My Heart Beats For You part-5


Hi guys this Loga and Megan we are back so sorry for late post because we were super busy.we posted this episode specially for namik’s birthday we have made this episode long.
Belated birthday wishes namik paul ❤️???????
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Recap:shraman’s got married
Ramnath gifted them a package of honeymoon trip to maldives .
while sumo is packing her stuff she thinks how she met shravan(flashback).their trip to maldives sumo gets drunk in flight she feels dizzy shravan carries her in his arms to their honeymoon day morning…..??

Sumo’s POV:

I looked around the room. It struck me that we were in Maldives. The room was breathtaking. It was a tiny cottage. The next cottage stood afar from ours. Our bedroom was facing the ocean. I could hear the waves crashing on to the rocks and the water receding. I could hear the seagulls cawing and other birds, different types of bird sounds. Our bedroom opened to a balcony, overlooking the sea. Near the balcony, a wind chime hung. It was made of tiny shells from the sea. When the wind blew, it clinked and chimed. I went to the balcony and stood there. Overlooking the sea, there was a table and Shravan sat there, reading a book. He was drinking coffee and a glass filled with some juice was set before him. His back was turned to me and he was reading the book intently. “That’s my husband”, I thought giddily and sneaked up on him. “Good morning”, I said and hugged him from behind. His eyes crinkled as he ruffled my hair . I kissed his cheek and put my arms around his neck, resting my head on his head. Suddenly, he pulled me.

Shravan’s POV:

I pulled her from behind to face her. She slipped and fell on my lap . “Even better”, I thought and adjusted myself so that she was sitting on my lap. She blushed and looked at me. “How are you now?”, I asked her. “Better but a bit dizzy”, she said. “It’s all my fault. I should have never allowed you to drink that”, I said. “No, it’s my fault. I should have listened to you. I’m sorry”, she said, sadly. I put my finger to her lips. “Shhhh, it’s OK. Don’t apologize. Now drink this”, I said and gave her the lemon juice. She finished the juice obediently and wiped her mouth on my shirt. “I’m going to sleep, Shravan”, she said and tried to get up. “I’m not going to let you go. Sleep here”, I said and pushed her head gently to my left shoulder. She smiled and wrapped her arms around me. She nestled in my shoulder and began to sleep. I looked at her lovingly and cupped my hand to her cheek. I brushed my fingers beneath her eyes and patted her gently. After some time, the phone rang. She stirred and asked who it was. I looked at the phone and replied “Home”. “Put it on speaker”, she said and laid her head back on my shoulder. I smiled and attended the call . “ Hey bhaiyya, did you reach safely?”, Mrina asked. I smiled and said, “Yes”. “Dad and Chacha have gone to work. Kamini Chachi and Pushkar bhaiyya wanted to talk to you. So, I have put the phone on speaker.”, she said. “Hey Bhaiyya, it’s me Pushkar. Did you sleep well? Have you started sightseeing?”, he asked. I smiled on hearing Chhotte’s voice. “Yes Chhotte and no, we haven’t started yet .Hey, can you give the voice to Chachi?”, I asked him. “Shravan putthar, tum teek ho na? What’s the matter, putthar?”, Chachi’s loving voice filled the place. “Chachi ,I’m fine”, I assured her. “Actually, it’s Sumo. She was feeling a bit dizzy , so I gave her some lime juice. Is that enough or do I need to give her anything else?”, I asked. She began to reply when Chhote started talking. “Congratulations, bhaiyya. I’m so happy for you. Already Vandy bhabhi has a baby and now you too. I’m so happy, Bhaiyya.”, he was yelling. “Chhotte, it’s not like that.”, I said but he didn’t listen. He continued.” But bhaiyya, I have a doubt. Just now, you got married but how?…..”, he asked teasingly.

