My heart beats for only you (Episode 30)


Episode 30

Recap- Episode 29

Next day; Morning

Everyone was rushing here and there to get the preparations done at the earliest. Kunj and Yuvi were up early to fix the banners and streamers while Mahi and Twinkle looked after the food and other little things. Bebe and Leela wanted to help but their children wouldn’t let them work since the party was held for them.

“You two just have rest and apply some face pack or something. After all you have to look your best for tonight nah?” He said making them rest in the room.
“But Kunj..”
“Bebe! Be quiet and stay in this room.”
“Haa Haa thik hai thik hai. Im not old that you’re putting me to rest.” She said fuming. Kunj laughed. “Aww, leela maa look she’s angry. She looks so hot when she’s angry. Hai nah?” Leela laughed and gave Kunj a high five. “You’re right puttar.”
Bebe looked at Kunj and chased him out of the room. “Bye bebe!”
“Badmash,” she said and smiled.

Evening ; Party

It was 5pm and the Sarna mansion was swarming with people dressed in gorgeous clothings. But the atmosphere was never the less better. The hall was decorated with rose pink, red and white coloured flowers and curtains. Combinations of red and pink flowers were placed at every corner and lights draped along them. The huge staircase was covered with the three different colours causing the mansion to feel and look beautiful.
In the centre (aisle of the hall) laid a red carpet with rose pink petals and at the end of the aisle, a table covered with white cloth and red and pink cross checked cloth across it with a huge three layered cake on it just for the welcome back wala occasion. (I’m really horrible at describing decorations and these stuff so bear with me ?)

Kunj and Yuvi walks up the steps and faces their guests.
Yuvi was dressed in a dark blue suit while Kunj was dressed in a black suit. Both were looking ek dum superb and hot!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the two stars of the night,” Begun Yuvi. “The wonderful and charming, Ms.Leela Taneja and our one in a million and s*xy, Bebe!!” Kunj said with smile and hooted as they both walked down the stairway. Yuvi and Kunj forwarded their hands and the two women happily took them. Leela was adorned with beautiful jewelry with a royal blue coloured saree to match her boldness while our Bebe wore a brown and gold shalwar kameez with silver embroidery and wore the family’s heirloom which was a simple gold chain. Everyone clapped as they walked down the steps. “Arre wah! You two are looking hotter than all the young girls here!” Kunj and Yuvi said flirting with them and winked. “Chaal badmassh! Aren’t you two too young to be flirting with us?” Leela asked. “Haww Leela maa! These girls nah aren’t so pretty like you.” Kunj said. “Haa he’s right.” Yuvi said. Bebe laughed and pulled his ear. “Acha Yuvi? By the way Mahi kaha hay? Why aren’t u flirting with her?”
Yuvi winced in pain, “Bebe!! Ouch! She must still be readying. You know nah. These girls…”
Leela pulled his other ear, “Oye you don’t say anything about my daughter!”
“Maaaa!!” They laughed and left to talk to their friends. Yuvi pulled Kunj in a corner rubbing His ear. “Oh God! These ladies! Offf! I have to protect my ears. Anyway, yaar.. Mahi kaha hay? Im dying to see her.”
Kunj laughed, “Duffer, she’ll be here soon. Have patience.” Yuvi looked at him sadly, “Kunj? Have i done the right thing by not talking to her all day? I mean i feel so bad. I don’t want to hurt your sister. I love her too much.” “Arre don’t start your emotional drama. You did right besides you will be making it up to her by the end of the day. So don’t be so disheartened.” Kunj said trying to cheer him up and Yuvi smiled. “Thanks yaar. If u and Twinkle hadn’t been by my side then i don’t know what would’ve happened. God where are they so long!? I can’t wait!”
Kunj laughed and said, “Patience bhai.” He thinks, “Yuvi you aren’t the only one waiting. I’m dying to see Twinkle. I feel as if my heart has already seen her but my eyes are looking and waiting for only her. Jaldi ana Twinkle!”

“Umm bhai?” Kunj said nudging Yuvi. “Haa Kunj?” He asked and then looked at where he was continuously staring intensely at and jaw dropped. Yuvi was shocked too and nearly fainted. He mouthed, “Dammit!”

