My heart beats for only you (Episode 32)

Episode 32

Recap- Episode 31

Everyone had left from the party after having an enjoyable time. Twinj were helping to clean up the place while Leela and Bebe along with Yuhi were discussing their wedding preparations and so on. After a while Twinkle and Kunj joined them.

B- Yuvi, ek baat batao, was this party really for us or you had something else in mind?
Yuvi looked at away in embarrassment while Twinj started coughing. “Uhh..” He began but Leela stopped him. “Na! Don’t say anything, whatever the party was for, i had fun. At least you did something right since i got here. Am i right, Mahi?” She blushed.
“Acha Bebe, tell us when will this wedding take place? I mean even Yuvi is itching to know.” Kunj said teasing him. “What? Kunj!” Yuvi said widening his eyes. They laughed. “Don’t worry I’ve found out that we can go ahead with your wedding anytime this month.” Bebe said smiling. “Sachi Bebe?” Yuvi asked getting all excited. Even Mahi’s face shone. Twinkle started laughing. “Aww look they’re so eager to get married.” Kunj laughed and they did high five. “Shut up Twinkle!” Yuvi sad glaring at her.

L- Twinkle, Kunj get ready to start preparing for the pre wedding rituals. We’ll have the Haldi ceremony after 3 days. I can’t wait anymore and besides its best to get u two married at the earliest. You’ve been together for five years so its enough.
B- Haa Mahi, leela is saying right. We’ll have the wedding at the earliest ok?
She nodded. Bebe looked at Yuvi who was smiling brightly, “Arre lover boy!!”
“Haa bebe?” He answered not in his senses.
B- Yeh Bhagwan this boy! Look nah he’s smiling as if he got married already. Oh hello you only got engaged! Rest of the things are yet to be done.
Yuvi composed himself and nodded. He saw Kunj teasing him behind Bebe (hand gestures) and got up and chased him upstairs while the ladies started laughing.

Upstairs ;

“Arre yuvi baas yaar! I’m tired.” Kunj yelled panting.
“Haa I’m tired too! Oh God paani!” He yelled.
Kunj slapped his forehead. “Abbi Saale, yelling for water isn’t going to help!”
“Actually yes it would.” Kunj turned to see Twinkle standing with two glasses o water and handed it to them.
Kunj smiled at her and took it.
Yuvi grabbed the water and yelled, “Yay water!”
T- Lazy!
Y- Whatever
After drinking the water they sat down. Kunj smiled and put his hand on Yuvi’s shoulder. “Bhai, you’re finally leaving me nah. I mean now im the only handsome bachelor left in the house.” Yuvi laughed. “Haa yaar. Finally I’ll get to stay with Mahi forever. You know the feeling of knowing someone you love is finally going to be yours, is amazing.”
Kunj smiled and said, ” You better Take care of my sister else I’ll break your face.”
“Haha really?” Yuvi laughed. “Don’t worry she’s the love of my life. I won’t let anything happen to her.”
K- Good!
Yuvi looked at Twinkle then nudged Kunj. “Look, Twinkle is lost in her own world.”
Kunj snapped his fingers in front of her. She jumped and glared at him. “Siyappa queen! Where are you lost?”
T- Don’t call me that, you…

K- Haa Haa pata hai, sadu sarna.
She smiled. “I was looking at two crazy boys next to me. My idiot wala bro and sadu wala friend! Life changes so much yaar, in these lovely moments.”
K- Haa you’re right.
Y- Of course, life changes with every twists and turns. Another chapter is being written everyday.
K- Hmm.. After all, Life is all about the next step. 🙂
They smiled and then suddenly burst into laughter.
“We’re really stupid!” Twinkle said laughing.
“Haa yaar!” Kunj and Yuvi said together.
They talked for a while when Yuvi saw Mahi going to her room. “Umm guys, I’ll see you. Good night.” And he left hurriedly. Kunj started laughing, “Looks like di finished talking to Bebe and Leela maa.” Twinkle giggled.
Now it was just the two of them left. They both were feeling a bit awkward. “Umm toh..” Twinkle started.

K- Toh..?
They looked at each other and both said, at the same time, “Good Night!” Sajna ve plays as they look at each other. Twinkle smiled and left to her room. Kunj looked up and said, “Oh yaar! I can’t wait when she’ll be mine! Offf .. Papa, Maa speed up the process nah. Abb Mahi di is finally getting married. Do something about me nah! Please!” He pouted and then smiled. “Good night, love you.”

Preparations were in full swing for Yuhi’s haldi ceremony. The tumeric pastes were being made by Leela and Bebe while Twinkle and Kunj decorated the place with white, yellow and tints of orange coloured decors. (Clothes, curtains and flowers). The wedding atmosphere was truly blissful. Yuvi and Mahi still couldn’t believe it was all happening and were eagerly waiting to finally be with each other. 🙂

Day of Haldi ceremony ;

“Arre, what are u doing? The guests are already here. Go and spread the carpets for them to sit on. Jao nah!” Leela said yelling at the servants. Just then Kunj came in front of her and pushed some sweets in her mouth. “Eat!” He ordered while she started complaining. “Kunj! What are you doing? There is work to be done!” But Kunj kept on ignoring her and fed her. “Leela maa, will you do work all the time and fall ill by not eating? Haa? Very bad! You know i hate when you’re sick.” She smiled and ate just for his sake. “Achha I’m done go get your sister and brother in law.”
Kunj nodded and gave her a peck on her cheek and ran out.

