My heart beats for only you (Episode 20)


Wohooo!! Episode 20!! ???
Didn’t even think i would’ve made it so far! All because of you guys! You know i was so happy reading all the comments. I’m glad you all liked it so much. If you all are happy then I’m more than joyful to keep writing. Thanks for all the love and support ??.
Happy Anniversary to TEI also! This journey has been a wonderful one for all of us. Agreed? 🙂

Okay lets start the episode with a smile

Episode 20

Recap- Episode 19

Episode starts with Kunj,Varun and Siddarth hugging each other with scared and shocked looks on their faces.
They gulped in sudden nervousness as they see the goons coming back beaten badly. Eyes were black and blue and holding their heads.
Sid- Oh meri maa! ???
He hears Kunj and Varun also whimpering next to him and realise their position. He pushes them away and they too composed themselves looking at him awkwardly. “Kya? .. Arre now is not the time to be turning gay.”
“Sid bhai i think i want to turn gay. At least you two won’t hit me with your shoe if i want to flirt with you.” Kunj said constantly looking down at his.
Sid- Chee Kunj!

Just then all three goons fell to the boys feet. “Bhai sab, please forgive us. We’ll never tease or look at another girl. I would rather turn gay then get that treatment with girls…”
Sid turns to Kunj who looked at him with an I-told-you face. He gulped. Varun pointed to a hot girl in two piece suit with an overcoat coming towards them walking sensually curling the strands of her hair

“Let’s see if the goons can resist that.” She stopped in front of the goons and looked at them intimidatingly. The goons placed their hands in front of them as a way of greeting her, looking down. “Namaste Behin ji, kaise ho app ji?” (Funny tune plays) The girl’s eyes widen. “Behin ji? Haa? Do i like look like a sister or aunty to you? Haa? I am Amritsar’s top most famous model and you are calling me behin ji? Saale! Idiots!” And she takes her purse and starts hitting them. “Arre, what did we do? We neither looked at you nor teased you! Oyy maa!” And they ran off with another set of beating. Kunj, Varun and Siddarth was shocked at what just happened.The girl looked at them but they turned away and hid their faces. She left and they breathed a sigh of relief.
V- What is this world coming to?

Kunj gulped. “Umm Varun we’ll think about that later, right now the heroines are coming back.” And he pointed to them with their shoes in one hand and bottles in the other.
V- Why do they look like as if they’re…
All three shouts same time…”Drunk??!”
S- Oh god.. Atleast we’re safe for now. (Funny tune plays)
Kunj ran back to the goons and held one of them tightly. “Why are those girls coming back here so drunk haa? What did you do to them?”
“Bhai we didn’t do anything. Maybe they found those bottles and thought they were water.” They answered.
K- So if not water then..?
The goons gulped, “Vodka!” Kunj left him and slapped his forehead. “Oh sh*t yaar!”
He ran back to see Varun and Sid having a hard time controlling chinki and Sargun while Twinkle was running towards him handing her heels to him. She falls on him and giggles. “Kunj, is that you jaan?” She said not in her sense. Kunj was nervous and started sweating but controlled since he knew he have to take care of her. “Haa Twinkle meh!”
“Varun! Siddarth! Put us down! We want to go to Twinkle!” The three girls ran up to each other and hugged and kissed on the cheeks. “I love you!” They kept telling each other while the boys were just staring at them.
V- Bhai..all the love for each other… What about us?
K- Pata nai yaar. Oh god there they go again. Chall let’s follow them before they end up fighting animals next.

Sid muttered under his breath, “or themselves!” They ran towards them yelling their names. Twinkle,Chinki and Sargun wwere holding hands and skipping on the road like 3 little school girls singing random songs. They see the boys coming and ran up and hug them. They didn’t know what to do so they hugged back looking at each other helplessly. “Chinki? Sargun?” Twinkle asked still Kunj’s embrace. “Haa?”
“Mujhe kiss chaheyeh.” She said surprising Kunj. The two went to her and was about to kiss her cheeks but she pushed them away. “Noo.. On the lips yaar!” She turned to Kunj and sensually caressed his face. “You will kiss me na? I heard you were one of the best in town.” She said smirking. Kunj gulped and keep moving back until he fell down. “ did youu” He asked stammering. She smirked.

“Mujhe bhi! Sid! You’ll give nah baby?” Sargun asked running upto sid.
Chinki stood and thought for a moment and giggled.
Varun thinks- “Oh god i hope she also doesn’t want a kiss because I won’t be able to control myself.”
“Nai mujhe kiss naii..Varun!” She pulled him closer and whispered something in his ear. Varun widened his eyes and gulped and walked forward. “Chinki..nai i can’t give you that… You’re.. Drunk..” He said nervously. Kunj and Sid looks at him suspiciously while he bit his lower lip and shut one eye.

Kunj thinks- “offo yaar.. Couldn’t they think of a better time to get drunk other than now. It’s so late and i don’t think she’ll be able to go home at this time.”
As if Sid and Varun read his mind, they looked at him and nodded.
V- In this condition, it won’t be good to carry them home.
K- We’ll have to go some place safe for the night.
(Remember Kunj was on the ground when Twinkle was moving closer to him for a kiss. He’s still on the ground struggling to get up.)

