My heart beats for only you (Episode 4)


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Ria , Sayeeda (Sayu 🙂 ) , Fan , arundhati , Angita , Purnima.agrawal30 , Maggi , Zaku , Rashiverma2199 , Lovely , kruti , sujina (thanks a lot yaar tht means alot to me ?) n to silent readers (if they r any) , guys thank you so much !! Seriously i don’t know hw you’re bearing with my boring episodes ? :v. Thanks alot , u guys really motivate me. So let’s start the episode.

Episode 4

Its morning-Next day
Twinkle is in the kitchen making breakfast for her and Kunj since Mahi and Yuvi left earlier for Goa.
T- Kunj breakfast!! K- Haa , im coming. Soon they were on the table together having bf.
Kunj- So Twinkle , my friend slash only companion in the house , what are u planning to do today? Aaj Sunday hay nuh .. Any plans?
T- Haww u have to bear with me for a week n she laughs. Plans…hmm.. I want to go for shopping as i need some new clothes. I opened my suitcase n saw I hardly packed any proper outfits .. I was in a hurry nah to come so..
K- acha meh be chalta ho tumhari saat and besides I’ll be bored at home.
T- Haa challo nah and kunj smiled and they left as soon as they completed their bf.

Next scene – Mall

Twinkle had already bought five bags of clothing and kunj was getting tired bcz he had to fetch all for her. Twinkle was laughing at his condition n said “No one told u to carry it , you offered to.” He rolled His eyes and was then relieved wen he said she was done and wasn’t able to shop anymore.
K- couldn’t u say that an hour ago?
T- shut up and let’s go

Parking lot
K- Toh ab kya?
T- Ab kya matlab?
“You want to go home back or have some fun now?? Kunj asked .. Yaar whatever u want but i want to…CHINKI!!!
Kunj was puzzled,”Kya? Chinki?”
T- arre look and she pointed to a girl wearing black jeans and dark blue crop top with matching sneakers n yelled chinki again. The girl turned around and a broad smile appeared on her face.”Twinkle!!” They ran and hugged each other tightly.
(So the beautiful girl is revealed to be chinki)
C- Yaar tu kab ay?
T- yesterday i came in nah..
Haww if it was earlier i wouldve gotten really angry and she gave twinkle a slight push .. Its been ten years yaar. And they hugged again.
“Wait, Kunj? What are you doing here?”
Kunj replied sarcastically ,”Can’t u see I’ve come to shop for clothes?”
T-Wait u two no each other
K-Haa its the same question to u both I’ve been standing here all along hello??
They burst into laughter n Kunj added that he n Chinki studies in the same college and that mahi was going to get married to her brother.
C- Haa aur Twinkle is my childhood friend, we’ve done many stupid things together
T- haa yaar i cant forget those moments
C- ah twinkle I’ll catch up with u later my father is waiting for me , Byee!!
Twinkle waved to her and now was lost in her own world . ( u no nah guys wen u meet some1 for a long time the memories just flows back) Kunj snapped His fingers , Twinkle we have a whole day ahead of us , now say where u wanted to go , we’ll talk abt chinki later.
Haa sure , sorry. Kunj chall nah i want to go to the cinema i really want to watch Housefull 3 but stupid London don’t have cinemas for Bollywood films. Kya yaar i missed India so much.
Well what r we waiting for? Let’s go.
They bought their tickets,popcorn and drinks n headed inside the theatres.
The movie finished at 2:00 and kunj and twinkle decided they will walk andexplore a bit. (Guys im really sorry but im not from india so i dont no any place there so so sorry guys 🙁 is it ok if i make up random places? Do answer in the comments)

After roaming almost all over the city and taking hundreds of selfies , kunj and twinkle finally decided that they would relax in the garden for the afternoon until they be would ready to leave.
Kunj sat back on the bench And closed his eyes. He felt at peace while he enjoyed the breeze n let out a sigh of relief.”Here is so peaceful and quiet,hay na Twinkle?” Kunj asked several times wen he realised that he wasn’t getting any answer from twinkle. He opened his eyes but couldn’t see her anywhere.”Twinkle? Twinkle?” Yeh larki ka ha hain. She never listens to me.Oh god where is … Kunj stopped talking and his jaw dropped wide open and was surprised and laughed at wat he was seeing.Twinkle be nah,got me worried unnecessarily. Twinkle was playin hide n seek with a couple of children and was running here and there with them.
Kunj was now smiling endlessly and unknowingly.
Kunj thinks- Hai rabba what is happening to me? Why whenever i see her acting so childish and her innocence come and take over me , i feel happy and calm? Why does my body feel so weird as if there is a wire shocking me to show me what is happening around me? Is this normal to a human being? Kunj smiled and let out a silent little chuckle. Kunj zada mat soch buddy you’re ok , you’re just confused thik hai? But i gotta admit she’s damn beautiful. “Larki beautiful , Kar gayi chull” and he smiled.
Arre Twinkle ! You’re cheating! He said ending his thoughts. Twinkle gave him a death glare and also showed him a-be-quiet face. The children ran up to kunj and pulled him to play with them.
After a while they got tired and Twinj informed the children that they must leave now. Twinkle gave them chocolates and Kunj received a kiss from each of them. They waved them goodbye and left.

End of episode

Precap- Don’t worry the day maybe done but it shall be converted into night 😉

Thanks guys and hope u comment
Sorry for such a boring episode and i no im bad at describing twinj scenes . please tell me If they were good and if u liked it. Im sorry if it didn’t come out the way u wanted. Sorry and please do tell me wat u think .


Credit to: Romaisah

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