My heart beats for only you. (Episode 44)


Episode 44


The girl turned around due to the painful fall she heard behind her. She bent down to check who the person was when she gasped in shock when she caught sight of the face. “Kunj! Oh my God!” She sobbed. “Tw-in-kle!” He mumbled and tried opening his eyes. (Yah, she’s Twinkle of course ?)
“No don’t! Save your strength! Pandit ji. Please help me carry him more inside of the temple.” Twinkle said trying to control her emotions.

Pandit- Ji beta. Bring him here. I’ll try to clean the blood from his wounds. It won’t heal right away but it will make him feel better for now.

T- Ok but please hurry.

So Twinkle stood there waiting and praying for Kunj to open his eyes.
“Oh God. What did I do? This is all my fault. Because of me Kunj is hurt so badly. I’m sure he was out looking for me. Uff me and my stupid ideas. I should have ran home even though it rained. Twinkle why are you so stupid?!” She complained over and over while tears streamed down her cheeks. “Kunj please get up! Please! Dekh.. If you don’t wake up, I’ll run away again. Kunj get up! For the sake of our love.”
Almost half an hour had gone and yet the pandit was still trying to revive him. Twinkle kept praying and praying for him to wake up.
A car had suddenly pulled up in front of the temple and in ran Siddarth and Varun. They hadn’t see Twinkle there and began talking. “Varun, see if you can get through to Yuvi. I’m trying to call him to inform him that not only is Twinkle missing but Kunj also! I can’t get through to Kunj!” Siddarth said. “Ok let me see what i can do.” Varun dialled Yuvi’s number but couldn’t get through to him also. “Yaar, his phone is out of reach.”
Sid- Shit! Where the hell are they?
V- They probably took shade somewhere because of the rain.
Sid- Haa i guess you’re right. We can’t keep looking in this rain. Its pouring too heavy for us to see anything.
V- What if Kunj…

“Varun! Sid!” Twinkle yelled as soon as she saw them.

V- Huh? Twinkle?
Sid- Twinkle! Thank God we found you. Are you ok?
V- We heard what you did with Rajveer! Good job.

“Twinkle, kya hua? Why are you crying? We found you nah. Its ok now.” Siddharth said seeing that her face was completely drenched in tears. “Kunj.. Kunj is hurt badly. Pandit ji is trying to cure him!” She said in one breath.
“What?” Varun yelled. “Where is he?” Sid added shockingly. Twinkle pointed to where they were and Sid and Varun ran to Kunj.
Siddarth looked at Kunj in shock. “But he was fine when we saw him. Just minor cuts! Kunj! Get up you idiot! Kunj!” Varun started crying looking at Kunj’s condition and started shaking him to wake up. He yelled, “Abbe saale! Utho! Before i have to act all gay with you again just for you to get up. Kunj!”

Twinkle started to pray again and so did Sid and Varun.
The bells all started ringing while Kunj still wouldn’t stir.

Twinkle’s POV (Eyes closed; still praying) –

“Kunj, you’re strong! You have to get up for the sake of our love. Please. I love you Kunj. I will always love you for all the lives to come but please just get up! Please. Kunj we were supposed to get married today. Kunj you cant do this. You have to be strong! Yeh bhagwan please wake him up please! Don’t let him leave me. I love him and i always will. Kunj for the sake of your sister, maa and bhai at least. Kunj Sarna, please wake up!”
Pandit- Twinkle! He has regain consciousness. The Lord has answered your prayers.

Twinkle slowly opened her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Yess!” Yelled Sid and Varun at the same time and they hugged Twinkle.

Kunj opened his eyes and tried to move. With the little strength he had in him, he managed to get up and stand straight. Sid and Varun began scolding him but his ears and eyes were all in Twinkle.
(Channa mereya sad version starts playing in BG as Twinke and Kunj slowly walks to each other. Both smiling with tears in their eyes)

“sachchi mohabbat shaayad wahi hai
jis mein junoon hai, jis mein junoon hai,
par do dilon ki yaari mein bhi to,
kitna sukoon hai, kitna sukoon hai,
de ke mujhe teri judaai mere rab ne mujhe paighaam diya
channa mereya mereya
channa mereya mereya
channa mereya mereya
beliya O piya…”

Sajna ve plays as they hugs each other tightly.

“I’m sorry Kunj. It’s my fault you’re hurt so badly. If i hadn’t run away..” Twinkle began but Kunj broke the hug and placed his fingers on her lips. “Its good you ran away. At least now i know what will happen when i get you mad. Yaar you’ll kill me!” Kunj said and started laughing and so did Sid and Varun. Twinkle made a haww wala face and started hitting Kunj. “Here i am crying And praying you wake up and come back to me and you’re joking at this time! Kunj! You’re really bad!”

“Acha sorry sorry. And of course I’ll come back to you. Are you crazy? I won’t let you get married to anybody else.” Kunj said and squeezed her into another hug.

“Awww! Yaar, you’re making me so senti! We’re coming too!” Sid and Varun yelled and hugged them too.
Twinkle laughed and Kunj frowned. “Uhho, after i marry i don’t think I’ll be spending my wedding night with Twinkle. You too will come also.”

“Yaar Kunj that’s a great idea!” Sid said and he gave Varun a high five.
“Idiots!” Kunj mumbled.

“But Kunj, shaadi? How? I mean it was today and Rajveer..” She said worrying.
Kunj smiled, “No worries its still today.”

T- What?
K- Well, you’re here, I’m here, God is here, Pandit is also here and we have guests too. What more do you want?

Twinkle smiled and the pandit spoke up. “Of course beta. That is possible. I have all the necessary things you need. Just have to tell me are you both ready for this.”
Kunj looked at Twinkle and smiled, “Yes, we’re ready.”

Pandit started chanting the prayers while Twinkle and Kunj sat in front of the fire.
“Please apply the vermilion.”

Kunj reached out and placed the sindoor on her forehead while Twinkle smiled. (Imagine it in slow motion na ?. Want it to be a bit dramatic)

Then the pandit forwarded the wedding chain and Kunj took it and put it on Twinkle. They got up to walk around the fire finally. They took their seven vows promising each other to be with each other for eternity and will always he together through each other’s sorrows and happiness.

“I promise I’ll always keep you happy and never make tears come into your eyes.” Kunj said after they finally completed their marriage.

“And I promise I’ll never give you chance to complain and be the best life partner to you.” Twinkle said and Kunj kissed her forehead while Sid and Varun, who were pretending to cry were throwing flowers on them. (?)

“Acha, let’s go home now nah before i have to cry more here,” said Varun still pretending to sob.

“Haa the rain is finished also.” Sid said.

“Ok lets go. And before we go home and can we please stop at the hospital.” Twinkle asked. “Hospital? Why?” Kunj asked. Twinkle looked at him and smirked. “First act as wife. Take care of my husband and you’re hurt.”
Kunj made a pout and started complaining, “But I’m ok! Nothing’s wrong with me Twinkle.”
Siddarth rolled his eyes and pushed Kunj in the car. “Tu chup kar. We’re going to the hospital and that’s it. We have to get ointments for your wounds.

K- Fine.

Episode ends on the four leaving in the car to take care of Kunj.

Precap- Twinj reach home.

Soo guys? Enjoyed it? Sorry i couldn’t make the wedding scene any more enjoyable. Anyway thanks alot for all your wonderful comments. They really did made my day?????.

Gotta go..

Byee love you all ✌

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