My heart beats for only you (Episode 42) Happy Birthday Chiku di!


Soo .. Its kuku’s birthday!! Haww yaar! Another page of your book has opened ???????
Well, I’m sorry i couldnt post my SS also but i hope this will work and i know how much you all will kill me because i’m super late with one of your “favourite” ff but oh well, sorry guys ??
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Anyway, i hope u enjoy today’s episode. Yea there may be a few mistakes here and there so yaar, please excuse them nah..

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Once again, HAPPYYY BIRTHDAYYY KUKU! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Episode 42

Recap- (Twinkle is kidnapped by Rajveer)
Episode 41

Leela’s room.

All are gathered around leela on her bed. Kunj is holding her hand while the doctor was examining her.
Doctor- Well she fainted out of stress. Ma’am just have some rest and drink these tablets. They’ll help you get better.
L- Thank you doctor.
Y- Come, I’ll show you to the door.

K- Maa? Are you ok?
Leela looked at him blankly. Kunj could see her dried up tears now being covered by fresh ones. He wiped her tears away and told her not to worry.

Yuvi came back to the room and began talking. “Maa i know the doctor said you can’t take stress and i won’t pressure you, of course but we need to find Twinkle before Rajve..” Before he could continue his statement, Leela interrupted. “Yes i know yuvi. We have to find her.” ,
K- You seem to know about Rajveer alot.

L- Haa. When Twinkle was in school in London, she met him there. She started a year late so most boys had started to take interest in her. Rajveer did too but he approached slowly. He knew how pured Twinkle was so he started off by being her friend. She hesistated before accepted because one look at him and she didn’t like him but they gradually become best friends. Then one day, out of the blue, Rajveer gave her dresses and took her out to dinner. There he proposed to her which was a big shock to Twinkle. Twinkle had always only considered him as a friend so she declined his proposal. After that i told her to stay away from him and so she did. Just casual hi and hellos were exchanged but Rajveer was determined to have her. After graduation Twinkle left to learn dancing. Both me and you know how much she loves to dance so she went to the best dance academy there was in our village which was a big mistake in her part. Coincidentally, Rajveer’s sister was the teacher at that and he saw Twinkle there. He again attempted to be friends with her but she only said ok to stay in the academy. A show was coming and the academy picked Twinkle as the lead dancer. So the night before Twinkle stayed back a bit later to practice. She was alone and minutes later Rajveer showed up.

Pyaar De- Beimaan Love is playing in bg. Twinkle was moving sensually to the beats of the song, eyes closed. Rajveer was staring at her flaunting body as it moved. He was drooling and didn’t want to let her go. The song changed to Tu Isaq Mera (Hate story 3) and Twinkle was alerted. She turned around to see Rajveer closer than ever and jumped. “R-rajveer? What are you doing here? P-Please lleave me al-lone.” She said frightened. He put his fingers to her lips and said, “Shh, we’re finally alone. Let’s make the most of it.” He whispered and started moving her hair and played with her neck and kissed it. Twinkle turned around yelled, “What are you doing? Leave me!” Rajveer ignored and started biting her neck. She turned around and slapped him hard and he got furious. Since she tried to get away, Rajveer locked both her hands in his. Her back was now close to his body and he made her dance with him to the song.

Sardi mein garmi hai
Poori besharmi hai
Jaanam jaayaz jo
Humne woh
Ghalati ki hai (x2)

Please dikhade tu gazab karke
Labon ke paas lab karke
Socha hai jo bhi sapno mein
Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke

