My Heart Beats For You part-8


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Recap:shraman’s got married
Ramnath gifted them a package of honeymoon trip to maldives .
while sumo is packing her stuff she thinks how she met shravan(flashback).Their trip to maldives sumo gets drunk in flight she feels dizzy shravan carries her in his arms to their honeymoon cottage.They enjoy their trip in maldives by fishing and selling the fishes they caught,candlelight dinner near seashore with the flashback of how they got close to each other after their first meeting.sumo’s punishment to shravan of taking 50 push-ups by carrying her.In robinson island shravan cooks food for sumo and sumo’s suprise gifts for shravan(playing treasure hunt).Then they visited sea of stars there they discuss about their future with a small flashback.In flashback sumo proposed shravan he accepted her love proposal and said his love for her,meanwhile ramnath was planning to talk to shravan to get married to his friend’s daughter.On the other hand nanaji died shravan consoled suman and took care of her.At present they were lying on hammock in sun tropical island Maldives here we go??

Shravan’s POV
I was lying on the hammock, outside our cottage. Her face was resting on my chest and her fingers were curled near my collarbone. She was sleeping, with a tiny smile tugging at the corners of her lips. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her. Out there, the sun set, the light creating different colors in the water. I kissed her forehead and closed my eyes. I drifted asleep, content.
I woke up. It was morning. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I grew aware of my surroundings. I noticed that the hammock was empty, save for me. I sat up alarmed and got down. The sun was already up in the sky. I trotted down the beach in search of her. After wandering for some time, I reached the restaurant along the shore. She was sitting there, wearing a hat and sunglasses. “Sumo”, I called out. She heard me and turned. On seeing me, a big grin crept across her face. “Why are you grinning?” I asked her, as I slid into the adjacent chair. “Nothing. I knew you’d come as soon as you found out that I wasn’t beside you. But I never thought you’d come this fast”, she smiled and said. “Nothing, like that.”, I replied. “I was hungry. So only I came here. I have ordered the food for you also”, she said. I grunted in reply and sat silently. After some time, I spotted the waiter coming to our table with a tray full of food. I watched the waiter when suddenly, he stumbled on a rock. I watched in horror as the food came flying and landed on us. She was too shocked to say anything. She had taken more damage than me. The juice was splattered across her dress and food hung from her hair. I got angry. “Is this how you serve food? What the hell were you looking at while you were coming? “, I grabbed the waiter by the collar and started yelling at him. The waiter apologized but I was still angry. “Call the manager. Where is the manager? Manager?!”, I yelled at the top of my voice. “Shravan, please. Don’t yell”, Sumo whispered. She tugged at my sleeve. “C’mon Shravan, it was an accident. He didn’t do it on purpose. Come, let’s go”, she said. I glared at the waiter and turned in silence and walked. She apologized to the waiter and came running behind me. She tried to tell something. “Shravan..Shravan”, she said and tugged at my sleeve. “You don’t know, Sumo. What the waiter did was wrong. Don’t justify his mistake”, I snapped at her.

