My heart beats for only you (Episode 9)

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Episode 9

Recap- Principal makes Twinkle in charge of program and kicks out Maya.

At night ; Kunj’s room.
Kunj is praying and thanking God for all that happened today. He closes his eyes and says, “Yeh bhagwan, thank you for making me believe that this function will go smoothly. Im not wishing bad for Maya or saying anything bad about her but both me and You know her attitude nah?” and he laughs and continues, “Im grateful to You that Twinkle is now by my side and I know nothing will go wrong as I trust her. Please keep her happy always for me ok? Promise me nah?” A yellow flower fell near his hand and he slowly opened his eyes and smiled. “Thank you!!” Another one fell on his head and he laughed ,” Haa maa , I know this one is from you. I’ll give it to her for you ok? Now bye, I’ll go look for her.” He passes His hand on their photo, smiled and left the room looking for Twinkle.

He approached the balcony as he knew she would be there at this time and he was right. He found her sitting and enjoying the breeze and listening to music.
He went behind her tapped her shoulder.
“Ahhh!” She jumped. “Ohh Kunj tum.” She breathed a sigh of relief and moved so he can sit with her too.
K – Haa meh…Who else would it be?
Twinkle just laughed and looked at him. Kunj looked back and nodded , “what?” She replied nothing.
“Ohh look,” and he handed her the flower.
“Wow Kunj, thank you, its pretty , where did you get this?”
Kunj winked at her and said,” let’s just say i got it from a special place.”
T- achha, thik hai , so you say.
After a while there was a bit of silence between them when Kunj spoke up, “Twinkle, umm, thank you for helping us out with the function. It means alot.”
“Kunj,you call me your best friend right?” Kunj nodded in agreement. “Then in friendship, no sorry , no thank you, ok?” Kunj laughed and said ok.
“Aur haa , next time you want me to get rid of any of your ‘girlfriends’ , do call me,” she said rolling her eyes (joking way) kunj laughed. “You’re still feeling guilty about Maya arent you?” She gave him a small smile. “Twinkle i told you already, she deserved it yaar.” “But Kunj, you don’t understand , this is the first time i went somewhere and and started arguing with someone.”
“So? It was for a good cause,” said Kunj. “But..” Kunj cut her off before she could’ve said another word. “Twinkle..” and he showed her a stern funny like face and she quickly understood that he didn’t want to speak about the matter any longer.
After a while they both got tired and retired for bed.

Next morning ;

“Kunj challo nah! We’re late!!” Twinkle yelled from downstairs. “Kunj bhi nah, he keeps yelling at me for taking long to ready and he..uff .. Thank god i wore something plain and simple as there will be alot of work to be done today.”
Twinkle ran across the room hurriedly picking up the necessary things needed for the day. She was wearing a dark brown kurta long until her knees and a light brown tights covering up to her ankle and had done light make up. Kunj jumped in front of her making her drop all the papers she was holding. “Arre yaar Kunj! Why did you take so long? I was waiting for you since 20 mins ,” she replied angrily.
“Arre sorry baba,” he said holding his ears. “I was just speaking to Ravi (a student from their college who was looking after the drama(skit) presentation) about the remaining things he needed to get done before tomorrow.
T- hmm accha thik hai , now let’s go..please!!
They both ran out of the house and drove off to college.

