My heart beats for only you (Episode 24)


pisode 24

Recap- Twinkle realises her feelings for Kunj. She decides to help him with his studies.

Now let’s move on.. 🙂

“Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai
Kahin doooor…”
(A voice is heard singing in the bathroom. She opens the door and is revealed to be Twinkle. She comes out wearing Pink bathrobe, smiling.”

“Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai
Kahin doooor…
(She starts dancing around the room and shakes her wet hair.)

Chal ke khushboo se juda juda juda hai
Kahin doooor…
Haadse ye kaise
Unsune se jaise choome adheron ko
Koi Nooor…

Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai
Kahin doooor…
(She chooses her dress which is of lime green floral colour with a white pants to follow. She turns and sees Kunj standing at the door smiling and showed her “Beautiful ?”. He asks for a dance and she readily gives her hand.)

Sirf keh jaaun ya
Aaasmaan pe likh doo
Teri taarifon mein
Chashme Baddoor…
(She opens her eyes and realises she was alone. She blushes and touches her head realising she was just imagining him.)

Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai
Kahin doooor…
Chal ke khushboo se juda juda juda hai
Kahin doooor…
(She sits and does her makeup and fix her hair. She leaves her room eager to meet the man who stole her dreams.)
She is walking along the corridor towards the stairs and sees Kunj coming towards her from the other end. He sees her and they smile at eo
She keeps on looking at him, eyeing him lovingly.

Bhoori bhoori aankhein teri
Kankhiyon se tez teer kitne chhode
Dhaani dhaani baatein teri
Udte-phirte panchhiyon ke rukh bhi mode

Adhoori thi zara si
Main poori ho rahi hoon
Teri saadagi mein hoke choor
Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai, kahin door
Chal ke khushboo se juda juda juda hai
Kahin door…

Bann ke titli dil uda uda uda hai, kahin door
Chal ke khushboo se juda juda juda hai
Kahin door…

(Titli from chennai express)

Kunj looks at her oddly and waves his hand in front of her but she’s still lost in him.
“Twinkle!!” He yelled a bit louder snapping his finger. She composed herself at once. “Ha..haa? Kya hua?”
K- Oh nothing… I should be asking u that instead nah?
T- Oh.. Kuch nahi..cccc
K- Acha? So why are u smiling so brightly this morning? Aur this glow on your face? Hmmm..
Twinkle turned away and blushed, “Arre just like that nah. Can’t i smile?”
K- Haa ..But.. Acha thik hai yeh sab choddo. You remember what u told me last night right?
T- Of course. Let’s go.
They smiled and left.

Next scene ; Park
Twinkle and Kunj were sitting under the tree reading and studying. Sometimes Kunj would end up stop reading and looking at Twinkle and Twinkle sometimes did the same. Twinkle was helping him alot. She knew how hard it was for him to study without his parents, so she decided to fill that empty void in his life. Of course she couldn’t become his mother nor father but she could take care of him and make sure he was always happy.

“Achha kunj, you’ve studied enough. Pause a bit. Let’s eat. I’m so hungry!” Twinkle said taking out the food Mahi packed for them.
But Kunj started to protest since he didnt want to stop.
Twinkle looked at him sternly. “Kunj you want to pass nah?”
“Haa ji.”
“Well if you pack your brains too much with these notes then you’ll explode in the examination room ok?”
K- Hmm ok
T- Good. Here’s your bowl. Eat.

Kunj looked at the bowl and got an idea. He does his one eyebrow look (i miss that so much ?). “Umm Twinkle, there’s one more thing I can’t do without mom while studying.”
T- and what is that?
Kunj shows her puppy eyes and opens his mouth. Twinkle widened her eyes but then smiled. “Sure.”
Sajna ve plays in BG as Twinkle feeds Kunj with her hands. 🙂
“Ahh! Kunj! Why did u bite me?”
Kunj laughs, “Acha sorry, i was playing with you. Besides your expression was cute.” He said pulling his cheek. She pouts childishly. Kunj takes some food in his hand and forwarded it to her and fed her.

Days passed and Kunj and Twinkle got closer and their feelings also grew stronger. Their study sessions also was still going on. They would be studying in each other’s room, the lawn, garden, school and sometimes in between Twinkle’s dance classes. They were both always up to mischief whenever they would take breaks from studying.

