My heart beats for only you (Episode 43)


Episode 43

Recap- Episode 42

Kunj finally reached at the warehouse where they had located Twinkle. He didn’t stop to hesitate and ran straight through the door, cutting his arm on some broken windows and falling over broken bottles and crates. He didn’t care about his pain right now. All he wanted was to see Twinkle again and bash that idiot Rajveer to death.
“Twinkle! Twinkle! Where are you? Its me Kunj! Twinkle! Scoundrel! Rajveer!! Where did you hide her? Twinkle!!!” Kunj yelled on top of his voice but he got his own echoes as answers. Just then he heard a cellphone ringing in another room below him. He ran all the way down, only to see one of the biggest shocks of his life.
The room was completely torn apart.

Since this room was only for production use, the equipment and materials had been thrown out of the draws and the drawers and wooden items was smashed into pieces and the boards and nails were scattered everywhere. It looked like a hurricane had passed through. Kunj saw a chair across the room and something shining which caught his attention. He hurried over to it and was shocked. “This is Twinkle’s bracelet but where the hell is she?” To confirm Twinkle was here, he saw some broken bangles on the floor and ropes. “Looks like she managed to escape but.. This doesn’t make sense? Wher…?” The phone began to ring again which broke Kunj’s chain of thoughts. He walked just a bit further away from where he was standing and saw the phone in the ground and also something else which scared him to death. Near the ringing phone was a..body. Kunj only saw the hand because the rest of the body was covered with boards. He kicked the woods off the person and was shocked to see Rajveer lying in a pool of blood. Kunj breathed a sigh of relief. He thinks, “For a moment there i thought it was Twinkle.” Suddenly Kunj saw him move and believed that he could still be alive. Kunj dragged him away to clear spot and found some water near by and pour some over Raj’s face. Five minutes later, he stirred. He mumbled, “Who i-is it-t? Twi-nkle, le-ave me!”

“You’re lucky it isn’t Twinkle. Its me. Her future husband b*t*h! What happened here and where’s Twinkle?” Kunj asked roughly but Rajveer wouldn’t answer and this made kunj angry. “Look, if you don’t answer me I’ll hurt you even worse than this so start talking. Where is Twinkle?”
Rajveer finally managed to open his eyes. (Just imagine his state.. His entire face was filled of blood and yes broken arms and bones and etc etc)
“Twinkle ran away.”

**Flashback after Rajveer finished talking to Leela. Warehouse location**

“Well Twinkle baby. Since there’s no way your darling sweetheart Kunj will make it in time to save you, let’s get married.” Rajveer said with a smirk on his face. He went close to twinkle and pulled of the tape from her mouth and caressed her lips but twinkle was fast. She bit his finger and he pulled away in pain. “Ahh! God, you haven’t changed a bit!”

“You’re right. I haven’t. But if you think I’m dangerous, wait till you meet my husband. Kunj Sarna. He’ll rip every organ of yours and give them to wild animals to feast on if anything happens to me. Why have you come back? I don’t want you! Leave me alone! Please!” Twinkle yelled feeling terrible to be in such a position but she continued. “Today’s my wedding god damn it! How the hell did you even find me? Can’t you leave me alone? Didn’t you learn anything while you were in jail?” She yelled and unfortunately for her Rajveer got angry. He pulled out a gun and pointed it to her forehead which made her jump. “Just shut up! You’re right! I didn’t learn anything in jail because i broke out. Because of you i had to go through that harsh treatment. Ugh don’t even remind me. Anyway when I got away i went immediately to look for you. Yes i wanted revenge but i didn’t want to kill you. No why would anyone want to do away with such beauty? Well Twinkle ji, what better way to torture you than to get married to you? But then i found out that you left for India and i thought my game was up when one of my friend hooked me up with a fake passport and i saw you the very next day i came. When you were coming home from day with that boyfriend of yours.” He smiled seeing Twinkle’s face in shock. “Yes babydoll. I have been tracking you ever since. And then I decided to show you my face and you know the rest.” Rajveer said ending it with a nasty smirk.
Twinkle screamed and created a ruckus just to make him stop laughing ‘victoriously’. “When Kunj reaches here, i swear you’ll be dead!” She said and he replied by spitting on the floor near her. “I don’t care. I’m going to talk to the pandit. He’s waiting for an entrance to the warehouse. Bye Baby!”

As soon as Rajveer left the room, Twinkle began trying to untie herself. She felt one of her bangle broke and used the end to try loosen the rope. She finally got herself free but didn’t know how to escape without Rajveer knowing but then a plan hit her. She roamed the room and broke everything around her and smashed them to pieces. She found the most dangerous items and used it for self defence. She picked up a wooden board which was filled with nails on one end. “This will teach RAjveer not to miss with Tanejas and Sarnas!”
She heard his footsteps coming towards the room and hid behind the door. “What is all this noise?! And what the hell happened here? Shit!! Where’s Twinkle!? Twinkle!” Rajveer felt something hit him hard in his head and he cursed under his breath. Twinkle had hit him hard behind his head with the nails and blood started to ooze out from his ‘skull’.

