My heart beats for only you (Episode 23)


Episode 23

Recap-/Episode 22

Next day ; Morning

Yuvi and Mahi are sitting at the dining table having breakfast, waiting for Kunj and Twinkle to come and join them.
Y- Arre, where are those two troublemakers yaar? Dont tell me they slept in!
M- Yuvi, why are u worrying? They aren’t kids anymore you know. Leave them nah.
Y- Thik hai meri maa!
She laughs. “Lo agaye Twinkle and Kunj.”
Y- Whoa! You two are rather in a hurry.
Both Kunj and Twinkle were running down the steps bumping into each other and walking here and there looking for their stuff. Twinkle was wearing a simple black and red chunidar while Kunj, a black shirt and blue jeans and hair in a mess.
M- Oh God! These two look worse than you yuvi !!
Y- Me? How did I get into this?

M- Kunj! Twinkle! Where are you going? At least have breakfast before leaving!
T- Breakfast? Mahi are you mad?
K- She’s right di. Have u seen the time? Its 8:30 and we’re suppose to reach college by 9!
M- So? You can’t ruin your appetite bcz you’re late. What if you fall ill? Come have breakfast. Now please!
Yuvi started laughing. “You know jaan. Just now you were telling me something about they not being kids anymore. Remember?
M- Be quiet Yuvi!
Twinkle walked up to the table and took two apples and threw one to kunj. “Happy now?” Mahi smiled and they ran out of the house. She sat down back and sighed. Yuvi held her hand and blinked his eyes to comfort her. She smiled andv moved her hand to his mouth and moved the food that was at the side of his lip. He smirked and bit her finger. She smiled then looked at the clock. “Okay, stop romancing.. We have to leave for office.” She got up but he pulled her back. “Really? How about we stay home today. We need some time alone nah.”
Mahi played with his hair and looked at him. “Acha? So our time together in Goa wasn’t enough?”
Y- Naii yaar. You were boring there. You didn’t want to do anything so all i could do was stare at other girls who were interested in me. At least they wanted to do something. After all, i am hot nah. He said winking at her.

M- Acha? So I’m boring?
Y- haa tuh?
M- You like to stare at other girls?
Y- Haa..
Mahi came closer to him and Yuvi closed his eyes as this is what he wanted. Mahi smirked and went towards his cheek leaving a love mark there and she moved away.
Yuvi opened his eyes and frowned. “Not wat i had in mind!”
Mahi laughed. “Too bad! Atleast now everyone will no you’re taken especially those girls,” She said and left him smiling at her jealousy. (Tumhe Aapna Banane Ka played while all this happened)

Lunch time ; College ; Cafeteria
“Oh God, I’m so tired yaar!” Varun said while stretching.
T- Kyoon?
Sid- nothing yaar just that since it’s the last week of work, the teachers are pushing all the notes in our head.
C- Haa finals are starting next week.
T- Ohh..
Sid- Yup .. Stress starts .. God
T- Don’t worry all will be fine..She smiles. “By the way Kunj kaha hay?”
Sargun- Kunj..i think he’s gone towards the garden.
T- Huh? Garden?

C- Oh whenever Kunj wants to be alone he goes there. I don’t know why.
T- Hmm fine …
She thinks, “I hope Kunj is alright. I would’ve gone to check on him but chinki said he wanted to be alone. Kya yaar.. He talks about how i get him worried. Huh! You’re getting me worried kunj! Oh God, i hope he’s ok.”

Next scene ; Garden

Kunj is sitting on the bench lost in thoughts. He looks like he was a bit scared and nervous.

Kunj POV-
“Oh God, Kunj! Why are u so nervous buddy? Exams are starting. This is the final step to fulfilling my promise to maa aur papa and also to take care of Twinkle and finally express my feelings to her.
Yeh bhagwan please hamari madat karro! (Oh God please help me. I hope that hindi transliteration was right)
I have to pass! Come on Kunj be positive!”

End of POV.

He sits there with a tired look on his face staring at the ground. He was worried and needed someone to boost his confidence as studying really wasn’t his thing. The last examination he had was before his parents left him and they were the ones who helped him pass with flying colours, but now he was alone and tensed.

Suddenly a flower fell on his head and into his hand, but he ignored it and threw it on the ground. This time two more fell into both his hands and he got annoyed. He looks up with a what-the-hell wala face. “What is wrong with you two? Can’t you see I’m stressed here?” And he mutters under his breath. “Throwing flowers on me..huh!!” Now he talks aloud, “Is it my wedding? Haa? That you two are showering flowers at me? Arre i haven’t even graduated yet n you are getting me married! God yaar. I have some weird parents!”

He looks at the flowers and then calmed down a bit. “Okay fine! I won’t keep thinking negatively. Ab Khush? Imma keep these as your good wishes, ok?” He smiles and puts them in his pocket. He rubs his hand together and breathed. “Okay Mr. Kunj Sarna. Good luck!”
He got up and left.

