My heart beats for only you (Episode 3)


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Episode 3

Scene 1 – Sarna Mansion and Twinkle and Kunj confrontation.
“Tum?” They both were shocked and surprised to see each other but kunj was also very happy.Twinkle spoke up,”What are you doing here? Did u follow me? And plzz stop smiling yaar u r scarin me” n she ran behind yuvi.
Hw do u two know each other?? Asked Mahi. Kunj- haha mahi dii vo..and he explains what happened this morning. Twinkle spoke up behind uv “Dekh nah bhai he just helped me out and now he’s following me and look haww!! Where did u get my shawl?? Yuvi look…
Shut up ,yaar ,Yuvi does she always talk like this without stopping ughh .. And ur shawl .. Wen u were muttering away in angry bcz u weren’t getting any auto ur shawl flew off and landed on me aur haa u aren’t that important to follow kunj replied her annoyingly but was also enjoying irritating her kunj thinks- kya yaar even wen she’s angry she looks so innocent n cute … Whooaa kunj slow down kya hua tujhe? No i should snap out of this. Twinkle broke his thoughts oye i am important and no one asked u to help me n she pulled away her shawl from him. Oh really?? Kunj and twinkle started fighting and Yuhi slapped their foreheads.
“Stoppp it you two!! Hai mera maa yek kya hay , this is worse than Tom and jerry n with that said by UV he started fake crying and added sternly , i think some introduction needs to be done.kunj n twinkle were both puzzled wen mahi cleared there confusion. Kunj this is Twinkle yuvi’s sister and Twinkle this is my brother kunj .
Twinkle- haww mahi bhabi he’s ur brother?? He’s so…n makes a face . meh kya haa? U just be quiet. Lekin yuvi Teri sister ek dum perfect hai n smirks .
Yuvi- kunjj that’s my sister yaar come on her too? Twinkle, who heard kunj’s comment started to chase i wont leave you!! Kunj (running) but that was a compliment !
Mahi shouts if u two r gonna run all the way upstairs then kunj show her , her room but kunj n twinkle were busy chasing each other all over the house.

Twinkle was still running kunj wen they ended up in a room painted in a combination of red , white and pink neatly arranged.”twinkle ruk nahh!!” Kunj still running but bcz of the carpet he stumbled on the bed twinkle fell on top of him causing her hair to block both his and her face. They shared an eyelock (Sajna ve plays in bg). They were just lost in each other n kunj tucks her hair behind her ears. Twinkle realized their position , broke the eyelock n started to get up but stumbled back on him bcz of her chain which was stuck on his shirt. She was struggling to open it but kunj offered. (Song ends) they stood up n looked at each other awkwardly.
Kunj- this is ur room , I’ll go get ur luggage and twinkle nods embarrassingly. He leaves n a small curve appeared on her face unknowingly.

Next scene-Dining room.
Twinkle kunj mahi and yuvi were on the table having their dinner wen yuvi spoke up.
I hope you two will learn to get along bcz meh aur will be leaving tmrw for Goa n will be back in a week’s time.
Twinkle started coughing ” bhaii i just reached here today n u r leaving already.”
Twinkle yaar i have to for some important work n I’ll be back in a week’s time nah? Tension mat lo.
Lekin mahi di ? Why are u going? Kunj asks teasing mahi.
Vo ummm… Mahi stop stammerin n kunj i need some time with mahi too nah thts y..
Kunj- haa thik hai n he mutters under his breath “as if home is not enough to romance.” Twinkle heard this n started laughing n mahi blushed n left for packing.

Kunj’s room
Kunj was lying thinking abt twinkle n their fight n realised ththe should apologize so he headed for her room but stopped n noticed she was on the balcony. Kunj smiled seeing her state. Her hair was flowing bcz of the wind and the moonlight flooded her beautiful face. She looked damn pretty sending kunj crazy. He joined her on the balcony n spoke up. ” Nice weather nuh?” She looked up n smiled… Yes i missed this so much . The moon is so beautiful now . kunj thinks- has but u r 100% better. Umm twinkle .. I wanted to apologise for this morning i was carried away i am sorry .. Twinkle- no need to be it was my fault im sry mujhee marf Karna? N she holds one side of her ear n pours. Kunj smiled at nodded its ok.
Twinkle- btw why did u look so surprised when i said i was from London?? Kunj laughed n said bcz of the way u were dressing . twinkle widen her eyes so ? Bcz i was from London doesn’t mean i forget my values my mother instilled in me shhe always taught me to be good n simple .. Whatever i am now is bcz of her… Kunj asked her where were her parents ( u no nah sometimes u ask where is something through sign language .. Hope u understand wat i mean) ohh my mom is still in London aur papa left us wen we were 5 mom told me he died mujhe nahi pata .. Oh ok yuvi never rele mentioned him either… Twinkle just nodded they just turned n enjoyed the soothing air . kunj smiled ” Twinkle , friends?” And he forwarded his hand. Twinkle smiled back n shook his hand “Friends”
Screen freezes on their hands.

Precap- Twinj’s crazy day out

Heyy guys thank you for supporting me Im glad i got it this far hopefully i will get more comments today . Enjoy !! Oh n idk if u got the idea of “Twinj conversation” but i had to hurry i didn’t want it be too long n then parents were always calling for me so if there is any mistakes yaar im really very sorry n yayy my holiday started yday my school is closed so yea i mite post regular .. Never know 🙂 :v Byeee

Credit to: Romaisah

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    Hey Romaisah, you know I always thought that you’re elder to me but, here the story seems to be the other way round. Anyways, the episode was amazing..

  2. Angita

    Loved it a lot,nice confrontation

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    awesome epi……

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    Hey ….Romu …if u love to call me di …u can but it’s I love if u call me Sayu…choice is urs ..I’m happy at both option…
    Romu…. dear what a cute episode… loved twinj convo …their cute fights …sooo amazing …awesome…
    love u

  6. Amazing !!! loved ur FF….Sry for not commenting on it previous epics I read them today only ?????
    Vaise epi was awesome

  7. Rashiverma2199

    Romaisah…..episode was damn awesome…..loved it to the core….lovely it was….

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    Hey romaisah
    This is the first time I’m commenting on ur ff
    But I have read ur previous parts they were amazing
    This epi was also awesome
    Sorry dear I couldn’t comment on ur previous epi as I was a bit busy

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    Super epi romaisah

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    amazing yr romaishah sry f nt cmnting n being late 2 cmnt

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