My heart beats for only you (Episode 35)


Guysss!!! Thanks so much for allll your wonderful comments!! ? They seriously meant alot yaar!! Well the level of the comments kinda dropped but its ok. I understand… I’m happyyy today seriously!! ??❤❤❤????
Wanna no why?….

Well I’m really sad tashan e ishq is ending but their wrap up party!!!!! SIDMIN SELFIE!!!!,SIDHANNTTTT!!!!! AHHHHH ?????????
Seriously i missed his crazy wala avatar sooo muchh!! Im like soooo happy to see him back. He looked so happy being with his TEI family!! And since he was happy so was i, like literally! I am running crazy today ????

But really Tashan e ishq is one the best serials I’ve watch till date. Its the only reason why i started writing and made so much friends and sisters! You all came in my life and i will never forget u people! Never! ???? i love you all soooo much! And i appreciate all your support. Thank u so much guys! ??❤

Ok enough of my crazy talks ?. Let’s start the episode! I hope i managed to bring a smile on all your faces before u start reading; ??

Episode 35

Recap- Episode 34

Episode starts with Kunj waiting on Twinkle to return.
She comes quietly and wraps her arms around him and back hugs him. He smiles and places his hand on hers and then twirls her around. He sees her wearing a beautiful lime green coloured anarkali. (I love this colour :))
She starts singing and dance/move sensually around him;

“Saans mein teri..saans mili to..
Mujhe saans aayi..(x3)”

(There was a water fountain nearby and she goes and sits there. She plays with the water and then looks at the moon. She smiles while Kunj is also smiling at her gracefulness. She continues-)

“Saans mein teri..saans mili to..
Mujhe saans aayi..(x3)”

(She gets up and kunj comes and back hugs her. She turns and blushes. He gives her a May-I? face. She nods. He forwards his hand and she takes it. He sings while they both dance-)

“Rooh ne chhoo li jism ki khushboo,
Tu jo paas aayi (x3)..”

(This part of the song u should no that its instrumental so the music is playing as Kunj and Twinkle dance closely and passionately with each other. He takes his hand puts it around her waist and the other in her hand. He twirls her around several times and she lands in his arms. *Eyelock* Twinkle breaks it by realising their position and blushes. Kunj winks at her. She holds his hand and takes him to the bench which was also decorated in flowers in heart shape.)

“Kab tak hosh sambhale koi,
hosh ude to ud jaane do..
dil kab seedhi raah chala hai
raah mude to mud jaane do
tere khayal mein doob ke aksar
achchi lage tanhaai..”

“Saans mein teri..saans mili to..
Mujhe saans aayi..
Mujhe saans aayi..
Mujhe saans aayi..”

(Saans; Jab Tak Hai Jaan)

Twinkle goes on her knees and presents him a bracelet which she made for him. It was a brown leathered band with a tiny silver heart pendant, but the heart was broken. It was in halves. Kunj is surprised and also shocked.
“Kunj. I know it may seem a bit odd but boys aren’t the only ones who should be on their knees. Our love is equal and i want to give you something which, from today, is going to be very special to me. This bracelet will always keep you safe and whenever im not with you, just look at it and know I’m always here for you no matter what. Ok?” She said on her knees giving him a small smile.Kunj immediately got down from the bench and went on the ground with her. He made her sit with him. (Meaning he moved her position from being on her knees to sitting comfortably on the ground. ? Hope u get it)

“Twinkle, what are you doing? Why are you speaking as if you are leaving me already? Are u planning on doing that? Because if you are, I’ll leave right away,” He said sternly. “Kunj, i didn’t mean that. Just keep the bracelet with you. Consider it the mark of our love. Everytime you look at it, you’ll remember the day we confessed our love to each other and promise to never leave each other.” “Fine,” he answered. “Ab khush?”
T- Very.
They smiled and he kissed her forehead. She put her head on his shoulder while he put his arms around her. “Twinkle, why is this heart incomplete? Why is it broken?” He asked noticing the pendant. She smiled and pulled out an exact bracelet like his. “Because i have the other half.” She said smiling. “See? When we join our bracelet together, the heart is complete.? ”
K- Arre wah.
She laughed, “You liked it?”
He nodded no and smiled. “I loved it!”

T- Kunj? You didn’t tell me how was my way of confessing.
Kunj looked at her and smirked. “Meri Jaan, bohot romantic ho tum nah?” He said wrapping both arms around her as if not wanting her to escape. “Kya?” She asked and looked at him questioningly. “Of course, i loved it!.. That song! Ufff!”

