My heart beats for only you (Episode 6)


Episode 6

Next day

Kunj is in front of his mirror combing .. or i should say playing with his hair. He is wearing a blue shirt , black jacket and black ripped jeans with blue and black combination sneakers and is looking hotter than ever. He now moves to his parents’ photo. He starts humming and singing the song “Pyaar deewani hota haii…” (While doing this he was fixing his clothes) He looks up and says,” Kya? Why r u looking at me like that papa? Isn’t that ur favourite song? You no what?Forget it. Im not singing back for u nor mom. Yesterday you made me do it in front of everybody. I don’t know why i get convinced by u two so easily.” And he rolls his eyes. Just then, Kunj’s bedroom’s curtains starts flying due to the heavy wind his parents kicked up. Kunj got frustrated and went to the window to shut it and yelled ,”Now what?” Another gust of wind blew but it was heavier and wen i say heavy i mean heavy. The window flew back open making kunj fall back on his bed. Kunj thinks- are they trying to tell me something? But he just shrugged off the thought and went to the window again. This time a huge pile of autumn coloured leaves flew in causing kunj to cough. He turned the opposite direction to avoid the leaves and opened his eyes.(Imagine guys, kunj in a pile of leaves?) He was shocked and embarrassed at the sight that was in front of him.
Yea guys. His parents were trying to tell him that Twinkle was standing right behind him trying hard to hide her laughter. He stammered in embarrassment,” Tww..inkl..e tu ya..ha? Tuh kab ay?
Twinkle couldn’t hold it in anymore. She started laughing and fell on his bed. “When u were busy yelling at poor Manohar uncle and usha Aunty. Hahahaha”
K- shut up twinkle. And started dusting the leaves off himself again and showed an irritating face to the photo.

T-Acha kunj?
K- What? Still angry at her.
T- Wont you introduce me?
Kunj smiled n said sure .
K- maa papa , meet twinkle , my best friend and he pulled her nose.

T- don’t do that kunj , have manners…hello uncle Aunty .. Pata hai .. Kal raat kunj told me that u two are always alive in his memories… And she started talking endlessly to the photo. Kunj stood their smiling looking at her simplicity, her innocence and her glamour.He couldnt take his eyes off her.A slight amount of wind entered the room and went towards her making her hair flow with the enticing mixture of her beauty. Kunj turned to His father (on the photo) and smiled and thinks – Papa tuh bohot naughty ho pata hai? .. Ufff this siyappa queen won’t stop talking .. Siyappa queen ! Arre waa kunj not bad! And with tht thought he smirked.
K- chall siyappa queen ho gaya? Are u done? Look at this yaar my poor parents’ ears. Sorry guys she tends to talk alot. All this while twinkle was looking at him with her mouth and eyes wide open.
T- what did u call me?
K- siyappa queen , tu kya karro geh?
T- KYA??? Meh siyappa queen .. You!!!

K- me what?
T- Thik hai then u .. You are .. Haa … Sadu sarna .. Haa ..
K- oh hello im not sadu sarna ok?
T- then im not siyappa queen!!!
K- siyaapa Queen siyappa queen siyappa queen ! Saying this he ran out of the room and twinkle ran after he him . He ran down the steps but twinkle’s foot was stuck on one of the spindle. Kunj laughed, picked up his bag yelled from the door , byyeee meri siyappa queen!! But he pushed his head back in the house and said btw u look beautiful in that suit and blew kiss to her. By now twinkle’s foot was free. You!! I won’t leave u..Wait wat did he say. She looked down at her blue anarkali suit , spun around and blushed. Haha of course my sadu sarna. Don’t worry I’ll get back u wen u come home from college.

“Oh God, I’m so bored. Im at home all alone. You know i should’ve listen to maa and further my studies like Kunj .. Haa aur chinki. She did say they go to the same college but what am i supposed to do if i don’t like school? Much less college and what not? Ahh , im so bored!” And she dropped on the bed feeling lonely. (Guys u must be saying why isn’t twinkle attending college like kunj? Well actually in my country after you finish high school, it is usually our choice if u want to continue or not so in my ff kunj has furthered his studies and twinkle chose to stay home. I hope i didn’t confuse you. I don’t no if it is the same process in India)
“Speaking off maa i should give her a call. I miss her alot.
She dialed her mother’s phone number and waited for her to pick up.
“Hello?” “Maaaaa!!!! I miss you , i miss you , i miss you!!!”
“Arre Twinkle beta? Finally you gave me call. I also missed you alot puttar.India kese hai? Aur yuvi puttar? And my future daughter-in-law? Kese hai vo..kuch toh bol Twinkle.”
“Arre maa I’ll speak wen u give me a chance to. Aram seh nah. Yuvi bhaiyya and mahi, tum hari soon to be bahu.. They are all good but ekki problem hai they’re in Goa so u won’t get to speak to them today.”
“Accha aur….Leela jii who called?” (So twinkle’s mother is leela taneja.)
“Arre Raman,Twinkle”

“Twinkle?? Achha let me talk to her it’s been days since she left…Pinni come twinkle is in the phone!”
Haa im coming ji.(So Raman and Pinni are also staying with leela in London and are twinkle uncle and aunt.)
Leela puts the phone on speaker.
“Twinklee beta kaise ho tum? You called after so long!”