“You whore!” He shouted ad he held his head in pain. “Oye! Better watch what you’re saying!” She screamed. “Else what?” He shot back. Twinkle found some more wood and glass and began pelting him with it. She found an empty barrel and rolled it towards him and it broke his leg since he wasn’t paying attention. He fell down cursing in pain. “What are you doing? Are you planning to kill me??!!” He yelled. She walked right up to him and pulled his gun out and slapped him with it. “Yes i will because i hate you! I hate you to the core!! This is for all the girls that are not being.treated fairly worldwide. This counts for everything you did to me in London! And i have thrashed you on behalf of Kunj because I’m sure no man would want their wife to be kidnapped on their wedding day!! Worthless cheap skate! I swear you’ll die a horrible death Rajveer. You should’ve stayed where you belong. In jail!” With that said Twinkle shot him on his shoulder and ran away leaving him unconscious on the ground.

**Flashback ends**

Kunj started to laugh. “That’s my girl! Serves you right. I won’t even waste my time on you now. Oh good, here’s the police. Inspector arrest him!” Kunj said and went to explain everything to Sid, Varun and Yuvi who were standing in utter disbelief.

Y- You have got to be kidding me!! Twinkle did that! OH my god!

K- Yes. I know I’m proud of her too but we have to find her. She’s still missing!

V- Ok then let’s go.

Sid- Haa we’re wasting time here. Chall!

So the four, Kunj, Siddarth, Varun and Yuvi left in search of Twinkle with the help of two other policemen.

“You two search that way, Yuvi and I will go down the other way.” Kunj said ordering them. They obeyed and ran off. “Kunj where do you think Twinkle will go?” Yuvi asked. “To be honest, i don’t even know. There are so many places she could run off to. I don’t care where she is. I just hope she’s safe.” Kunj replied. Yuvi’s phone began to ring and he answered. “Kunj i have to go to the police station. Will you able to look for her alone from here?” He asked after he hung up the call. “Sure bhai, you go.”
“Okay don’t worry. I’ll look out for her as i go.” Yuvi said assuringly and left.

Kunj began running all over yelling for Twinkle as loud as possible. He tried their favourite places and yet she couldn’t be found. “Twinkle, where are you?!” He said breaking apart.
An hour had gone and still no sign of Twinkle. Varun and Sid were also still searching with the help of the police.

Kunj head started to ache and so was his body. He had totally forgotten how terrible bruises he had gotten earlier and now they started to hurt badly. He kept running still yelling for her. To make the situation worse, the rain started pouring heavily and the water started burning Kunj’s wounds. Though his vision was watery, he saw a temple nearby and decided to go there. As he began walking up the stairs to the temple, the bells started ringing and the only prayer that was being said in Kunj’s mind was, “Yeh bhagwan, please help me find Twinkle soon. Please! I can’t live without her! Please tell her that her Kunj is waiting for her.” He finally reached the last step and the wind started blowing heavily. The only thing Kunj could hear was the heavy winds and the heavy rain. He looked up and saw a woman dressed in a bridal outfit only, it was torn. She was praying frantically, looked like she was begging for something and crying endlessly. Kunj managed to smile despite his hurting wounds. He walked slowly to the girl and in a split second he fell down due to dizziness.

Out of breath, Kunj forwarded his hand out to reach her and breathed, “Twinkle!”
(This dialogue echoed?)

Precap- Kunj is seen filling Twinkle’s forehead with vermilion.

OK .. Don’t tell me.. ???????
I over did this episode. I know. While writing this, i keep thinking, “Will they like this? The twist is horrible! Oh God! Romaisha, you will get raw tomatoes thrown at you today itself!”

Really guys do tell me how it was. I for one didn’t like this episode ??
I know it was stupid to make Twinkle escape Rajveer’s clutches and all.
Please tell me if you liked it.. I know i wrote too much stuff that didn’t make sense.. Sorry yaar ?.

