My heart beats for only you (Episode 25)

Okay so I replied to your comments 🙂 thank you all so much for supporting me in this wonderful journey and yah in this journey I’ve discovered to never say your ff is boring else the TEI TU family’s fighting mode will turn on and then you’ll be forced to do nothing but run for your life .. ????? .. Okay fine .. Bad joke .. But i made u smile nah?❤?❤
Guess what people!! Silver jubilee!! Like waow!! Who knew Romaisha could’ve gone so far with this bor…. I mean um this wonderful ff. ?? thx for all the support! ?
Anyway enough talking .. Lets start Episode 25!!!

Recap- Episode 24

The week examinations was finally here and all the students were hell nervous, especially Kunj.
Kunj was pacing back and forth outside the college constantly speaking and getting stuff stuck in his head.
“Mr Kunj Sarna! Don’t tell me you’re cramming after all I told you!” Kunj looked up with a mar-gaya face.
“Tw..twinkle, I’m not cramming I’m just.. You’re right I’m cramming.” He sat on the bench with a thud hands on his head. Twinkle joined him and put her hand on his shoulder and the other one in his hand and squeezed it. “You’re going to be fine, just calm down, please,” she said in assuring voice. “For my sake atleast.” He breathed and looked at her and smiled a bit. “That’s better, now come with me,” she said pulling him up. “Huh? Where are we going?”
T- we’re going to pray, aur kya?
K- oh haa, i need that.
They laughed.

Twinkle and Kunj are now seen praying away from the college grounds in the garden.

Let’s see what Kunj is saying. “Please please please!! Please give me confidence as i go into the exam room please!! Twinkle is the only one that’s helping me to not be nervous. Please let it be easy and i remember everything we read together. I have to pass for my parents and her. You will do that for me nah? Thik hai. Don’t bail on me when i step in their ok? Thankk You Bhagwan ji!
Aur haa maa, papa, blessings deh do nah. After all your son is going to make you proud… Ok im going now byeee!”

He opens his eyes and smilesand turns to look for Twinkle. He stops and smiles. Sajna ve plays.
He thinks,” God she looks so innocent And cute while praying. Look nah her hair, her dress is flowing while the glow of her skin just shines. Dammit if i don’t pass I’ll lose her forever. I have to be confident and stop worrying.
She opens her eyes and smiles while Kunj composes himself.
T- Challe?
K- Haa let’s go

“Finally you’re back!” Chinki said running up to them.
K- Haa kyo? Has the exams start?
Sid- Not as yet but in a couple of mins yes.
V- You ready bro?
K- Haa i guess so ..
T- Of course you are. All of you are. I’ve seen how much you prepared so there’s no room for failing.

They smiled, “you’re right!”
Just then the bell ring and the students started rushing in to start their exams. “Good luck!!” Twinkle yelled to them and they waved to her.

As soon as she started leaving towards her studio, she felt someone pulled her hand and she fell in a bone crushing hug. She smiled and hugged back, even tighter. “Go nail that paper Kunj!” She said smiling brightly. “Thank you twinkle for everything!” They smiled. “Kunj you can leave now you know. The exam will start and you’ll still be here in my arms. Kunj laughed and let go off her and left.
He walked into the room, heart beating faster than ever. He was clutching tightly at Twinkle’s earring and murmured, “All’s good. Oh God, you’re with me nah. Chall lets kill this paper with answers!” He sighed and closed his eyes. He saw the love of his life, her smile, her eyes, her face, her body, her posture and her simplicity. He smiled and slowly opened his eyes. “I’m ready.”


Twinkle was eagerly waiting in the studio for her friends to come back. They were the ones writing the exam but she was the one hell nervous more than anyone of them.
“Oh God, where are they so long?! Ohho!!” She said pacing back and forth looking at the clock.
Suddenly she heard the door open and all five walked in with rather sulk faces.
She ran up to them.
“So? How was it?!” They looked at her expressionless while Kunj looked at away. “Bolo nah! Kunj? Chinki?”
Siddarth spoke up with a choked voice, “Twinkle..”
“Haa bolo! Please!”
V- Vo…

T- Arre!!
Suddenly Kunj started laughing aloud followed by vinki and Siddun while Twinkle looked on as if they all had gone mad. “Sorry yaar, hahaha but i couldnt keep it in anymore!” Kunj said laughing holding her shoulders and then fell down. Sargun did the same. “Haa yaar your expression was priceless!”
V- seriously seeing you get worried was just epic! And he laughed but stopped suddenly, trying to be serious. He nudged them to be quiet and pointed to Twinkle angry, red face.
Kunj laughed, “Oye Tomato! Kya hua?”
T- Kya hua? Haa? Seriously? Meh choddo ga nai. Why are u still laughing? I won’t leave u either Varun. Tuu!!!!