He said holding his heart and twinkle now realised what he was getting at and was shocked. He.smirks and says, “Does your breath really want to meet mine?” She narrowed her eyes in shock. She stammered, “K..kunj? What are.. you sssaying?” He smirked at her behaviour and looked at her with eyes of pleading. She blushed and tried pulling away but he locked her tight in his arms but then suddenly hugged her. “Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Whenever you’re comfortable then I’ll be ready.” He smiled. “Aww my wonderful boyfriend.” They both started blushing at the word ‘boyfried’ then burst into laughter.

Time had flew and the two was still in a warm embrace spending some quality time with each other as they knew they had a house full of people who liked to ruin romance. After a while Twinkle stood up and pulled Kunj with her. “I think we should leave now. Have you seen the time?” She asked as Kunj looked at his watch and scratched his head. “Haa its only 1 in the morning,” he said seeing Twinkle widening her eyes. He laughed, “Don’worry everyone was asleep when we left. So we’ll sneak in and pretend nothing’s ever happened.”
“Kunj, wont it seem a bit odd now? I mean in front of bebe and Maa?” She asked as they began walking, hands entwined. He nodded And smiled. “It will but don’t worry, everything will be alright.” She smiled and placed her head on his shoulder as they walked home.

They had finally reached Sarna mansion. The lights were off since everyone was sound asleep. Kunj and Twinkle were now looking for away to go into the house without making any noise. “Twinkle, do you want to climb up to the terrace? That way we’ll reach our room.” Kunj asked a bit scared since he knew it was going be risky for her. She looked at him and said, “I’ll try not to fall.” He breathed and picked her up and asked her to hold the post and climb up. “Twinkle be careful!” He yelled. Twinkle placed her feet on the post and tried to climb up but to their dismay, their plan of getting into the house had failed. Twinkle suddenly had Lost balance and slipped. She closed her eyes and tried not to scream. Luckily Kunj was there and caught her. She hugged him tight and was trembling. “Sorry, I’ll try again.” She said as they pulled away. But Kunj pull her back and said, “No its to dangerous, and you’ll get hurt. Twinkle you know i can’t see in pain. Leave this.” He said with a concerned voice. “Okay, but what do we do now?” He smiled and pulled her towards the door and sat down. “We’ll stay here for tonight. Mahi usually opens the door in the morning without coming outside so well sneak in when she leaves. Ok?”
“Hmm okk..” She smiled and pulled his cheeks. “My sweetheart is so smart!” She said teasing him. He looked at her and raised his eyebrow then said in a proud voice, “Haa that’s me!” They laughed.
Suddenly the rain started falling heavily. Kunj And twinkle looked up and smiled. Twinkle came in Kunj’s arms to stay warm and he hugged her and she did the same. “See Kunj the rain is falling in the form of our love. Its tears show how happy they are for us.” She said smiling. “Haa Twinkle,” he said head resting on hers and playing with her hands. “Our love will always be strong and powerful. The rain is a witness of us being together finally. I hope nothing comes between us.”
“Nothing will ever come between us. I trust you Kunj. And i love you and i live for you.” He smiled a bit and looked away. Twinkle noticed this and asked, “Kunj? What’s wrong? Are u ok?”

“Yea I’m ok. It’s nothing.” He said but Twinkle knew he was lying. She cupped his face and made him look into her eyes. “Please tell me what happened. I don’t like seeing you like this.” He sighed and held her hand tight. “Twinkle you won’t ever leave me right?” She frowned and shook her head no. “Never Kunj! Why will I?”

“Its just that if you leave also, i know i won’t be able to take another pain. After maa and papa left…” His voice faded away as tears weld up in his eyes and he started choking. “I lost part of me Twinkle. I can’t.. When i yell At them or play angry or laugh with them, they respond by doing some sort of nature wala stunt. Like.throwing flowers or some thing. But i don’t want them to do that. I want them to come back to me and hug me and kiss me. Be my parents again!” He said now breaking completely in tears. “Twinkle if u ever leave me..” He began but stopped as he felt Twinkle’s soft lips on his cheek, sucking away his tears. He was shocked but then indeed felt a bit better. She pulled away and held his hand. “Kunj I’ll never leave you, ok? And even i wish my in laws were alive today but you should be lucky they’re still growing in your heart and you remember their every memory. Kunj life is all about moving in but never forget the beautiful memories it has left with you. Don’t worry I’m here nah. I promise I’ll keep you happy and please don’t cry else i do the same thing I just did.” He smiled feeling better and cleared his face. “In that case, i should spend the rest of my life crying.” He said and she started blushing. “Hayy don’t blush yaar! You’re killing Me!” He said as she widened her eyes and blushed even more. She buried her face in his chest and they both slept on each other. “Good night Twinkle.” “Good night Kunj. I love you!” He smiled and kissed her forehead and they both slept away under perfect shelter from the rain and in each other’s perfect embrace.