Yuvi’s room

Kunj barged in Yuvi’s room and smiled seeing him all ready. “So? How am i looking?” Kunj smiled and said, “Bilkul raja ki tarah!” Yuvi smiled and they left the room. (Yuvi and Kunj were both wearing white sherwani but Yuvi was wearing a gold coloured coat over his.)

Now Kunj leaves to Mahi’s room to get his sister. He walked into the room and was awestrucked by the sight in front of him. Two beautiful young women was standing in front of the mirror smiling. Kunj smiled walked towards them. He first stared at Twinkle in awe and muttered, “Damn she’s looking gorgeous!” Twinkle heard him breathing behind her and turned around. He winked at her making her turn crimson. Twinkle was wearing a plain yellow lehenga with simple silver embroidery at the ends of her suit with her hair left on one side and had done light makeup.
“Hayye Yuvi won’t be able to take his eyes off of you today di.” Kunj said teasing his sister. “Kunj!” She said and laughed. “Okay let’s go nah everybody’s waiting.” He said and she nodded. “I’ll just go to the washroom and come.” “Okay,” they replied. Twinkle smiled looking at her. “Mahi bhabhi is looking really pretty in her white sari nah? So cute yaar!” “Haa very pretty.” He said staring at Twinkle. She turned and saw him looking at her and blushed. “Kunj, stop being so naughty.”

K- Arre, how am i being naughty? I’m just praising the most beautiful girl in the world.
Twinkle blushed but then hid it by looking at him smirking. “You know, there is still something you have to tell me.”
Kunj widened his eyes. “Kya?” “What do you mean, what? You want to tell me something nah toh bolo.”

Kunj smirked and started walker closer to her. She was shocked at his sudden retreat and was taken aback. She started moving backward but sadly to her unfortunate luck there were no more steps to take as the wall stopped her from moving. He placed his hands on the wall in order to prevent her from escaping. Sajna ve plays in BG. Kunj puts his lips close to her ear. “I .. ” he whispered as she clutched her fist in nervousness. “I lo..”
“Twinkle! Can u please come here?”
Kunj closed his eyes and banged his hand on the wall with a God-Save-Me face. Twinkle blushed and ran from there. “Coming mahi!” She turned back and showed him ?? and give him a better-luck-next-time face and laughed. “You know, i deliberately started slowly as i know the bride or the groom will come in between. As usual…. Yeh kya hai yaar? You two nah aren’t helping me at all! Thanks for being such wonderful and helpful parents!” He said irritatingly and marched out the room.

Yuvi and Mahi were placed beside each other but a white transparent cloth was between them. Yuvi was trying to steal glances at Mahi but every time he did so, either Bebe or Leela’s friends would catch him and teased him and he hated that.
Yuvi’s haldi ritual was finished so Leela sent him to bathe. Now it was Mahi’s turn. All rubbed the turmeric her skin and praised her for being such a lovely bride. Now it was Kunj’s turn. He started walking with the bowl in his hand with the paste inside towards her. Suddenly Kunj tripped in his path and the bowl fell out of his hand. In the process, some of the paste went on his hand and he fell on top of twinkle and accidentally his hands fell on her cheek. Sajna ve plays as they have an eyelock. (So their position is Kunj on top of Twinkle on the ground and turmeric paste on Twinkle’s cheek.) Twinj unknowingly started smiling and Twinkle forwarded her cheek to his and rubbed some of the paste on his. He was shocked and started smiling endlessly while she shied away.

One the guest said, “Bebe ji looks like another wedding is going to happen soon here.”
Bebe smiled and said quietly, “It seems so.”
Leela brought the two back to earth and helped them to get up. “Are you ok?” They nodded yes.
Mahi’s haldi rituals were done now and Leela sent her to bathe. She saw Twinkle lost in her in own world, touching her cheeks and blushing endlessly and Kunj at the other side staring at her, smiling.

She thinks, “Hmm something is fishy here. Kuch to garbar hai lekin kya?” (Something is wrong but what?) She thought for a moment then looked at Bebe who was also looking at her. Their minds both strucked the same thing and smiled. “Their in love with each other!”

Episode ends on Bebe and Leela’s happy faces.

Precap- Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony (both together)

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    Loved it was waiting for Bebe and Leela to realise that there are 2 couples in the house one Yuhi and the other Twinj whom themselves won’t be able to confess always someone calls them and breaks there moment hope Bebe and Leela help them out Loved it Post the next part soon 🙂

  5. Romu, Romu, Romu…… what is this yaar.. you made me speechless.. how can you write so well???.. I’ve become a jabra fan of ur writing.. this epi was mind blowing.. loved the teasing part?? and how kunj tripped and fell on twinkle and haldi on twinkles cheek???.. and bebe n leela are so smart??? they got to know twinj love each other ?? .. eagerly waiting for the next part.. do cont soon ?

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  10. romu…so lovely n adorning waala epi…
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