My heart beats for only you (Episode 21)


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And sayuu di .. I was laughing bczu were laughing ? like tbh i didn’t find last epi that funny but I’m glad you all liked it. Haa, credit goes to Sara di, writer of Love Is Blind. She is a real comedian yaar. Hats off di!! And btw im in love with Aarav. Can i have him? Hope you’re reading 🙂 .
Okay enough of my nonsense ,let’s start the episode with a smile. Thanks again for commenting and supporting.

Episode 21

Recap- Episode 20

Episode starts with Kunj shocked, jumping up to his feet, gulping, “Police?”
There stood in front of them three slight obesed Punjabi dressed policemen with long mustaches and loud voices with weird accents. (You guys know how funny policemen dress. Just imagine nah. I’ll name the chief inspector Mr.Rathore and the other two, one rather strict about his job, Mr.Uday and the other one rather silly and talks whatever comes to mind, Mr.Palu.)
Mr.R- What are you doing here?
Kunj just stood there feeling terrified as he never got into trouble with police before.
Mr.P- Sab, I think they were resting. Place is hot nah. Maybe that’s why. He said and pretended to fan himself. Uday looked at him angrily. “Who’s side are you on? They broke the law and you’re talking about the weather!”
“What law have we broken?” Asked Kunj stammering. “We haven’t broken any law!”
Mr.R- Really? Don’t you know this place is booked for an event and you’re not supposed to step in without permission.
“But Sir we didn’t know!” He answered though he felt bad lying. Just then Varun woke up mumbling. “Abbe yaar who’s disturbing my sleep so early? Kunj! Kunj, where are you?” He opened his eyes slowly and was shocked. He immediately stoop up half awake half sleepy and saw the policemen staring at him with their sticks in their hands pointing to him. He also saw Kunj waving to him and mouthing, “don’t say anything!”
“Inspector sab? Kya hua?” He asked innocently.
Mr.P- Kya hua? You have been sleeping here without permission! Kya problem hay? Your wife kicked you out nah? Dont worry, happens to all men. Mujhe bhi.
Mr.R- Inspector Palu! Behave yourself! I admit you dont have sense but are you blind as well? Can’t you see there are two young women beside them?
Mr.P- Haa yaar.. They’re so hot.
Mr.Uday widened his eyes and slapped him. “Sorry Sorry..” He said.
Mr.R- What are your names?”
He continued, “Why are these two girls here? I hope you haven’t stayed out too late drinking and taking advantage of these girls!”
Varun and Kunj’s eyes popped. “Naii sir .. umm we lost our way home and just thought to take rest here.” Varun said lying through his teeth.
Mr.R- And how may i ask you got over here?
V- Ahh..umm..Kunj… How did we get over here?
K- kya? I can’t remember .. We were so tired yaar.
V- Haaa…

Just then Chinki started waking up and stood up but lost her balance since she was feeling dizzy. She fell into Varun’s arms. “Oh good morning jaan.” She said looking up yawning. Mr.Palu shouted, “Jaan? Huuuh!!”
Chinki now turned around and instantly stood properly and stammered, “I..nnse.pector?”
“Oh God stop saying that line! All of you are doing the exact same things stop it!” Uday shouted getting annoyed. “Uday, I’ll handle this. Miss, can u please tell me how you got over here?”
Chinki thought for a while. “Mujhe nai pata. But i think we um jumped over? I don’t know.” Varun was busy nudging her to not say anything but it was of no use. He thinks- “Oh sh*it! Ab kya hoga..”
Mr.R- so why can’t remember anything?
“Maybe we were drunk.” She answered trying to recall what happened.
Mr.P – Drunk?
Mr.R- What? You all are lying to the police? Will some body please tell me what’s going on here?! He said yelling. Kunj was behind them all making sad faces and feeling sorry for himself.
Mr.R- You know what? We’ll wait for the other girl to wake up and then we’ll hear her story..
V&K (in mind) – Oh crap! No! She was also drunk! Yeh bhagwan please help us.
The three inspectors were determined to hear Twinkle’s story so they sat there and waited while Vinki and Kunj were busy praying to get out of the situation.
“Lalalala! Good morning!” Twinkle yelled now finally awake.
Vinki and Kunj stopped moving and looked at each other. Kunj mumbled under his breath, “I just hope this Siyappa Queen doesn’t create more siyappas here!”
Twinkle was busy stretching her lazy body in all directions and yawning. It seemed as if she had a heavy hangover and was not quite in her sense. While stretching she mistakingly slapped inspector Uday. “Ohh sorry Kunj. Wait Kunj?” And she started feeling and playing with his face. “Hahaha Kunj! Since when did you grow a moustache? Yuck! Shave it off yaar!”
K- Yeh bhagwan! Ek aur siyappa! What is she doing?? Oh God please help us.

