My heart beats for only you (Episode 36)


Episode 36

Recap- Kunj and Twinkle confesses their love to each other ?. They both are locked out of the house and spends the night outside.

Let’s continue..

Episode starts with Twinkle and Kunj standing inside the house in front of Bebe and Leela, heads down. Yuhi was also present. Twinj were both terrified with the looks on all their faces. They wanted to close their eyes and pretended as if they were still dreaming but sadly it was nothing more than reality.

Twinkle thinks, “Yeh Bhagwan! Please help us! I don’t no what’s maa going to do to me..
Ohh i should’ve climbed that stupid post up the terrace and none of this would’ve happened! But what are they going to do? Did they find out that Kunj and I…”
She gulped and looked up seeing Kunj also scared.
Bebe finally broke the silence and spoke with much seriousness in her voice. “Where were you two last night? And why were you outside? .. Come on! Answer us!”

K- Vo… Bebe.. Twinkle was hungry .. isleyeh..
Twinkle widened her eyes and glared at Kunj.

L- Acha? There are so many food inside the house being prepared for so many guests and she’s still hungry? And all her favourites! Kunj don’t lie…

Y- Kunj yaar.. Where were you?
T- Bhaiyya.. Kunj wanted to go buy you and bhabi a wedding gift so he asked me to accompany him… So i went..

Y- So late? Which shop opens for so long?

T- Vo.. Actually it was one of his friends’ shop.

B- Really? And what did you buy? Just now you wanted food now gift? Tum dono bohot confusing ho! I’m getting too old for this! Yeh bhagwan please bless these two children of mine some sense!

L- Haa and tell them we’re not as stupid as we look.
Kunj? twinkle? Who the hell dresses like that to go shopping or even go dining? Ham pagal nahi hai..

M- Kunj! Bolo kaha thi tum?

Now Kunj and Twinkle looked at each other helplessly. They both yelled in one go, “Maa, I Love Him/Her!”
Yuhi’s eyes popped out whereas Bebe and Leela began smiling brightly.

B- Kya? Matlab? Tum Dono..
L- Finally confessed!!! Oh thank god!

Now Yuhi looked double confused and so did Twinj.

M- Bebe, you knew they had feelings for each other?

B- Oh come on mahi! Even a blind person would’ve known this!

Y- I guess you’re right bebe. I was a bit suspicious about them but then i thought they were just good friends. Saale! Kunj! I’ll kill you! You could’ve told me atleast!
And yuvi ran upto Kunj, who was expecting a hit on the head or something but instead Yuvi’s arms tightly around him. He hugged him and said, “You idiot! I couldn’t have thought about a better person for my sister! What say maa?” Leela laughed and pulled both Twinkle and Kunj’s ear. “Bless you both my dears! Muah!” She said and kissed them both.
Bebe laughed and you could tell by her sparkling and joyful eyes that she was extremely happy. “Ohh God. I’m too excited! My children have now grown up! Their getting married now. Leela ji Mubarak ho!” She Said not controlling her excitement, hugging Leela. Yuvi had gone to get sweets for the occasion while Mahi pulled Twinkle and Kunj in a tight hug. “Oh God I’m so happy for you both! Aww.. Finally i no longer have to worry about Kunj now as he’s in the right hands. Right Twinkle?” She said teasing her while they both blushed. Their eyes met and sajna ve plays in BG.
It was broken by Yuvi, who was stuffing sweets in their mouths asking them to chew and have more. He side hugged mahi and they smiled and Twinj. Twinkle and Kunj looked around and smiled. Twinkle felt Kunj’s hands squeezing hers. She looked at him and mouthed, “Kya hua?” He smiled and said, “Look how happy we made them. I’ve never seen this much joy in sarna mansion for ages. I mean their will be tomorrow as it is Di’s wedding but I’m glad we could bring some more light in here. Just.. i wish maa and papa were here also.” Twinkle passed a small smile and blinked her eyes saying its ok.

B- Oh hello! You two! Not because we found out means you’ll romance in front of us. At least don’t turn like Yuvi who’s always looking desperate.

They all burst into laughter while Yuvi looked at Bebe embarrassingly and pretended as if he was crying. “Haww Bebe!”
Leela walked up to them and Twinkle and Kunj bent and touched her feet. Leela blessed them and said, “May you both get all the happiness you earn for! I wouldn’t have thought for a better match for either of you. May you always stay happy!”
Twinkle hugged her and smiled. “Thanks maa!”

“Arre Leela ji, i think we shouldn’t delay this relationship any longer. What say? Think we should get them married tomorrow also along with Yuvi and Mahi?” Bebe asked as Leela went into thinking. “Ahh that won’t be a bad idea. After all they already preformed all the pre-rituals. Right?” Leela said nudging Twinkle making her blush remembering the Haldi moment. “So its settled. You two along with Yuvi will get married tomorrow.” Bebe said beginning to leave but then stopped at she heard Kunj and Yuvi shouting at the same time. “Naii Bebe!”
She stops and looks at them questioningly while the rest looks on.

T- Kunj? Kya hua?
M- Haa. What’s wrong? Don’t you want to get married with us also? Aur Yuvi,tum?
L- Yuvi..?

Yuvi looked as if he was going to faint with all the questions being thrown at him. He sat down and yelled, “Stop!” then breathed. “Maa actually, i don’t mind my sister getting married on the same day with me. Its just that, i pictured this special day just for me and Mahi. I mean marriage is something that brings happiness to alot of people so i kinda wanted it to be my and Mahi’s most memorable day and no one else’s. Yaar Kunj, no hard feelings.. Hope you didn’t feel bad..” He said and kunj smiled and nodded no. “No Yuvi, i wasn’t offended. Its ok. Actually i totally agree with you. It is indeed yours and Di’s most awaited day. The day you’ll both tie the knot and become one. I completely understand.”
“Thanks Kunj. I’m glad we’re family.” Yuvi said laughing.