Next scene ; Sarna mansion
Night ; Kunj’s room

“Okay Kunj time to do some studying.” Kunj said to himself. Just then yuvi comes to his room.
“Kunj. I’ve brought your coffee… Here.”
K- Thanks bhai
Y- Vaise…What are going to do at this time of night and that too, coffee?
K- Arre yuvi, can’t u see? I’m studying!
Y- Haa i can see that but at this hour?
K- Yuvi i dont have time to answer your question. Now leave.
Y- Huh! You’re chasing me?
K- Haa jao..
Y- Naii, I won’t. Tell me first. Why is this exam so important?
K- Arre obviously nah. I have to pass to get my degree.
Y-But finals don’t usually be THAT hard. So why start now?
K- Yuvi bhai. You know nah i don’t study without mom and dad. So now since they aren’t here, I have to start early…
Yuvi puts his hand on Kunj’s shoulders and comforted him.
K- Ok go now please. You got your answer.

Y- but!
K- Oh god .. Yuvi, mahi is calling you .. Tu jaa nah! Kunj pushed him out of the room while saying this.
Yuvi looked back and smiled at him. “Kunj, if u want help, I’m here, ok?” Kunj nodded and started reading.

Next scene ; Twinkle’s room

Twinkle was sitting up on her bed since she wasn’t feeling sleepy and was watching random music videos on YouTube when she heard noises coming from Kunj’s room. She frowned, “Why is so much noise coming from Kunj’s room?” She got up and left for his room.

“Kunj..tum…KUNJ!” Twinkle froze in her spot. She was shocked to see papers everywhere in the room. It was in a mess. Coffee spilled on the table, windows open, curtains flying causing the papers to fly and Kunj sitting on the ground beside the bed, back facing Twinkle. “Dammit!! AHH!” She heard him yelling. She poured some water and went towards him. She put her hand on his shoulder to let him know she was in the room. He opened his eyes and Twinkle was shocked. His eyes were blood red and he was sweating profusely.
He quickly composed himself.
K- Twinkle..

T- Kunj, shut up and take this water.
She forwarded the water to him and he drank it. “Why are you studying so much Kunj? Have you seen your state? You’re trembling. Come, get up.” She said helping him up.
K- But Twinkle..I’m fine..
She put her finger on her lip and helped him lie on the bed. “Kunj tum pagal ho kya haa? Why are you studying now? Have u seen the time? Why are you straining yourself yaar?” She said yelling at him. She kept on complaining while Kunj just stared at her. He thinks, “Twinkle, I’m doing all this for you. I can sacrifice anything for you let alone my sleep. If i have to give up my life, I’ll gladly give it. But please don’t force me to stop. Please Twinkle. I have to keep going. I have to keep going for you and only you.” He looks at her and places his hand on her mouth to stop her from talking. Eyelock follows as sajna ve plays in BG.
He speaks up silently, “How much will you talk yaar? Breath for a while nah.” He takes his hand off her mouth and she gives him some more water. “Kunj, why are you so stubborn?”
K- Probably i take after you.
T- Shut up Kunj. Tell me nah.
K- dekh Twinkle leave me let me study. You go sleep. You need to rest nah.
T- Oh so what about you haa? I’ll sleep while you suffer. Wahh Kunj Sarna, tuh kitne smart ho!
Kunj smiles and is happy knowing she cares for him. “So much care for me? Aww..”
T- Kunj! Not the time!
K- Achha Sorry.
T- Abb bol. Why are you up so late still studying? You need some time to rest too.
He sighes and tells her the same reason which he told Yuvi. (But we all know he’s doing this also for her.)
Twinkle smiles. “Kunj, don’t worry. Sab thik go jayega. Main ho nah.”
K- Acha? And what do you mean by that? Do you know how hard it is to study without Maa? I’ll surely fail this time and ..
T- I’ll help you study.
K- Kya? But..
T- no buts. Be quiet. For now you sleep and we’ll start tomorrow. Ok, Mr.Kunj Sarna?
K- But…
T- Kunj!!
Kunj covered his ears. “Arre thik hai meri maa!!”
T- Good boy. Now sleep. Good night.
She got up and smiled. She stopped at the door. “Kunj if u come back to this room and find you still reading then i swear i won’t leave you!” She turned around hoping for a reply but she smiled finding him already sleeping. She walked back to him and slowly kissed his forehead. “Good Night Kunj. My Sadu Sarna.” Saiyarra plays as she looks at him and smiles. She quietly leaves the room.
She goes towards the terrace and closes her eyes while the calm atmosphere joins her and attends her presence.

Twinkle’s POV-
“I promise Kunj, I’ll help you with your every problem and every trouble. I’ll always be by your side and never leave you. Haa, you’re irritating at times but that makes my day to know you’re happy doing so. The way you call me your siyappa queen just kills my heart. This stubborn drama queen is impressed with all your annoying tactics. The way you stand up for me, the way you protect me, take care of me, stand up for me, fight with me, flirt with me, all of these things just sends me crazy for you Kunj.”