Meanwhile Uday was fuming in anger since he doesn’t like when someone says bad things about his facial looks and hair. “What is wrong with having a moustache?” He asked trying to be calm as possible.
T- Hmmmm… Tu nai sam jogeh … Just get rid of it nah..
Uday- Kyoon?
T- Mujhe nai pata..
Uday’s anger was it’s peak, “There must be some reason!”
Just then twinkle gave Uday a slap and this time it was deliberate. “I said you won’t understand! Kya problem hay tumhare yaar? God!” And she tried standing up and opened here eyes. “Kunj! Kunj, kaha ho tum? I can’t see anything!” Uday marched up to here locked her arms in handcuffs while Vinki and Kunj stood there shocked.
T- Huh handcuffs?
U- You’re under arrest Missy. Chall police station challey..
T- Police station kyoon? What’s going on? Chinki, kaha ho tum yaar. I don’t understand what’s going on.
Twinkle now tried to clear her blur vision and saw kunj and vinki staring at her angrily and turned and saw officers behind her.
T thinks- Oh God .. What did I do?
U- Inspector, what r u waiting for? Let’s go.
R- Haa. Palu, handcuff those rest of kids and lets go.
P- jii Sir.
K- But Sir? Why are we going to the station?
V- Haa..we don’t know how we got over here…
U- Shut up! You’re lying to the police again! You’re under a lot of charges so keep quiet and move!
Twinkle was stuck with Uday so she turned and put on an innocent face and a sweet smile and asked, “Sirr..why exactly are we going to …” She gulped a bit, “Jail?”
Uday gave her a little grin. “First of all, you were drunk all night and stayed out late which means you must have gone to some pub. Next you climbed into this garden without permission even though you knew you shouldn’t have, you lied to the inspector and lastly you slapped and spoke illy about his moustache! Does that answer your question?”
K- But..we weren’t drunk..some goons came and..
R- Be quiet! You had your chance to speak.
P- Challo!

Next scene ; Police station

In jail

K&V – This all your fault!
T&C- What? Why are you blaming us?
T- we’re not the ones with the bright idea to jump over the garden fence!
K- Shut up Twinkle! You were drunk and don’t know.what happened ok?! So just shut up.
Twinkle was angry now and they all started fighting.
Mr.Rathore and inspector Palu came just then to shut them up.
R- You four! Be quiet for god sake! Palu .. Open their cell.
All four stood with a Huh wala face.
“You’ve been released. Your friend Siddarth explained everything .. Now get out of here. You talk too much. Just go!” Kunj smiled and touched his feet and they ran out.
R- Children these days!


“Sid! Thanks so much for getting us out of there.” Kunj said. “Haa yaar.. Thanks alot!” Said Varun giving him a hug.
S- Its ok nah .. What r friends for? But next time.. Listen to me when i say pretend to be married and stay in a hotel than crawling in other lands like thief. They laughed and bid him goodbye.