Bebe and Leela were still at a lost and so was Twinkle but Mahi was smiling endlessly then started blushing when Yuvi winked at her.

L- Arre wahh. My son is so intelligent. I wonder how it happened. Rightly said puttar!

B- Acha thik hai, lekin Kunj, why did you say no?

Kunj smiled and walked to bebe and side hugged her. “Bebe ji..?” He started teasingly. “What month are we in?”

B- Umm.. September?
K- Exactly..
B- Haa toh kya?
Kunj slapped his forehead. “Uhho Bebe! You forgot! September is mom and dad’s anniversary! Wedding anniversary!”
L- Arre Haa he’s right! Next week is their 30th wedding anniversary.
Twinkle, who was still looking on puzzled, finally asked, “Kunj? What are you getting at? Meh kuch samjhi nai.”

“Umm Twinkle i was thinking, by celebrating their anniversary, why don’t we get married on that day? I mean it’ll be double celebration. Besides i always wanted to do something special for them so it occurred to me why not this?” Kunj said looking at them, pleadingly hoping they will agree. He then saw all their stern looking faces turning into a huge bright smile, especially Twinkle’s. “That would be an awesome idea Kunj!” She yelled trying to control the joy in her while the others agreed excitedly.
L- We will definitely go with Kunj’s idea.
“Haa after all he is my Kunj!” Bebe said in a cute voice pulling his cheeks.

“So its settled. After our wedding, we’ll prepare right away for Kunj and Twinkle’s shaadi.” Mahi said turning to Twinkle. “Twinkle! Shopping, shopping, shopping!” She yelled as Twinkle pretended to look angry and Kunj started laughing since he knew Twinkle was the first girl that hated shopping.

At night ;

Twinkle is sitting up on her bed and Kunj is doing the same in his. They both were looking at their love bracelets and smiling endlessly. (The one Twinkle made)
Twinkle was reminiscening their love confession and started blushing. Other side Kunj’s heart started beating fastly and he felt his hair raise on his skin. He thinks, “The feeling of being in love. This is what it feels like knowing you’re with the most purest soul alive.” He smiled and kissed the bracelet. “I love you Twinkle.”

She thinks, “Idiot! Why is he so good? I’ve never found a better life partner than Kunj! Thank you babaji for giving me such a wonderful person. He not only will be a perfect husband but also a forever caring son.” She remembers Kunj’s words asking her to marry him on his parents special day. She smiles and kisses the bracelet. “I love you Kunj!”

? Hmmm….

Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna..


Tere sang hasna main
Tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna main
Tujhme hi khona

Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi maahi tosey
Munh na modna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna


Tere sang hasna main
Tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna main
Tujhme hi khona

Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi maahi tosey
Munh na modna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Tere sang hasna main
Tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna main
Tujhme hi khona

Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi maahi tosey
Munh na modna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna…

Chhuteya na chhoote mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna maahi bol na (bol na)
Bolna maahi bol na (mahi bol na)

Hmm… aa…?

Episode ends with Bolna from Kapoor and sons playing in BG and on Twinkle and Kunj’s smiling face.

Precap- Mahi aur Yuvi ki shaadi ?

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    It was Awesome
    Will be waiting for their marriage
    Love u loads❤❤

    1. Romaisha

      Hehe? thanks alot dii!! ?

  2. Ria

    Hey Romaisha,
    Finally! Gosh! I was so excited but, to be frank I didn’t remember what happened previously? You must be wondering why I was excited then! The feeling of reading your ff itself excited me.

    Anyways, the episode was amazing. I just loved it. Kunj’s idea, I mean yours was just splendid. Hope you get to post soon.

    Loads of love.?

    1. Romaisha

      Aww di ??? im glad u get excited ?? thanks for commenting

  3. Kritika14

    i loved it! the family scenes were portrayed just perfectly. Hope you get time to write the next episode quickly as i am really eager for the next episodes. Love you ?

    1. Romaisha

      Hey yaar! ? ofc.. Will try to post soon ..
      Love u 2!?

  4. Sameera

    Hayeee kya epi tha yaar romu
    Loved each n ever scenes ….
    Twinj making excuses leela n bebe scene everything was just perfect

    1. Romaisha

      ? Thanks di!

  5. Maggi

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    The epi was mindlowung ..loved ol their bondings…….???
    It was fantastic…..CNT soon

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you!! ?

  6. Meeta

    You’re the best.
    Nowake them maary soon.
    Post soon.

      1. Meeta

        Sorry for mistakes, actually was in a hurry but had to comment.
        You wrote so well.
        Well, if u can, read AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME….

  7. Kruti

    Oye hoye romu…..kya kamaal dhamaal bemisal epi tha……twinj ke excuses…then Kuvi telling nahi for marrying on same day….their reasons….last mein twinj ke thoughts???
    Everything was just so perfect……loved d epi

    Love u??
    Continue soon

    1. Romaisha

      Thanks kruti di! ?

  8. Was smiling all the time dont know why ????Amazing episode ❤

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you!!

  9. Hi romaish
    Awesome episode dear Pls asap
    Loved it

    1. Romaisha

      Tysm dear!?

  10. SidMin

    Loved the episode Finally you posted it and the best part was that when Yunj said No for the marriage but then they had a good reason
    Loved it and Twinj ke thoughts were awesome Just Loved it 🙂 Post soon 🙂

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      Glad u liked it ?

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    Twinj marriage yoohoooo I’m so excited for it ….waiting for that day to come…..

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    1. Romaisha

      Sayuuuuuuu!!! ???????
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  25. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute funny marvelous epi…..loved it…….

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