My Heart Beats For You part-6

Hi friends this is Loga and Megan.we are extremely sorry for the late post just now we finished our third internals so we were unable to post.And also sorry that we were not able to comment on any of yours ff’s because we were busy with the exams.all of u know that our beloved edkv is ending feeling so sad for that??????Just only five episodes is left for edkv to end???.

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So let’s start the episode??:
Suman’s POV:

We were walking together in the beach, when the waiter called us. We smiled at each other and walked back to the table. He sat me down and sat in front of me. I saw in disbelief at the feast spread in front of us. There were lots of dishes in front of me. “What are these?”, I asked Shravan. “This is traditional Maldivian food. That’s skip jack tuna, rice, roshi, dhon riha and garudhiya.”, he said, pointing to the various dishes. “Garu… Garudha.. forget it. What kind of names are these? Dishes should have simple names like dal makhni, rajma chawal, kheer like meri PCT dishes”, I said to him. He looked at me funnily and said, “Eat”. We started eating. I had to admit, it was different and tasty. Shravan joked the whole time. I enjoyed the dinner. For dessert, we had gabulhi. We went back to the cottage. Shravan was already tired. As soon as we entered the cottage, he changed to his pajamas and started sleeping. I stayed back to complete the chores. I sorted the clothes for the laundry. As I was putting his pants, something peeked from his pocket. I checked to see that there was some money in it. Around 200 rufiyaah. Something clicked in my mind. “Oh my god, he let me win today on purpose.”, I thought. I smiled at his act. “Let him finish his punishment tomorrow. Then I’ll tell him.”. I thought and put the pants away. After completing all the chores, I crawled into bed with Shravan, who was already snoring away. I ran my fingers through his hair and fell asleep.

Shravan’s POV:

I woke up to see Sumo already awake and reading the newspaper. I smiled on looking at her. She was wearing my t-shirt and shorts. My t-shirt hung in her bony frame till her knees. “Good morning, Mrs. Malhotra.Looking incredily cute in the morning.” I said and turned around in my bed to face her. “Good morning, Mr. Malhotra. Get up. Sleeping like this, when there is so much to do.”,she muttered and shook me awake. “What is there to do?”, I mumbled. “Have you forgotten your punishment? Come on, get up”, she said. “What punishment?”, I asked her. “What is this? You have to lift me and do pushups. You promised. GET UP”, she yelled. “OK fine”, I said and got out of bed. I went to the deck and started warming up. She stood on the side, watching me. After finishing my warmups, I gestured her to join me. “Since I’m feeling gracious today, I’ll lower your punishment from 100 pushups to 50”. I grinned and laid down on my stomach, while she climbed on my back. Then surprisingly, she wrapped her legs around my waist and her hands around my neck .She bent closer so that her cheek brushed my ear. “Start”, she whispered in my ear. I grinned and started. “One, Two, Three”, she counted in my ear as I did my pushups. As soon as I completed the fifty pushups, I fell down face first, on the floor. “That was wonderful”, she said and patted my back. “I’m going to take a bath”, she said and pranced back inside. I smiled as I watched her go inside. Exhausted, I sat on the chair and unlocked my phone. On the top, there were some comments from Pushkar in my Facebook profile. I opened my Facebook profile. I had posted some pictures after reaching Maldives. Pushkar had commented on them. One of those pictures was us, taken yesterday before the fishing trip. We had matching dresses on and I had captioned the picture as “We match”. Pushkar had commented “Hot couple” with a heart. I liked that comment and clicked next. The next picture had us with the cottage as the backdrop. I had my arms around her as we stood in front of the cottage. Below, there was another comment from Pushkar. “Where was this taken?”.”Anantara Kihavah”, I replied. There were some other pictures, one with us holding the first fish we caught. Another picture was us at last night’s dinner. Pushkar had liked all the pictures. “I need to call him”, I thought and called him. He picked it up on the fourth ring. “Hey Bhaiyya, how are you? Very busy?”, he asked. “Hello Chhotte. Yeah, I’m fine. No, I’m not busy. How are you? How is everybody at home? How is Mrina?”, I asked him. “Yeah, she’s fine. Everybody’s fine. So where are you now? Where are you going next?”, he asked. “We are at Anantara Kihavah. We are checking out today. After that we are renting a boat and going. Today afternoon, we are going to Robinson Island and then, the Sea Of Stars in Vaadhoo Island.”, I replied. “Ok Bhaiyya, what did you do yesterday?”, he asked. “Yesterday afternoon, we went fishing. I taught her how to fish yesterday”, I said proudly. Before I could continue, he said, “But Bhaiyya, she already knows how to fish”. “Say what?”, I asked him. “Yeah bhaiyya, she already knows how to fish. She and Nanu used to go fishing together.”, he said. I looked to see her standing in front of me, with her arms crossed. “OK Chhotte, have to go. Bye. Take care”, I said to him. “Bye Bhaiyya”, he said and cut the call.