K- Shall we go, siyappa Queen?
T- shut up Kunj! And haa let’s.
I can’t stay another minute with you.
K- Like i want to be stuck with you. He said rolling his eyes.
T- what’s your problem haa?
K- My problem! Haaahaha! I won’t even answer that question. Troublemaker!
T- Troublemaker? You’re the troublemaker. Mujhe nai.
K- Oh really? Was i the one to beat up a set of goons with their shoe and instead of coming back heroic, you come back drunk? Haa? You don’t know anything so just be quiet and stop eating my head!
T- As if your head is tasty.
K- You!
Kunj and Twinkle were fighting so much that they didn’t realise that they reached Sarna mansion and as soon as they put their hand out to open the doo, they fell in and landed on the ground. (Funny tune plays)
Both stood up slowly. Kunj does his one eyebrow look and looked at twinkle and frowned. “Twinkle what are you doing?”
“Can’t you see I’m getting ready to fight.” She answered standing in a karate wala pose. Kunj just rolled his eyes and then they walked slowly inside. “Hello? Who is inside? Hello?” Kunj asked feeling a bit scared. Just then they heard footsteps coming and two pillows were threwn at them. “Ahh!” They screamed “Who’s there? Show yourself! And what are you doing in my house?” Another set of pillows were thrown at them followed by two persons running towards them and started hitting them with two sticks. Kunj and Twinkle unknowingly hugged each other. “Arre kon hay? Ahh!”
Twinkle yelled.
K- mummy!! Ahh! Why are u hitting us?
The two persons started speaking.
Person 1 (P1) – Teri tuh! Wait I’ll show you! Your deserve more than this beating!
T- Arre but at least tell us what we did nah!
P2- Shut up! Is this the time to come home? Haa? Bolo!!
Kunj and Twinkle looked at each other and both yelled at the same time, “Bhaiyya!! Diii!”
So the two persons who were hitting them were none other than Mahi and Yuvi.
Y- Don’t bhaiyya di us. Do you know how worried we were?
K- Yuvi bhai.. We’ll tell you everything but please stop hitting us. Di stop nah!
M- Never! Where were you two yaar? We were coming to give you a surprise and we find the house empty haa!
Where were you?
T&K- We were in Jail!!!
Yuvi and Mahi stopped hitting them while they breathed a sigh of relief.
Y- Since last night?
T- Kya? Nai.. Wait how long were you guys here?
M- 8pm last night. And found the house empty!
Y- and now is 11am to be exact! You tell me. Don’t u think you deserve more than just this trashing? Haa? Now bol how did you end up there?
Kunj explained everything since he knew Twinkle will talk the opposite of what actually happened.
Yuvi and Mahi looked at each other and fell on the couch started laughing.
M- haha you have got to be kidding me!!
Y- Mahi, Twinkle went back in time and turned a fighter. Haha.. Btw you two can leave each other now.
Kunj and Twinkle realised their position and left each other immediately. They were about to step towards yuhi but then saw the sticks in their hands.
Yuhi- don’t worry .. We won’t hit you anymore. Though it was fun! They said still laughing.
Twinj went and jumped on the couch with them and hugged them.
T- bhai I’m glad you’re back.
“Haa mujhe bhi. But now that I’m back, don’t pick up your shoe and hit me when i tease u.” He said teasing her. “Bhaiyya!”
Y- acha sorry
K- so how was Goa?
Yuhi began talking about their trip while twinj sat down listening attentively hands on their cheeks.

Episode ends on the yuhi and twinj’s face.

Precap- still thinking ..

Okay how was it? I thought it was boring .. Anyway please do comment nah.
By the way I’m so sorry for my late updates but I’m helpless yaar. Actually my cousins have come from America and i have to usually be with them so i hardly get time to come on TU. I’m so sorry for all the ffs that i haven’t commented on. Really i am reading but circumstances are not letting me comment. So sorry guys. My next episode, i don’t know when I’ll post but hopefully it will be soon. Thank you for understanding..

