My heart beats for only you (Episode 8)


Episode 8

Recap – Kunj takes twinkle to His college where they meet his friends and they discuss the plans for the college’s anniversary function. At college they also meet Maya , who is an arrogant girl, already doesnt like twinkle and is very bossy.

Episode starts with a girl yelling kunj’s name and everybody frowns ?

“Maya, I’m coming keep your mouth shut yaar for god sake!” yelled back Kunj who was now fed up of Maya.”Wait Kunj,” said Twinkle holding his hand stopping him. Maya eyes widened and ran and yanked twinkle’s hand off kunj’s.
M- oh hello don’t act too smart here. Didn’t i tell u he doesn’t need anybody to protect him … Well somebody like you to protect him and she started laughing. Have you looked at yourself this morning before you left your house? I mean come on Kunj, where did you pick HER up from?? And she circled around twinkle. Baby, you’re nowhere compared to me. Im guessing you’re just a middle class type of girl running behind kunj so that you can gain popularity and she let out an evil laughter. Kunj couldn’t take it anymore. “Enough Maya!! Please stay in your limits! Just because you were put to help us in this function doesn’t mean you’ll insult my friends!! People who are close to me!! Look i was tolerating you all this while but please don’t say a word against Twinkle or else I know how to straighten out people like you.” All this while Twinkle was looking at kunj teary eyed but quickly wiped it away and held his shoulders and nodded , its ok.
Twinkle came forward to Maya and smiled. “Leave it nah Kunj. If i didn’t have a problem with whatever she just said to me then why should you? Maya, you told me that im middle class? Im running behind Kunj for popularity? Haa? Is that what you are saying? Maya im not that one that wants all this but you’re the one.” Maya was shocked and was boiling in anger. “Arre aram seh, im not finished with you. I don’t care , as a matter of fact WE don’t care if u r rich and we’re middle class people ok? I know im rich bcz i have friends and friendship which lasts for eternity is more powerful than any means of wealth. Look, Sargun, Siddarth and Varun i recently met them but they are already very close to me at this very moment and why should everybody take orders from you? Dekh Maya if u try to be a little bit nicer, we will all appreciate it and we can work better together so stop acting higher than your age. One day it will cost you badly. I don’t like to get wrong with others but please try to be nicer, ok?” And she walked out with kunj sid and sargun, leaving Maya fuming in anger.
Maya thinks- what does she think of her self? She can’t tell me what to do .. No! No1 tells Maya Arora what to do! You’ll pay for this Twinkle.

Next scene – Hall

“Arre Varun, Chinki these decorations are stunning!” Twinkle said praising them.
“Of course, my inspiration is always close to me,” he said flirting with chinki and pulled her closer. “Sure , Varun” and she rolled her eyes.
Sid – Twinkle , you really did give Maya a taste of her own medicine.
Sargun- Haa yaar it was worth watching ?
Twinkle just gave them a small smile and stood in a corner looking at the decorations. The hall was decorated beautifully with lime green and silver coloured curtains with fairy lights draping along them. Though it was simple, Twinkle looked at it as the most beautiful decor she’d ever seen. Kunj was talking to the rest of the students who were looking after another part of the program, when he realised Twinkle was standing alone and not looking very happy.
“Umm guys , i’ll be right back.” He said and walked towards Twinkle.”Twinkle, is everything alright?” Twinkle came back to reality and just hesitated a ‘yes’ and smiled.
“I said it before and I’ll say it again. You’re terrible at lying now spill!” Kunj said trying to make her feel better. Twinkle laughed,” Kunj, you’re crazy…Actually i was just feeling guilty. I think i should apologize to Maya. I was too harsh yaar.” Kunj frowned.”Twinkle there’s no need to feel guilty when whatever you told her was true and besides i can’t bear any words against you. You are my best friend twinkle.” And he took her hands in his and gave it a tight squeeze. They looked at each other and had an eyelock whereas Jag Ghoomeya plays in BG. A pair of eyes are shown staring at them with anger and annoyance. She tightened her fist and was boiling in anger.
She thinks- “This girl is ruining everything!! Think Maya think!!” Maya sees a glass on the table and purposely throws it on the ground making it shatter in pieces. The noise caused Twinkle and Kunj to break their eyelock and their gaze was now on Maya.
“Ohh sorry … Accident tha..” She said trying to act innocent and sheepish. She looked away and smirked.
T- should i go and apologize?
K- don’t you dare! It served her right…
T- But…
K- hush twinkle now let’s go and join the others.