Last day of studies ; Afternoon

“Twinkle, explain again what is the laws of motion? Please!” Kunj asked lying next to her in his room.
She replied, “Offo Kunj! I’ve explained that concept for five times straight!”
K- Haa tuh? What can i do if i can’t get science to stick in my brains?
T- Haa that’s true.
K- Kya?
“Kuch nai..Yeh lo. Read this blog. I think it’ll make it easier for you.” She said passing her laptop to him.
“Twinkle, do you think I’ll get my degree?” He asked after finished reading.
Twinkle looked at him confused. “Of course you will Kunj. Why do you ask?”
“I don’t know, i don’t think I can do this.” He replied worriedly and Twinkle sensed this and she decided to find away to calm him again.
“Oh God! You started your nonsense again? Why are u talking like this?”
K- I don’t no…do u think i can do this?
Twinkle smiled and cupped his face. “I don’t think so. I know so.” He smiled.
T- But I’m angry with you!
K- Arre but what did i do?

T- I helped you so much with your studies and you’re telling me u can’t do this. I think you’re doubting my greatness.
She said in a praising voice.
“Oh hello, teacher ji don’t fly too high. Haa you helped so thank you ji now let me continue.” He said talking in a Punjabi accent teasing her.
She smiled and laughed knowing she cheered him up. She thinks, “Babaji please always keep kunj this cheerful and happy. Always keep this exact sparkle in his eyes. Never let them disappear.” She smiles.

“Kunj, I’ll just be back ok?”
He smiled and nodded his head.
As soon as she left he got up from the bed and pushed the books away and hurriedly picked up something from the ground which she dropped before leaving. He looked at it, smiled and kissed it. He placed it in the light and it is shown to be one of Twinkle’s earrings.
“Now this is going to be my lucky charm in the examination room. I know you have your hopes in me and i promise I’ll make you proud. You helped me alot nah Twinkle. You don’t no how much this means to me. In all these days i spent with you, i realised that you are just full of craziness and mischief. I wanted to forget my promise and give you the world but sadly we both have to wait. Don’t worry, your wait won’t be that long. Soon my love, very soon.” He.smiles and puts her earring in his pocket. “I’ll return this later.” He smiled.

Episode ends on Kunj’s smiling face.

Precap- Examination day

Okkkayy so im early right?? ?? yah i know after so long
You all seriously kicked some sense into me yaar. Though u all were yelling at me , i was blushing reading ur comments knowing u all enjoyed my episodes. Haa i promise to not speak like that again. I don’t wish to see u people in your fighting mode again though it was kinda funny????

Love you all and Ill post soon 🙂

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  1. Amazing….Awsome..Superb!!
    Yes Very much early ???

    1. Romaisha

      ? thank you ?
      Couldn’t really go on twitter ???

    2. Romaisha

      So couldn’t reply u .. Sowie

  2. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Yaar I’m eagerly waiting for this examination day
    Plzz just like today Plzz post the next one more sooner than the normal one
    Dear loved it
    U r amazing

    1. Romaisha

      Damii don’t worry I’ll post early hopefully!! 🙂 thanks for commenting ?

  3. Sayeeda

    Banke titli dil uda uda uda… Romu ka ff padhke….
    Chal ke khushboo se juda juda hai…. Aree hai yr tera ff padh ke ???…..

    Episode was tooooooooooooo cute….. Twinkle’s love realisation happiness was very well portrayed…..
    Twinj scene’s were superb…the way Twinkle makes Kunj eat through her hands nd kunj bitting her hand ????….. Oyyeee hoyeeee too cute…

    Finally Last part of Kunj talking to himself… ????… Loved it….

    See mere gusse ka kya asar hua hai…. Itni jaldi next episode padhne ko milgaya….. Mujhe nai malom tha ke main kisi ko itna accha daant bhi skti hoo… ?????….

    Romu jaan sorry for my behaviour in last episode… I really over reacted but what can I do I felt really very very sad…. Hope you forgive me ???….
    But I’m happy today to see my Romu back in her original avtaar…

    Love u ??

    1. Romaisha

      Jaaanuuuuuuuuuu Sayuuuu!!!!! ?????????
      Yaar such a cute song thank u so much!! I loved it!!
      What r j saying? I enjoyed ur behaviour yesterday yaar no worries as a family we must have fun nah? So no worries ???? … Teri gussa .. ? hahaha I’ll stop

      Thank you for liking the episode also too ??????