Next morning ;

The rain had stopped and the morning sun had creeped up in the sky awaking and alerting every one for another fine day. Its rays made its way towards the couple, who were now in a sleeping position. Kunj lying on the ground and Twinkle resting her head on his chest with their hands entwined. They weren’t the only two outside the door step.
Kunj felt someone throw water on him causing him to jerk up immediately angry. (The water had missed twinkle so she was still asleep)
He looked up trying to clear his vision, frowning but then immediately changed his expression to shocked and scared looks. He gulped and realised Twinkle was on top of him also. He swallowed and nudged Twinkle to wake up. “K..kya? Kunj? Why are u waking me up so early? And why are you so wet?” Kunj tried telling her to look infront of them through his eyes and to his surprise she understood. She turned and was shocked! They quickly stood up, Kunj’s head down in embarrassment and Twinkle still trying to find words to put in her mouth. She stammered, “Bbebe?…M..Maa?”

Precap- Bebe- “What say? Think we should get them married on the same day?”
Kunj & Yuvi together- “No!!!”
All looks on..

(Please read!)

Okay so umm let me start by saying I started this episode since Wednesday but due to school i couldn’t complete it until today, that’s why the TEI wrap up news is there. Hope you didnt mind…
Whatever i have to say here, i will say it today (Saturday) and i hope you all won’t be angry.

Arrree.. Im not leaving TU, don’t worry .. Actually .. I’m feeling very guilty because I’m hardly commenting on anybody’s ff/os and believe me or not I’m not liking this! Trust me every time i get to comment something comes up. I’m either at school and not getting to comment or I’m too tired to comment or school pressure or sometimes the network stops.???? but please believe me I’m reading EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE OS/FF!! Please I’m really sorry! I will try to comment i promise!! Hopefully i will keep my promise. I usually save pgs of ffs to read so imagine nah how much i gotta read. And u no the time difference over here.. By time this is posted it’ll be Sunday i guess because right now its 4:45pm in the afternoon..

And right now I’m very ill.. I mean I’m feeling weak and sick.. And i hate it.. I hardly get sick so… But yahhh im really sorry yaar! ???

Another issue..i hate it as much as you do for posting late and when i post late my ideas are running away from me so you can understand why this episode wasn’t to your expectations. I don’t know how you’ll feel about this episode but i really hope it was not boring and at least 20% good..

Please tell me whether i should end this ff in 2-3 episodes or you’ll all be ok with the gaps. (Meaning you’ll wait on my episodes until saturdays or earlier) because i don’t like keeping u all waiting..
So I’m sorry once again and I hope i haven’t wasted your time :3 ..

Please do comment as its my only support system and also answer my questions please .. Ok? For Romu sake .. 😀

Oh and Shatakshi dii, one of the reasons im late in posting is because I’m all taken up in Harry Potter! Seriously ??? they’re damn good!!
My fav so far is prisoner of Askaben .. (Probably because i haven’t read the rest as yet nor watched ?)

Byeee!! Sorry once again!

Love you alllll!! ✌✌❤

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  1. Sameera

    Awesome amazing romu loved the scenes alottt ???n yeah don’t end ur ff we will wait for it ….cute twinj moments yaar

    1. Romaisha

      Heyy dii ! ?
      Thank you !

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    Hey! romaisha I love ur ff? through I don’t comment on any ff nor m a silent reader I used to comment before but from last 1 month tu started registration system that’s y I have stopped commenting! but now I m done with my registration and I ll comment daily from now onwards? and ya uh all ff writers are damn talented the way uh ppl describe each thing is amazing❤ do continue asap?

    1. Romaisha

      Omg yaar! thanks alot! ❤❤
      It really mean alot to Me! I’m glad u decided to comment! Hope you keep supporting like this! ?

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    Awesome epi yaar..plz dont end ur ff..its a request..i love ur ff..

    1. Romaisha

      Hey Fan! Don’t worry.. I won’t end for now 🙂
      Thanks for commenting and do post your ff too im waiting 🙂

  5. Episode is awesome dear loved every part of it waiting for next episode. Ya my intro I’m silent reader of ur ff loved all episodes of ur ff but was not able to comment because of exams earlier used to comment on ffs
    1: no need to say sorry
    2: late updates are accepted sabr ka phal meetha hota hai
    3 : don’t think of ending this ff tei is ended n I’m sad for that if u end this then all silent reader of ur ff will feel bad.
    Lastly take care get well soon dear ☺?☺

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you so much yaar! ❤❤
      I hope there are more silent readers out there just like you..
      Loads of love ??