Just then Kunj feels Twinkle playing with his leg and jumps on him. He widens his eyes and yells for help but Sid and Varun had their own troubles to deal with. “Twinkle what are doing?!” He shouted shockingly. “We are in the middle of a deserted and cold road!” He yelled frightfully but Twinkle won’t budge. “One kiss and I’ll let you up!” Kunj looks at her as she comes closer to him. He thinks, “Dammit! Twinkle please stop! Please..I won’t be able to control!”
She is now millimetres away from his lips. Kunj puts his hand on her mouth in order to stop her and pulls her up and they got up from their rather weird position. Before moving his hand, Kunj said, “Twinkle, you will get your kiss but it won’t be nice kissing in public nah? So your desire will be fulfilled later, thik hai?” She nodded childishly and he moved his hand from her mouth. “Yay!! I’ll finally be kissed on the lips! And that too from a really hot and dashing boy,” she said winking at him. Kunj blushed a bit but hid it and held her hands tightly so it could prevent her from falling since she couldn’t walk properly in her drunken state.

It had been quite a while since they were walking and Twinkle and Chinki had dozed off and Kunj and Varun had to carry them on thier shoulders. Sargun now gave in and started vomiting and fainted. Sid had to carry her also. The boys were tired and stopped for a while.
Sid- We can’t keep going like this.
V- He’s right. It will take us a lot of time to reach home and with them in this condition…just impossible.
K- Haa but where will we go at this hour?
“Look! There’s a hotel over there let’s see if we can get help.” Sid said pointing over towards a building marked “Lovers point.”
K- Ok let’s go.

They reached in front of the hotel but Kunj wasn’t pleased with the looks of the hotel. “Umm guys..this hotel isn’t..i mean..”
V- i know.. It isn’t a decent one. I don’t like it either. If we go in, we’ll get into a lot of trouble.
S- Remember Sargun and I are married so we can get in.. You can do the same.
K- Nai yaar. I can’t take that risk.
V- He’s right. Look Sargun is your wife. You go and take care of her, we’ll manage.
S- But…

K- It’s ok we’ll work out something.
S- Are you sure? Its so cold now. Come nah..we’ll share a room.
K- Shut up and go and take care of Sargun. We’ll handle this situation.
S- Okay fine..but take care of yourselves please.
V- You too.. And they left.
“Kunj, abb kya? Where are we going?” Varun asked and Kunj looked at him pointing opposite the hotel.
“Huh? What are we going to do in the garden?”
K- Well its the only place to go at this point of time and besides its open to anyone right?
V- Wrong!
K- What? What do you mean?
V- The garden was booked for an entire week for a grand wedding.
K- Oh God! … Then i guess we’ll have to jump over to get in.
Varun eyes popped out. “What are you saying Kunj? Don’t tell me you’re also drunk!”
K- No…we don’t have anywhere else to go V- Ok fine…I have to turn Superman now.
Kunj laughed and they went towards the garden. “Varun, you go up first and then I’ll send Chinki and Twinkle over, ok?” .. “Yeah!”
They had all reach over the fence and into the premises and looked for a place to rest. Twinkle started to move and her eyes opened. Kunj saw this and got frightened. “Oh God! I hope Twinkle stays quiet else we’ll all get into trouble.” But she didn’t and she fell back to sleep again.
He sighed and looked at Varun. “Found anywhere?”

He nodded no. Kunj then spotted a huge true in the corner with perfect shade and the trunk was big enough to fit all them for the night. “Varun, how about that?” He smiled and nodded and went towards the tree. Varun settled down with Chinki’s head on his shoulder and his arm around her. Kunj tried to put Twinkle in the same position but she keep falling on his chest. He smiled and left her. “What a night yaar!”
“I know.” Varun answered then wished him good night.

It had been quite a while and everyone was sleeping peacefully except Kunj who was staring at Twinkle and the moonlight that had flooded on her simplicity. He smiled and played with her hair.

Kunj’s POV-
“Twinkle, you’re really crazy do you know that? You’re sending me crazy also .. For you (it echoes) Sajna ve plays. God you’re beauty is sending me wild. Mana tuh parega you can dance really well.” And he remembers their dance. “You can fight well also,” he says with a little laugh remembering how she stood up for herself from the goons. He looks up to the moon and rests his head on the branch behind him while caressing her face. “Kya yaar? You two had to send such a sherni for me? Maa, looking at her i keep remembering you. Bohot ziddi hu.. He smiles.


“Papa! Save me! Mom is being annoying! She doesnt want me to bat.” Kunj said running away from Usha.
U- Kunj! Give me! I want to bat first!
K- Nooo!
Manohar comes in and sees Usha running after Kunj. He ignores them since he knows that’s their habit every afternoon. “Kunj, don’t you know your mother is very stubborn when it comes to cricket. Let her bat if you don’t want her start throwing tantrums.” He said laughing as he picked up the newspaper. “Maa! I’ll give you just stop hitting me! Maa!”

**Flashback ends**

He smiles and closes his eyes. “Good night Maa. Good night Papa.”

Next morning.
Kunj,Varun,Chinki and Twinkle were all still sleeping soundly under the tree when a shadow fell upon them. Kunj wakes up due to it and struggles to opens his eyes. “Abbhi yaar..let me sleep..offo!”
“Ohh helloo! Wake up Mister!” Shouted a booming voice with a rather weird Punjabi accent. Kunj looked up suddenly and was shocked. Now he was fully awake. He got up and gulped. “P..Police.e?”

End of Episode

Precap- Kunj and Twinkle gets beaten.

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