I looked at her. “Why didn’t you tell me that you already knew how to fish?”, I asked her. “Why did you let me win yesterday?”, she asked back at me. I stammered and replied, “You looked cute when you thought you were going to win.”. She smiled and said, “Same reason. You looked cute when you were trying to teach me how to fish”,she retorted. I smirked at her, while she stuck her tongue at me. “OK, pack all your bags. We are going on a camping trip.” I told her and went inside. “Where are we going?”, she asked, following me back inside. “It’s a surprise.”, I said and started packing. We were almost finished packing when I noticed a small bag. “What is that?”, I asked and stretched my hand out to take it. Before I could take it, she grabbed it, “Personal stuff”, she said, patted the bag and kept it inside the packed bag. “OK. It’s getting late. Go, get ready.” I said. She smiled and we went to get ready.

After some time, we reached the harbor. There, I had rented a boat with the necessary camping supplies. We climbed inside. I started the motor and in no time, we were skidding across the sea towards Robinson Island.We reached the island in about 15 minutes. It was an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It was a secluded island with a few trips for a few hours. I moored the boat and got down onto the shore. I helped her get down and then unloaded all the supplies. i had stocked it in advance so that she wouldn’t see it. “What are all those stuff in ice boxes?”, she said as I unloaded an ice chest. “That, milady is our lunch.”, I replied. “Really?”, she asked, cocking an eyebrow. “Yup, I’m going to cook for us.”, I said and unloaded the stove, crockery and other materials. She looked with a smile in her eyes as I set the table to cook.”What’s on the menu, chef?”, she asked. “Chicken gravy with rice and chapatti”, I said and started to chop the chicken into pieces. She smiled and asked, “Need any help, chef?”. “Yeah, you could chop these onions”, I said and handed her some onions. She stood beside me and started chopping. I looked at her as she cut the onions. “Hey, Sumo. You haven’t cut these properly”, I said. She turned to look at me, planted her hands on her hips and cocked her eyebrows, “You’re teaching ME how to cook?”, she asked. “Yeah, I’m the chef. Always listen to the chef”,I said haughtily. Muttering, she started chopping. After that, I sauteed, the onions, ginger, curry and Pandan leaves. Then I added the chili powder and various powders and gave it a stir. Then I put the chicken pieces inside it and added the coconut water. Pretty soon, the aroma started to fill the place. She sat on a rock and watched me cook. Then I put the rice to boil and took the flour to knead it. Suddenly, she came out of nowhere, took a fistful of flour and threw it at me. “Pagal ladki, what are you doing?”, I yelled and tried to catch her. But she started running. “Where are you going?”, I asked her. “Just going around to look at the island”, she yelled over her shoulder and walked away.

Sumo’s POV:

I ran away from him and went to the motorboat when he was busy. I crept inside and took the small bag that I had hidden from him. I took the bag, peeked inside to check if it was all there and then, went inside the island with the bag in my hand.

Shravan’s POV:

Some time later, she came to the place where I was cooking. I had pretty much finished cooking , set up the tent and was setting the table for us to eat when she came. “Where did you go?”, I asked her. “Just walking”, she replied nonchalantly. “I’m famished. Have you finished cooking?”, she asked me. “Yeah. Let’s eat”, I said and set the dishes down. “Wow, it’s tasty”, she said after taking a bite. “I know”, I said and sat down to eat. We finished eating after some time. We sat lazily for some time, when she suggested that we could go for a walk. I agreed and we started walking together. After some time, I could see something glinting at a distance from me. I went to check what it was. It was a bottle with a tiny paper rolled in it. I looked at her to ask if I should open this. She nodded and together, we unrolled the paper. Inside, there was a set of instructions. It said “Turn right. Go for about 100m. Stop at the lone boulder. Dig deep.”. I looked at her quizzically, but she said, “Come on, let’s go and see. What could be there?”, she asked. We followed the set of instructions and came to the lone boulder. By now, my curiosity had been aroused. I fell to my knees and started to dig. After some time, my hand touched something hard. I grasped it with hand and pulled it out. It was a square box, neatly wrapped and tied. I tore it open to see that it was a perfume box. “My perfume”, I thought. It was my favorite perfume, Armani Code. Tied to the bottle was another paper. She bent down to read aloud “Curious? You should be. Follow these to know more and beneath that was another set of instructions. Take an 180 turn. Go straight for another 100 ft. till you reach the forest. Go straight until you reach a huge banyan tree Look inside the tree.” Determined to find out, I went briskly, while Sumo followed quietly behind me, till I reached the banyan tree. It had a huge trunk with a hole in the middle of it. I let my hand inside and groped around when my hand brushed against something soft. Eager, I pulled it outside. It was a tiny pouch with a drawstring and a note, I pulled the drawstring and shook the contents out. A pair of cuff links fell in my palm. It was round with tiny diamonds encircling a huge black diamond which was set at the centre. I opened the note hurriedly and both of us squinted to read it. Inside, it said “Go for another 50 ft and look above. You will know me.”. I ran eagerly wile Sumo ran beside me. I had reached the centre of the forest. I looked up to see. There was a tiny parcel with my name in it. I opened the note stuck on it. “With lots of love from your beloved wife. Hope you like the gifts.”. I spun around to see Sumo smiling at me. “It was you!?”, I asked. “Yeah, come. let’s go to the shore and see this patiently”, she said and led me to the shore.