She started chase them around the room but they got tired after awhile and sat down panting.
T- Acha seriously guys, how was the paper?
C- hehe twinkle don’t worry, the exam was ek dum awesome.
V- She’s right my tomato friend. No need to worry. I passed the paper with flying colours!
Twinkle face lit up instantly and she turned to Kunj who was smiling. “Really??”
Kunj nodded yes childishly and she unknowingly jumped and hugged him.
Sid coughed, “Ahem, he just passed one paper there are four more don’t get too excited.”
T- Haa tuh? I’m just hugging him.

Kunj smiled seeing her cutely turning red and he leaned to her ear, “Oh siyappa Queen, stop blushing. Its sending me crazy.” Twinkle looked at him shockingly and turned even redder. He laughed silently.
V- Ok lets leave now its late. We have more studies to continue.
C- Haa challo. Good luck guys. See u tmrw.

They parted ways and left for home.

In these four days, Kunj had always kept his lucky charm close to him and had never let it out of his sight. He also made sure he got a hug from Twinkle as good luck and he would walk into the examination room confidently.

Last day of exams was finally here and all the students couldn’t wait to get over the stressful burden that had been put on them.

Friday afternoon ; (last day of exams)

“Yess!! Finally no more studying!” Siddarth said lying back on the grass.
Since exams were now finally over, they decided to rest at the park alone just the six of them away from college.
“Haa yaar, waiting for results is even worse though.” Sargun said worried.
“Hmm baby, don’t worry nah. Let’s enjoy for now.” Sid said placing his head on her lap.
Twinkle smiled at their cute bonding and they talked for awhile when she realised kunj was extremely quiet.
K – Umm guys I’ll just be back.
He got up and walked away.
Twinkle thinks, “Yeh Kunj ko kya hogaya? Let me check.”
She got up, “Guys I’ll see what happened to him. Be right back.”
They nodded.

Twinkle spotted him near the lake standing quietly. She went behind him and tapped his shoulder causing him to jump.
“Ahh! Ohh thank god it’s just u. Siyappa queen!”
She pouted then laughed. “Kya hua Kunj? Why are you so silent? You look umm .. Worried?”
He sighed and look down in the water. “Look at me.” He said pointing to his reflection. “I have no idea what is going to happen to me in future. Somewhere inside of me is telling me to be proud of myself and the other side is saying something else. If I don’t succeed in this phase of my life, then I’m going to let down a let of people. My parents, myself and…” He paused and looked at her. “You.”

Twinkle looked at him and smiled. “Kunj, i spent so many days with you and i know how hard you worked for this and i also know how important it is for you and let me tell you, Mr Kunj Sarna, I’m already veryy proud of you!”
He smiled, “Really?”
“Of course darling,” she said passing a wink to him. They laughed.
K- Twinkle, there’s something about you.
T- And what is that?
Kunj started laughing, “You’re really crazy compared to any other girl!”
She smirked, “Oh hello you’re no different!”
They both burst into laughter and talked and teased each other for a while. Twinkle and Kunj were now sitting at the bank of the lake, feet in the water. Twinkle suddenly put her hand around his and shouted, “Vo dekho! Swans! Kunj look nah!”

She looked at him and saw him staring at her and his hand. Sajna ve plays in BG.
She hesitately pulled her hand away and looked away.
He smiled, “Chaale? Don’t you want to go see the swans?” She looked at him and narrowed her eyes in excitement and nodded yes. He helped her get up and they ran towards the swan and started playing with them. Kunj smiled at her childishness. The winds started blowing and so did the fallen leaves from the trees which gave the atmosphere a sweet scent. It blew around Twinkle and Kunj let out a faint laugh knowing his parents was once again upto mischief. 🙂

Episode ends on Twinj playing with the white birds of romance.

Precap- Aao Sunao Pyar Ki Ek Kahani.. 😉

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂 ❤

Love you all !! ✌

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  1. Chiku

    Romaish darling i luv u???
    Omg u made me smile. Really that boring wala line of urs???????????????
    I really like ur ff?????????????????????????????????????????
    Nd congrats for silver jubliee.
    Ab party chahiye.

    1. Romaisha

      ???? thank you chikuuuuu!!!!!!! Muahhh ????
      Party? Hmm cake deh do nah ???

  2. Priya_

    such a cute episode..
    waiting for the next shot

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you !!!

  3. SidMin

    Roomette loved it especially the part where Kunj walked in confidently in the exam hall with his lucky charm and good Luck hug from Twinkle Loved it
    Congratulations for completing your silver Jubliee 🙂

    1. SidMin

      sorry * Romaisha (auto correct hogaya Roomette)

    2. Romaisha

      Thanks yaar Sidmin 😀

  4. Congo for silver jubilee!!!! 2days epi was awsm……kunjs nervousness was skown perfectly….and even d last was amazyn…..
    Luvd it ???
    CNT soon….eagerly waiting for der luv story

    1. Romaisha

      Thnks Maggi di!!! ??
      Happy you liked it

  5. Shreya098

    Congo for ur silver jubilee…
    The epi was soo sweet
    I loved it..