“I suspected this, I knew it the moment I saw those marks on Suman bhabhi”, Mrina said. “My God, the whole family is hearing this”, I thought, mortified. I looked at Sumo to see her blushing, her face beet red. “What marks, Mrina?”, Chhotte asked Mrina. “Actually, on that day..”, she started to tell when Chachi scolded them. “Putthars, stop it. Both of you. Your brother is asking something. Let me speak”, Chachi said to them and shut them off. “Thank you, Chachi.”, I said. “Actually, Sumo got drunk yesterday, so that’s why I asked.”, I said. “WHAT?”, everybody exclaimed and started talking at once. “Listen, I ordered vodka and she drank it by mistake. That’s all”, I said. “But bhaiyya, you don’t drink”, Mrina quipped.

I bit my lip and stammered. “Actually, it’s not me. The people across the aisle had ordered it. And we got it, by mistake.”, I stammered. Before anybody could ask anything, Chachi said, “Yeah putthar, lime juice is enough”, she said. “Thanks Chachi”, I replied. “Ok putthar, take care. Bye”, she, Chhotte and Mrina said. “ Bye guys, love you all”, I said and disconnected the call. “Phew, that was embarrassing.”, I said to Sumo. She nodded. “I saw you blushing”, I smiled and bent forward. She giggled as I bent forward. I rubbed my nose across hers and bent down to kiss her.

Some time later, “Come on, Sumo. It’s time to go. Get ready quickly”, I yelled and waited impatiently for her . We were supposed to go fishing at 2 and it was already 2.30. We had already eaten our lunch at the cottage . I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for her. “I’m ready. Come on, let’s go”, she said. I turned around to look at her. She wore a black T-shirt and khaki shorts. A huge hat rested on her head and she was wearing sunglasses. I looked at myself. I wore a khaki pant and a black vest. “We match”, I said and smiled at her. She looked at me and smiled. “Come on, let’s go”, I said and pulled her. “Wait”, she said and took out her phone. She took a picture of us both and said “Let’s go”.

Suman’s POV:

At the river , I sat looking around at the vast river that stretched around us. I looked at Shravan who was busy hooking bait to the hook of his fishing rod. I looked at my bait .I remembered how Nanu loved to fish. I turned to the other side, not wanting Shravan to see me like this. He noticed me and asked “What’s the matter, Sumo?”.”Nanu loved fishing”, I said and my voice quivered at the thought of Nanu. He looked sadly at me. He hugged me and kissed the top of my head. “It’s OK. Nanu’s watching at us with a smile on his face, I know that”, he said comfortingly. He looked at my hook and said ,“Wait, I’ll do it for you”, he said and took the bait from my bucket and hooked it to my rod. Even though I knew how to fish, I smiled as he taught me the basics. He caught me staring at me and raised his eyebrows. I shook my head and motioned him to continue. After he taught me the basics(which I already knew but didn’t tell him, because it was cute seeing him teach me), we started fishing. We fished for hours together and caught a pretty big haul. I smiled to myself, as we returned to the banks in the evening. Our boat became heavier, as we had caught a lot of fish. Shravan got outside and tied the boat to the bank and asked me, “What do you want to do with all this fish?”.

“I want to sell this at the shore. With that money, we could buy some gifts for our family back there.”, I replied. He looked at me questioningly but didn’t say anything. We took the fish to the shore and set up a tiny stall there. We spread the haul on a table there, and started yelling, “Fresh Fish! Fresh Fish! Come and buy Fresh Fish!”, we yelled. An elderly couple approached us after a few minutes.” Son, can I buy some fish?”, she asked. “Of course”, Shravan replied and asked them for the quantity. While Shravan packed the fish, the couple turned to me.” Where are you from?”, the lady asked me. “We are from Delhi”, I replied. “Very good. Are you both married?”, she asked with a smile. “Yes, as a matter of fact, we are on our honeymoon”, I replied and looked at Shravan. “I thought so. You both make a lovely couple”, the lady’s husband replied. “Thank you Sir”, I said to him. I looked at them and sneaked in an extra fish when they weren’t looking. “Why did you do that?”, Shravan whispered.