She smiles and remembers all her moments with Kunj and opens her eyes in shock.
“Kunj Sarna, I think your siyappa queen is falling for you.” She starts smiling brightly and her eyes now show the joy and love she hold from him. “Kunj, i always knew we were connected in way. I now know the real reason for all my happiness. You’re the reason i smile and cry everyday. Everyday i shall wake up knowing that i have someone like you in my life.” She smiles and starts twirling around with the soothing wind. She stops looking at the stars and sees the constellation of a heart and the shooting star passing through it. She smiles and makes a wish closing her eyes.
“Oh Lord, please keep meri Kunj happy always. Please always give him what he wants and he’s never sad. Don’t worry about me. I found everything I’ve ever wanted already.” Sajna ve plays in BG.
“Kunj, tumhare siyappa queen humasha teri saat hu.”

Episode ends on Twinkle’s smiling face and the constellation. πŸ™‚

Precap- Hmmm..

Okay i know im extremely late and I’m extremely sorryyy!!!! Sorryyy!!!! Please forgive me nah!!
I had told u the reason nah? My cousins were in the country so i was rarely home and was always tired after spending the day with her but i managed to read the ffs and commented as i can’t start nor end my day without reading one :).
But no need to worry now. She left yesterday so .. I’ll try to be regular. My school is reopening soon so im also preparing for that and my internet .. Ugh! Idk what wrong .. Any way i will try to post earlier .. Ok? Sorry nah guyys.. I hope this episode wasn’t boring.
Umm one question… I hope I’m not dragging my ff…am I? If so please do tell me. I don’t want u all to get bored.
So did you like Twinkle’s somewhat realisation? I tried to make it sound good but I don’t think i did that of a good job.
Umm ok now its literally 12:10 am in my country and I’ve been trying to post this episode since 10:00pm so u can imagine how angry i am.
Usually i copy and paste the episode since so parts r simetimes cut out and i have to start over again and if this continues then ill have no choice but to end my ff. Besides its going borin anyway. I dont think i can be as good as you wonderful writers! Like seriously i love u people’s work :).
Im sorry once again, now and in future (:(
And also .. I couldn’t get to change the cover picture as browser was fretting me .. Sorry if i used Ill language nah .. But i really hope u all understand my situation and if u see any mistakes in the episode please do tell in comments πŸ™‚

Thank you allllll soooo much for your wonderful feedback towards my previous episodes!! They really meant alot. Please support me in this one also πŸ™‚
Okay im going now my eyes are hurting since im in the dark nahh n im typing to u all ?? ❀❀
Love u all !!

Tumhare Romaisha :)… Sorry again

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      oh god yaar!! ?? Baby meri maa!! Mujhe maaf kar yaar!
      Acha thik hai from now i wint say anything bad any Romaisah ki ff!! Sry sry sry sry!! ?
      You know that line ‘abhi batati hun’ i thought u were going to come out from my mobile screen and started beating me ?? sorry nah dii
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      Ad thank u so much for commenting this comment… It really set me straight ??

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      Though ur comment was basically yelling at me (which ofc i didn’t mind ?) you did manage to make me smile and haa laugh too ??
      I’ll cut my nonsense .. Thik hai? Forgive me nah ?
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        Loved this name

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    1. Romaisha

      Ohhh God dii ???????
      U no while i was reading the previous comments and i saw they all knocking some sense into me i got nervous .. I was like “yeh bhagwan if they r all so angry bcz i said this then sayu will definitely kill me ?” yaarrrr ajeeb hai yaar 1st u yell at me then say i love u hawwe ???
      Sayu im sorry nahh actually i was getting so irritated bcz my episode wasnt getting posted so i just wrote whatever came to mind. So sorry i had no intention to hurt u yaar ? u no nah i love u too. I promise i wont speak like this again. I dont wish for sayu to murder me though i dont mind at all ????? and teri fighting mode ?? acha i’ll stop now… Thank u sooo much for likin this episode and yah hindi is fine i read and analyise ? i’ll surely try and post asap
      Love u too ❀

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    Hey romaisha..loved today’s epi..u know i was waiting for your ff..n plz don’t end..i love ur ff n btw i loved twinkles continue asap

    1. Romaisha

      Thank you so much Fan! Im so happy to see ur comment and don’t worry i won’t end ..
      Glad u liked it πŸ™‚
      Sorry to keep u waiting nah

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      Thank you chiku di πŸ™‚ … Im still smiling yaar n im soooo sorry to keep u waiting nah sowwie n im glad u liked the way i portray their emotions. That’s kinda my motive πŸ™‚
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      God yaar you’ve made your point crystal clear!!! Very clear ??
      Krutiiiii don’t spam my account yaar nooo ?? I’ll die yaar :v im kidding ?
      Haaa haaa yell at me then butter me ? very bad nahh .. Thank you soooo much for ur comment aur haa im sorry again πŸ™‚ :v
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