My heart beats for only you (Episode 38)


Episode 38


Episode starts with Yuvi entering his and Mahi’s room. He looks around and sees the room decorated beautifully with red and white scented candles and roses. On their bed, scattered petals and above, a framed picture with him and Mahi and the other side Manohar and Usha. He smiles and runs his hand on their photo. He realises the room was somewhat empty and frowned. “Oh wow! First night after wedding and she’s nowhere to be seen! Ughh! And she calls me unromantic!” He said annoyingly. He took off his turban and was going towards the washroom when he felt two hands around him. He smiled but pretended to be angry. “Why are you clinging to me now? Where were you!?” He asked. “Uffo! Don’t get angry, husband. Before i have to call Twinkle here!” Mahi replied giggling. He turned around and gave her a whatever look. “Where were you? You had me waiting so long!” He said lying. “Oh hello! We just got married and you’re already lying to me? How nice Mr. yuvraj. I was the one waiting on you, ok! I don’t know where the hell you went after we finished having dinner. I was waiting since half an hour for u!” She yelled and Yuvi bit his lip knowing he got caught. He immediately wrapped his arms around her neck and said, “Acha sorry! Mujhe marf karro. Sorry yaar.” Mahi looked away trying to ignore him. He smirked and leaned closer to her neck. “You know, you look even hotter when you’re angry,” he whispered causing her to melt with his cheesy line. She started playing with his hair as he placed wet kisses on her neck. He now goes around her and takes off her shawl which was covering her shoulder and places his head there. (Back hug position) He tightens his grip on her waist biting her earlobe. She smiled and turned to look at him. “I don’t know why i can’t stay mad at you.” Yuvi smiled and brushed her cheeks with his and said, “Its because you love me.”
“Haa, it’s because I love you.” She replied and they hugged.
Raabta starts playing in BG. Yuvi puts his hand out as if to ask her for a dance. She readily accepts as they dance in a slow back hug position, hands entwined tightly.
(Female version)

? Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara 
Maano mujhko banaya tere jaise hi kisi ke liye

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta 
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta..

They turn and face each other.*Eyelock*

Tu humsafar hai
Phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi hai
Marna issi ke liye

Kehte hain:
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein 
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye…?

Yuvi slowly moves towards her lips and she closes her eyes. He crashes his lips with hers and they have a passionate kiss. The kiss lasted for about ten minutes, filling each other with love and contentment. They finally pulled away, breathing heavily. They smiled and touched foreheads. Yuvi looked up to her and smirked. “You ready for this?” She blushed and nodded slowly. He picked her up in his arms and gently placed her on the bed as he goes on top of her. Screen blurs as they took their marriage to the next level.

Next morning ;

Kunj and Twinkle are continuously rapping on Yuhi’s door yelling for them to get up. Bebe comes and looks at them with a What-The-Hell wala face. *Funny tune plays* She places her hands on her waists and looks at them angrily. Leela passes by at the same time and starts laughing. “Kunj, Twinkle, look behind you.” She said as they made a Huh? face. They turned around and jumped looking at Bebe’s face. They started to stammering, “Goo…Good.. Mo..Morning Bebe.” She passes a fake smile and says quietly, “Good morning beta. Can u please tell me what exactly are u doing here so early in the morning? And that too in front of my just married children’s door?” Kunj gulped in fear but Twinkle suddenly began talking full on drama queen mood. “Early?! Its not early! In fact we gave bhaiya and bhabhi an extra hour to sleep and look nah they’re ignoring us. I wonder if they’re actually in the room.” She said placing her hand on her hand pretending to think while Kunj is looking at her then to Bebe trying to hide his laughter. He thinks, “Siyappa Queen!” Leela laughed again and began pulling Twinkle’s ear while Bebe pulled Kunj’s and led them away from the room. “I very well know you two want to tease my children. You wait till your time is here, then you’ll know!” Bebe said as Twinkle started blushing and Kunj smiling and winked at her.

Meanwhile back in Yuhi’s room. The room is shown with clothes all over in the ground and in a mess. While on the bed, the couple is shown … Umm.. Sitting up with hands on their ears. Mahi removes her hands and nudged Yuvi. “I think they’re gone,” she said and he nodded breathing a sigh of relief and lied down back on the bed. “Thank God! I’ll seriously kill Kunj and Twinkle when i get out there!” He said annoyingly. Mahi laughed and rested her head on his chest and played with his fingers.

