My heart beats for only you. (Episode 48)

Guys i didnt realise how short last episode was. I’m so sorry for that. ? Anywhos.. Enjoy this episode and thanks so much for all your comments in the previous one.

Episode 47

Episode starts with Yuvi and Kunj staring in awe at their beautiful wives walking elegantly down the staircase.
Yuvi smirked and walked upto Mahi and asked for her hand. She smiled and hooked her hand with his and she also got a shock. Yuvi leaned closer to her and kissed her ear and whispered,”You look gorgeous Mahi.” She blushed and mouthed thank you. Mahi was wearing a beautiful black dress all the way to her knee (and at the back of the dress was a bit longer) with purple at the top upto her waist. Her hair was curled and slightly ponied with strands of hair falling on her perfectly rouged cheeks.

Kunj on the other hand was still standing in shock. He was too mesmerised by Twinkle.
Twinkle blushed seeing his expression and walked to him and shook him. He smiled. “You look stunning yaar! And so freaking hott!” He said with a wink and Twinkle blushed again. She wore a beautiful royal blue coloured gown with matching accessories and her hair was straightened with a slight curl at the bottom. She wore a long hand bag at the side to match her gown. Yes, she looked damn smoking ?
(Their dresses are in my cover photo of the episode 🙂 )

Next scene; Restaurant

“Whoa! This is place is huge!” Yuvi said as they stepped into the restaurant and took a table of four. “The decoration is awesome!” Mahi said staring at the bourgandi and black decor of the restaurant. Kunj yawned and rolled his eyes. “Really di? We’re here to have a great time, not watch fancy decorations!” Mahi gave him a death glare and she was about to say something else when Twinkle said annoyingly,” Guys! Stop it pleaseee and lets order some food! I’m…” “Hungry..yea yea.. We know. You’re always hungry!” said Yuvi.
“What? Yuvi zip it. I’m hungry. I dont care what you think right now. All i want is food!” She said and Kunj laughed and pretended to cough and said,”Siyappa Queen.”
Twinkle looked at him and rolled her eyes. “Whatever…Khadoos Sarna.” She said looking the other direction. “Oye! Khadoos Sarna where?!? You mean dashing, hot, s*xy, dreamy…hooo! Do i need to go on?” Kunj said pretending to fan himself while Yuvi and Mahi started laughing and Twinkle glared at him. “You…!..” She began but the waiter interrupted and Kunj jeered her. “May u take your order?”

After an hour, the group had finally had dinner and sat back enjoying the entertainment the hotel staff had planned for their big day.
(Let’s name the owner of the hotel.. Mr.Dhawan)

Mr Dhawan- Good night ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Goa’s most successful and flourishing hotel! *They all applaud*

“So tonight we have planned alot of exciting activities for you guys and we hope you have a wonderful time here with us.
So for starters, we have planned alot of games for you. Especially for couples and i know we have alot of just married guys and gals here in our presence so i encourage you to please join us on stage and we can start.”

Kunj- So?? We playing?
Yuvi- Haan yaar!
Twinkle and Mahi smiled and said sure.

They proceeded towards the stage and Mr Dhawan explained the games.

“Please give a round of applause for our 10 couples here with us on stage…So the first game is called the blind test.”

Twinkle- Blind test?
Mr Dhawan- Ji haan Mrs Sarna, the blind test. This game, or test i should say, is to see how much your partner knows you. These men will be blindfolded while you ladies just stay still.

“Haha. Yuvi is gonna lose.” Mahi said and Yuvi frowned. “I won’t. I love you too much.” She gave him a Yeah-Right face. Twinkle looked at Kunj and smiled at him. He then smiled back and they all left to their respected positions.

So far 2 couples were out since they couldn’t find each other and now it was Yuvi’s and Kunj’s turn.
Yuvi, after being blindfolded was spun around thrice and thrown towards the girls.

He thinks, “Mahi underestimates me too much. I may look stupid but I’m not when it comes to her. But how am i supposed to find her? Hmm..”

