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Hey guys sorry for the delay, my health was not good all these days so i was not able to update the story and ll be continuiung the plot from now on… Going into the plot I will just start with Recap as many might have lost the track ….

Ragini gets placed in one of the MNC in Mumbai as software engineer, her team leader is Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari, whose younger brother is Mr. Laksh Maheshwari work as team leader for another project in the same company. Ragini finds a girl following Sanskar and he in turn doesn’t cares about her, she discusses the same with her team mates and all of them turn down saying that they never saw any girl, but Ragini comes to a conclusion that as all her team mates are sitting very far from her place so they are not able to see the girl and thinks Sanskar to be very rude and has a soft corner for Laksh… One day all of a sudden she finds out that the girl to be her sister Swara and comes to know that she is married to Laksh and died in an accident and has a 15months old son, Ayan, taken care by Sanskar and Laksh has abandoned his child… She also comes t know that the day of accident, Sanskar was driving the car and she starts hating him and took away Ayan with her… Laksh try to convince her that it’s not his brothers fault and it’s just an accident and even he was in coma for few days… Ragini doesn’t be able to believe that her sister is dead and she saw her many times, doctor finally concludes that she had some Hallucination problem, and from she comes to know that Swara’s heart was transplanted to her 15 months back with the knowledge of family that the heart belongs to Swara… Ayan who was habituated to Sanskar was not able to adjust with Ragini, but Sanskar comes to Ragini’s home in her absence ànd take care of the baby with the help of Sumi and Sekhar……

Ragini confronts Sanskar if he was in love with her sister as he was taking care of the baby, Sanskar agrees that he loved her sister before her marriage with Lucky but after that he accepted her to be his best friend and his love for Ayan is pure. Sanskar shifts his house and comes as neighbour of Ragini for Ayan…. Ragini makes Laksh realise his mistake and makes him understand that Ayan is not the reason for Swara’s death as she has to choose between her and Ayan, she choose Ayan as a mother and as a doctor she saved my life unknowingly donating her heart…… She also confronts him that she never hated Sanskar and she acted cos the way you backed your brother, in the same way I support my sister’s decision…. Lucky finally realise his mistake of avoiding Ayan… Sanskar asks Ragini why did she plan to move away from Mumbai if she knows that he was not wrong, but Ragini doesn’t reply him and one mid night she goes to terrace and she finds Swara’s soul and it was their plan to make Laksh realise his mistakes and confronts Swara that she is in love with Sanskar. Swara becomes happy for her sister as even she always wanted the same and told to Sanskar many times when she was alive……. The twist comes when Swara reveals to Ragini that it was not an accident but a planned conspiracy against Sanskar and as she accompanied him at that late night even I met an accident and she was in senses when truck hit them, and heard driver saying that work done to someone on phone….

Luckily Sanskar was alive and she lost her life…. Ragini asks her whether Lucky knows that Sanskar Loved Swara. Swara replies her back that both of the came to know when she was 3 months pregnant, they read his dairy and Lucky felt guilt as he never understood his brothers feelings but when I made him understand that I never loved him and he treats me as his best friend now… We moved on and never discussed about it after that incident…

Ragini claims that Laksh could be the culprit as he had a reason to kill Sanskar………..

Guys I just want to know if you people want me to continue or not…. If not i would stop it and I would start with a new storyline…. If yes I would continue it from tomorrow, and I will end the story soon…. I am really sorry as I was too late.

Credit to: Ashrita

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