My heart beats for only you (Episode 22)

Episode 22

Recap- episode-21
At night ; Kunj’s room

Kunj is wearing black trousers and a white and blue vest, hands folded and standing infront of Usha and Manohar’s photo.
“Twinkle Taneja!” He said fuming. “More like the best drama queen and troublemaker around. Today for the first time in my life, that siyappa queen managed to get me trapped in jail. Jail! Lockup! She even had me lying to the police for her sake. Offo! … Dekha? Haa? Why are you staring at me like that haa? I know you’re fed up hearing this one line over and over but haa meh phir se bolo… She takes after you both! Loves to put on dramas. Badmassh.
Vaise.. You shouldn’t have given birth to me but to her. God!!” He said in one go complaining to poor usha and manohar. He sits in the bed with an irritated face but then gets up back suddenly smiling and starts laughing. “By the way , i gotta find out why she doesn’t like moustaches. Siyappa queen haa .. but nice and funny siyappa queen.” *smiles*
“Ahem!” Said a voice by his room door. He bites his lip before turning around but then sighed. “Mahi di! Thank god its only you.”
M- Haa meh. Who else could it have been?
K- No, its just that I’ve gotten used to Twinkle and I being home alone so..
M- Acha? She said teasing him and went to him and hugged him. “Are you ok Kunj?”
“Of course di,” he answered. “I missed you.”
Mahi hugged him a bit tighter. “So did I.” They break the hug and she turns to the photo. “Maa aur Papa kaise hay?” She asked getting a bit teary eyed while running her fingers along their face. “Their doing good. Papa as usual up to mischief.” He answered with a little laugh. She laughs also. “Kunj, tum pagal ho!” h
K- Haa i take after the Sarna family nah? Isliyeh. They both laughed. Mahi bent down and touched her parent’s feet and took their blessing. (on the photo). “Hi maa, papa. I’m sure Kunj must’ve taken great care of you nah…as usual. I hope he didnt create any problems for you.” She started choking on her words due to the sorrow that was now building inside of her. “I miss you!” She said and fell on the bed. Kunj held her shoulders in order to comfort her. He was also keeping in his tears as he didn’t want her to get sad. “Arre di, don’t get all senti now yaar. This sad face doesn’t suit you at all. You are my strong sister nah?” Mahi looked at him and cleared her face. “You know ever since they left us they’re wasn’t a day that i haven’t forgot them. I miss them so much and I missed u alot also while i was in goa. I was always worried and tensed for you. Yuvi would have to calm me down.”
“Of course he would have to calm you down you stupid woman. Nothing will happen to me. I will always be with you. I promise. A brother’s promise. Ok? If you worry so much then you will start getting wrinkles and i will have to call you my grandmother instead of my pagal and immature sister.” Kunj said making her smile. She playfully hit his hand.
K- Oww!
M- That didn’t hurt so stop acting like a child. By the way, why this sudden change in you haa? N
You were never like this and to see you cheering me up.. hmm.. Something fishy nah?
Kunj looked at her with a funny wala What-Are-You-Saying face.
Mahi pulled his ear. “You can’t hide anything from me now speak! Kya hua?”
“Arre kuch naii di..ahh! Leave my ear nah!”
Mahi left his ear and smirked. “Hmm.. Did Twinkle change you? After all, there wasn’t anybody else in the house with you.” Kunj looked away shocked but Mahi saw this. He looked at her expressionless. “Kya hua? Cat got your tongue?”
He nodded no. He was trying to speak but no words weren’t coming out. “Di .. Vo .. Umm..”
Mahi started laughing. “Kunj tum guilty ho? Oh my god!”
K- Huh?? I never said that! As a matter of fact i didn’t say anything!
M- Exactly.
Kunj was shocked cum surprised.
Mahi smiled. “Kunj?”
He looked at her and nodded, “what?”
M- You have a soft spot for twinkle in your heart, don’t you?
Kunj was again speechless and unknowingly started smiling. Sajna ve plays. Mahi notices him smiling but chose to keep quiet.

