.

Kya yaar? I told u the summary wouldn’t be of no good but i hope i didn’t confuse you guys. Shamz, i hope you understood wat happened until now. I’ve provided the links , if u want do read it , it will be better and give a better detailed understanding.

(Message starts here ??)

Guys how are you all? I just wanna thank all you commented so far and helped me reach till to episode . Sach kaho i didn’t expect to reach this far ??.
Thank you , Sayu (hamara Sayeeda) , Ria , Fan , Saby , dreamer..arundhati , Angita ( sorry for not commenting in ur last epi but it was gr8!!), Maggi , Monica, Rashiverma2199, baby, Sidmin , Purnima.agrawal30, bulbul , zayb_zikra, Shatakshi (I’m srsly happy you commented. Thanks alot 🙂 ) , Queen , Shreya098, Shonaa , Lovely , sujina, Kruti , Zaku , nrk and Shamz !!! ^_^
Without u guys i dont think i wudve made it this far ? i no im speaking too much nonsense .. Sorry ..

Anyway I’ll post eposide 6 of my ff soon. Right now i only posted the summary and provided links for whoever wanted to read … If u want to ask anything regarding my ff then do ask in the comments oh and thank u guys for letting me no Jasmin isnon holiday …

Guys i want u to take note of something. In my ff ,u see, kunj’s parents play kind of a big role so they will now come in forms of wind or rain or any sort of nature calls. ( naughty children u no wat im talking abt ??) so i hope i haven’t confused you

Enjoy and keep waiting for episode 6 🙂 and yes im waiting on u people to upload too so hurry … And sorry again if I wasted your time making u read that summary …

Credit to: Romaisah

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