My heart beats for only you (Episode 41)

Episode 41

Recap- Here

It was now 6pm and all the guests began arriving for the second wedding in Sarna Mansion. The decorations were the same from Yuhi’s wedding, just the location of the mandap had change and this time, it was covered in red flowers instead of marigold. Yuhi was making sure everything was in place and was moving here and there. Yuvi saw twinj’s friends walking in and went to greet them.

Y- Siddarth! Varun!
They turned and exchanged smiles. The girls had also greeted him and Mahi too. Yuvi led them in when Siddarth asked teasingly, “Where is our groom?”
Yuvi grinned. “Waiting impatiently in his room of course!”
They laughed and sid and varun asked if they could meet him.
Y- Sure, why not?
V- Thanks. Coming girls?
But they nodded no, letting them know that they will help mahi with some work.

Kunj’s room ;

Kunj was in front of the room fixing his clothes which was already neat. You could tell that he was really nervous. He kept pacing about the room and looking up. “Papa,” he finally said. “Is this normal? I mean feeling as if you’ll throw up in any moment now?” Just then he heard two familiar laughter in his room. He picked up the pillow and threw it behind him without even looking. “Idiots!” He muttered before a neat smile creeped on his lips. “Ahhh! Kunj!!” “Forget it. We’ll spare you since today’s your wedding.” He heard the saying. “Oh how nice,” he said sarcastically. Varun and Siddarth ran and hugged him from back making Kunj shocked. He pushed them away and yelled, “Chee yaar! Come on, i know we’ll miss all our gay crap but you gotta bare it today. I’m getting married for heavens sake!” The trio burst into laughter and Varun mimicked Kunj. Siddarth smiled and said, “Well kunj finally you’re getting married to the one you love.”
V- Haa yaar. And I’m still here ?.
Kunj laughed. “Well i can’t wait!”
S- Of course you can’t. Its the best feeling in the world.

Just then Yuvi and Bebe entered.

B- Acha will you three keep talking or will you come and get married Kunj?

Kunj laughed. “Haa Bebe.”

Y- Arre wah.. You’re looking hot today.

Kunj widened his eyes and his friends started to laugh.

Sid- And you were saying we’re gay?

B- Haaww besharams! Leave my puttar alone. You are looking handsome today Kunj but you know nah Twinkle will look even better.

Kunj laughed and blushed a bit. He was looking rather handsome indeed. (When has he not look handsome??)

He wore a gold sherwani with a cream designs at the end and white shawl amd turban. He looked hotter than any other groom. ?

B- Acha? Shall we go down now? Won’t want to keep the pandit waiting.

Kunj nodded and fixed his turban. Bebe and Yuvi, along with Sid and Varun came down bringing Kunj. He looked around at the happy faces and smiled. He sat down on the mandap and waited for Twinkle and waited impatiently for his bride to come.
He thinks, “Oh God siyappa queen! How long will you take? I can’t wait much longer. Jalde ao nah!”

Just then they heard Mahi scream from upstairs.
Kunj stood up and realised the sound had come from Twinkle’s room. Mahi came running downstairs panting looking scared. “Maa..Beb..” She began. Leela ran to her and asked her what’s the matter. Kunj was also shaking. He had never seen his sister this scared since his parents had died. He felt his stomach jump at the thought of that. He asked calmly, “Mahi? Kya hua? Twinkle ka ha hay?”
Mahi felt to the ground, shocking everyone and yelled, “TWINKLE IS NOT IN THE ROOM!!”
The mansion broke into shrieks and gasps. Bebe and Leela lookd on shock and Kunj stood there lifeless. Yuvi helped mahi get up from the ground and she hugged yuvi tightly.

Y- Mahi? What happened? What do you mean Twinkle is not in the room?

In between sobs, she managed to say, “So..meone kkidnapped herr..!”

Now Kunj was shocked and he got furious. “What do you mean kidnapped? How the hell did that happen when we’re all here? Did you see her get kidnapped? Mahi BOLO!” He yelled anger at its peak.
“Nno.. I saw her jewellery and dupatta on the ground. I think she was trying to protect her self since all the bangles were broken and i saw,” she gulped before continuing, “some, rope by her window!”
She replied hell scared.

Kunj was lost and angry. He felt like destroying everything around him. One moment he was excited about getting married and the next he was hell angry because someone kidnapped the love of his life!
He was quiet. He couldn’t say anything. It was so shocking that he didn’t no what to Do. He wanted to go look for her right away because he felt uneasy with Twinkle away from him but he hadn’t a clue what was happening. Just then he heard one of the guests talking and what he heard made him even more furious.

Guest (Lady)- I think she faked her kidnapped you know. Alot of young girls do it nowadays. They run away from their marriage.