By then, we had reached the cottage. I opened the door and let her in. I came in, slammed the door shut and sat on the table. I was fiddling my thumbs in anger when Sumo burst into tears. I was stunned. I had never seen her cry like this. I got down on my knees. I clasped her face in my hands and made her look at me. “I’m sorry, Sumo. Is it because I got angry there you are crying?”, I asked her. She shook her head. “Well then, is it because your dress is ruined? I’ll get you a new dress. Don’t worry”, I said. She again shook her head. I hit my head. “Oh, you are crying because you were worried what those people would think of us”, I stated. At this point, she shoved me and I fell down. “No idiot, it’s because I’m hungry. I hadn’t eaten since yesterday. I had just seen some food but that too, I didn’t get. Before I could order, you fought with them. Now, what am I supposed to eat?”, she yelled. I started laughing loudly. Tears streamed down my eyes as I laughed. “Seriously, Sumo, are you crying because of that?’, I asked her and started laughing again. “How dare you laugh?!Is my hunger funny for you??? Is it amusing??? Do I look funny? Now get me something to eat before I bite you”, she yelled. “Why? Every night you are biting me. See, yesterday’s marks are still there.” I said and pointed to my neck, where it was red. “See, there’s the mark from last week”, I said and showed my hand. “Why now? Ok, where?”, I said and came near her.
She looked at me for a second. She stretched out and grabbed the nearest thing she could find, a vase and raised her arms to throw it. “Sumo no, don’t”, I said and ran to the other side. She put the vase down, grabbed a cushion and threw it at me. “I’m sorry, Sumo”, I yelled and dodged. She didn’t listen and the next thing came flying. A comb. “Sumo, no violence please”,I begged her and ran back to the kitchen. As soon as I entered the kitchen, another object came flying. I didn’t see what it was. I ran inside. “OK, fine. I’ll see if there is any bread in the kitchen. Bhukkad”, I muttered and looked around the kitchen. I found nothing, just a few, about three slices of bread. I melted some butter and set those three to toast them in the saucepan. I put them on the stove and went to check on her. She was whimpering with her hands wrapped around her stomach. I grinned and was looking at her. Just then, I smelled something. I ran to the kitchen. The bread was burnt on one side. I looked around frantically to hide the burnt bread, but she had followed me inside. I hid those slices behind my back. “What is that that you’re hiding?”, she asked and came closer. “Nothing”, I said and inched backwards. “Show me”, she demanded. I reluctantly showed her the burnt slices. She glared at me and grabbed a ladle. I turned and started running, when the ladle hit me square in the back. I ran around the counter, with her chasing me. She had a saucepan now in her hands. I ran faster when I saw some eggs, at the far end of the counter. “My Savior”, I screamed and ran to the eggs. I took them in my hands and turned to face her. “Stop hitting me, woman or I’ll drop these eggs and there’d be nothing for you to eat”, I threatened her. She raised her hands in defeat and sat on the counter. I broke open them and poured them into a bowl. I started beating them and then poured it on the saucepan. Pretty soon, the smell of the eggs was wafting around the kitchen. She took a plate and before I could open my mouth, she took the spatula and scooped the omelet in her plate. She started eating. “For me?”, I asked pleadingly. “Nothing for you”, she said and shifted to the other side. It was a bit raw and scalding hot but she managed to scarf it down. I grinned as I noticed some of it dribbling down the side of her mouth. I smiled and wiped it with my hand. She looked sheepishly at me.