Their eyes fell on the stairway showing Twinkle walking down looking nevertheless like a queen. Breathtaking and drop dead gorgeous. She was wearing a black anarkali dress with golden embroidery at the sides and ends of her sleeve and at the bottom. The anarkali had a slit in the centre so she wore a red pants to go with it and a red shawl (dupatta) to finish off the look. She had opened her hair letting it flow and curled the ends. Her makeup was done perfectly. Her red lips, rosy cheeks, dark and killer eyes and her silver accessories just took kunj’s breath away. He forgot Yuvi was standing there with him and murmured, “Yeh bhagwan! I’m falling in love all over again! God Twinkle you’re killing me!”
“Kuch kaha tumne?” Yuvi asked but he got no answer. Kunj was mesmerized with twinkle and was completely lost in her so he chose to ignore everything around him.
(Link for Twinkle’s dress –

Yuvi, on the other hand did not have to wait long for Mahi to approach the stairs. He was mesmerised to see her in her attire. She also wore like Twinkle an anarkali but hers was of different mixtures of blue shades in colour. In the middle a turquoise colour and a bit lower, dark blue and at the bottom different designs of gold embroidery and the top was the same.

(Link – )

She had done very light makeup and had wore no jewellery except blue bangles. Her hair was left open and placed one side making her look simply breathtaking!
Twinkle amd Mahi first went to meet Leela and Bebe and chatted for a while. Twinkle stealthily excused herself and walked towards Yuvi and Kunj who were eagerly waiting for her.
“Arre wah! My sister is looking really pretty today. It seems as though people can’t take their eyes off you.” Yuvi said teasing Kunj. He just smiled and looked at Twinkle. She laughed. “Thanks bhai. You two are also looking very handsome. Vaise, Mahi bhabhi is looking khafi hot too nah?” Yuvi smiled, “Haa she is. I just want to forget our plan and go to her!” He began to leave but Twinj pulled him back.
T- Yuvi! Please wait nah! You know if u don’t do this what will happen!..
K- She’s right. You could ruin both of your lives.
Yuvi sighed, “I guess your right. Call me when its time. I’ll go get a drink.” Twinj looked at him going sadly but they knew it was for his best so they left him alone.

Kunj was still staring at Twinkle when Yuvi left. Twinkle looked at him and snapped her fingers. “Oyee! Where are you lost?”
“In you,” he said making her blush. He smiled. “Twinkle you’re looking stunning tonight.” She smiled and thanked him.

The party was going well so far. Bebe and Leela had cut the cake and it was shared out to the guests. Twinkle decided to finally make her move and walked towards Mahi. “Hii bhabi! You’re looking very beautiful tonight!” She said smiling though she could clearly see how sad and angry Mahi was. “At least somebody praised me! Huh!” She said annoyingly. “Arre kya hua? Itna gussa kyoon ho?” Mahi turned to Twinkle and started complaining. “Twinkle you very well know whats happened! No need to act innocent!” She said folding her arms. “Arre at least tell me what happened?” She asked playing along. “I’ll tell what happened! Your brother nah, Yuvraj Taneja, hasn’t spoke to me since yesterday afternoon. He didn’t even tell me hi or even bye or something. No! He just looks at me and ignores me completely! He didn’t even tell me how the hell i looked tonight! Idiot!” She said angrily. “Lekin..” Twinkle started but Mahi continued, “Haa i admit i may have said something which might have got him upset but he can’t stop talking to me like that! And you twinkle!”
“Meh?” … “Haa tum! You and Kunj are in this together nah with him? I know u r! You haven’t spoken to me either except to help me do work this morning!”
T- Ok ok! Im sorry… Just calm down Mahi! Go have some water and cool down and then you can come back and yell at me more ok?
She shrugged and walked away fuming. Twinkle smirked and pulled out her phone. “All set! Go for it. Her mood is off.” She pressed send and smiled.

Precap- Wait… Party abhi bakhi hai ??

Okaayyyy….. I’m back again!!
Ok really i hope those links worked Mahi and Twinkle’s dresses! I just want u to get the idea of how the party is going and what they wore so u can imagine right thing ??
Anyway I’ll try to post the other epi ASAP hopefully.. Don’t worry .. For now enjoy and do give your feedback! 🙂

Bye love u all ✌❤

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