      Love u too ❤❤❤❤

  4. Kritika14

    Amazing one! I just loved it. See, you write so well. If the next time i see your crap saying i write boring and all that, you wait and watch what i ll do with you alright? aayi apne aap ko bada smart samajti hai ? Thank god you got your brains back ? Love you and write soon ? hoping you post early everytime ?

    1. Romaisha

      Oh god yaar ??
      Nahi meh smart nai hu,meh ek dum pagal hu ? .. My hindi is getting awesomer by the day ?
      Thankk u nah so much for commenting aur haa Monica di post ur ff nah I’m missing it *pouts*

  5. Does any1 here knows that tashan e ishq is ending in September???????

    1. N that too 16 Sept will b the last episode of tashan e ishq…….n now sidhant Gupta will also b eliminated in the sixth episode of jdlj account. To sources????????we will miss watching jasmin n sidhant on television

      1. Kritika14

        Really? shit man. ?

    2. Romaisha

      Really??? Oh god!!!!!! Ek aur heart break!!!!!!!! ?????????????

  6. Awsm ……fabulous epi….

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you ❤!!!

  7. Wow amazing epi.. and cute one too.. loved twinj’s scenes??.. and yeah be early again as well??.. do cont soon ?

    1. Romaisha

      Lol thanks dii ? yah dont worry I’ll I’ll post soon ..

  8. Loveleen

    hey dear thts an awsn episd….m jus waiting fr ur confession spl…u really write so well….n yeah i wanna giv u all a news tht tei is gonna end by sept 16….wich i feel it shud cz no sid means no tei…

    1. Romaisha

      Heyy thank you so much for commenting and yah you’re right since sid cme out it made no sense ? watched only for Jasmin ..

  9. Romu dear u made me so happy…loved n cute waala twinj moment…i also miss sids one eyebrow look…overall was swt as dessert…bt now i m nt happy as sid also got eliminate n tei also gonna end….
    i wish sid n jas come back 2ghtr wid a bang on new serial…

    1. Romaisha

      Aww thanks yaar ? i also want sidmin to come back with a bang!!!
      I dont like how they eliminated sidhant so mean!!! ?

  10. Shatakshi

    God Romu….I can clearly relate this EXAMINATION FEAR
    It is horrible n the episode was the best
    Loved it to the core
    N yes tei is gonna end on 16 September…. Naman confirmed the news
    Well its ok…atleast better than dragging the story
    Hope they have a best life ahead
    Love u❤❤

    1. Romaisha

      Hey di glad to see your comment 🙂 thanks alot
      Nd yeah its true the dragging ..
      Hope to see sid And jas back sometimes soon 🙂

  11. Angita

    Romu romu romu..
    I can’t express my words
    Tooooooooooooooooo amazing
    About tei ending is a real heartbreak yaar

    1. Romaisha

      Thankk for commenting 🙂 and yea ?

  12. Sameera

    Awww romu kya epi diya hai yaar
    So lovely Twi dance
    Kunj teasing her amazing yaar
    Loved it to the core
    Do cont soon plshh ???

    1. Romaisha

      Hey dearr thanks alot 🙂
      Glad u liked it

  13. Jisha

    Fabulous… loved the Twinkle made him eat and kunj biting was so cute…wow…nd kunj talking to himself…????

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      Thank you di !!! ❤❤❤

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi

    1. Romaisha

      Thanks yaar 🙂

  15. SidMin

    Loved it I don’t know how to express it in words that the episode has touched my heart and the episode was so cute Kunj keeping Twinkle’s eating as good luck so sweet and Loved the way Twinkle made Kunj eat food Loved it
    waiting for the next episode
    Love you 🙂

    1. Romaisha

      Awww thank you so much sidmin =)

  16. Kruti

    Omg…….what an epi it was…….Awesome……amazing

    The way u expressed twinkle’s happiness and that song??????so cute it was……..I enjoyed reading d epi

    Loved it

    Love u??

    1. Romaisha

      Awww Kruti !!! Thank you so much for liking the episode!! 😀

  17. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Sorry for the late comment..the epi was soooo gudd..luved twinj’s scene..and the way kunj taking twinkle’s earings as hi lucky charm..mmmuuaahh amazing one.. 🙂

    1. Romaisha

      Thanks Aksa!! 🙂 n its okay you’re never late yaar just glad u liked it 🙂

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  20. Baby

    amazing romaisah wowwwww very cute
    n cnt w8 fr d examination day of kunj
    osm yr luvd t 2 d core
    post nxt asap dear

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