My heart beats for only you (Episode 40)

Episode 40

Recap- Episode 39

Episode starts with Leela’s disbelieving and shocked face and Twinkle facing the window watching sternly outside.

T- Haa maa. Rajveer is back.
L- But twinkle..
T- Maa, i saw him today and he even spoke to me.

Leela widened her eyes and said, “What? He spoke to you? Twinkle, meh kuch samjhe nahi beta.”

Twinkle sighed and began telling Leela everything that happened. She listened and her expression changed. Her eyes were filled with tears. She fell on the bed with a thud and Twinkle turned around and quickly ran to her. “Maa!” She yelled. Leela put her hands on her head as if massaging a very painful headache. “Why is he back? Yeh bhagwan when will my daughter’s life be filled with happiness?” She said as Twinkle poured water and gave it to her. “Drink,” she ordered. Leela looked at her with much concern in her eyes. “Twinkle aren’t you afraid he will do something again? Like he did the last time?”

Twinkle’s eyes Now turned blood red and she clutched the bedsheet near her tightly. “Maa I’m not afraid of that womaniser! I’m just disgusted he’s back!” Twinkle said with hatred in her voice. “Why can’t he leave me alone! Ughh!” She yelled and threw a pillow off the bed in anger. Leela understood her pain and didn’t try stopping her. She hated Rajveer as much as Twinkle did. “He loved you. Well he still does from what you’ve told me.” She said quietly. Twinkle looked at her as if she was crazy. “Maa,” she began, “He doesn’t LOVE me! He’s just OBSESSED with me! Its just his stupidity that’s gotten over him! blo*dy womaniser! He couldn’t take no for an answer!”
Leela flinched at the tone she spoke and Twinkle breathed and lied down in her mother’s lap. “Sorry, shouldn’t have used such words.” Leela caressed her hair. “It’s ok. I understand. I’m worried though.”

“Me too.” Twinkle added. “Why?” Leela asked knowing that her reason would be different. She felt twinkle’s body temperature changing from its hot fury to a cool and calm yet cold touch. “Kunj. I don’t want him to hurt Kunj. Maa, I’ve finally found my life partner. The one who i will be tying the knot with tomorrow and Kunj is probably the only right decision I’ve ever made in my life. All the rest were, well you know how clumsy and stubborn i can be.” She heard Leela let out a small laugh and she too smiled. “I can handle Rajveer (since I’m your sherni) but i don’t want anything to go wrong tomorrow. Maa, i really love Kunj. I cant live without him.” She was on the verge of crying so Leela made her sit up again and kissed her forehead. “Don’t worry, I’m here. Nothing will go wrong. I’ll keep a look out.for that scoundrel since i have a feeling that today’s meeting with him was just a mere coincidence and he will definitely do something tomorrow. Just don’t worry and forget about him for now. Your wedding is tomorrow nah? Just think of positive thoughts and go to sleep.”

Twinkle nodded yes and just as Leela was about to leave the room, she heard someone rapping on her door continuously. Leela opened the door and saw Kunj standing there restlessly. “Leela maa! Vo.. Um Twinkle?” He began embarrassingly since he knew Bebe warned him not to meet Twinkle before their wedding. Leela smiled and led him in. She looked at Twinkle and blinked her eyes and she saw Twinkle relaxing. Before leaving, Leela thinks, “I don’t know if this is something Twinkle should hide from Kunj but she is doing it for his betterment in a way.” She sighed. “Yeh bhagwan please keep my children happy!”
She hesitated a smile before leaving Twinj alone.

Kunj started walking towards Twinkle but only this time, he was going towards Twinkle who looked no longer cheerful as she usually be. They had a short eyelock both which conveying that they had much to tell each other. They wasted no time and embraced eo immediately. Sajna ve plays in BG.

“Twinkle! Tum thik hu nah?” He asked worriedly? She replied by hugging him tighter and he closed his eyes and dug his face in her neck. “Twinkle?”
“Hmm?” She replied not wanting to break the hug. “Is everything alright? I know something is wrong. Please tell me. I can’t see you like this.” She opened her eyes and slowly broke the hug and nodded no. “Nothing Kunj. I’m fine.” Kunj pouted and held her hand. “Twinkle, please?”
She cupped Kunj’s face and passed a small smile. “Everything’s ok Kunj, really. Don’t worry about me.”

“I have every reason to worry.” He began. “We are going to be more than
just husband and wife from tomorrow. Tomorrow begins our new life Twinkle, Together and i don’t want you to hide anything from me. I will feel as if i don’t deserve you and won’t be the one to solve your problems. I want to..” He was stopped by Twinkle’s soft hand on his mouth. “Don’t even think of completing that sentence. If you do then i swear, I’ll punch you!” She said pretending to be angry. Her hand was still on his mouth and she felt a nasty smirk creep on to his lips. He bit her hand softly yet naughtily and winked at her. He pulled her closer to him and whispered, “Any touch of yours will be blissful to endure let alone a punch, kick or slap.” And he kisses her ear and continues quietly, “Janemaan.” Twinkle widened her eyes and turned slightly crimson. “Acha?” She said sounding a bit bolder.

“You really want me to hit you?”
Kunj smiled, “Sure Jaan. Just don’t touch the face. It has looks to die for!” He said grinning ear to ear. Twinkle looked at him with a No-Not-Really face and he made a sad face. They both looked at each other and started laughing. They both fell on the bed still laughing when twinkle muttered, “Idiot!” under her breath. Kunj smiled, “Tumhari idiot,” he said and she smiled. She cuddled in his arms and stayed there for awhile. He kissed her forehead and rubbed her arm. “You look even more beautiful when you smile Twinkle. Please don’t ever stop smiling. The day that happens, the world will come to an end.” He said and she blushed.

They both were lying there for quite sometime when Kunj realised Twinkle had fallen asleep. He smiled and tried moving from her without waking her up. He placed her properly on the bed and pulled the blanket over her and silently wished her good night and left for his own room.

Kunj couldn’t sleep that night after returning from Twinkle”s room. He knew something was wrong but she didn’t or ‘couldn’t’ tell him what was the matter. He turned and looked at his parents photo and tried to swallow his tears. “Maa, papa, i know Twinkle isn’t hiding anything from me intentionally but if i can’t be there for her then you can. Right? Maa your DIL is rather adament just like you but this isn’t like Twinkle. Whatever Is bothering her please help her stay strong. I really hope nothing goes wrong tomorrow.

Papa, after today your son will no longer be named, ‘The Most Eligible Bachelor’. Tomorrow I’m getting married. You’ll be there nah? Tum aur papa? You have to!”
He looked up and realized he hadn’t anything else to say. He just laid there still and quiet and closed his eyes.

” Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Tu mera Khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu laazmi
Junoon hai mera
Banoon main tere qaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”

Episode ends with Ae Dil Hai Mushkil playing in BG.

Precap- Twinj shaadi.

Hey all! Well no bak bak today…
Thank you all for liking the sudden twist ?
Meant alot!
Please do comment and tell if u liked this episode.

Love you all! ?

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  1. Anam_sidhant

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    Oh god such an interesting Twist But I hope Twinj’s marriage happens without any problem Bring problems after marriage And solutions too 🙂
    Loved the episode Twinj moments were so cute and Leela and Twinkle’s talks were also cute Post soon 🙂 Cant wait 🙂

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      Dont worry di .. Alot is in store for u all … just keep reading and supporting ?

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