Y- Mahi?
M- Hmm?
Y- You ok? Why are you so silent?
M- What? Cant I stay quiet and just enjoy the moment?
Y- Hmm.. Haa you can.. But..
M- Yuvi.. Shh
Y- Oh! Wait i know why you’re silent!
M- Huh? Why?

He immediately locks both her hands with his And comes on top of her and moves closer smirking. “You’re thinking about last night aren’t you?”
Mahi widened her eyes and looked away. “No!!” She yelled trying to hide her blush. “Aww she’s feeling shy! Come on yaar, I’m your husband!” He said naughtily and caressed her face. “Yuvi, shut up.” She said as she tried to get up but he pulled get back and leaned towards her neck and blew hot air there making her shiver. She dug her nails in his back and pulled him into a hug. (NB- they both aren’t wearing anything ??)
He smirked at her sudden behavior and bit her neck, causing her to moan a bit.
He pulled away and looked at her. “You know, we could stay in this room. All day.. I mean we just got married..and..” He said with a mischievous look.
“No. Yuvi, get up! We have to go. Uth ja na!” She said.
“Oh God! How rude yaar! You like spoiling a romantic moment nah?” Yuvi said pouting and she laughed. “Well.. no one told you to get married to me. You have to now deal with me all your life.”
“Oh yay! Goodie!” He said sarcastically. “Acha one kiss at least before you go. Please!” He said with puppy eyes. “Fine. Just get off me first!” She said and he moved off from her and leaned in closer for his kiss. She smirked and jumped off the bed with the bed sheet wrapped around her. “Too slow Mr Yuvraj!” She said showing him her tongue and he looked on sad and shocked. He was about to leave when he felt her pulling him back and kissed him on his lips hard yet passionately. He was hell happy and reciprocated. She finally pulled away and blushed. Before leaving to the washroom she gave him a peck on his nose and pushed him on the bed leaving him sailing away in wonderland.

Next scene; Dining table

Mahi comes downstairs dressed in a white and skyblue coloured dress with a matching scarf and goes towards the kitchen. She looks up and sees Bebe, Leela and Twinj staring at her. She started blushing and ran away into the kitchen while Kunj and Leela laughs and Twinkle smiles. Yuvi now comes down smiling and Kunj sees this and smirks. “Leela maa, Yuvi is soaring, look,?” he said pointing at him and they all started laughing.

T- Bhai.. Had a good night’s sleep?
Y- Haa yaar.. He answered without thinking when he suddenly snapped out of it and caught Mahi glaring at him. He looked at them embarrassingly and stammered, “Vo..umm.”
“Umm kya? Yuvi, kya hua? Looks like you didn’t want to get up this morning.” Kunj said teasing him and got up from his chair as he saw Yuvi coming towards him. “Kunj!” He yelled as Kunj ran away. “Idiot! Don’t worry your time us coming!” Yuvi told him as he sat down after touching leela and Bebe’s feet. Mahi came back and served him breakfast and so did Kunj, only he sat far away from yuvi. Soon they were all eating and chatting.
M- Acha maa, what’s the plans for Kunj and Twinkle’s marriage?
K- Haa! Plans!
They all looked up at Kunj and Twinkle glared at him.
Y- Haha! Just now you were teasing Me nah. Look who’s eager to get married.
K- Shut up!
B- Arre, stop fighting.. Well the plans are that you four need to go shopping!

Twinkle coughed. “Shopping? What for?”
Leela looked up and raised one eyebrow and said, “Well, unless you’re planning on wearing plain kurtas to marry then Haa, i won’t stop you.”
Twinkle looked down embarrassingly. Her mother was right. She did wanted to look her best near Kunj on her wedding day. After all, this only came once in lifetime and she was too happy to let it slip away. She was going to get married to the love of her life! Yes, its true, it was hard to hide the excitement from everyone especially Kunj but she managed and kept looking at Kunj by side glancing but he always caught her which in turn every time, made her crimson.
“So you’ll leave after having breakfast, while me and Leela ji look after the rest of the arrangements.” Bebe said breaking her chain of thoughts. She nodded and left to wash her hands.

End of episode…

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