Kunj was about to say something to her when Bebe stopped him since she knew he was going to say something inappropriate.

B- Excuse me but you are speaking about my child and i would appreciate it if you stay quiet and quit listening to gossip because my Twinkle isn’t like that. She may be a modern girl but her mother instilled good values in her and most importantly she loves Kunj and won’t think twice about leaving the mandap. I think I’ve made myself clear so if you want to keep talking then you may leave! Thank you very much for coming!

The guests were all shocked and decided to leave.
Bebe and leela were looking at them with anger but now their attention was turned to Kunj who was looking restless. Leela was suspicious about the whole thing and just then her mobile started ringing. She frowned seeing unknown number. “Unknown number,” she said. Yuvi and Kunj jumped and looked at her.

K- It could be from whoever took Twinkle.

Leela gasped and then said, “You’re right!” She was about the call when Yuvi said to put it in speaker. He then turned to Siddarth and Varun, who knew immediately what to do.

Leela answered nervously. “Hhello?”
They heard a meek laughter on the other end and Kunj clutched his fist.
L- Kon hay app?
Person- Kya yaar sasumom? Thought you’d reckon by now I’ve been the one to kidnap this s*xy chick in front of me. Hayye oh god! Can’t let her get married to anyone else, can I?

They all looked at each other shocked and puzzled. They hadnt the faintest clue who was speaking, except of course, Leela, whose expression was Now changed from being extremely tensed to boiling with fury. Yuhi and Kunj looked at eo as they noticed the sudden change in her. They were even more surprised at her sudden outburst to the person. “You shameless little.. What have you done to my daughter Rajveer? It had better not be the same thing you di..” She was cut off by his evil chuckle and Leela frowned. “Look Rajveer, just leave her alone. Leave us alone! She’s getting married today for heaven’s sake!” She yelled loudly as possible through phone.
“Aha!” They heard him said. “Now that’s what i called to tell you. Couldn’t remember since you just blew my head off.”
Yuvi muttered as loudly as possible so that Rajveer could hear, “Get to the point, you idiot!”
R- Well don’t worry, she will get married today, no doubt about that but there will be a slight difference in groom.

Kunj’s jaws dropped and he snatched the phone from leela. “Look whoever you are or whatever you are, i really don’t care. i just want you to bring my Twinkle back here immediately!”
Rajveer groaned but then spoke in his high pitched yet annoying voice, “Watch your tongue! You don’t know who you’re dealing with!” Kunj felt a little smirk creeping onto Rajveer’s lips. “I’m guessing you’re supposed to be the one who snatched Twinkle away from me? You’re the one she’s supposed to get married to? Haaa!! Well think again Mister! Twinkle will get married to me and only me! She is mine and ONLY mine!”

Kunj nearly shattered the phone in pieces. His eyes blood red with anger. “You stay away from Twinkle, you bastard! I swear I’ll break your bones and grind them to dust when I’m over with you!”

“Okay fine, then let’s see. Of course you don’t have much time. In a few hours she’ll belong to me and there’s nothing you can do about it then!” Rajveer answered casusally.
Leela began crying and started begging to Rajveer to send Twinkle back and cause no harm to her.
Rajveer just laughed and said, “Too late for that sasumom. She’s tied up on a chair, unconscious and waiting for the pandit to arrive in a few hours. Haa, I’ve already made the arrangements. After all i do love your Daughter more than that thing that’s suppose to marry her today.”

Kunj pressed his teeth together and said angrily, “That ‘thing’ has a name! Kunj Sarna!! Better stick that in your head because that name will be the reason for your disappearance if u lay a finger on Twinkle! Don’t you dare touch her!”

“Haa whatever. Just empty threats. Come show some action nah if you can. Sadly you can’t nah, Kunj Sarna. You don’t even no where we are to come and ‘save her’. Even if you do, your time is running out. Kunj…Sarna..Your… Time…is… Running.. Out… Tick tock tick tock…” And his voice drained away and he hung up the phone.
Kunj screamed and smashed the phone into pieces. He was frustrated, angry and sad. He thought of Rajveer’s words saying time was running out. In a way he was right. He didn’t know where to look for her. Suddenly he heard someone behind him fall with a heavy thud. He turned and saw Leela on the floor and realised she has fainted.
“Leela maa!”

Precap- Revelation. (Kunj to know the Story behind Rajveer aur Twinkle.)

Hii guyss!!! How are you all? ?

I really hope you all aren’t getting confused with the way I’m writing. If you are then all confusions will be cleared in next episode. 🙂

Thank you all for supporting me in this pagal wala journey ??
Hope our relationship will never break.
Guys I’m missing TEI badly yaar. Zain, Jasmin and Sidhant ! ?????

Anyway do comment and tell if you liked this one. I apologise for any errors in the episode.

Love you all✌

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