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My heart beats for only you (Episode 19)


Okay people! Hope you’re all are now familiar with the beats of the song.. Thank you guys for listening to it. I’ll try to write it in a way so that you’ll imagine them dancing.. You know these hip hop wala dance moves nahh.. So bear with me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ .. Now let’s begin the episode with a smile :). (Oh before we start.. One request.. Please try to listen to the song while reading it .. You’ll enjoy it better..thanks in advance πŸ™‚ )

Episode 19


It was finally the day all students were waiting for. The party. Twinj and their friends were just as eager as everyone else to have some fun as they had also made some plans. Twinkle’s ankle had now gotten better since Kunj took care of her.

At party’s venue

The staff members of the college had booked an entire disco-like room for the party.

Twinkle and Kunj were dressed stunningly and both were looking hot. (Basically its kind of the same thing as my ff’s cover picture.) Kunj, wearing a black vest and a grape coloured jacket followed by black jeans and black sneakers with a black and white cap. Twinkle, wearing black tight jeans with black leather jacket followed by black penciled heels and hair in a pony. (Hope u didn’t mind the all black fav colour is black that’s why..and also these Two look drop dead gorgeous in black.) and had done her makeup perfectly. They both were at opposite ends of the room. Kunj was eyeing continuously at Twinkle while sipping his drink. Twinkle was doing the same but hid her desperation and ignored him. He smirked, got up and left.
The lights suddenly go out and dark red disco lights are turned on. Spotlight falls at the counter where Kunj is sitting on a stool covering half of his face with the cap.
His lips are shown with a wicked smile plastered on his face. He snaps his fingers and the DJ puts on the music. His lips are shown and he starts singing and bobbing his head.

“Dum Dee Dee Dum Dum,
Imma poppin’ like..”

He removes his cap and walks over to Twinkle and comes closer to her looking at her lips.
Twinkle smiles and pushes him away and goes to the dance floor and starts dancing..

“Aye aye lookin’ over here
Imma kinda girl poppin’ over there
And when we in the club club
Take it down low
And when we in the bed bed..

Imma beat like a drum dee dee dum dum
Pop it like rum pa pa pum pum
Imma beat like a drum dee dee dum dum
Aa dee dee dum dum (x2)

Kunj comes and joins her..

Ke ke ke kehndi nede aa, boli ja
Jediyan gallan keetiyan tu karke vakha
Lak tera hila de
Now she is Punjabi Punjabi
Saheliyan nu chhad poori roll on my

Get you heels on high high
I love the way the a Look
So damn fly I cannot believe her..

Twinkle move away from Kunj and dances, pointing at him.

When I’m in the song
Tip it to the love
Don’t get me ready no more

I can, I can tell you want meB
Looking at my body
Want want me to go down down on the lobby

Kunj does the same..

I can tell she want it
Looking at her body
Want want there to go
Down down for the money

Ae ae lookin’ over here
I’m the kinda girl poppin’ over there
And when we in a club club take it down low
And when we in the bed-bed

Kunj and Twinkle now comes next to each other and dances together..

Come on beat it like a
Dum dee dee dee dee dum dum
Pa pop it like a rum pa pa pum pum pum pum
I’m a beat it like a
Dum dee dee dee dee dum dum
A dee dee dum dum
A dee dee dum dum


Aa jedi nede aa, chup kyun bata
Jedi adiyan beh ji aen tu kat ke vakha
Drum mera baja de, battiyan tu bhuja de
Number one fan tera hor koy ni
Get you heels on high high
I love the way the a look
So damn fly I cannot believe her..

He goes on his knees and gives her a rose. She happily accepted and they continues dancing to the beats of the song..


When I’m in the song
Tip it to the love
Don’t get me ready no more

I can, I can tell you want me
Looking at my body
Want want me to go down down on the lobby..

I can tell she want it
Looking at her body
Want want there to go
Down down for the money

I can, I can tell you want me
Looking at my body
Want want me to go down down on the lobby


I can tell she want it
Looking at her body
Want want there to go
Down down for the money

Twinkle walks up to him and starts dancing around him sensually. His hands are on her stomach and face on her shoulder and she wraps her on around his neck. (Back hug position) and she sings-

Boy I need it
Like you need me
Oil print your body on me

She leaves him and takes a step back one by one while singing this part of the song.

Cause when I’m in the bed in the bed.

