My heart beats for only you (Episode 28)


Episode 28

Recap- Episode 27

At night ; Twinkle’s room.

Itni si baat hai instrumental is playing in BG. Twinkle is shown sitting on her bed, hugging her pillow, blushing endlessly. She was recalling each and every word that came out of Kunj’s mouth earlier. She stood up and picked up the flower he gave her and went towards the window. She looked out and smelled the fresh air blowing around her. She thinks, “I’m waiting for the day everything will be perfect. Perfect for us both. Finally i have some clue that you also love me. Yah, i admit our loving brother and sister destroyed our chance of confessing but there are still more. If i have to wait forever for Kunj, i will. I’m his forever.” She smiled and threw the flower out of the window carrying her emotions in it letting the world know that she was in love. In love with no ordinary man but the most exquisite person alive. Heart of gold and looks to die for.
The wind carried her flower around the mansion and it finally stopped and fell on Kunj’s windows pane. Fortunately, nature had its own ideas and the flower ended up in Kunj’s hand as he was also standing by his window. He recognised the flower to be the one he had given Twinkle earlier and smiled. Kunj looked across and saw her. They smiled at eo and have a short and sweet eyelock. ❀❀❀

Morning ; Airport

It had been over an hour and Kunj was still waiting at the coffee stand for Bebe. He was told she would meet him there but she was nowhere to be seen. Kunj was getting impatient and worried and decided to look for her himself since he thought maybe she was lost. But he shrugged that idea away because he knew his Bebe wouldn’t even think of forgetting any route in her gr8 land of India. “Oh god! Bebe kaha hai yaar? .. Oh Teri!!” He said as he bumped into a middle aged woman, age like that of Bebe but a bit younger. She was wearing a yellow shalwar suit and a brown suitcase in her hand. She was struggling to carry it so Kunj offered to help her. “Arre aunty! Let me help. Sorry for crashing into you.”
She smiled, “Are it’s ok meri bacchi.”
“Where are you heading? Is someone here to pick u up?” Kunj asked. “Actually no. I came here to surprise my children so no one’s here.” She replied.
“Oh.. Would you like me to..” He began when he heard someone shout his name. “Kunj beta!” He turned around and smiled. “Arre meri pyari Bebe!! Finally!”
B- Haa haa. Its not my fault. Those porters are so irritating.
Kunj laughed. “Okay stop cursing those poor porters. So tell me how was your trip?”
B- It was good. Food was really tasty. Arre..
Bebe turned to the woman who Kunj was speaking to. She greeted her. “Namaste ji.” Bebe greeted her back. “You look familiar. Have i seen you before?”
The lady replied, “Same here ji, I’m trying to figure out the same thing.” Kunj was lost and so were the two women. They thought for a while. Suddenly Bebe’s face lit up. She yelled, “Haa! I know who u are! Leellla jiii!!”
(So the woman turned out to be our loving Leela Taneja πŸ™‚ )
L- Haa! Bebe! You! Come here and give me a hug.
They two shared a hug filled with joy. As they parted, they saw Kunj looking at them as if they were mad. They laughed. Bebe did the introduction. “Kunj puttar, yeh hai yuvi ki maa.” Kunj was surprised cum happy. He immediately touched her feet and smiled. “Leela ji, yeh Kunj. Monu and Usha’s son
and his sister is going to be your daughter in law soon.” She continued and leela was shocked. “Wait yuvi??”
B- Haa leela.
L- oh God! I didn’t no my daughter in law was going to come from ur family! Im so happy!
Meanwhile, Kunj stood completely lost behind them wondering how the hell Bebe and leela knew each other. But one thing he knew for sure is that since this was Yuvi’s mother, then this is his lucky day.He saw his soon to be mother in law before her daughter. He smirked at that thought “Mother in law”
K- .. How do u two know each other exactly?
B- Oh .. We come long back puttar.
L- Haa she’s right.
K- wait before u start, lets go home nah and meet the rest since I’m sure when they see the two of you together, they will be perplexed just as i was.
They laughed and Leela nodded her head. “Acha, let’s go then.”

Next scene ; Sarna Mansion

Yuvi, mahi and Twinkle were waiting for the arrival of Kunj and Bebe. They were pacing impatiently in the living room looking at the clock now and then. Little did they know, there was another special guest arriving with them also. Just then they heard a car horn outside and after a while saw Kunj bringing in two suitcases which left yuhi and Twinkle rather perplexed.
Y- Arre kunj? Did Bebe bring alot of things for us this time or is it something else?
M- Haa. Why are their two suitcases? Bebe left with one.
Kunj smiled and put his hand and Yuvi’s shoulder. “Yuvi bhai, Twinkle, there’s a surprise for u both.” He moved from the door and Bebe walked in followed by Leela. She smiled at their shocked cum surprised faces.
Yuvi and Twinkle were shocked and their faces immediately lit up with unexplainable joy. “MAA!!!!” They yelled and ran to hug her.
“Arre aram seh. Im old now. Don’t squeeze the rest of me out!” She said laughing as they hugged her tightly.
They pulled back and took her blessings. As they got up, Leela looked at Yuvi with a cute wala frown. “Yuvi. Is this the way u plan on welcoming your mother? With tears in your eyes?” Yah, you guessed right. Yuvi was teary eyed since he was seeing his mother after so long. He couldn’t keep it in and hugged her again while Twinkle stood there smiling since she knew her brother was seeing their mother after a long time, so she gave him space.
Y- Maa! I missed you so much! Couldn’t you come earlier? Haa? Didn’t u miss me at all?
“What r saying yuvi? Of course i missed you. There wasn’t a single second in that house when i haven’t thought of you. But you never gave me a call either!” She said breaking the hug and pulling his ear. “You call twice a month nah. And you’re blaming me?”
Y- naii maa. I didn’t mean that! Ahh its hurting.
L- Haa it should.
Yuvi pouted and leela laughed letting go off his ear. Mahi had already hugged and met Bebe and so did Twinkle. Right away Bebe was fond of Twinkle and liked her.
B- Leela ji. Your daughter here nah, she us exactly like usha.
L- Haa of course. Stubborn and childish.
B- Arre i didn’t mean like that. She said with a laugh.
T- Haww maa!
(Felt a little weird writing that usha and twinkle part since usha is acting like the villain in actual tei ??)
M- Wait you two know eo?
K- Haa di! Surprisingly. I told them to wait until we get home so they can tell us together.
M- Acha. You did right thing. Bebe? Bolo..
B- Arre! Let’s have some food first nah. Im so hungry! What say leela ji?
L- Haa haa, kyoon nai?

