My heart beats for only you (Episode 7)


Episode 7

Morning ; Next day

“Arre, Twinkle, hurry up yaar!! We arent going to a party you know!” … “Girls i tell you.” Kunj was waiting impatiently for twinkle since half of an hour. He was taking her to college to introduce her to His friends and show her the program and he needed her help since he and his friends were put in charge of the show.
Kunj was wearing a black plain long sleeved shirt which revealed his muscles? followed by a dark blue jeans and black shoes and was pacing up and Down waiting. He looked up and started fuming,”Now I understand why papa always gets late whenever we want to go somewhere.Maa is always late nah? Is every woman like this? God!!”
Twinkle’s voice could now be heard from the step,” Kunj , who are you talking to?”
“Oh no one just myself…Why did u take so long yaar…Tu…” Kunj now turned around and was shocked and mesmerized with twinkle as she walked slowly down the stairs. Twinkle was dressed in a white long sleeveless dress with red flower design imprinted on it and a brown belt around her waist. She had all her hair on one side and had done a very light make up. Twinkle approached in front of him. “Oh hello, where are u lost?”
Kunj replied smiling,” In you.”
Twinkle blushed and laughed. “Ok stop staring and let’s go nah, aren’t u the one repeatedly saying we’re late?” K- haa haa challo let’s go.
They left in kunj’s car for college.

Next scene – At college
Let’s name it , AOE college.
Kunj and twinkle were walking around until they finally met his friends in the cafeteria.
Friends- Kunj!!
K- Twinkle there they are and twinkle waved at them.
“Friends, this is twinkle, my best friend.” and he smiled. Twinkle smiled and said hi to everyone.
F- Arre? Best friend? Huh? How come we don’t know her?
Kunj told them that she had recently come from London and was yuvi’s sister.
“So twinkle this is Siddarth and this is Varun.”
S&V- hi twinkle.
Two girls now join them.
G- Arre twinkle tu yaha?
T- Chinki!! And they hugged her.
(So first girl is chinki)
G2- Kunj who is this?
Some more introduction was done and kunj introduced the girl to be Sargun, Siddarth’s wife. Twinkle looked perplexed and gave them a questioning look.
Siddarth laughed and said, ” Let me explain, actually we both were in this college long enough for us to fall in love.. So we decided to get married. Don’t worry its just been 3 months since we’ve married so we decided to finish college and then plan the rest of our lives.”
T- Wow sargun di you are lucky.
S- no twinkle no dii u r the same age as us yaar , no need to be formal.
Twinkle smiled.
K- oyye chinki won’t u introduce twinkle to the love of your life? And he laughed.
“Shut up kunj!” Chinki and Varun both said together. “Wait chinki? Varun? Tum dono? Don’t telll me?
Chinki blushed and nodded yes and Varun pulled her closer.
T- Haww my childhood friend is already a step ahead of me and I’m still here single and lonely ?. Kunj smirked and put his hand on her shoulder. “Arre meri jaanemaan, why worry when kunj is here. Meh bhi single hoo.” And winked at her.
T- hahaha my luck she said sarcastically and pushed his hand off. Friends started laughing.
Varun- Kunj , twinkle will straighten you very well and he started laughing and gave siddarth a five ✋.
Sargun- so twinkle why are u here? I mean umm… Are u joining college or something? T- No actually… She was cut off by siddarth..”Wait, Hold your gears, Maya is coming.” Kunj immediately sat down n pulled twinkle to sit also n hid behind her. “Nooo!! Why? Tell her I’ve flew out of the country.” Said kunj annoyingly and half scared.
Twinkle was lost. “Kon Maya? And why is kunj the great afraid of her?” Chinki gave a small laugh and said sarcastically,” Kunj’s girlfriend!” Twinkle was shocked. “Kya Kunj ki girlfriend? Kunj u never told me you had a girlfriend.”
Kunj gave a chinki a death glare , “Even i didn’t no i had one. She’s not my girlfriend. She’s my so-called bossy partner that was put to help us out with the program. I don’t have time for her early tantrums and her voice!! Ugh so annoying!!”
“What? My voice is annoying, look kunj you better get up from here right now and go to the hall.The principal is calling us.” Maya heard him from behind and started ordering him. Kunj looked up and Gave her a fake smile and said,” coming maya , you go.”
Maya turned to go but then pointed to twinkle and asked who she was. Before twinkle could reply, Varun shouted, ” Oh this is Twinkle, Kunj’s BEST FRIEND!”
Maya walked well actually stomped towards twinkle and looked at her from top to bottom. She pulled Varun by his collar, stared at twinkle and said,” Tell her kunj doesn’t need an assistant behind him. He already has one and you my Darling Twinkle, is looking at her, so you better stay away from him ok?” Chinki came in between and pulled Varun away from Maya. “Oh hello, so-called assistant of kunj , hands off him please and Twinkle isn’t going to come your way, as a matter of fact no one wants to come your way so please leave.” Maya shrugged and glared at chinki and twinkle and left.
Twinkle laughed, “Is she always like that?”
K- haa yaar i don’t no wat i deserved to get a “partner” like her. Thank god the principal got u guys to help me else i would’ve died the first day.
T- ohh so that’s why you need my help? Kunj pouted and nodded yes.
She turned to kunj’s friends and said “That is, if u guys won’t mind me helping out. Any problem?”
Sargun- Of course not , we will love to have you here.
Siddarth- haa of course twinkle and besides u look like you can handle Maya and he smirked.
T- ohho don’t worry about her. Just pretend as if she’s not there. She just needs a taste of her own medicine.
Varun and Siddharth started laughing.
V- I think im gonna like having you around twinkle. She smiled.
K- of course, she’s my siyappa queen after all. Twinkle and kunj looks at each other and smiles. Sajna ve plays in BG. Sid, sargun, varun and chinki looked at each other and smiled. Sargun coughed and brought twinj back to reality. “So shall we leave?”
They nodded and left.