Next scene ; College
Kunj pulled up at the college’s parking lot and they hopped out the car and walked towards the hall.
The college seemed quieter than usual. Kunj and Twinkle was feeling uneasy.
T – Kunj? Where is everybody? Im getting this weird feeling yaar.
K-Something is terribly wrong else this college would never be in such silence.
Kunj and Twinkle approached towards the hall and were shocked at the sight their eyes laid upon.Kunj dropped his bag with a thud and stammered,” No..ho..w did this hap..pen?” Twinkle was also shocked and lost. She saw their friends walking towards them with anger and disappointing faces. Twinkle spoke up since she couldn’t take it anymore.”Sargun,Chinki..What happened here?” Same thing kunj asked Varun and siddarth but they hadn’t a clue.
Siddharth- Even im confused. When i went to retrieve the key from the principal and opened the hall, this is how i found it. I don’t understand how this happened.” Kunj could hardly speak. He was too shocked. All their efforts that they had put in had gone in vain.
The hall decoration was destroyed. Every detail was in bad shape.The lovely curtains that Chinki and Varun had put up was torn in halves. Some of the fairy lights were damaged and stopped lighting while some were still working and were thrown on the ground. The banners that had been put up just yesterday before the students had left was back on the ground and covered in dust and had no longer looked brand new.The balloons were burst and some of the chairs that had already been placed into rows were now scattered.
“This place looks terrible,” said Varun who was trying to comfort Chinki since she was crying.
Kunj looked at him and frowned, “But i can’t imagine who would do this..i mean..” He didn’t get to complete his statement because at that moment the principal , followed by all the teachers , walked into the hall. The principal was hell tensed and was speaking very quickly on the phone. The teachers tried to be calm and assured the students something will work out.
The principal finished his conversation on the phone and looked up at the students. He could see the worried expressions on all their faces and was sorry for them. He knew how much they had worked so far to do this. The principal breathed for a while and began talking, “Well i don’t know what to say to you all. Really i don’t. All i can say is that i am very sorry for the damage that was done but we have to work out this problem as soon as possible because very important people are being expected at the function this year and they already informed me that they aren’t backing out and are definitely coming here to visit our college and i cannot tell them to cancel their trip , so we will have to go ahead with this program.” He stopped for a while and mopped his sweaty forehead. “You students will have to do something because the teachers and I have to attend other matters pertaining to this function so im very sorry but we, the staff, wont be able to help you clear this mess though we would’ve been happy to help but important work cropped up last minute but let me tell you i have faith in every person standing here today and i know you can do this. If you all work together we can fix this. Please try to work something out as quickly as possible. Oh and by the way , i have another set of bad news.”
K- Oh god , ab kya hua yaar?
“The decorations that has been destroyed here is the last set of decorations we had saved with us since the past years. Since this is the only decors we had left back we don’t know how this hall is going to look lively on the day but the teachers and I have put together a solution. We put together enough money so as to buy some proper decorations for the hall. It doesn’t matter if the decorations won’t be as good and impressive as we had expected it to be, once we put on a good show. So im entrusting the money with the six students standing there,” and he pointed to Twinkle,Kunj and their friends. He walked over and handed the money to them. “I expect this money to put in great use ok? I have faith in all of you and i know you won’t disappoint me. Good luck students. After this program is over , I really won’t spare the person who has done this to our college.”
Kunj couldn’t stay quiet anymore and had to ask,”But sir, do you have any idea how this happened? I mean any thief or something broke in?”
“Well , Mr.Kunj, we don’t know how it happened but it had to be somebody who knew this building very well because the lock isn’t broken nor is there any signs of one attempting to breaking it. We also checked the cameras that was placed outside the hall but the person whoever did this devilish act was clever. He/she sprayed the camera causing the footage to be blur.”
Twinkle opened her mouth to speak but the principal nodded no. “I know what you’re going to ask but dont worry we’ve checked all the workers who were left working here last night. The janitors, the gardeners, the remaining teachers who were left here and also the employees in the cafeteria.” We’ve inquired about everything.” He looked at his watch and paused. He looked at the teachers and signalled them it was time to leave. Before he left he encouraged the students to not lose spirit and start working again and that they had three days more to the college’s anniversary. “Good luck!”
As soon as they left, the students started complaining and was trying to gain hope. Kunj was also numb. “He gave us the money.. But… Ohh im so lost right now.” And he sat down rubbing his temples, stressed and worried. Twinkle couldn’t see him like this. She looked around and saw that they needed more encouragement.

Twinkle’s POV ;
“Come on Twinkle! Think! Think how to get these people’s spirits alive again. If not all of them atleast Kunj’s. I cant see him like this. Come on use this siyappa brain of yours.”