He twirled her around and captured her back into his tight grip and slowly zipped her shirt down. Twinkle screamed but he placed a piece of cloth in her mouth so she could keep quiet while holding her hands tightly. “What do you think! I’ll let you go and move on after you declined my proposal? Haaaa!! Then think again babe, Rajveer ALWAYS gets what he wants and you my dear will have to marry me so let’s do something where you’ll have no choice but to become mine.” He said with scornful smile on his face. Twinkle’s eyes were wet with shock. She started to kick in and tried to get out his grip. She managed to spit out the cloth from her mouth and yelled on top of her lungs. “Help! Rajveer leave me, you scoundrel! Help!” Rajveer slapped her again and laughed. “Chall, let’s go.”
Twinkle tried to free herself from his hands but it was all in vain. He carried her all the way to his room and Twinkle received the shock of her life. In his room were filled with pictures of her, even intimidating ones. There were also a bunch of girl clothes all around his room. Rajveer noticed that she was scanning his room and laughed. “Oh don’t worry, those clothes will have to return soon to their owners. But don’t let this anger you. I love you and only you. These girls that came here were only used for fun. I saw you in most of them.” He said smirking. He releases Twinkle’s hands and threw her on the bed. Twinkle looked at him and started crying. “Rajveer, please let me go. There are so many other girls that you can like. See, I’m not really good for your type. You deserve better. Rajveer, please!” She cried. “Shh you’re perfect for me ok? Now zip it and let’s have some fun. Aww come on i don’t take no for an answer.” He said and went on Twinkle. “Help!” Twinkle screamed as loud as possible but she didn’t think anyone had heard. Rajveer went lower on her body and played with her br*asts. She tried her level best to get away from him but he kept her down tight. She looked around for something to help her and found a glass near the bed.

She reached for it with much difficulty and broke it on his head. He yelled in pain and rolled off Twinkle, holding his head. Twinkle then jumped off the bed and ran for the door. She wanted to cover herself up since rajveer had torn her clothes up but she hadn’t time for all that. She needed to get help before he found her. She began running towards where she was practicing and she saw the dance teacher (Rajveer’s sister) and the rest of the students standing there. Before she could yell and let them know where she was, a hand came out of nowhere and grabbed her and pulled her to the wall. She got angry when she realised it was Rajveer. He smirked and whispered, “You can’t run from me don’t you know that? Now stay put and shut up!”
Twinkle had enough and decided to stand up to herself. She wasn’t going to take this idiot anymore. She bit his hand which was over her mouth and kicked him hard in (you know where ?).

He screamed and Twinkle pushed him on the ground and ran. Everybody’s attention was now captured. Twinkle’s colleagues were shocked and asked her the reason for her condition. She pointed to Rajveer, still brawling on the floor, yelling in pain. “Ma’am I’m sorry but he..” Twinkle stopped and started crying. (Let’s name Rajveer’s sister Sonam)
“No its OK. I never liked my brother anyway. Guards please call the police.” Sonam said and then went to comfort Twinkle.
The police came and took Rajveer away. Before he left every student in the academy took of their slippers and began pelting him. His sister made sure she told the police to let him rot in jail for His sins.

**Flashback ends**

“And since Twinkle wasn’t in the condition to do the show, she came out and stayed home with me. Gradually i tried to make her forget about whatever happened and my last option was to send her to India. She wanted to come anyway to see Yuvi and her sister in law so i let her.” Leela paused and looked at their faces. Mahi was sobbing and Yuvi was trying to control his temper. “That blo*dy. Ugh..” He said hotly.
Kunj was by the window standing quietly. He was finding it hard to digest what he just heard. He was both angry as hell and sad. Tears were dropping from his eyes. He didn’t bother to wipe them until leela called him near her. “Kunj she didn’t want to tell you because she knew this was going to haunt her again and it would have affected both you and her. She really loves you kunj and for your betterment she kept this away from you. Please forgive her Kunj.” Kunj put his finger on Leela’s lips to quiet her. “Maa! What are you saying? It wasn’t Twinkle’s fault and i wouldn’t blame her for not telling me. I understand maa, i love her too but let’s not worry about this now. We need to find her.” Kunj said wiping her tears and she nodded.