Yuvi starts sniffing around and moving his hands over each woman but keep getting disappointed. This time, he walked slowly and finally stopped at the 5th girl and pointed to her. “This is Mahi. The love of my life.” He said crossing his fingers hoping he was right. Mr Dhawan first started clapping and pulled Yuvi’s blindfold off and smiled. “You do know your wife young man. You chose correctly.” Yuvi breathed a sigh of relief and winked at Mahi. “How did you find her? Wanna tell us your secret?” Mr Dhawa asked. “Well I kept smelling different scents of perfume in the air and kept walking until i smelled a familiar scent which was of my Mahi’s.” He smiled and Mahi blushed.
The owner laughed and patted Yuvi on the back and said,”A round of applause for Mr Yuvraj Taneja!”
“Wonderful.. Mr Sarna’s turn now..”

Kunj walked out calmly as ever, eyes covered. He smiled.

(Kunj’s POV)
“Twinkle will be easy to find. I know her inside out. And I am her husband and she is my wife. This is too easy.”

He walked and kept walking until he stopped. Twinkle on the otherhand with her fingers crossed was hoping Kunj would find her. He was two women away from her. He had stopped and was about to point at the person but smiled and kept walking and stopped infront of Twinkle. They both smiled and wind started blowing. “Her.” Kunj said and pulled out his blindfold.
*Sajna ve plays in BG*

*Wahh!! Kunj Sarna..Impressive. A round of applause for both Mr and Mrs Sarna. So? How did you find her?”

Kunj smiled, “A wild guess i suppose.” And Twinkle blushed.
“Ahh. Keeping the secret to yourself? Ok then. No problem.” Mr Dhawan said.

Kunj and Twinkle went to join the others. Yuvi asked,”Toh? Did you also know her perfumes?” Kunj laughed and said no and told him he’ll keep that to himself. Twinkle looked at him suspiciously and he smirked. He put his arms around her and said,”I know. I know..I love you too much.” Twinkle laughed. “Idiot…How..?” She was about to ask when Mr Dhawan announced the next game. “So the next game, we have this wheel where you spin and whatever challenge it stops at you and your mate will have to complete it.”
Kunj and Twinkle’s turn was finally here and they both spun the wheel. Their challenge was to complete the puzzle with their hands tied behind their back. “Whoa? But the puzzle is a heart! And we have to complete it with a…” “Ribbon??” Kunj asked completing Twinkle’s statement.

The owner nodded and Kunj and Twinkle looked at each other helplessly. “Ok.. Here goes then?” Kunj said as their hands were tied. They started putting together and tying the hearts together with much difficulty. The last piece was left and Kunj and Twinkle were trying to get it in the middle but it was all in vain. Twinkle slipped during the process and fell on top of Kunj who in turn fell on their entire made puzzle. Twinkle fell onKunj and they entered in each other’s world and forgot about the game. The ribbons began loosening up again some started falling on them although they didnt where it was coming from. *Kuch toh hai tujhse raabta plays in BG*

Their eyelock was broken when Mahi and Yuvi helped them up. Mr Dhawan started laughing and said, “Although you lost this game, you still put on quite a show for the rest of us.” Kunj and Twinkle blushed and Mahi said,”Atleast you had puzzles to fix. We had to feed each other with our hands tied to each other!” Yuvi smirked and said,”I didnt mind. Atleast now i know your weak spots on your body.” Mahi widened her eyes and looked around in embarrassment.

“You ok?” Kunj asked Twinkle and she nodded.

After a set of games were played, Mr Dhawan announced that since there were no actual winners for the games, he decided to finally have some music. “Let’s dance and have an amazing-er time.” He said and laughed.

Kunj- May I?
Twinkle- Sure.
Precap- Twinj’s first kiss.???

Ok this was terrible i know. i hate this episode. Honestly my ideas for this episode wasnt even planned. I didnt know what i was writing so the next episode hopefully will be better. You can bash me since i know i deserve it.

Anyway.. i’m late.. Gotta go..
Please do comment and tell what you think.


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    1. Romaisha

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