As though Siddarth and Sargun read her mind. They held her shoulders and nodded calm down. Siddarth spoke to Kunj and tried encouraging him. Twinkle stood in the centre of the hall and started talking loud enough so that everybody can hear.
“Oh come on guys! What happened all of a sudden? I know we’re in a huge mess and a lot of loss had been occurred but we can’t lose hope like this. Please! At least think of your college’s reputation, it’s name, its fame and success. We have just three days. Who said we can’t finish it in two? If we work together then everything will go smoothly. Please?” And started pleading hoping they would agree and get some courage. Sargun, Sid and Varun joined and helped her while Chinki wiped her tears and started cleaning up the mess and gave them a thumbs up. Twinkle looked at Kunj hoping that his condition was better but he was already up smiling and mouthed, “You’re amazing Siyappa Queen!” She laughed and smiled. Just when everybody was starting to lighten up, someone started clapping and laughing behind them. They turned and was shocked to see Maya.
“Kya speech tha yaar twinkle waah! But sirf ekki problem hay, you bored me to death.” She pretends to yawn and then starts laughing.
Kunj got angry upon seeing he face. “Maya what are you doing here? Please, We’re already in a huge problem here so don’t create any of your drama right now.” She started laughing and pulled a chair and sat down. “Hahaha! Kunj Sarna, I can see that you’re all in a big problem,” and she smirked. “After all …. I was the one who created it,” and she starts her laughing again and took out a key and started spinning it. Everybody was hell shocked.(You know guys, in these TV series, whenever something shocking has happened, they show every body’s face one by one? Well imagine that’s happening here ?? aur haa sound effects..don’t forgot ?)
Now they were angry.
Kunj face was redder than anything. He was literally boiling in anger. Twinkle saw this and ran to hold his hand in order to calm him down. Chinki and Sargun were trying to do the same to Varun and Siddarth. Maya smirked, “That’s right girls. Keep them calm.” Twinkle,Chinki and Sargun wanted to badly slap her but they stayed calm before they had to here her so called emotional breakdown. She circled around them smiling. “This here is the key to my victory. Isn’t having a spare key to the hall….” She stopped and whispered in twinkle and kunj’s ear ,”Shocking?” She laughs again and sat down.”Arre tsk tsk , kya hua Kunj? Why are you worrying? Arre nothing has happened just that … Everything is destroyed! And look, don’t you have little Miss Perfect by your side? What was she saying, haa, don’t worry we have to do this , we can finish this in two days? Haha isn’t that what you said?” “Yes that’s what i said! Tum kya karro geh haa?” Twinkle shouted. Maya smirked. “Im waiting to see this although there’s no way nothing can be done with the little amount of money they gave you. You need money to do handle these kind of responsibilities Twinkle and only i have that kind of power!” Kunj started laughing, “I don’t believe this.You destroyed our college just because some one is better than you? Ha!! Seriously Maya, I never expected YOU to stoop so low. Twinkle doesn’t even want this ‘position’ as you call it. What is wrong with you?” Maya just glared at him and looked at Twinkle. “This is between me and her, you stay out of this!” She pulled out a cheque and a pen and looked at twinkle.”So how much will it be? Name your price and then get lost.” Kunj pushed Maya and stepped in front of Twinkle. Maya fell down again. This time Varun and Siddarth caught her and held her shoulders. They tightened their grip on her and pulled the receipt book out her hand.”That won’t be necerssary Maya. We can handle this ourselves and do not wish for your help. Maya was shocked. It was Kunj’s turn to smirk. “What did you think? That we’re desperate for your money?” he started laughing. “Think again Ms.Arora. We are fine without your money and also you. We’re keeping Twinkle and you can head towards the door. Go on now its that way.” Maya was shocked. She had expected them to take her back just because she was wealthy.Twinkle wanted to but she knew Kunj nor their friends wouldn’t like it. She couldn’t believe Maya did all this just to get back at her. Somehow Twinkle felt she was responsible for this but she chose to stay quiet. “Wait let’s take her to the principal’s office. After all he ought to know who did this and destroyed his hall? Am I right people?” And the students started shouting at her angrily. “Nooo Kunj Sarna , you can’t do that! I’ll make sure your are rusticated from college! Tu dekh!!” Maya screamed.
“Me and rusticated? You’re the one who is going to be rusticated. Varun ,Sid , chall let’s go.” Kunj said but Twinkle stopped him.
“Wait Kunj. If we carry her to sir he wouldn’t have time to deal with her since he’s already stressed and wouldn’t think straight. Besides right now we can’t waste any more of our time on her. I seriously can’t believe you would do such a thing. I expected better from you. If this is between you and me , then you shouldn’t have brought in your entire college. You just disgust us Maya. Kunj leave her, let her go.” “But Twinkle.. Are you sure?” Twinkle looked at him and nodded yes. “If the need arises we’ll tell the principal ok?”
Kunj nodded and looked at his friends. Siddarth pulled away the spare key from her hand and Varun pushed her out the hall. He also took her receipt book, tore it and threw it on her face. “This is for making my Chinki cry and destroy our hard work, You Witch!!” And they banged the Door in her face, leaving her screaming and yelling in anger. The students were now convinced to continue working just to take revenge from maya and show her that they weren’t weak. They started to clear up the mess and waited for the next order.
Sargun- i can’t believe this yaar. You guys ok? We have to think of a solution right away. We can’t afford to lose anymore time.
Chinki- I won’t leave Maya. Let her come again.
They sighed and tried to think about what to do next when not too long kunj jumped up and exclaimed ,”Arre, where did Twinkle disappear? She is not in the hall!” He started shouting frantically for her. They all got up and started worrying.
V- Maybe she was feeling bad and went out. Kunj looked at him, scared and tensed. “That’s what im afraid of. She was feeling guilty all night. I hope she doesnt go and confront Maya. She has no idea how dangerous she can be.”

Episode ends on their worried faces.

Precap – Twinkle still missing
(Keep staying in suspense ???)

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