Thanks to all you guys for commenting on my previous articles. I’m so sorry I’m not replying individually. I’m not using my own phone to comment since something is wrong with it. But please do drop your comments and tell me what you think 🙂

Bye guys!
Love you all. ✌

(P.S- sorry about the cover photo for the episode. Having some technical difficulties)

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  1. SidMin

    Romisha I loved it 🙂
    Twinkle rocked the episode
    The last part was a bit dramatic ha …. I mean like echo and all Temple … prayer …. Winds blowing last step …. Kunj looked up and Saw Twinkle … Man you made the fight sequence a lot more fun … I am your fan girl I just Love this ff of yours it just awesome 🙂
    Love you 🙂
    Post soon 🙂

    1. Romaisha

      1st comment i read and waow yaar ??? thanks alot!!! I swear i was blushing when i read ur comment !
      Loads of love and thanks yaarr..
      Haa… Too dramatic .. Wanted it to be like that ?❤

  2. KarthikaJasmin

    Hey Romaisha..
    NYC to see u back after a long tym..
    Episode was awesome..?
    Today TWINKLE rocked..?
    Tigress TWINKLE …??
    Felt pity for KUNJ..?
    waiting for next episode..☺
    Post soon…

    1. Romaisha

      Heyy! Thanks alot!!!

  3. Anshikajainn

    Yrrr it’s awesome

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you! ❤❤

  4. Sohi

    Godd romaisha the episode was too good
    The episode was fab
    I was laughing when twinkle beat rajveer
    Hahaha ?
    Hey plz post next episode soon bye

    1. Romaisha

      Lmao .. Thanks alot!! ??

  5. Ritzi

    Waaaaaaoooooowww……its was damn interesting man! Loved it girl…..loved it to the core….pls continue soon

    1. Romaisha

      Thanks so much Dii!!

  6. Superb bbb episodeeeee????

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you!! ?

  7. hey romaisha loved it to the core

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you! ?

  8. Chiku

    Romu!!! Woaaah its lovely ❤️❤️❤️❤️Its just amazing. I loved it to the core
    Haayee twinkle ka sherni avatar. Its just outstanding ?????????lovely
    Pos next soon
    Love u❤️

    1. Romaisha

      Thanks Kuku di! ????❤❤❤

  9. Twinkle Roacked
    Epi was ?????

  10. Twinkle Rocked
    Epi was ?????

  11. Kritika14

    FINALLY, the day has come! Honestly, I’ve been looking forward for this to posted. In fact, I was about to text.

    Anyway. Back to the episode, it was amazing! Moreover, I loved the twist so chill out and don’t stress yourself thinking that it wasn’t good enough!

    Post the next episode soon, at least this time!

    Love you! x

    1. Romaisha

      Lmao ???
      And i was going to tell u i posted already but you’re already here ???
      Anywho.. Darling thanks alot for commenting !! ????

  12. Omg omg omg omg….u finally back with my fav ff with bang….I missed ur ff with sooo much desperately….
    Yaar romu m laughing like anything bcoz of the fight scene… It was just out standing.. twinkle was just rocked today.. Woaahhh Bravo.. Rajveer ki band baja diya usne toh oh god..ha ha ha….
    Ur a amazing writer.. So don’t think to much..coz I love this twist very much..and why ur getting thrown tomato ur beautiful face instead of this u will get many many kisses and hugs from me coz so long time u post ur ff finally and m happy to the core to read ur ff..
    M ur big fan romu plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz post ur next epi soon.. can’t wait u no na..
    Stay happy and keep smiling…
    Love you..muaah..

  13. Simiyy

    It was truly good
    i loved Twinkles avatar
    i can’t wait for the next one
    try to post soon
    loads of love

  14. Ria

    Hey Romaisha,
    This update was extremely fantastic! I loved it so much. Damn. I like the fact that Twinkle is so strong and confident. I loved how she beat the shit out of Rajveer. I’m excited to read further so, really looking forward to both your posts. Hope you can post soon.

    Plus, if you get time. You can try out my FF called ‘The Fragile Trust’. I just recently started it.


  15. SidVee_Yashvee

    Heya, the epi was damn rocking and awesome.. how come u didn’t like it?? I loved it??.. twinkles sherni
    avatar hitting rajveer to death was superb.. I’ve been waiting for this ff for so long and finally you posted ??.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  16. Ramya

    Romaisha awesome dear
    Lovely amazing
    Twinkle escape was amazing I was laughing like anything awesome superb
    N it was full of drama according to me
    I loved it soooo much
    Loads of love keep smiling

  17. Kruti

    That was pretty good….so pls dont think u dint reach the expectations….loved d epi
    Pls post d nxt one asap

    Loads of love

  18. Adya

    Hey Romaisha di…
    I’m dead…woow I was already waiting for it and you posted… Damn .. im soo glad to see your update..but long break !!
    Well loved this bold side of twinkle..just loved it.. that blo*dy shit rajveer was taught a good lesson.. must say..
    Well I’m in love with the ff… I swear !!!
    Try posting as soon as you can… And yeah if you get time do read my ff..
    Love ..

  19. Aanya_pandey

    Beauty wid brain… She is really very bold just loved it

  20. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

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