I looked at her, who was hungrily eating the last of the omelet. She looked cute and adorable as she ate. I leant forward and kissed her on the nose. She blushed and looked away.I grinned and lifted her off the kitchen counter. I placed her feet upon mine wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer. She in turn wound her hands around my neck. Then l bent my forehead to hers, so that our foreheads were touching. Our breaths mingled. I closed my eyes and started to walk. “Shravannn”, she whispered. “Open your eyes and walk. Otherwise you’ll hit somewhere if you hit we will fall”,she said. I ignored her and stopped.I opened my eyes and looked around. We had come to the living room correctly. “Sumo, have you satiated your hunger?”, I asked her. “Yeah, but I’m still a bit hungry. Nevertheless, it’s all your fault. You didn’t even let me eat. And I threw a lot of things at you, I’m…”, she trailed off as she saw my temple. “SHRAVAN, THERE’S A CUT ON YOUR TEMPLE. Shravan, I’m so sorry. Is it hurting you? Am so sorry. I did it all because I was hungry. I’m so sorry. Are you mad at me?”, she looked at me with questioning eyes. I opened my mouth to reply when a thought crossed my mind. “Let her think I’m angry. I want to see how she reacts”, I thought to myself. “Yes, I am angry. “, I said and lifted her from my feet and set her down. “Before marriage, you used to be so kind and caring. When I was sick, you took good care of me. During that one month, you used to stay with me. You hugged me to sleep. Now, its been only a week since we got married and now you’re hitting me. No goodnight kisses. No morning kisses. Only beatings.”, I pouted and told her. I left her standing and plonked down on the sofa. I ignored her, took my phone and started scrolling through the Instagram feed. In that, Pushkar had posted a picture of Venkatraman and captioned it as Shaadi preparations. Confused, I called Pushkar. I could feel her eyes on me as I made the call. I stretched my legs on the table and leant back as I waited impatiently for Pushkar to pick the phone. I looked at her from the corner of my eye. She seemed to be thinking something. I looked the other side as she made her way towards me. She looked at me and sat on my lap. She turned to face me and wound her legs around my waist and waited for me to react. She ran her fingers through my hair and looked at me expectantly. I pretended to not take notice of her, as I waited for Pushkar to pick the call. Frustrated, she leant forward and kissed me on the right cheek. I nearly smiled but then I remembered and pretended as if nothing had happened. I heard Pushkar pick up the phone. “Haan bhaiyya, how are you?”, Pushkar asked from the other end. I opened my mouth to reply when she plucked the phone from my left hand and kissed my left cheek. I sat there, stony faced. “bhaiyya, hello??”, I could hear Pushkar calling. “Haan, Hello Chhotte, I called to ask….”, I opened my mouth to say when she kissed me on the lips. In spite of myself, a tiny smile escaped from my lips. “Sumo, you’re going to be the death of me.”, I thought to myself and forced me to control myself. She noticed the tiny smile and smiled triumphantly at me. I ignored her and started talking to Pushkar. I glanced at her. She was now pouting. “So cute”, I thought to myself. “Chhotte, I saw the Instagram picture of Venkatraman”, I told him and started talking when she bit my earlobe. “Control, Shravan, control”, I ordered myself and tried to focus on the conversation. I tried to form words but I was distracted by her. Her nose was trailing down to my neck. I could hear Pushkar yelling “Bhaiyya?? Bhaiyya?” from the phone but I couldn’t talk. Her nose drew patterns along the side of my neck and she leant forward and bit my neck lightly. I couldn’t control myself from reacting.I cut the call and closed my eyes. I could feel her staring at me. The phone rang again. I felt her lean and grab the phone. “Haan Pushkar, tell”, Sumo replied. I could hear him asking for me. “Why? Why do you need to talk to bhaiyya? Won’t you tell whatever it is to me? ,she smiled at me. “Tell to me. Your bhaiyya is busy”, she continued. I could hear him talking to her. “Ok, I’ll tell him”, she said and cut the call. I looked at her fondly. She grabbed a tissue and cleaned the cut. She planted a kiss on my temple. “Now, Mr.Malhotra, my hunger is satiated”, she said to me. I grinned at her. “Sorry”, she whispered. “It’s OK. Your way of saying your apology was worth it”, I told her with a smirk and wrapped my hands around her waist. “So where are we going next?”, she asked me. “ Moofushi Island. From there, we are going the next day to Cornad Rangali Island. So get ready soon”, I told her.

Sumo’s POV:
A little while later, we went out to the beach. He was dressed in shorts and I, in a tank top and shorts. We came to the beach, where the instructor/guide was waiting for us. We drove in a motorboat for some distance into the sea. There, the boat stopped. We put on the neoprene tops given to us by the guide for extra warmth and the fins. We strapped on the masks and the snorkels given. First, the instructor jumped and next, we jumped. I was a bit scared before jumping. He took my hand and said “It’s going to be alright, Sumo”. Then, we took a deep breath and jumped. The nightlife in the sea was definitely the best. The instructor pointed out the different types of coral in the bed. He guided us through the types of fish that were just floating away around us. We watched in awe as the octopuses which were stretched out on a rock, seemed to look at us with disinterest as we swam by. We held the torches while the instructor clicked some pictures around us. I looked at my husband, who was literally and figuratively, soaking in the information, being the nerd that he was. I held his hand and pointed at the different butterflyfish and bannerfish that was surrounding him. Further away were tiny schools of anemonefish flitting around in their anemones. Suddenly, I saw a huge figure that was coming towards us. I panicked and wrapped my hand around his arm and closed my eyes. A second later, he stroked my head and nudged me to look up. I looked up to see a huge manta ray just swimming a foot above me. The manta ray looked unperturbed by us as he swam above me. His white belly reflected the light of our torch. We watched in awe, as the single manta ray was followed by a lot more. A huge manta ray swam at the last of the school. It was easily the largest of them all. It looked formidable with its huge wingspan and the tail whishing by. I looked down to see the glowing coral reefs spread out. I left my husband’s hand and swam to the reefs. I looked at my husband excitedly and pointed at the reefs. His eyes crinkled as he smiled at my child like excitement. I giggled and looked at the reefs for some time. I looked up to look at Shravan, who was not there. I turned to the left and right in panic, but I couldn’t find him. Suddenly, something wrapped around my waist. I got scared and turned around to see Shravan, who was laughing, bubbles forming near his throat. I whacked him on his arm. The instructor signalled to us, indicating that it was time. We swam back, where the instructor was waiting with a camera for a final picture. I wrapped my hands around Shravan’s arms and grinned as the camera clicked.