“Oh hello! Bhai and Behin ji!” Yuvi yelled jumping on the bed joining them. Twinkle did too and sat at the edge with Mahi.
M- Did you just call me behin ji?
Yuvi looks up with an Oh-No face. “No Jaan. Clean your ears nah. I would never call you that.” He said lying while kunj and Twinkle hid their laughter. “Whatever,” she said rolling her eyes.
T- You two looked like you were in an important conversation. Everything alright?
M- Haa sab thik hai. Right Kunj? She winked at him. He just turned the other direction.
Y- Ok .. Yeh Sab chod. Mahi and I got gifts for you.
T- Ooh gifts! Show me.
Y- Wait..
He showed her a beautiful necklace with two stars as the pendants and the matching bracelet. “Aww thanks bhai!” She said and Gave him a side hug. “You’re welcome doll.”
Mahi forwarded a red packet to Kunj.
K- Di?
M- Open it nah
He opened it and smiled.
“Thanks Mahi.. Di you’re the best. I loved it.
M- Haa i know
Mahi had got kunj a tiny locket with a two hearts placed on it. Inside one of the heart was a picture with him and mahi and the other heart with Usha and Manohar.
“I know you would want something to keep them close to you so I got the locket made.” He smiled and thanked her again. “Its beautiful Kunj.” Said Twinkle. He smiled at her and immediately kept it with him.
“So Twinkle what are you doing these days since you aren’t going to college?” Mahi asked.
T- Vo.. Actually .. I have been going. I’ve turned a teacher at Kunj’s college.
Y- Whoa! What? Teacher?
Twinkle explained how she went with Kunj to college and planned the event and became a dance teacher and so on.
Y- Ohh .. Oh wow.. So much has happened.
M- You know right. I think they were better off without us.
T- What are you saying Mahi? So bad. We missed you two alot and you’re saying this?
K- She’s right. Besides you don’t know who u left me with. And he glared at twinkle andshe did the same
Y- Ok you two! Stay calm.
M- Haa..don’t make us go for the sticks again.
Kunj and Twinkle immediately moved away from them. “No we’re good.”
Yuhi started laughing. “Okay I’m tired. I think we should get some rest. Good night guys.” Yuvi said and was getting up and started to go when he saw mahi still sitting. He slapped his forehead and started talking sweetly to her, “Mahi beta, chall nah. Your bed time has past.”
M- Yuvi!!
Y- Mahi!! He shouted back making a puppy face. They smiled. “Good night Kunj,Twinkle!” She yelled while yuvi pulled her out the room. Now it was just Twinkle and Kunj in the room. They both were feeling extremely awkward. Kunj was about to go when Twinkle held his hand stopping at him. He looked at his hand then at her. *Eyelock* Sajna ve plays in BG.
“Kunj..” Twinkle said breaking the eye lock.
“Hmm?” He replied.
“I’m sorry,” she says putting her hands on her ears. Kunj looks at her pretending to be shocked. He slaps himself. “What? Am i hearing right? Twinkle Taneja? Apologizing? Huuuhh!!!”
Twinkle frowns. “Shut up Kunj! I’m really sorry. Because of me we ended up in jail and i got drunk and was a burden to you. I’m sorry.”
Kunj smiles. “Arre who said you were a burden? were a bit scary in a drunken state and impossible to handle but yea .. All cool.”
“So that means you forgive me?”
K- Yah. I never really was angry.
T- Yay! Thank you Kunj. And she hugs him. Kunj was a bit surprised but hugged her back anyway.
K- Now go and rest. It’s late.
Twinkle smirked. “Kunj. Arent you forgetting something?”
Kunj was puzzled and nodded, what?
She started to move closer to him and sensually played with his face. “I recall Mr kunj sarna had to kiss me. Right?”
Kunj was shocked and looked at her and stammered, “Whha.t you tal..king. about?”
“Haww u forgot already! And i was the one with the hangover. Challo koi baat nai.. I forgive you…darling.” She said whispering in his ear making him shiver and he closed his eyes as he sees twinkle moving forward to his face.
Twinkle smiles at his nervousness and she herself started blushing. She composed herself and tapped him. Kunj opened his eyes lost. She starts laughing. “Kunj! Your expression! God its so priceless!! Hahaha!”
Kunj was hardly paying attention to what she was saying and was drowning in her laughter. Ishq Bulaava instrumental plays in the BG as he starts proceeding towards her. Twinkle was still laughing, her hair playing with the wind. She opens her eyes and was about to walk out the room when she strikes with Kunj and they fell on the bed. *Eye lock*
K- Tumhi kiss chaheyeh nah?
Twinkle gulped and shook her head no.
K- Kyoon? You were asking for it and besides you were the one who told me I was the best kisser on town. Remember?
Twinkle just stared back as her answer. Every line Kunj spoke he came closer to her.
“You lips look thirsty and so is mine. Would you like us to satisfy them? Bolo nah babydoll.” He said.
Twinkle started blushing and pushed him off. She ran out of the room leaving Kunj smiling. He laid back on the bed with a thud.
Late that night, they both were lying on the bed in their room, thinking of each other and smiled.
Saiyaara plays in BG from ek that tiger as the screen splits on their smiling faces as they think about each other.

Precap- Twinkle helps Kunj with his studies 🙂

Hey all!! Okay let me be honest. This is probably the 12th time I’m posting this episode…it keeps getting deleted or something obsructs it from posted. Anyway i finally got through.
Thank you all for commenting yaar. Like those comments seriously carried me to the moon ??. Thank you soooo much.
Ok so i hope this.episode wasnt boring. 🙂

Bye and love you all dearly!! ✌

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