We sat on the sand as I looked at the final gift she had given me. It was a tiny scrapbook filled with memories. Our memories. It had pictures from the first selfie we took to our wedding pictures. It held dried roses, chocolate wrappers, tickets to the movies we watched together and the notes I gave her. She had wrapped her hand around my arm and had her head against my shoulder. I looked at her and said, “This is amazing. Where did you get the ideas for these gifts?”. She started telling.

Suman’s POV:


At Shiv and Diya’s trip to Goa:

After we came to the hotel, he went to his room and I went to mine. Everybody had gathered in Shravan’s room to play. I had promised to join them. I went to my room and changed to more comfortable clothes. I locked the door and stepped out onto the corridor. I had walked for some distance when the corridor lights dimmed and went off. Scared, I looked around but I couldn’t see anything. I walked hurriedly towards Shravan’s room when I hit somebody. “Who’s this?”, I screamed and panicked. Suddenly, two strong hands fell on my shoulders. “Relax, Suman. It’s me, Shravan. I came in search of you”. Relief washed over me as I heard his voice. “I’m scared, Shravan. Please take me to your room.”, I said. He put an arm around me and dragged me closer to him and started walking. In the dark where I couldn’t see, my other senses were working perfectly. I could hear my heart thudding, as this was the first time I was in such close contact with him. I could smell his perfume, singing to me to wrap my hands around him. His perfume pulled me closer and closer to him. I walked quietly with him for some time when the lights came on. We reached his room where everybody were playing cards. Everybody had a partner and since he and I were the only ones without a partner, we sat together. We played against the others extremely well. As a matter of fact, we won most of the matches. Pretty soon, everybody started leaving to their respective rooms as it was getting late. I stayed back till everyone had gone. He had gone to sleep earlier and was now snoring peacefully. I looked him lovingly. He looked peaceful when he slept. I covered him with a blanket and knelt beside him. “Today, you told me about yourself, Shravan. And in that, I saw how much you trust me. Do you know? Ever since I saw you, my life has been different. I now wait for your calls and texts. Whenever I see you, my heart races faster than Bolt. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Is this love? I do not know. But I look forward to spending my life with you. I don’t know if you feel the same way about me. But I will hope. I will hope and wait. “, I said gently and bent down to kiss his forehead. I kissed and pulled away when he stirred. I panicked and jumped down. From there, I saw your dressing table. There was your perfume. I crept silently to the table and snatched the perfume. I looked at the label . It said “Armani Spice”. I smiled and stole the perfume to my room.

At Shiv and Diya’s shaadi:

We had reached Delhi. All the other functions were over and it was the wedding. I searched for you in the crowd. I saw you talking to Pushkar. You were wearing a red sherwani with gold and green designs. I came to talk to you when I heard you talking to Pushkar. “Bhiayya, looking dashing as always. Everything is impeccable but why haven’t you wore any cuff links?”, Pushkar asked. “Chhotte, I don’t like cuff links. Besides, there was nothing in black”, he lamented. I bit my lip. “So he needs black cuff links, huh?”, I asked myself.


These were the incidents that made me buy those gifts. I made this scrapbook when we started dating officially. I had earlier bought all these gifts and kept it in a bag in my cupboard. But I forgot all about it. I remembered it only when I was packing for the vidaai. I had planned to give this to you earlier, but I couldn’t. So, I brought it here, searching for the perfect moment to give it to you. Now seemed perfect”, she said and blushed.

“It is perfect”, I said and kissed the top of her head. We sat there for a few minutes. “Hey, let’s sit inside the tent.”, I said and pulled her to her legs. She stood up and dusted the sand off her. We went to the tent. “Did you fix this? I’m impressed.”, she said and went inside. I followed her inside when a huge gust of wind blew. A peg holding the tent flew and the tent fell on us. “Shravan, where are you?”, she yelled and flapped her hands about. I caught her hands and pulled her towards me. Before I knew it, she had fallen. I pulled her to me so that I was lyind down and she laid on top of me, my hands around her. She looked panicked and looked for me when our eyes met. She was beautiful. Even though we had known each other for a year, every time I looked at her felt like the first time. She looked damn beautiful and knocked the breath out of me. I pushed away the lock of her hair that hid her eyes. She looked better that she was with me. Gently, I tilted her head and bent down to kiss her. Every time I kissed her felt like the first. I kissed her gently.