Shravan’s POV:
After the night adventure, we came back to the villa to sleep. The next morning, we woke up a bit late. I had a big day planned out for us. I had planned to take her out for diving, then water skiing, kayaking and wind surfing. I woke up Sumo. We then ate and left out to the beach. A guide was waiting for us at the beach. We got into the boat and sped away. Some time later, we stopped. It was the same like night snorkeling, except that we could see other types of fish also. I looked at her. . She didn’t look half as scared as she looked yesterday night. We waited patiently for the people to fit us with the equipment. As soon as they had completed, we jumped into the sea. It was almost the same. In addition to the usual, we could see lot more dangerous types around. We saw some sharks swimming farther away from us. A huge nurse shark was sleeping in a cave near us. Some small sharks were swimming nearby. We saw lionfish, a really huge napoleon fish and turtles. Lots and lots of turtles. Some of them were at touching distance. They seemed indifferent to our presence. It was almost time, when I saw something glistening in the seabed. It was a piece of coral, tiny and beautiful. I pocketed it and swam to the surface.
Some time later, we sat at the beach, completely exhausted. We had finished the dive and were taking a break. I was gazing around when I noticed a couple. The guy was proposing to his girlfriend. He was on one knee and holding a ring in one hand. The girlfriend was trying not to cry as she looked at him. I nudged Sumo, who was sitting next to me. We looked at the guy who was asking his girlfriend if she would marry him. She looked happily at him as she nodded. The guy put the ring on her finger as the crowd around him cheered. Sumo turned to me “Do you remember how I proposed to you?”,she asked me. I grinned at the memory. “Yeah yeah”, I replied. “How was it?”,she leant forward and asked me in a low voice. “It was OK. Nothing spectacular”, I smirked and told her. As soon as what I said sank in, she got mad and raised her hand to hit me. I got up quickly and she fell face first in the sand. “Sumo”,I said in a serious voice and started laughing. She blew her hair out of her mouth and grabbed a wet beach ball and threw it at me. I dodged it and started running. She got up and started chasing me. “Shravan, stop”, she yelled at the top of her voice as she ran with the beach ball. I laughed at the top of my voice and ran. She ran behind me struggling to catch up with me. I ran towards her and grabbed her legs. Like a doll, I threw her over my shoulders and started walking. She giggled and pounded at my back with her tiny fists. I laughed and went to the place where the water skiing people were waiting for us.

Sumo’s POV:
I glanced at Shravan who was standing with his hands tightly gripped on the ski rope. We were standing on the shore as we waited for the boat to start. We were fitted with life jackets. The motor started and we sped into the ocean. Once the fear subsided, I screamed with delight as the wind hit me. I looked at Shravan, who was gripping onto the cable for dear life. I grinned and turned ever so slightly. At the speed we were going, water sprayed everywhere, mostly on Shravan he got drenched. “SUMO, IT’S NOT FUNNY”, he yelled. So I did it again and again. When I did it for the third time, “Sumo, I’ll make you pay for this.”, he yelled. “We’ll see. We’ll see”, I yelled back and turned for the last time.