“We’ve found where they are Kunj! Yuvi! We’ve traced the call!” yelled Varun and Sid now running back to the room.
“Oh good! Took you long enough!” Said Yuvi.
Sid- Sorry yaar.. The call was kinda hard to trace.
Varun- Alot of codes had to be cracked.

Kunj- OK, so where are they?
Sid- Next to the mall. The old warehouse near it.

K- that’s the one Twinkle and I went for shopping the other day!
Leela- Well? What are you waiting for? Go save Twinkle!

K- Haa let’s go! Chall
Y- Kunj wait.
K- Kya hua?
Y- You go get her. We’ll go get the police and meet you there.
K- OK. Now go!

Next scene (Kunj’s car)

Sajna ve sad version is playing in BG.

“I’m coming Twinkle. I’m coming for you. Please stay strong for me. You’re my tigeress nah? Then don’t give up!
I swear i won’t leave Rajveer!
I won’t leave you!”

Episode ends on Kunj’s tensed face in the car.

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  1. Kruti

    Finally….you r back
    The epi was amazing…felt bad for twinkle
    Hope kunj finds her soon
    Nd pls post d nxt one asap…pls pls pls

    Loads of Love?

    1. Romaisha

      Hey thanks yaar!

  2. Awesome Awesome Awesome☺☺
    The episode was really full on “PAISA VASOOL” ……..
    I mean it was even more than awesome?? i luv it….

    N ya one more thing….
    I too am a very very big potterhead……..
    I mean i just luv harry potter series…… ??

    1. Romaisha

      Awww thanks alot!

  3. SidMin

    Love it that bl**dy Rajveer hate him
    Kunj ????
    Waiting fir the next one post soon
    Love you ?

    1. Romaisha

      ThAnks di!
      Will try to read ur writing 🙂

  4. Kritika14

    OHMYGOD! So finally you are back! Damn! I waited for this for such a long time! Where have you been all this while? I swear, if I meet you any day .. I’ll hit you so hard you’ll forget what it’s like to upload late ?

    The flashback, shit! It was horrible! That Rajveer should die somewhere! But I’m so excited for the next episode cause I know Kunj will save her!

    Anyway, post sooner this time or else I’ll become a silent reader for you and won’t even talk to you ?

    Lovess! xx (sending loves cause I really do! But you know, I scold a lot ?)

    1. Romaisha

      Omg! I miss you yaar.. And haa u have the right to hit me.. Don’t u think i hate uploading late?? Not my fault yaar ???
      But yahh thanks alot for the comment.. It legit made my day!
      Yea i know.. I even replied late ???
      Loads of love yaar ❤❤❤

    2. Romaisha

      (And dont you dare turn a silent reader ?❤)
      If possible can u please send me the links for your ff episodes that i missed..

  5. Sohi

    You are soo bad ? this much late you have posted it this ff is my one of my favorite one and you leaved it in soo big suspense well live all this thing when end is well all is well the episode was thrilling please please post next episode soon ?

    1. Romaisha

      Sorry yaar ??
      Thanks alot for enjoying the episodes!

  6. Simiyy

    Welcome back Romaisha
    Waiting for the next chapter soon
    Post soon

    1. Romaisha

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  7. Adya

    Wooowwww…that was superb…
    Welcome back… I Donno how to appreciate it… Too excited for the next one. Felt bad for Twinkle…
    Post soonest ..
    Loads of love

    1. Romaisha

      Thanks ! ❤❤

  8. Ramya

    Finally u r back
    I missed u alot
    N episode was superb flashback was bit emotional N i felt bad fr twinkle

    Plssssssssss asap

    1. Romaisha

      Will try to post soon..
      Thanks for liking the epi!

  9. Chiku

    Hey romu
    So u r back. I am soo happy u posted on my bday. ????????

    Coming to episode its amazing. Loved it. Itsss so lovely. Now next episode mien rajveer ki pungi bajegi??????
    Pungi is a tapori word. ?????????i just loved it. Seriously it’s amazing. So emotional too.
    Plz try posting ur ss too.