Bye love you all ✌

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  1. Kruti

    How do u write such funny things……i was rolling on my bed laughing like a miniac ????
    Awesome epi

    1. Romaisha

      ?? thanks Kruti!!

  2. Awesome epii.. it was not at All boring.. in fact I loved it.. it was funny too???.. I loved that scene when twinkle woke up and hit that uday’s face ??.. and told him to shave his moustache?? haha so funnyy.. and that line ‘as if your head is tasty’??.. it’s super duper awesome.. do cont soon ?

    1. Romaisha

      Lol thanks dii !! 😀

    2. Romaisha

      Thank you !

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Awsome romaisha
    Lovely episode keep thinking just kidding but do post the next on soon

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      Will try to post soon 😉 ..

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    Maza aaya.. It’s hilarious…
    Waiting for the next episode..

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  6. Kritika14

    it was just so amazing! how do you manage to write so well? i am awestruck ? i was laughing like an idiot reading the whole episode! Continue soon x love you ?

    1. Romaisha

      Aww thanks Monica.. ?

  7. Baby

    omg romaisah yr amazing sense of humour luvd d episode 2 d core whole episode was amazing n mein has has ke bich mein pagal hui thi luvd it yr post nxt asap dear cnt w8

    1. Romaisha

      Thanks Baby dii
      Glad u liked it 🙂

      1. Baby

        diiiiiiiiiiiii wats ur age? pls tell

      2. Baby

        yr hey post nxt asap eagerly w8ing

    2. Romaisha

      Im 14 … N I’ll try to post as early as possible ..

      1. Baby

        hey romaisah yes post asap bt as per ur convnience bcz i luv ur ff

  8. Ruchi

    Hey Romaisha….
    Amazing… it was hilarious..
    Loved it..
    I think u have cmmnted on my ff..
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    btw u r from which place?
    Hope u don’t mind..

    1. Romaisha

      Hi Ruchi
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      Actually I’m from Guyana, a country way in South America 🙂 huge fan of sidmin 🙂

  9. Fan

    Super epi

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  10. Angita

    Was not boring …..just the fabulousness.. So cute funny……such and outstanding episode

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    Hey romu do it when u find it necessary ok don’t take stress

    And epi was mind blowing I am still laughing

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    ??????…. Aree yrr please don’t make me so laugh… While reading ur ff I was laughing like maniac nd my mom was saying me why r u laughing so much… R u mad or what?…. Now tell me what should I tell her that what I’m doing…. Hmm tell… One day ur ff gonna get me into risk as my mom don’t know about me reading ffs… Lollzz….

    Whether it is but I’m very happy that ur ff makes my whole day to go very well…. Too good episode…. Awesome… Moreover hilarious one…
    Loved it…
    Love u ???

    1. Romaisha

      Sayuu dii!!! ?? haww i hope you really won’t have to leave nah ..
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    Awesome… hilarious…u have an awesome sense of humour…loved it…
    This time too late in commenting…right now reading all the ffs…

    1. Romaisha

      Aww thanks diii !!
      I don’t think i commented on ur last episode … For that I’m sorry .. But as usual your writing is amazing and i enjoyed the episode alot 🙂
      Thanks and sorry nah 🙂

  17. Sameera

    Hahahaha amazing romu
    What a funny epi
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    1. Romaisha

      Haww meh boss naii
      You are nah .. ?
      Thnks for commenting 🙂 ?

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    Romaisha Loved it it was too funny like people were actually asking me if I have gone Mad(because I was laughing like hell ) Twinkle slapping the Police inspector was too good 🙂

    1. Romaisha

      ?? Sidmin? Have you gone mad? Hehehe awww thanks yaar 🙂
      Glad youre liking it

  19. Ria

    Hey Romaisha,
    It was amazing. I just found it too funny. Esp the part where our sleeping Beauty wakes up from her sleep. The way she told Kunj, shave your moustache and then, later slapped him?
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      Hhehe thanks Ria Dii !! I’m happy you’re Liking the episodes 🙂

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