Maya comes in the centre of the stage and claps twice.” Ok let’s do the dance routine once more. This rehearsal is getting nowhere. Oh and kunj be ready for our couple dance next. Kunj was shocked. “But we haven’t yet decided that!”
Maya- oh.. well .. Now it is … Be ready..
Kunj fumed and got angry , ” I don’t believe this!”

The song ‘Sun Saathiya’ plays and Maya was busy embarrassing herself in front of everyone with her terrible dancing skills. Chinki , Varun , Sargun and Siddarth joins twinj and all are trying to hide their laughter. But after a while they couldn’t take it anymore and started laughing out loud and the entire hall joined. ( i srsly hope u guys are imagining all this LOL ?)
Maya got angry and the 1st person she spotted was Twinkle and pointed at her. “Oyee Miss ‘Perfect’ why are u laughing haa? Im sure you can’t dance so be quiet. You’re just walking around doing nothing. Im sure u would come up here and freeze and get nervous. This talent is only for experts like me.” The laughing was heard even louder now. Kunj,Varun and Siddarth started coughing.” Yeah, sure ‘expert’!! Hahaha”
K- u r indeed an expert .. An expert at embarrassing yourself!
Maya was really embarrassed now but hid it by challenging twinkle. “You come and dance this song and then we’ll see who’s the expert.”
Twinkle froze and was about to answer Maya when Chinki interrupted, “Of course, why not? She’ll dance and you don’t worry your pretty little self. Twinkle won’t embarrass herself.” Twinkle pulled chinki and put her hands on chinki’s mouth. “What are you doing? Are you crazy?”
C- Arre twinkle u r dancing and that’s it!
T- but no one knows .. Chinki interrupted her again. “Wait , this means that Kunj doesn’t no?” Twinkle slapped her forehead and shaked her head, no.
K – i don’t know what?
Twinkle stammered,” Uh..h kuch na..hi kunj” and gave chinki a please-don’t-say face. Varun pulled away twinkle. “Haa Chinki, bol!”
“When we were small, Twinkle and I used to get away to watch dance performances which was done at fairs or schools or shows aur haa TV too. Twinkle used to know each and every move of the dancers and im guessing she still does because she has a passion for dancing. Twinkle loves to dance. She is amazing at it.”
Kunj turned to Twinkle, ” is that true twinkle? Answer me yaar!!” Twinkle turned to the other side and nodded yes. “So why didn’t you tell me? I should’ve known. Since you compelled me to sing so much , im gonna compel u to dance. Sargun adds from behind with a smirk,” haa twinkle come nah for us besides this will also shut that Witch’s mouth for a while.”
Kunj raised twinkle’s hand up in the air and shouted,”Maya she accepted your challenge!!” Twinkle gave kunj and chinki an i-will-kill-you face and faked a smile to Maya.

The song starts playing ;

(Music plays)
Twinkle turns around ,faces everybody and starts doing the exact moves like Shradda did in the video.

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan
Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari main

Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri main
Ho chhu le toh khari main
(Toh khari main khari main…)

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

(Music continues and chinki signals Varun and Sid to back her up and join her. Then the rest of the dancers who were behind Maya now comes and backs Twinkle. Varun and Sid continues the male dance of the song with twinkle)

Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun ri

(Varun and Sid’s part)

Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…

Piya bas teri main
Ho.. chhu le toh khari main
toh khari main khari main…

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan.