    It feels grt to know ki u remember kuku theory now also. I thought u forgotz??????????

    U know i suck in writing long comments sorry. I am blessed to have a friend like u. Thank u soooo much for posting it specially for me. ????????

    Love u????

    1. Romaisha

      Awwwww you’re damn welcome kuku!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤??????????
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  10. Ria

    Romaisha, finally? That’s the only thought that struck my mind after seeing this post of yours. I was legit waiting for it since ages and now, I got to read it like finally.

    The episode was amazing. I don’t know how you get these amazing ideas. I swear I wanna capture your mind and take it away and keep it all to myself. Just kidding. How will I read your two stories then???

    I really hope you can post the next part soon. I’ll be eagerly waiting.

    Loads of love?

    1. Romaisha

      Ria di.. Im so sorry i have to keep you all waiting like this.. But my situatuon.. Ughh.. Lets not talk about that ?

      Im so glad youre enjoying the episodes:)
      Thanks alot..
      And yah i will try to post the other one soon ??❤

  11. Aanya_pandey

    Amazing episode yrr jst loved it.. will b waoting fr ir next post

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you ?❤

  12. Hey epi was mindblowing….shocking…..
    Emotional too plzzzz try to post nxt asap…

    1. Romaisha

      Will try to ..

  13. Finallyyyyyyy u come back…..and post ur ff…u don’t no how much desperately m waiting 4 my fav ff……this is stunning,,,, mind blowing,,,, extremely emotional,,….. Just luv it very much yaaaaar…….and very shocking episode…… I love this kunj very much he is so swtttttt…….I hope that this rajveer don’t do anything with twinkle agar kunj twinkle chor de agar usne kuch kia toh…..but kunj love twinkle r8……….m….ok post next epi soon dear…..m waitingggggggggggggggg………….luv u…..

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you sooooooo muchhh!!!!!!!! ????????

  14. Hi Romaisha, welcome back dear…. I was waiting for you ff since a long time n finally you posted it….. well I’m Shalini, new here…you can call me Neha too…

    Anyways coming to the episode…. it was superb mindblowing n emotional episode…. flash back was really very scary….. just hate that rajveer…. I hope kunj will be able to find twinkle soon… well waiting for the next episode…. pls try to post next asap….

    Lots of love…


    1. Romaisha

      Thanks Neha! ?❤

  15. Baby

    I married you to save you. (SS-Part 2 3) ~Romaisha

    Ohhhhhhh goodness it was amazing beautiful painful and cute episode….. 😀 pity kunj how hard he tried but loved it when twinkle believed him…….. 😀 awesome amazing I meant 50% only but she did happy very happy to see you back but am late sorry for that….. 😀 love you lods♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Ohhhhhhh lord loved it sooooo much romaisah…….. 😀 I missed you lods seriously loved it finally twinkle trusts kunj and they are also friends and everythings going perfect…….. 😀 loved it soooo much♥♥♥fabulous speechless marvalleous……♥♥♥♥♥♥

    My heart beats for only you (Episode 42) Happy Birthday Chiku di!

    ohhhhhhh god romaisah……….
    ab bta kya khun mein itne time baad aayi
    or itna dhamakedaar episode diya dat i cant even u know shout at u or scold u
    itna emotional epsiode i suer ek bar kunj ko yeh raajveer miljaye chodna nhi hai usne iss insaan ko itna ghatiya insaan huhhhh!!!!! i suer i feel like killing dese type of ppl……
    wat we say m nt sure as its a hindi word bt mayb lanat hai or something like dis on dese ppl i mean i wuld jst ohhh leave it kunj krega naa jo krna hai………
    mein bhi late hun cmnt krne ko or terko bhi 2 weeks hogye kuch naa post kiye hue soooooo plss naa post nxt asap any of dem……..cant w8 yr yeh galat hoga if u dont……hehe
    jst joking study hard n all d vry best 😀 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥love u lods♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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