Shravan’s POV:
After finishing water skiing, we went kayaking and wind surfing. Now we were at the villa. I looked at Sumo, who was sitting on the pathway to the beach. She seemed content, as she looked at the shore. I went over to her and stood beside her. I watched her silently. I turned her so that she was facing me. I bent down as if to kiss her. She closed her eyes. I bent forward and whispered, “This is what you get for spraying water all over me” and pushed her into the water. She looked startled as I laughed at her. She smiled and pulled my leg. Unable to balance, I too toppled into the water. She grinned as I looked around, wet. I grabbed her by the neck and dunked her into the water. She swam and pulled me into the water. We played around, pushing each other into the water. She started coughing and croaked, “Shravan,enough”. I grinned and pulled her into the water one last time and kissed her with all the strength I could muster.
Some time later, we were resting in the villa. I was reading a book and she was on the bed. “Shravan, I don’t feel good”, she called out to me. I rushed to her and sat next to her, alarmed. “It’s nothing, Shravan. I’m just hungry”, she said. We ordered food and ate. Then in the night, she laid her head on my chest and curled to sleep. I stroked her head and closed my eyes to sleep.
The next day, I looked at her, who was still curled asleep. She looked pale, but better than yesterday. We just stayed in our bed till the afternoon. We ate and went to shop. We went to the nearest mall and bought stuff for the whole family. We bought necklaces and the whole paraphernalia for Vandy bhabhi,Mrina and Preeti. We bought a makeup set for Chachi and a cute baby onesie for Vandy bhabhi’s arriving baby. I bought a Rubik’s cube for Daboo. She bought sarees for Rachna Maasi, Mamiji and kurtas for Mamaji and Mausaji. We bought cookbooks on the local Maldivian cuisine for Lalaji and perfume and belts for Varun bhaiya and Pushkar. I was looking at some watches when Sumo showed me a silver watch, “Will Uncle like this?”, she asked me. “Yeah, Papa will like it”, I said and smiled at her. She smiled and bought the watch. I looked at her. “She cares a lot for my family, especially for Papa”, I thought and remembered the conversation I had with Papa long ago.

After the fight that Mrina and Papa had, Papa went away for three days to Mumbai. When he came back, he didn’t talk to me. I became aware of Papa’s distrust and dislike towards Sumo. I was sitting in the hall when Papa came. He sat beside me and started to talk. “I have planned to marry you to my friend’s daughter. She wants to meet you. She will come to the coffee shop near our firm. You must go and meet her”, he said to me. I frowned at his words. “Sorry Papa. I can’t go. What’s the need for this?”, I asked back. “Shravan, this is the right time for your marriage. I assure you, the girl is a fine girl. She has done her studies in USA and is a brilliant girl. I’m sure, you and the whole family will like her.”, he said and patted my hand. Behind Papa, Pushkar and Mrina were inside Chachi’s room with the door shut, heads poking out. “No, say no”, they mouthed back and shook their heads vigorously. I sat silently when Chachi came. “I’m sorry to interfere Bhaisaab but Shravan already loves a girl”, she said. “Oh really, Shravan? You never said anything”, Papa asked me. “Just three days ago, I proposed to her”, I replied. “Ok, what’s her name?”, Papa asked me. “Suman, papa”, I replied. “WHAT?!SUMAN TIWARI?!?!?!?!. No, Shravan. You don’t need her”, Papa said. “Kyun Papa? She’s a good girl. Why don’t you want her?”, I asked back. “No Shravan. She’s not right for you”, he replied simply. Anger flared up inside me. “Why are you doing this to me, Papa? Why won’t you allow me to take a decision on my own regarding my life? Huh?! When I was a child, I obeyed whatever you said because I respect you. Now, I am getting fed up of you telling me what or what not to do. You forced me to become a lawyer. You made me go to London. You made me to stay alone. You didn’t allow me to come here even for the holidays. I, and I alone, know how I was there. Nobody to talk to, living alone made me depressed and nearly drove me crazy. Now, as per your wish, I left my firm and everything I had worked hard to create and came here. Do you even know what I like? I wanted to study Physics and do research but I never got to do that. I became a lawyer as you wanted. The love and comfort I lost as a child, I now got back in the form of Sumo. I love her and her alone. There’s no one else for me. Please let me take this one decision”, I told him. I was now kneeling beside him and was on the verge of tears. Papa let out a sigh and replied. “It’s not like that, Shravan. She is too fierce and independent, just like your mother. I am scared that she will leave you like your mother left me. I don’t want you to experience what I had experienced. All along, I have wanted only the best for you. I never stopped to think if you liked it. I thought that I was doing the right thing for you. I am really sorry, my son”, he said and a tear escaped from his eyes. I took a deep breath and said. “Papa, I love Sumo. I will marry her only. Sumo is not what you think she is. Please don’t compare her with Nirmala Ahuja. She may be fierce and independent like her but Sumo cares a lot for me. She has lived to this day for her family only. She has never bought or done anything for her. She loves her family so much, that whatever she does is only for her family. She is always considerate, Papa. She is perfect in all ways. She will fit perfectly in our family, Papa. I love her unconditionally as she loves me. Please Papa, I need her.”, I asked my Papa and bent my head down. He patted my head and replied, “I’m really sorry for whatever I have done to you. I truly am.. Your happiness is only important, Shravan. If you want to marry Suman, so be it.”, he said with a tiny smile.