After dinner ;
All were sitting in the hall, waiting eagerly for Leela and Bebe to start and hear the story of how Sarnas and Tanejas met.
T- Acha maa. Speak nah, we’re all waiting.
L- Haa Haa .. Well actually this all started 30 years back or so when we were all young. Usha and Manohar were neighbours with us at that time and after a while bebe joined.
B- Haa.. We had recently joined leela ji’s neighborhood after monu’s wedding and they were such kind people. From then on we became inseparable friends and always took care of each other nah like typical friends.

K- Oh so that means maa aur papa were close friends cum neighbours before we were born.
L- Haa beta.
Y- But maa… What happened so that made u leave india and go to London to Raman mama and Pinni mami?
B- I will tell u. We got tired of our village for awhile and decided to you know explore and be full on childish again
Yuvi started laughing, “Haa kyoon nai? After all bebe is there to lead them.”
She laughed and continued, “Well we decided to go on a camping trip and that was where tragedy had befallen.”
Leela squeezed Twinkle and Yuvi’s hand. “It was the day we lost your father Ramindar Taneja. Also known as Rt.”
Twinkle and Yuvi were taken aback and was shocked. “But maa, you said that papa left us.” Twinkle said Yuvi nodded in agreement. “Haa i did because I didn’t want you to know that your father wasn’t in this world anymore. I’m sorry. I know i did a huge sin by telling u a lie. Really sorry puttar.” Twiraj wiped their tears and comforted her. “No maa its ok. You did it for our well being. Its ok.”
M- But how did this happen?
B- It was the last day of the trip and we decided to leave their by night but Rt ji had to go earlier for an important meeting in Mumbai. When we reached home later that day, we realised that Rt never did reached Mumbai as he usually would call us and inform us if he reached safely or not.
T- What do you mean Bebe?
B- That evening we switched on the television and saw the headlines of every channel’s breaking news. The plane that Rt was going to Mumbai in had crashed and was a part of a terrible accident and no one was survive.
(Sorry nah i don’t know if you use plane to reach Mumbai to Amritsar. Sorryyy if that was wrong.)
They were all shocked.
Y- Papa died in a plane crash?
L- Haa puttar. I stayed in India for three years before coming to London as i couldn’t come over your father’s death. I gave birth to u and twinkle before leaving though and carried you with me.
B- We tried our best to convince her to stay with us but..
Y- Ohh .. And then when i reached exactly 20 years i came here and completed my studies and got a job, met mahi, usha Aunty and manohar uncle and u.
B- Yes
L- And then i heard from Raman and pinni that usha and Manohar had died in a car accident and i couldn’t take it either. I felt so weak and terrible that i couldn’t even come back to India. I always told Twinkle how i missed here and the wonders of India and she wanted to come here herself. So i sent here. And now im also here.
T- Haa and we’re not going back!
L- Hmm acha? We’ll see.
T- Please maa? I don’t want to go besides i love it here. I feel as if i got my identity here and I love all the people here also. (She said that part and glimpsed at Kunj, while Kunj smirked at her.)
Leela laughed and said, “Thik hai meri bacchi? Ab kush? We’ll stay here for the time being and besides I’m here for another reason.” She said smirking and pulled Yuvi and Mahi’s ears and Twinj and Bebe laughed knowing what she was talking about while Yuhi blushed.
πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

End of episode

Precap- Haven’t decided yet..

Okay i now im late but really, its not my fault yaar… The electricity keeps cutting off and then the net is working at its own time. Guh? So irritating!
Anyway .. Thank u all for commenting in my previous episode. Don’t worry confession will be in 3-4 episodes , for now bear with me nah and today’s episode i know it was a bit boring and no twinj scenes but it was kinda important to show their past relations. πŸ™‚
I dont know when ill be able to post again because my school is reopening on Monday sadly ???. Im so angry yaar! I’ll miss my television yaar ?
Anyway i’ll try to post early as possible. Hope you understand πŸ™‚
And so sorry if there were any errors in the episode

Bye love you all!! ✌

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      Mahasangnams of jamai raja and tashan e ishq helped me out with the plane part. Thanks for clearing my doubt πŸ™‚
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