Soon, we got out of that tent. It was nearing sunset and we had to go to the Sea Of Stars. I packed all the things in the boat and started the boat. We sailed to the Sea Of Stars. I dropped anchor near to the shore but still in the sea. Our boat gently rocked to the tide. She was sitting cross legged and looking at the sky when I joined her. Our eyes met. Even in the moonlight, I could see her blush. She looked away and our fingers laced together. “Do you know what this reminds me of?”,I said and the memories resurfaced.

Two months after Shiv-Diya’s wedding:
After Shiv and Diya’s function, we started getting closer. We spent most of our free time talking and chatting. Since my dad was an assistant to Suman’s grandfather, the great Raghuvar Tiwari, I was welcome any time at their house. And vice versa. Two months later, I got a huge break in a case that I had been working for a month. For two weeks, I was fully engrossed in work and didn’t talk to anybody. For some clarifications, I went to Tiwari ji’s house to discuss some points. I thought of seeing her on that occasion, but she wasn’t home. I felt guilty for ignoring her but I had work to do. I promised myself to visit her as soon as I finished my case. I worked hard and fought hard. Thankfully, I won the case. I was very happy and called her. “Where are you?”, I asked her. “At home. Why?”, she asked. “Get ready and wait outside. I’ll be there in ten minutes.”,I said and cut the call before she could say anything else. Ten minutes later, I waited outside her house in my car and honked the horn. “Coming”, she yelled and came outside. She opened the door of my car and climbed inside. She sat shotgun and looked at me. “Now tell me,Shravan Malhotra. Why did you call me urgently? You didn’t call or text for two weeks and suddenly,you come outside to whisk me away. Now tell me where are we going?”, she asked as I had started the car and started driving. “Patience, Sumo. Hear some songs. It’s good for your mind”, I said and put some retro songs on the stereo. I had started calling her Sumo some time back because she was pretty fierce and fought like a tiger, when it came to her needs and goals.I drove till we reached the outskirts of the city. Pretty soon, we reached the place. I stopped the car and got out. I opened her door. She got outside. I covered her eyes with my hands. “Hey, what are you doing?”, she asked. “Wait. You’ll see”, I replied and walked with her, closing her eyes for some time till we reached the river. I took my hands away and let her see the sight. It was a tiny river. I had discovered this place one day when I was wandering aimlessly. The place was serene. The water gurgled downstream. It was a full moon and the stars were bright here. She looked at the place in awe. She turned around to talk when I placed a finger on her lips. “Ssshhhh, I was so busy in work so I couldn’t talk to you. I promised myself that I would talk to you after I completed the case. I won the case. This is my way of saying sorry for ignoring you and a party for winning.”, I said and removed my finger from her lips. She stood dumbstruck for a minute and gathered her thoughts. “Congratulations on winning the case. Actually, I too had planned to take you out for dinner because I had gotten a huge order. With this order, I could start planning for expanding PCT”, she said. We smiled at each other and sat down along the banks. We sat silently for some time. “So what’s new?”, I asked her. “Yesterday, at dinner, the topic of Preeti’s marriage started. Nanu firmly said that after my marriage only, will be Preeti’s marriage”, she said sadly. I looked at her, not sure on how to react. “And this bothers you because…”,I prodded her for more information. “Because I’m scared of marriage”, she replied. “Why is that?”, I asked her. “Ever since I started PCT, I have become more independent. My dream is to expand PCT and develop it. I am scared because if I marry, I’m afraid that my partner would try to curtail my freedom. I’m afraid that he would not see me as a strong, independent woman and try to stop me from doing what I love.”, she said scared. ” Don’t worry, Sumo. I would never do something like that”, I replied. “What?”, she asked. Then, I realized that I had spoken those words aloud instead of thinking them silently. “Nothing. The stars are so beautiful. Look at them, Sumo.”, I said and looked up hoping that she wouldn’t notice my slip. She looked up and said, “On a happy note, when I open the new branch of PCT, you should only cut the ribbon.”, she said, looking at the stars. “Why?”, I asked her. “Because I want you to”, she said. “OK, but what about the next branches? Who will open that?”, I asked her while looking at the stars. “I don’t know, but I have a gut feeling you’ll be there with me in my journey hereafter”, she said. I looked at her and at the same time, she looked at me. We smiled and looked up at the stars now covering the whole sky like a blanket.
“Doesn’t it remind you of that day?”, I looked over at her, my now wife who was staring lovingly at me.

Precap:shraman love confession (flashback)

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