“Raman mamu meh thik hoo.. Tuh kaise hay aur pinni mami?”
“Ham sab thik hai”. Twinkle felt better after talking to her family as she missed them alot. Now leela and twinkle are finally having a mother- daughter conversation.
L- Twinkle are u comfortable in India?
T- Haa maa meh bilkul thik hu…
L- Aren’t u lonely? You know sometimes i get a bit worried for you, now that u are away from me. This house is really dead without you beta.
T- Maa , why are u worrying so much? I’m okay and happy in India and im staying with yuvi bhaiyya na aur bhabhi..aur patah hai mahi bhabhi has a brother. Uska nam hay kunj and with him around im never really bored. Infact he’s the only one im stuck with at home and he’s different from other boys.He promised to never leavemy hand and never made me feel uncomfortable.
L- n him alone?
T- maa tension maat lo..kaha tana meh nay? He’s different and no he won’t take advantage of me as a matter of fact he won’t touch me without my permission. Maa he’s amazing!!
L- arre meri sherni … You are getting carried away with this boy..Fallen in love with him Nuh?
Maa .. Stop it ya vo meri best friend hai aur kuch nahi…

L- Acha thik hai .. I was just teasing you .. Do give my good wishes to him u never no he.mite be my future son in law and she laughs and teases twinkle.
T-haww maa !! And started blushing. Acha maa y don’t u come to India and let us settle down here because im not planning on coming back to London for now aur vaise bhi i know hw much u miss “Your great” India and i miss food cooked by you and kunj will like it too.
L- why? Doesn’t he has His mother over there already?

T- no actually the thing is … And she told her mother that kunj and mahi lost their parents two months ago and kunj talking to His parents’ photo. (she forget to mention the name “sarna” .. this part will be revealed later in the ff)
L- oh acha…This story sounds kinda familiar and the names too..mahi aur kunj…anyway yeah sab chod ..i have to go now pinni n Raman must be waiting.
T- thik hai maa bye love u aur haa make sure i don’t have to call in London to tell u i miss u … U must be here in india by then ok?
L- arre thik hai baba , byee.

Next scene.
Kunj has returned from college and is looking for Twinkle.
“This place is too quiet..yeh siyappa queen kaha challe gaye?” … “Twinkle!!” … “Twinkle!!” Ka hee aise tu nai that she left home without informing me … Twin..kle? Kunj was rooted to the spot, folded his arms and gave his famous eyebrow wala look and was looking towards the living room. “You can’t be serious yaar , don’t tell me Twinkle is afraid of … Scooby Doo!….abbe yaar just look at her, i mean its funny but seriously twinkle?! (He was talking to his self hope u guys figured that ?)
Twinkle was sitting in the living room in front of the television looking at the cartoon scooby doo and was damn engrossed in what was showing. She was continously pushing popcorn in her mouth n clutching tightly at the pillow. She kept jumping out of fright at the littlest things that moved.
Kunj got an idea and smirked. He went from the living room and came back n wrapped a white bedsheet around him. He crawled behind twinkle and yelled “Boo!” Making twinkle scared as hell.
“Ahh!! Bhoot!! Bachaoo!!” And she started running away wen she stopped and heard someone laughing.
“Kunj!! Ughh! I won’t leave he you this time!” She picked up the pillow and started hitting him while kunj was trying to controll his laughter, holding his belly and avoiding twinkle at the same time.”Twinkle …. You should’ve seen your face hahaha … I mean scooby doo really??”
Shut up kunj i hate you!!! And she picked up the bowl of pop corn n threw it on him
K- Twinkle my hair!!!

T- i don’t care about ur hair Badtameez larka!! And she turned the opposite direction.
Kunj dusted the popcorn off and stood up behind twinkle and whispered siyappa queen in her ear and smirked. Twinkle widened her eyes and turned around but she didn’t realize kunj was that close to her and they both tripped and fell on the couch. Sajna ve plays in BG and a short eyelock follows. Just then due to the fall twinj accidentally changed the channel and a set of ear splitting shrieks were heard from the television and kunj and twinkle got alarmed and started screaming. Twinkle hurriedly took the remote and turned off the TV.
T- kunj, youre so mean yaar! n she pouts.