“They told us that we make a lovely couple.” ,I whispered back. Shravan smiled, put another fish in their bag and gave the bag to them . They smiled, gave the money and went on their way. Soon, some people bought some fish from us. “It’s because of me, there’s so much business”, I remarked. “Oh really. Then what about me? It’s because of me only.”, Shravan said. “No, it’s because of me”, I argued. “No, me”, he argued back. We bickered back and forth when I said, “OK fine. Let’s split the fish . Whoever gets the least money has to do something special for the other. Challenge?”, I asked. “Challenge accepted. Get ready to lose”, he said and went. “We’ll see”, I said and turned.

After some time, we returned back .He was standing there with a smirk in his face, “How much did you get?”, I asked him. “You tell first”, he said. “I’ve got 500 ruifyaa. What about you?”, I asked. His face fell as he took the money from his pant and gave it to me. I counted it. “400 rufiyaa, I WIN I WIN I WIN.”, I yelled. He smiled at me and asked, “OK, what do you want?”, he asked. “Take me out to dinner”, I replied. “That’s easy”, he smiled .” Oh really?!”, I looked at him with one eyebrow raised and arms crossed. “OK, as a punishment for your overconfidence, when you do your pushups tomorrow, I’ll sit on top of you. You must lift me and do your pushups.Is that easy for you?”,I asked with a smirk.He grinned and took my hand. I grinned back as we walked back to the cottage.

It was evening when I got ready and stood in front of the mirror. I wore a black knee length top with a black pant. I was looking at the mirror, when he stood behind me. He was wearing a black suit with the coat in his arm. I smiled as he came and put a hand on my shoulder. “Do I look good?”, I asked him. In turn, he took a pinch of the kumkum which was on the table and kept it in my forehead. “Perfect”, he said and smiled at me. I smiled back at him.

We took a taxi to the restaurant. It was in the shoreline. He went to the reception and said, “Mr. And Mrs. Shravan Malhotra, table for two.”, he said. “Right this way, Sir.” a waiter called us and ushered us to the table. It was a private table, away from the crowd. The dinner was a candlelit dinner. Rows of lit candles made the silverware sparkle. The table was secluded. It was surrounded by tress and it overlooked the sea. From here,I could see the sea that surrounded Maldives and the beautiful night sky with the stars that made this night special and romantic. The waiter asked Shravan, “Is the order what you said through the phone?”, the waiter asked us. “Yes, thats’ all.”, he said. “We’ll be walking along the shore. Call us when it’s ready”, he said. He took my hand and started walking. “Did you order the food already?”, I asked him. “Yeah, it’s a surprise.” he said and winked. “Come, let’s walk.”, he said and entwined his fingers around mine.

Shravan’s POV:

We walked along the shoreline, hand in hand. She looked damn beautiful in the dress. The dress showed her figure perfectly and as the wind blew, her hair danced around her face. I looked at her and I remembered the first time we walked together. “Does this remind you of something?”, I asked her, with a smile . “Yeah, the first time we walked together.”, she said and smiled at the memory.

At Shiv and Diya’s trip to Goa,

in the evening, I was feeling tired with all the sightseeing and whatnot. I wanted some fresh air and a lovely walk. I turned to Pushkar and said, “Chhotte, I am going out to eat and then I’m going back to the hotel.”.

“Bhaiyya, so soon?”, he asked. “Yeah. I’m going. Bye. Does anybody want to join me?”, I looked around the group, secretly wishing for Suman to come with me. Mrina opened her mouth to reply when Suman said, “I’ll come with you, Shravan.”. I thanked the stars as she got up to accompany me. “Bye guys”, we said and went outside.

Suman’s POV:

I looked at Shravan and walked. He was silent as he walked. The alley was dark and it was starting to get to me. To keep myself calm, I said, “Hey Shravan, tell me about yourself.”. He looked at me questioningly and I added, “I just wanted to know. Nothing.”, I said and looked down, walking. “First, tell me about yourself.”, he said. “Ok,I did my schooling here. My parents died when I was eleven and Nanu has been taking care of me ever since”, I said. “I’m sorry. If I may, can I ask how your parents died?”, he asked.I hesitated for a minute before telling him. I hadn’t shared this with anyone. “My dad died in a car accident when I was eleven. I remember the day clearly. I was at home playing with my mom when my father’s friend came to see us. He told us that my dad had died in a car accident. My mother sat shocked. I started crying. I went to my mother and called her but she didn’t respond. Then Nanu, Mamaji, Mamiji, Mausa and everyone came to our home. They took us to their home.