(Song ends and Twinkle turns and look at Kunj and the rest of her audience)

The entire hall was speechless and were shocked at the her performance especially Kunj who looked like he was going to burst out in excitement. Twinkle looked down when she heard clapping coming from one person who was standing by the hall entrance.
She turned as well as all the students and were shocked to see the principal standing there. The principal spoke, ” Well i think im gonna say this in behalf if every body in this hall. That was mind blowing performance! Never in my entire life have i ever seen such beautiful and graceful dancing and you knew the exact moves too! Am i not right students?” And they started hooting and clapping for Twinkle. Twinkle was smiling brightly and was extremely happy but tried not to be too excited since she didn’t want to embarass herself. “Thank you sir,” she said shaking his hand.
“But I’ve never seen you in this institution before? What is your name?”
Twinkle introduced herself and told the principal that she was a friend of Kunj.
“Oh Mr.Kunj, how nice of you to bring her along.” Kunj smiled and nodded in acknowledgement.
“Umm , Ms.Twinkle how would you like to work alongside Kunj and his friends to help prepare for the function and of course participate in it? We could use that amazing talent of yours in our program.” Kunj and Twinkle’s face lit up at once.”Really sir? You’ll allow her to work with us?” asked an excited Kunj who was more eager than twinkle.
“Of course , why not?”
“Thank you sir it would be an honour!” Said twinkle and she looked at kunj and his friends who gave her thumbs up.
“What? Nooo sir!! We don’t need her help!! We can do this ourselves and i can practice to dance better!!” Yelled an angry,shocked and surprised Maya.
The principal turned and looked at Maya sternly and folded his arms, “What do you mean ‘we’? You’re not helping them anymore Maya. Kunj and twinkle and their friends will handle everything now. You don’t need to worry now ok?” “But Sir..she won’t understand..”
The principal was irritated now,”Maya that’s enough! I’ve been getting quite alot of complains that you were being too bossy and there’s a limit to insolent behaviour. Now you better leave before i have to do something I’ll regret later.” And he headed towards the door but maya stopped him again.”Sir you are going to regret this!”
The principal sighed and tried to ignore her but he looked at her and said “Maya, Twinkle is in ,you’re out. Now please get out of my way.” And he left.
Maya ran up to twinkle and held her by her hair,” Twinkle!! You…” Before she could’ve completed her sentence , Sargun and Chinki pushed her hard causing her to fall on the ground.”Oh hello, leave her alone! Don’t try any if your ill tricks here ok? Now get lost. Didn’t you hear what the principal just said? No let me repeat it…Twinkle is the new Boss!” It echoes in Maya’s ears. She got up and glared at them and stormed out the hall.
“Yaayyy Twinkle!!” They all cheered for her and the rest of the students came up and introduced themselves. Kunj smiled and looked at her.” Excuse me ma’am, dont get too friendly.. Im still here.”
T- aww kunj and she gave him a high five and smiled.
A girl approaches Twinkle with a file in her hand. “Umm ma’am , do you have any new ideas for the function?”
“Arre, no ma’am yaar, sirf Twinkle, ok? And no guys your ideas are good. Im not the boss yaar. Treat me as your friend. As for now you guys have been working hard. Go take a break.” She smiled at them and they rushed out thanking her as they badly wanted a break after they were tortured by Maya.
Chinki started laughing ,”Didn’t i tell you? She knows the exact moves of any dance. My fast learner!”, and she hugs twinkle.
K- Haa yaar twinkle you’re lucky the principal was looking and got.rid of that maya. Ughh! Finally! Thank you!! And he bows down to twinkle. Sid and Twinkle laughed and started teasing him again. Kunj ran out annoyingly leaving his friends laughing at him.

Episode ends on their laughing faces 🙂

Precap- A shock for Twinkle and Kunj and the rest of the college.

Hello my lovely TU family !! How are you all? Hope you guys are enjoying my current track. I know its nothing compared to all the rest of the brillant ff writers here but i added this track just to show how strong bonds of friendship can be and friends are sometimes one of the most important things in life if they are good influence, am i right? 🙂
Thanks alot for all your warming comments. They really mean alot to me. ?
Accha , i’ll go now. Its directly 11:45pm now. Gosh its late .. Past my bedtime but anything for my TU family , no? ?? ❤ ok bye now

Peace ✌✌✌

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