K- aww twinkle u look so cute wen you’re annoyed and he pulls her cheeks.
T- “aww u look so cute wen you’re annoyed” she mimicked him n rolled her eyes.
Kunj started laughing and twinkle was startled. “Kya hua?” Why are u laughing like madman?” But kunj continued laughing and signalled her “nothing”.
Twinkle was now lost in him and his childishness and a small smile creeped onto her lips. Twinkle thinks- when yuvi bhai told me kunj was devastated at usha aunty aur manohar uncle’s demise and couldn’t stop crying, i was feeling sorry for him and kept thinking if he would move on. But now im happy that i could’ve at least made him smile and laugh. Yeh Baghwan, please allow kunj to get all the happiness he deserves in this world. Thank you for bringing kunj in my life and showing me that they are such people like him. Thank you for making him my best friend and i promise I’ll make sure he’s always happy and never sad. Thank you babaji.”
“Oh hello, siyappa Queen , where are u lost?” Kunj asked, throwing the remaining popcorn on her. She quickly snapped out of her thoughts and changed her expression and turned the other direction and acted as if she was still angry at him.

K- i know you’re not angry with me , you’re not good at acting. Twinkle turned and glared at him and murmured,”Sadu sarna” under her breath.
I heard that siyappa queen!!
Whatever and they both started to laugh.
T- you know we both are really crazy.
K- Haa true but u r more crazy
T- haa whatever .. She turned to kunj and sat up on the couch …”So kunj, how was college?”
K- arre yaar lets not talk abt tht please..
T- q? Kya hua?
K- kuch nahi..

T- Bol na kunj!! U no i was waiting all day to talk to somebody now wen i want u to speak , you’re being quiet!!
K- why? Did u miss me that much?
T- Haa of cou.. She realised wat she had said and bit her lip .. I mean i was soo bored at home .. is le yeh…
K- Right sure .. Twinkle you’re very bad at lying. Anyway actually , the principal of our college has announced a program since it is our college’s 50 years’ anniversary and my level had been put in charge of the program and nothing is going right yaar i don’t know how to explain but .. He sighed and looked at twinkle.
Twinkle looked at him and smiled. “Don’t worry sab thik ho jai ga. Once you are there nah?
K- that’s the problem and he started fake crying … They don’t take me or my friends seriously!! .. Suddenly he looked at twinkle and smirked.
T- kya? Why are u looking at Me like that?

K- twinkle you’re bored at home rite?
Twinkle nodded in agreement
“So why dont u come with me to college tomorrow? I mean we have a week off to plan the program so u r allowed to come and i may need your help. Please twinkle please!!!”
Twinkle faced lit up at once,” Kunj really? I can come? But.won’t your friends find it strange? I mean..”
K- shut up yaar they won’t mind besides they’ll enjoy your company like i do .. And he winked at her… Although you’re very annoying.
T- haww me? And annoying? Never!! And they both started laughing.
K- Twinkle if u want u can wear western clothing tomorrow.. U don’t need to wear these clothings but I don’t mind .. Whatever you feel comfortable u in.
T- you really know how to work your charm nuh?
K- meh kya karro yaar meh tuh vaise hu ? …

Episode ends on twinj’s smiling faces.

Precap- Kunj carries Twinkle to college.

Heyy guys soooo sorryyyy for the delay actually my phone wasn’t really working and recently got repaired so i posted hope u guys will forgive me and im sorry for not commenting on the ffs. I read but didn’t get chance to comment. Sorry nahh guys plzz forgive me plzz ???
Ok so how to put this … When i was submitting my article i read that only registered members are going to be allowed to post until August 1st and i tried to register but i don’t know whats wrong so if i do not get through then I’ll have to leave my ff as it is but till then I’ll work out something. Even im very angry ?? so sorry !!
And im also sorry if i wasn’t your time by making u read tthis boring episode. I know im not writing as good as u r but im sorry it’s just that u people have some fantastic ideas and im just here
Tbh i’ve made some gr8 friends here in TU as a matter of fact family cuz we care for each other .. Right? Anyway thanks alot to all those who have been supporting me until i really do appreciate it and to all the writers, you guys are amazing. I’ll stop talking here leaving you in suspense whether I’ll be able to register or not.
My heart literally broke wen i saw i wasn’t getting through the registration process anyway I’ll work out something.

Bye and i love you all alot!!! ❤✌

Credit to: Romaisah

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