My heart beats for only you (Episode 5)


Heyy !! First of all thank you guys sooo much for the comments and liking the last epi i hope my writing is gettin better as the episodes go along
Okay so u guys asked me where i was from … Well im not from India though i really wished i was ? . I am from uh South America , Guyana. Don’t know if u heard abt this country but yea … Anyway .. Enough of this introduction ?? Btw do we have any Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani fans here?? Do you guys also like the new Rani and raja?
And where is Twinkle? (Jasmin) there must be a reason why she isn’t currently in TEI and for three days? I miss her yaar!!,There must be a reason right? Sorry i havent been on twitter long now thts y im lost … Anyway sorry for blabbering unnecessarily … Back to 5th epi ( couldn’t gotten here without u guys thx alot!)

Recap – Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode starts with Twinkle and Kunj walking in a café to finally have dinner. It was now around 6pm.
“God, I’m so hungry!” said Twinkle. Kunj looked at her with an annoyed face and said,”Mujhe pata hai ! You’ve been saying that since the time we were walking to come here. Please spare me yaar!” And slapped his forehead.
Twinkle gave him a what-the-hell face and just yelled for the waiter. They ordered their food and began to eat. Twinkle was eating and talking so quickly that kunj was lost in her and was left with no option but to keep staring at her craziness.(Guys you remember nah? The look kunj gave her in tei wen they were on their date?) Kunj forgot about his food when twinkle asked him if he was going to finish it.
K- why? Do u want it? She nodded yes n he passed His plate to her and said he’ll just have the juice.
T- thik hai … I’ll eat then.
K- But..
T- but what kunj? Kunj , not in his senses replied,”If u eat so much , then what will happen to your perfect figure?” Twinkle dropped her food and was surprised. “What?”
Kunj finally back to his senses stammered,” , you eat.”
After they had completed their meal , they sat back on their chairs and enjoyed the man singing on the stage and enjoyed the music.
Twinkle turned towards Kunj and heard him humming and singing the song that was playing.”Kunj, I didn’t no u were such a good singer and was a fan of music.
“Huh? No im not and uh i can’t sing i was just humming .” Kunj was hesitating while saying this.
T- Kunj why are u so nervous? Its ok to share your talents to others and you can really sing well. Just then the manager came out and made an announcement.
“Good Evening, ladies and gentlemen. I trust that you all are having a wonderful night and are enjoying the food and entertainment we are providing.” Everybody started clapping. He continued,” Now we’d like to make this evening more lively so lets start by opening the dance floor , no?” And he ended with a smile.
Let’s Nacho from Kapoor and sons starts playing and everybody starts dancing. Although Kunj and Twinkle really liked the song and was itching to dance they didn’t feel like participating, so they stood their clapping and singing along. The ‘Dj’ who was operating the music system saw twinkle bobbing her head to the music and called her on stage to assist him. She gladly went and helped him and she changed the song to the mashup version of chennai express and every1 hooted and the dance floor became fiercer. Twinkle was enjoying herself and so was kunj since he was happy twinkle was happy and was hooting for twinkle. The dance ended and all clapped and the manager congratulated Twinkle on doing a fine job with the system. ” It seems as though we may need u here more often miss Twinkle” she smiled and thanked him.
“Well i hope all of us are enjoying ourselves tonite,” said the manager ( lets name him Mr.Jai) and everyone clapped again. “Well all of us except that young man there,” and he pointed to kunj. Kunj was stunned and stammered,” of couursee . i’m.m enjoying…”
“Haa haa i no i saw u just laughing and clapping but u r supposed to be a part of it man , be a sport!”
Kunj fumed under His breath, “Sport is what I’ll give you wen im done” and sent a fake smile to Mr.Jai.
“Hmm let’s give him something to do no? What say people?” Kunj eyes widened and was hell shocked. MrJai threw the guitar at Kunj and said,” lets hear you sing” and he smirked. “But not in here , lets go outside the stars are waiting for us and so is this calm evening, challo let’s go”
Twinkle came and patted His back. “Kunj why are u sweating? Come on you can do this , its just singing. You heard wat he said , be a sport!”
“Twinkle , im not a sport, please i don’t want to do this, and he starts fake crying.”That won’t help now let’s go and join them outside.”
Kunj’s POV –
Abbe yaar , what mess have i landed to? Maa !! Papa!! This is all your fault , you knew something like this was going to happen, why didn’t u send some kind of sign? And he starts His fake crying again. You two no that you guys are the only ones whoever heard me singing . i only sing for u n maa n now ??
POV ends…

As soon as Kunj stepped out of the café building he felt some droplets of water fall on his hand and a light gust of wind coming towards His direction. Maa , papa abb kya? Don’t tell me u are taking everybody else’s side and want me to sing also!? Another gust of wind flew towards him n this time he frowned.”Fine, I’ll sing, happy now?”
He approached nervously to the stool and sat. He closed his eyes and saw his mom and dad smiling and showing him thumbs up. He got a bit of encouragement, tuned His guitar , cleared His throat, fumed under His breath “maa papa wish me luck, im going to sing in front of actual ppl n not in front of u two only” and started singing,

Chahe main rahoon jahan mein
Chahe tu na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

Chahe yeh zameen, yeh aasmaan
Rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe

O… mmm…

Darr hai tujhe main kho na doon
Mile jo Khuda toh bol doon
Main do jahan ka kya karoon
Tu bata… o..

Tu jo mere paas hai
Mujhko na koi pyaas hai
Meri muqammal ho gayi har duaa..