I was brought to the present by the cashier. I quickly paid for the gift and came outside. I saw Sumo waiting near the escalator. On seeing me, she tapped her watch impatiently. “Where were you?”, she asked when I was within earshot. “I had gone to buy my wife a gift”, I said and gave her the gift. She opened the gift. It was an emerald necklace and earrings. She looked at me with a smile and asked, “Shravan, how did you know I love emeralds?”. “Sumo, I’m your pati. I know everything about you. Not everything, but lots of things. Like for example, I knew the number of moles and where they were exactly in your body. Do you want me to say something like that?”, I grinned and asked. “Shravannnn, we’re in a store”, Sumo told me. “So what? No one knows”, I retorted. “Shravan, my head hurts. I’m really hungry”, Sumo told me. “Ok, no problem. See, there’s McDonald’s. We’ll go and eat there”, I replied, took her hand and went there. We ate and went to the games arcade. We played a lot of games. Sumo played the claw game where she got a teddy bear. She promptly gave it a name and started cuddling it. Then, we went bowling, shooting and skating. Then in the evening, we packed our bags and went to Conrad Rangali Islands. On the way to the island, Sumo fell sick. We reached the islands. It was an underwater island. She wobbled and walked for some time before I took her in my arms and laid her down on the sofa. I went outside and brought her bread, milk and some medicines. I made her lean on me and fed her all that. “Shravan, there’s water all around us. It’s making my head spin.”, she whispered to me. “Shush, Sumo, sleep”, I said and stroked her head. I watched the fish swim around above me. As I saw the fish, I remembered the time I fell sick and Sumo took care of me.


It was a week after I had told Papa. I had traveled here and there for a case and I fell sick. I texted Sumo that I wasn’t feeling well and I slept before she replied. That evening, she came to my home with a doctor. The doctor told her that it was some kind of fever and that it would continue for a month. I didn’t listen, I was delirious for most of the time. He gave some medicines and left. From the next day onwards, everyday she came to my room.. She sat by me and gave me the medicines. I used to feel cold, so she used to hug me to sleep. Seeing that, I think Papa started liking her.


The next morning, we woke up. I looked at Sumo, who was already packing for the trip back to Delhi. I propped my head on one hand and looked at her. “Sumo, are you feeling better now?”, I asked her. “Yeah”, she replied and continued packing. I too got up and started packing.

After we had completed the packing, we ordered breakfast and ate in the room. As we ate, I pointed out the different fish that were swimming around us. As I was pointing them out, I saw two kissing fish kissing. I pointed them out to Sumo. “Look at them, Sumo.. Aren’t they beautiful?”, I asked her. She just smiled and continued eating. Pretty soon, we finished eating. We checked out and got on the flight to Delhi.

In Delhi, the house looked magnificent as they had decorated it for our arrival. Our family was throwing a party in two days to celebrate our wedding.