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you shreyoo!!! ?
      Glad u likd it..

  6. Wow???? superb amazing awesome.. really loved each and every part of this epi.. loved kunj’s nervousness and how twinkle calmed him down, how kunj makes sure he takes his lucky charm with him and makes sure he hugs twinkle before going for writing his exams.. loved last wala part also near the lake.. finishing exams is really the best part of life??.. do cont t soon ?

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you so much diii!!!!!
      And yes finishing exam is the most relieving moment of anybody’s life /:

  7. Congrats Silver jubileeeee
    Epi was amazing awesome Suoerb!!! Loved it…
    Kunj nervous????
    Do cont soon

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you Zakiyah !!!! ❤

  8. Kritika14

    Dude, you nailed it, just like always ? That lucky charm kunj kept .. was just so cute ? Moreover, congratulations for your silver jubilee ….. Waiting for it to a century ? and good that you didn’t complete the word “boring” ?? Good that you will never say boring to your ff now ? Now continue posting quickly so i can read it quick ? Love you ?

    1. Romaisha

      Lucky thing i didn’t complete the sentence ??
      Monica diii thanks yaaar!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
      Btw can u post ur ff? I miss your ff
      Hope you’re better …

  9. Angita

    Congrats yaar…amazing

    1. Romaisha

      Thank u dear ?

  10. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Romaisha my darling
    It was fab dear
    N congratulations ??????????????? silver jubilee, 25 episodes yippee
    Dear keep writing like this
    I love the way U write ?????????

    1. Romaisha

      Thank u damiiii ❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Sayeeda

    Finally Romu darling realised that what we will do if someone dare to call their ff boring….. ?????…..

    Congratulations… Celebrations… My Romu ff has completed it’s silver jubilee… ????????????…… Thanks for giving us a wonderful ff jaan….. May ur ff crosses quarters…..

    Episode was too good yr…. Exam fear ????….. U made me remember my examination days…. Hye re so scary…

    The way kunj closes his eye’s nd remember Twinkle nd composed his fear was so cute…..

    U know the way u always portray Twinj scene’s in ur ff…. Is a bliss for me to imagine nd I really love that most about ur ff….

    Loved the episode to the core…
    Love u ????

    1. Romaisha

      Sayu meri jaanu !!! Your comment never fails to impress me yaar .. Im so happy u like the episode!!! ???

      Haa exam fear .. I still have it .. ?
      Thanks nah .. Glad u liked it 🙂
      Love u too ?

  12. Kruti

    U rocked d epi……it was amazing loved it

    1. Romaisha

      Thanksss yaar ???

  13. Jisha

    Congratulations dear….??????????
    Loved the nervousness of kunj…nd u portray twinj scenes so well… enjoyed it…loved the last part too…

    1. Romaisha

      Thank u so much jisha dii !!! So happy u liked the episode!! ???

  14. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Congrats…luved it to the core..luved the way u portrayed twinj scenes…awesome epi… 🙂

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you !!! ✌?

  15. Loved it to the core…. :*:*:*:*

    1. Romaisha

      Thank youu !!!! ??

  16. Ruchi

    Hey Romaisha..
    Sorry for commenting late..
    Congrats for Silver Jubilee of ur ff…
    Ur ff is fantastic..
    I love ur ff and u 2… 😉
    Superb epi..
    waiting for next epi eagerly..
    try to post next epi asap..
    take care..
    Lots of Love..
    Ruchi.. 🙂

    1. Romaisha

      Sure Ruchi di … I’ll try to post soon 🙂
      Thanks for commenting 🙂 !!

  17. Rashiverma2199

    congo for silver jubliee….amazing …..awesome…… : )

    1. Romaisha

      Heyy .. Thank you !!

  18. Shatakshi

    Congratulations Romu
    Seriously darling u nailed it
    Padhai me bhi twinj romance??????

    Keep going
    I will wait till u complete ur Golden Jubilee
    I will always support u as I did till now
    Love u soooooo much dear
    N the episode was Amazingly Amazing

    1. Romaisha

      Dii!!! So glad you commented!! And yah thanks for the support ! 🙂
      Love u too ❤❤❤❤❤

  19. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you ??

  20. Romu…i had same feeling as kunj as my exam is also coming near…u expressed so nicely…it felt as if it was a reality…loved d last part…love u n congratulation 4 silver jubliee n keep on writing….

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you so much sujina dear ??? !!
      So glad u liked it … 😀

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  22. Baby

    romaisah congrax fr ur silver jublie
    yah its truly wonderful
    luvd it 2 d core
    cute mmnts btw twinj
    dat oye siyappa queen dont blush it snd me crazy amazing
    luvd it
    yr u r wowwwwwwwww
    luv u dear

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