Chahe mere jism mein
Yeh jaan rahe na rahe
Tere mere pyar ki umar salamat rahe ……

(Salamat from Sarbjit)

Kunj slowly opened his eyes and looked around and noticed everybody was smiling and were shocked. He looked up and saw twinkle wipin her tears and he signalled what? She signalled back a well done sign ??.

“Whoa, Mr..?” Kunj .. Kunj Sarna…
“Wait i know sarna … sarna .. Haa Manohar jii teri papa hai nah?” Kunj nods. “I didn’t no he had such a talented son. Kunj you can really sing well. You should really try out for a show or competition or something. You have a wonderful voice. Don’t you guys think so?” Mr Jai asked and everybody agreed. After Kunj had gotten hundreds of praises, Twinkle and Kunj thanked the manager for a lovely evening paid the bills and left.

Next scene

After they had walked quite a long distance, twinkle and kunj made a fire near a tree n sat down to rest. They didn’t say much until twinkle broke the silence.
“This is so fun nah , sitting near a fire and that too under millions of stars. Hay nah kunj?” And she looked at kunj but he was lost deeply in thoughts. She shook him to bring him back to reality.
“What’s wrong Kunj? You know after all those people praised u for the wonderful voice u have , I thought u would’ve been happy but here the situation is different. You’re sulking like .. Like .. The word can’t even come out my mouth.” Kunj starts laughing and twinkle smiles bcz she cheered him up a bit.
“Now please tell me , what’s wrong?” … Kunj let out a sigh, closed his eyes and opened them back again. “Its nothing actually..its just that it feels weird hearing all those good words from other people. I only kept this talent bcz this was the only way i couldve cheered up my parents whenever they were sad or feeling bored. I was their little entertainment and i promised myself that i would sing only for my parents though they always told me to go ahead n make a career out of singing.” By now kunj’s eyes were weld up with tears but he wiped them and looked at twinkle who gave him a small smile and nodded , everything will be alright.
T- but kunj , one thing i don’t understand although i tried to persuade to come and sing and u were refusing hw did u still end up on that stage?
Kunj let out a small laugh and winked at her.”Tu nahi sam jogi … Leave it” (But we all know wat he meant nah)
Achha kunj .. Hmm? .. Sing for me nah please? .. Kya why? … Kunj !! Even i still can’t believe that u can sing very well aur vaise bhi im in love with ur voice (she said that part sensually) they both started laughing and kunj asked her what song she wanted him to sing.
“Any yaar it doesn’t matter.”

Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri

Main tenu samjhava ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui yon jaan meri
Main tenu samjhawa ki
Na tere bina lagda jee


Awww kunj!! And she gave him a side friendly hug he hugged her back. They pulled back.
“Kunj?” asked twinkle
K- haa? She pointed to his shoulder and he smiled and nodded yes. She rested her head on his shoulder and he wrapped his left arm around her.
“Kunj, do u miss your parents? I mean it’s two months now..”
“Of course i miss them but then i realised that i should stop missing them bcz they never left me, they were and always will be with me once i keep them alive in my memories and its not that hard to forget them bcz its like they’re always around me and at that same time a leaf fell on kunjs head. He picked it up , smiled looked up to the sky.and blew the leaf towards the direction of the wind.
T- so kunj that means if i ever go away u won’t ever forget me? Kunj and twinkle pulled away from the hug and stared in each other’s eyes.(sajna ve plays in BG)
K- twinkle I’ll never forget u yaar , u r a gr8 friend n I’ll never leave ur side.
Twinkle smiled and said, ” You’re not my friend anymore but my best friend. I know this may sound weird but its just a day i hung out with you and i realised u were a different type of person different from all the rest.”
Kunj smiled.”But why this sudden change? How come im ur best friend now?”
T-Are u kidding?If a boy can watch a movie with me n tolerate my obnoxious laughter and figures out i cheat wen i play with children then you are my best friend. Will you be my best friend, Mr Kunj Sarna?
K- of course, Miss Twinkle Taneja.Sajna ve plays as they slowly shake hands and looks at each other. After a while,”Twinkle?” “Yes kunj?” “Don’t u think we have to go home now? “Haa” “then leave my hand”
Ooh sorry n she pulled a way her hand snapping out of her ‘trance’. They walked to the parking lot and drove off in their car.
Kunj pulled up in front of Sarna mansion and turned n looked at her sleeping peacefully.
He thought that he wouldn’t wake her up and took her in his arms and fetched her to her room and placed her on the bed. He then sat next to her and smiled and held her hand.
“Twinkle, i’m glad u made me ur best friend now i can watch over you and take care of you. I promise I’ll always be there for u , I’ll never leave your hand…never. I’ll try to keep u happy always and look nah she’s looking like an angel when she’s sleeping and not talking so much!” He laughs and squeezes her hand slightly and smiles. “Good Night Twinkle Taneja. I had a wonderful day with you.” and he leaves the room.
Twinkle opens her eyes, sits up on her bed, hugs her pillow and smiles. “That’s what i wanted to hear .. You’ll never leave my hand and I’ll never leave yours. I still can’t believe that somehow I’ve starting to trust you though i met u like .. Just now. Maybe you’re special nah? Like me? And she laughs. “Good night to u too Kunj Sarna, I also had an amazing day with u and she blushes and turns off the light and sleeps.

Precap- Hmm i don’t know as yet but wait on next epi 😉

Hey guys u all enjoyed today’s episode?? Please do tell. I hope my episodes are getting better and do tell me hw was twinj scenes. Oh and guys i hope u noticed that i still keep kunj’s parents in my ff. They will be a guide for him here .. Hope I didn’t confuse you and sorry for a late update .. Net problems and my phone was freaking out i got hell scared but i posted still ? 🙂 ….
Do comment -ve or +ve plzz.

Bye !!

Credit to: Romaisah

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