  6. Awesome….

  7. Amazing epi romuu ???.. really loved it.. twinkles way of proposing was damn good.. loved it.. and that bracelet part was???.. loved all the twinj scenes.. and how they were woken up in the morning by leela n bebe ???.. I was laughing when I read ‘splash’??.. and u can post whenever u r free.. no issues.. I’ll always wait for ur ff cuz it’s one of my fav??.. and yea I was also very much happy that sid surprised everyone on the sets including his fans by going to the wrap up party.. mannn he is goalss??.. he was treated as a king.. like a family member came back home after a long time.. everyone were so happy n were running to hug him.. he’s such a great soul he greeted n hugged naman also.. and also after a long time we got to see SidMin together???

    Sorry for this bakbak cuz I’ve got no one to tell my happiness cuz my friends were not watching tei nd I couldn’t control my happiness so wrote all this.. sorry if u were bored

    1. Romaisha

      Aw come in yaar! How can i be bored? Tension mat lo..I’m in the same boat as you are! My friends don’t look at TEI either so i come irritating you people too 😉
      Thanks sooo much for commenting though. Your comments really send me crazy ?❤

  8. Afeeza

    Which skool are u going to

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      Hey! Well its no school in India if that’s what you’re thinking ?..

  9. Shreya098

    I looved it….
    Twinj moments?????

    plz don’t end it…. I am OK with the gaps….I’ll wait for it…

    the precap is quite interesting… I am really excited to know why they are saying no….

    And take care of ur health… Hope u’ll be fine soon?

    1. Romaisha

      HeyyoShreyoo!! ❤❤
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    Finally I got someone of my kind✌✌
    Seriously same scenario was there a year n half ago…where I was crazy for it
    I read mostly all the books of HP except the last one I mean the deathly hallows part 2….
    But read book is more interesting that the film coz it has more content…
    N the episode was so beautiful???
    Loved it romu

    1. Romaisha

      Hey di thanks for commenting! ??
      And Haa my brother already read all the bks even to the cursed child ?
      He’s the one got me to read HP ?

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    Episode was awesome….

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  12. Loved the epi Romu… Superb…

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    it was awesome romaisah…I m srry if m nt able to cmmnt as my are going…this was just to inform u that if I m nt able to cmmnt plz add one cmmnt frm my side..eagerly waiting fr next epi..plz post asap…

    love u..

    1. Romaisha

      Heyy yaar! Thanks for telling me! Dont worry i wont forget youre reading ?

  15. Mahi

    Soooo sweet yarr amezing one
    Pls update next soon

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  16. Kritika14

    The episode was damn good ? I loved it. Twinj’s romance was just ??? and I am so excited to know what happens next. Like this was totally unpredictable, I thought it would be mahi or yuvi who would see them but the case is different here ? also, dude … I am totally okay with you posting on gaps but just don’t end such a beautiful ff. I swear, it really is one of my favs. You got no effin idea how excited I get when I get to know that this ff is uploaded so better continue and don’t think of ending it. Love you darling ?

    1. Romaisha

      Lmao ?? Cool i won’t! :v .. Thanks for commenting ❤❤
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    Its awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Koi baat nahi agar tu comment nahi mar paa rahi.
    Acha dont end ur ff we can wait for ur ff. love u ❤️❤️
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    1. Romaisha

      Heyy Kuku !! ???
      I’m sorry again for not commenting on your ff ?… Marf karna haa?
      Im glad u also are a harry potter fan! ?
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    Anyways, the episode was superb! You know what, today morning itself I was thinking when you’ll upload. I was desperate to know Twinkle’s proposal and you uploaded. Yay!
    Gaps between the updates are always accepted. Don’t be upset for it as studies are priority. Moreover, don’t even think of ending the ff. I love this ff so much. Please!

    Loads of love.?

    1. Romaisha

      ? Guess we both have same powers… We think about an FF and boom! Its uploaded! ?? i know stupid logic but its me.. I think that way too!..
      Don’t worry k won’t end so soon.. I’ll annoy you ppl some more ..
      Thanks again nah!
      Love you too ?

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    1. Romaisha

      Omg! I’m definitely shocked! I didn’t no you too read my ff! ? huh!! Im shocked yaar! But also very happy!! ????? its an honour for me to know you read also because im a huge fan of your ff!! ?
      Thanks for commenting though and hope you keep supporting 😉
      Love you yaar! ❤❤

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    No words…. Superb

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