I tried talking to my mother but she never replied. On the sixteenth day, we went to dissolve my dad’s ashes in the Ganges. After the rituals were over, I stood there hugging my mother’s knee and crying. My mother didn’t say anything but she stroked my hair . She looked at the Ganges, forlorn. Mamiji took me by the hand and we walked away. I looked at Mom to see if she was following us. She stood there, her eyes still fixed on the horizon. Mamiji said, “Priyaji just needs some time. We’ll wait.” We waited for some time but my mom wasn’t coming. I told Mamiji that I was going to bring my mom and went towards my mom. After some time, I saw that my mother was going into the river. I ran to her, but I tripped and fell. My head hit on a stone and I fainted. Mamiji saw what was happening and gathered everyone to help us. Mamaji and Mausi came and took me while the others went to save my mom. But it was too late. My mom had drowned in the river. They retrieved her body after hours and hours of searching. I lost both my parents within sixteen days. Nanu took care of me. I grew up in Tiwari Villa. One day, I overheard Mamiji talking to Mamaji.

Mamiji was sad for what happened to me but she wasn’t happy that they had to take care of me. She was complaining to Mamaji when Mamaji told her, “Look, Suman’s my sister’s daughter. She is also like a daughter to me. Don’t ever complain again to me.”. I felt a bit happy when I heard that, but my heart broke on hearing Mamiji’s complaints. She loved me, but not as much as she loved Preeti and Dabboo. She took good care of me, I accept that. But I always felt alone in that house. After my parents’ death, my life became empty. I felt unloved and unwanted. In that house, only Nanu loved me with his whole heart. I never wanted or asked for anything from that day. I wished for so many things, but I never asked for anything out loud lest it be a burden on them. I wanted to study further but my family’s situations were not favorable. So after I completed my Bachelor’s Degree, I stopped my studies. My mother had left me her cookbook, filled with recipes with a personal touch by her. I started cooking and soon, I started PCT. I named my tiffin centre after my Mom and used her recipes. Ever since then, PCT has been my world. This is my story”, I said and looked at Shravan.

“Now tell me about you”, I said. He half smiled and said, “I did my schooling here only. After my schooling, Dad sent me to London to do law. It was his wish and ambition and so I went.”, he said. We walked as he talked. “What happened to your Mother?”, I asked him. “Ma…..”, he said and looked down. “Oh, I’m sorry. Has your mother passed away too?”, I asked, wishing I hadn’t asked him about his mother. He looked at me painfully and said, “In a way, yeah. I wish she were dead, but No.”, he said and laughed. In his laugh, I could see that there was a lot of pain behind it and that he was trying to ease the pain by laughing. “My father and mother are separated. When I was small, my father and mother used to fight a lot. It scared me and they never took care of me or Mrina. I was deeply affected by their fighting. Everyday, I used to dread coming back to home from school because they were constantly fighting. I didn’t want it to affect Mrina the way it affected me. So everyday, I took Mrina upstairs. We stayed there until night time. She was too young to understand what was happening. I helped her with schoolwork and everything. Sometimes, in the night they used to fight.

Those times, I made Mrina to sleep first so that she wouldn’t hear what they were fighting about. One day, the fighting got worse and Mom left Dad. I was thirteen at that time and Mrina was ten. That was the last time both of us had seen her. I hate my mother for leaving us, just like that. I’m not saying that my mother was the reason for all the fights. Dad was also the reason. But my mother left us both without a second thought. After this, Dad never took care of us. He was so busy with his job. As soon as I finished my schooling, Dad sent me to London. I didn’t want to go but I respected my Dad. Before leaving, I went to my Chachi. I told her everything and made her promise to take good care of Mrina. She assured me that she would take good care of her. I trusted her and went to London. Dad never let me come home. I stayed there for seven years, alone. The only time I came home was for a week. That too was because Mrina fought with my dad to see me. I grew up alone in London. I never had anybody to take care of me.