Sumo was a bit groggy on the way home. As soon as we entered the house, the clan came to see us. There was greetings all around. Pushkar and Mrina came to see us. “Hello Bhaiyaa, did you enjoy the trip?”, Pushkar asked. “Haan Chotthe.”, I replied. Mrina came and hugged us.. “Hi Bhaiyya? Any good news?”, Mrina asked with a impish grin. “Shut up, Mrina.. She’s already a bit sick”, I retorted. “Go and get some rest, Puththars. Otherwise, you’ll be late. “, Chachi said, who had been standing near us. ‘Late for what? “, I asked Chachi.” Late for Venkatraman’s daughter’s party, Shravan. Didn’t Pushkar tell you? “, Vandy Bhabhi said and handed me a veshti and saree. I glared at Pushkar.”. Yeah, when you called that day, I told about this to Sumo”,Pushkar said and raised his hands defensively. I remembered the incident and grinned. I looked at Sumo. She nodded and replied,” Yeah, Pushkar told me”.I looked at them. “But why the veshti and sari?”, I asked. “Bhaiyaa, Venkatraman’s daughter Nakshatra, the dulhania is from Tamil Nadu. Also he has his own textile shop. That’s why the dress code is veshti and sari”,Mrina replied. “And the dulhan is from Punjab. So the marriage is done in both traditions”, Preeti added. “What? The bride is from Tamilnadu and the dulhan from Punjab?!?!”, Sumo asked. “Yeah bhabhi, love marriage”, Mrina replied and winked

The party was at 8.30. So we took a quick nap and I went to Pushkar’s room to get ready. The girls were getting ready in my room. We shut the door and started to get ready . We searched for a Youtube tutorial and found one. We set the mobile down and started to dress. As hard as I tried, the fabric kept slipping. I tried and tried but to no avail. Meanwhile, Pushkar had finished dressing. “Bhaiyaa, how long will you dress? Look at me”, he said and turned around for me to see. He was wearing a blue shirt and the veshti. “What can I do, Chhote? Come and help me”, I called my brother. Pushkar came to help me, but he stumbled and the veshti came off, leaving him in his boxers. I started laughing so hard that I started to tear up. “Looking very beautiful, Chhote.”, I said and guffawed. “Very funny, Bhaiyya”, he replied sarcastically. Finally, we got ready with the help of trousers. Pushkar wore a belt. “Bhaiyya, aren’t you going to wear a belt?”, he asked me. “No, Chhote. Your brother does not need any puny belt for security”, I replied haughtily. We went to my room to get the girls. Preeti was wearing a maroon silk sari while Sumo. My breath caught in my throat when I saw Sumo. She was wearing a light green silk sari with the fleet floating about. She looked like a goddess with the sari and the Jasmine flowers in her hair. Pushkar and Preeti left for putting the final touches while I stood there with my jaw hanging.

Sumo’s POV:

I was going to wear the jewels when two arms wrapped around me from behind. I smiled at my reflection which was now accompanied by my husband’s. Shravan smiled and whispered in my ears. “Nee romba azhaga iruku”. I turned to face Shravan and rested my hands on his chest, which was now heaving. “I think it means you are looking beautiful.You know Tamil?”, I asked with questioning eyes. “No, only basic stuff like Good morning and Have you eaten?”, he admitted. I turned to put on the emerald necklace he had got for me. His hands took the necklace and hooked it around my neck. His long thin fingers made a trail in my body as they withdrew. I turned and folded his sleeves and clasped the kaapu (Men’s bracelet)on his hand which I bought for him from Maldives. We took a lot of selfies and went downstairs where the whole family was waiting for us. Chachi was wearing a orangish yellow saree.. Vandy bhabhi and Varun bhaiyya were dressed in blue and ash respectively. Mrina was wearing a black sari with a red border. We took a lot of family selfies and then I and Shravan went to a corner and took lots of selfies in funny poses with him twisting the kaapu, holding me in his arms with his veshti folded like a rogue. Then Pushkar and Preeti joined us and we took some pictures together. At the last picture, someone stepped on Shravan’s veshti and it fell down in front of the whole family. At that moment, Pushkar clicked the picture. Everybody started laughing while Shravan’s face became red. I laughed so hard while Shravan was glaring at me. I finally wiped the tears from my eyes and then helped him with his veshti.

Shravan’s POV:

It was midnight by the time I and Sumo came out of the party. We were on the way home when it started raining. Sumo was looking out the window when suddenly, she yelled at me to stop. I stopped the car. Before I could ask her anything, she had got out and started running. I panicked and got out and searched for her in the pouring rain. I found her crouched near the curb. I came near to see that she was bent over a girl who was lying facedown in the road. Notes and vegetables were scattered around her. Sumo was trying desperately to wake her up but in vain. Together, we turned her over. When I saw her face, it was as if someone had electrocuted me. All the blood rushed out of my face as I took in the pale face and gaunt structure of Shyra.


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