Next scene ; Outside hall.
“So Twinkle how do you find our college?” Asked kunj.
“Umm Kunj, she’s not here,” Chinki replied. “Kya? Where is she?” Kunj started to get worried.
Varun- Arre don’t worry here eyes are stuck inside the hall. Look how she’s staring the hall and oh God her expression hahaha. She looked like she’s seen something worth ‘not’ watching. And he keeps laughing.
K- Shut up Varun but what is she looking at yaar, her expression is priceless. Chall let’s go see what happened to her.
They approached by the hall entrance and looked where Twinkle was staring at. Kunj sighed a frustrating sigh whereas the friends started laughing.
Sargun tried talking while laughing, “Varun was right this is so not worth watching! ?”
Twinkle looked at kunj and then back to what they were looking at. “Kunj, is this what you meant by nothing is going right for the program?”
Kunj slapped his forehead and looked at her.
T- I don’t believe this… What really have you guys planned for this thing? And who the hell allowed Maya to order everybody around?? Omg she’s terrible!”
Sid- No no everybody is getting ordered except our handsome hunk here Kunj Sarna. She yells at everybody except him even if she does it is rare.
T- But seriously!!! Her dancing is terrible!!
Varun and chinki were still trying to control their laughter but managed to speak.
C- Twinkle who do u think is going to be her dance partner?
T- don’t tell me… and she looked at kunj and started laughing. Kunj im really sorry for u yaar.
K- i no im sorry for me too.
T- im lost .. Can u guys please tell me what really you’ve planned for the show? I mean If dancing is on the list and she’s the main lead then … yeh bhagwan …
(I hope you guys know why they were laughing…yes at Maya’s horrible dancing)

Next scene

Kunj,Twinkle and their friends (now are twinkle’s friends too) were in an empty classroom discussing the program.
Sargun- So im sure kunj must’ve told you that this program well more of a function is being taken place bcz of our college’s 50 years anniversary. So the principal picked our level (level meaning the last batch of students) to plan and make sure this function goes smoothly. So we have to arrange everything for the function. She pauses and Siddarth continues. “So the principal knew that us, meaning me sargun varun kunj aur chinki were talented in this area of activity and could handle the responsibilities. So he chose us to be the heads and also placed Maya with us.”
“Maya only got to be ‘head’ because she sweet talked the principal and bribed one of the teachers,” said Kunj irritatingly. “And she wants to stick with me, me!! out of all persons!” and he started his drama of crying again. Twinkle was smiling and decided to tease kunj. “Kunj , maybe she loves you nah , come on be nice,” she said with a smirk.
Sid- you know that’s wat i told him. Kunj give her a chance nah buddy” and he forwarded his lips to kiss his cheeks. Kunj pushed him away and they all started laugh, teasing poor kunj.
K- kya yaar? Are u my friends yah enemy? Huh? And u twinkle you’re in this too!
T- aww its good at least somebody is running after you. Kunj just glared at her.
T- so what have you guys planned so far for the function?
Kunj took out his notepad and showed her the list. “Well so far we have the opening speech from the principal and teachers then we introduce the special guests. After that other student will be partaking in skits and reciting poems and all of that.”
T- so what are you guys doing for the function?
Kunj continued ,” Well one of the teachers suggested we should have different sets of dances. Like a traditional dance like explaining abt the country’s land and a couple dance and whatever else we want to put in.”
V- aur haa kunj is doing a song. We begged and got him to do it last minute. Ever heard his voice twinkle? Its amazing!
T- of course yaar!! And smiled at kunj when they both remembered when kunj sang for the first time in front of everybody.
So what was Maya rehearsing for?
Sargun- i think for a solo performance… That is also needed. She wants to stand out that’s why.
C- haa but we all no she’ll just embarrass herself.
All- yea!
Varun got up and pulled Chinki with him. “Guys we have to go look after the decorations for the hall before its too late and i don’t want that Witch to come looking for me. Chall chinki let’s go. And twinkle do come and see the decorations please.
Twinkle smiled and said sure and showed chinki thumbs up and winked at her to tease her.
T- So what are we going to do in the mean time?
Sid- That’s what im thinking .. I don’t know where to start now that maya has ‘taken over’…
Just then a girl ran it to the room and started yelling,

Episode ends on twinj, sid and sargun’s annoyed faces.

Precap – Preparations for the functions and a new boss.

New supporting actors/actresses –
Ravi Dubey as Siddarth
Sargun Mehta as Sargun
Chinki – Chinki from TEI
Varun- hmm whoever you want him to be
Maya from TEI

Heyy guys !! Guess who’s back!!! Yes its your Romaisah!! I finally got throught the registration process and there’s a slight change in the name from Romaisah to ‘Romaisha’ … Sorry nahh for the change .. But your comments instantly carried me to TU settings and did some magic and i gt through thanks to you guys!! I hope youre enjoying the episodes and the new characters…and sorry again for not commenting on any ffs if I’ve missed any … Anyway do enjoy

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