Even if I got sick , I had to make soup for myself. I spent my childhood yearning for love and affection in a country where I didn’t know anybody.” My eyes teared on hearing this. He didn’t look at me while he spoke. “Chachi took good care of Mrina. She was the mother Mrina deserved. I completed my degree and soon started working. I fought many cases. Lost some of them, won most of them. I soon started a law firm in London. It is running successfully. I returned to India a month ago. Dad wanted to set up a law firm here. So I came back to India a month ago. So that’s it”, he finished and looked at me. I was looking at him with tears in my eyes. “Sorry I made you cry with my sob story”, he grinned and looked at me. I shoved him and we started walking together. Soon, we reached a restaurant. We ordered fries and sandwiches. I didn’t like my sandwich. He switched his sandwich with my half eaten sandwich. We joked as we ate. I told him about the times there was a disaster in the kitchen and he told me about his college tales. After eating, we walked back to the hotel. Our hands brushed and I took his hand. He didn’t look at me but he took my hand and we walked hand in hand back to the hotel.”

I smiled at the memory and looked at Shravan. We were walking together along the Maldives coastline when the waiter called us. “Shall we go, Mr. Shravan Malhotra?”, I smiled and asked him. “After you, Mrs. Shravan Malhotra”, he said. We smiled and walked back to the restaurant together.

Precap:shraman’s love confession(flashback)

So guys how was the episode sorry again for late post from now onwards we will post regularly
Are you guys comfortable with shraman’s romance?
So how was kamini chachi’s role in our ff?
Ya we gave her positive role because of her shraman got kamini chachi
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  1. Ariana

    Finally u both r back with another romantic epi. It was sooooooooooo adorable. the flashback was so touchy!!! But the precap worked awesomly to spice it up. Brilliant work!! Pls post the next part soon too. Don’t keep me waiting.
    Love u both
    stay blessed
    take care

    1. LogaMegan

      Hey Ariana dear. Glad you liked the episode. Thank you so much for your comments. We’ll try to post the next part soon.
      Love you too

  2. The episode is too good.go ahead what you think.i am eagerly waiting for next episode. Don’t take so much time.

    1. LogaMegan

      Hey Pani dear. Thank you so much for your comments. Glad you liked the episode. We’ll try to post soon.

  3. Nikita

    Awwhh! This was so sweeett…!
    I loved it.. I love the way you guys describe
    Pushkar-Mrina are amazingg..
    And plus the flash-back made me cry..
    Their hands brushed and they held hand in hand..
    Wonderring ! Wow..
    I loved it so much yaar..
    You guys are beauitful writers..
    Love you loads
    Take care!
    -Nikita 🙂

    1. LogaMegan

      Hey Nikita dear, Thank you so much for commenting. Glad that you like our portrayal of Pushkar-Mrina. Glad you liked it a lot. Take care.

  4. Angel_pari

    Awsome guyzzzz loved it 🙂 🙂

    post soon

    1. LogaMegan

      Hey Angel_Pari dear, Thanks for the comments. Glad you liked it. We’ll try to post soon.

  5. WeirdSister

    Wow..u both write too well…!
    I mean totally awesome…
    I loved d shraman moments..
    Ur way of expressing is way good..
    Loved it totally..
    Post very soon..
    Eagerly waiting…
    Love u both loads nd loads..

    1. LogaMegan

      Hey WeirdSister dear, Glad you liked the episode so much. Thank you for the beautiful comments. Comments like these encourage us both. Keep commenting. We’ll try to post the next episode soon.
      Love you too,

  6. cute….

    1. LogaMegan

      Hey Aishana dear, thank you for commenting. Glad you liked the episode.

      1. love u and ur writtings yaar

  7. Ruchi

    Hey Loga & Megan
    u guys nailed it …
    it was amazing…
    take care…
    post soon… 🙂

    1. LogaMegan

      Hey Ruchi dear, glad you liked the episode. Thanks for the comments. We’ll post soon 🙂 Take care.

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