I’m a beat it like a
I’m a beat it like a

(She stops stepping back and dances from here)

I’m a beat it like a
Dum dee dee dee dee dum dum
Pa pop it like a rum pa pa pum pum pum pum
I’m a beat it like a
Dum dee dee dee dee dum dum
A dee dee dum dum
A dee dee dum dum x (2)

I’m a beat it like a
Drum dee dee dee dee dum dum
Pa pop it like a rum pa pa pum pum pum pum

ImmaΒ beat it like a
Drum dee dee dee dee dum dum
A dee dee dum dum
A dee dee dum dum

(All those who listened to the song supposed to know that this part, the beats aren’t heard so here Twinkle and Kunj starts singing together while walking towards each other, leaving no space between them staring deep in each others’ eyes and smiles well more like smirking…you no nah these types of songs..πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚)

C’mon beat it like a drum dee dee dum dum
Pop it like .. rum pa pa pum pum
C’mon beat it like a drum dee dee dum dum
…Aa dee dee dum dum

Song ends and everybody claps and hoots. Twinj was still looking at each other smiling. Kunj winked at her and she walked away blushing. She goes to the bar and asks for a water. Kunj comes and joins her. “One more please,” he asked and then looked at Twinkle from head to toe. He smirks. “Well hello beautiful. I’m Kunj… Nam tuh suna hoga..” Twinkle looked at him weirdly wondering what he was up to but played along anyway. “No haven’t at all heard of it..” She said sipping her water. He laughed. “That’s true since Kunj is such a unique name..Do you know why I was named that?” .. “Naii..kyoon? Though I’m least bothered.”
“Because only people with hot and dashing looks come with the name..’Kunj’..aur intelligence bhi,” he said praising himself. Twinkle started coughing then laughed sarcastically. “You!? Hot? Intelligent? Ha!! Kunj ji , who gave you these false praises haa? That person was lying!” Kunj does his eyebrow wala look. “So you’re saying meh hot nai hu?” .. “Nope!”
Kunj moves closer to her and whispered. “Acha..then you teach me how to be hot since you have a habit of setting everywhere on fire. You’re killing everyone with your s*xy figure and posture. Your fragrance is sending everyone wild. Your eyes, your lips, your body…I can go on forever baby.” Twinkle was shocked at his response and looked at him. She hadn’t expected him to b so close so as she turned her gaze was locked with his. Aaj phir from hate story 2 plays in BG as they go into an intense eyelock. At the same time they both reminiscenced all their moments together.

“Ahem!” Kunj and Twinkle broke the eyelock and composed themselves. They both glared at the person who broke their special moment. “Arre, don’t glare like us like that! Chall let’s go..!”
T- kaha Chinki!?
So it was there friends who had come. Kunj walked up to Sid and Varun and pulled their ears. “I will kill you both later. As of now let’s go and have some fun!”
They left the venue and went to enjoy themselves together out in the still but beautiful night.
After a while they are all now seen laughing and walking on a deserted road.
T- Oh God, that was so much fun!
Sargun- Haa yaar. You boys are so lame!
C- And losers!
The girls started laughing and showed them thumbs down πŸ‘Ž.
V- Shut up! All you girls did was cheat. Cheaters!
K- Varun, leave them nah let’s give them the credit for one night.
Sid- Other than that we’re the real champions!
Sagun- Haa whatever…
They all burst into laughter.
V- Yaar who plays basketball in the middle of the night?
T- Us! And they all laughed and did a group high five.
K- So now what?
C- I know!
T- Kya?
C- let’s play tag!
The girls liked the idea but they boys were disagreeing and complaining they were tired.
V- you girls play. I look too hot tonight to get all sweaty.
K- Haa, we’ll just sit here.
The girls pretended as if they were gagging at their comments and started playing. The boys sat and talked for awhile and then stared at the loves of thier lives. (Sorry forgot to mention Sargun was wearing a checkered blue and white crop top with blue jeans to follow and hair opened and black pumps. Chinki wearing a yellow jumpsuit (short) with brown belt around her waist with matching heels and hair in one.)
Sid- Sometimes i wonder what my life would be without her.
V- Haa yaar..I really consider myself lucky. Kyoon Kunj?
Kunj just smiled and they patted his back. “Arre Chinki! Please dont go far!” Varun yelled seeing them running a bit further away from them. Kunj and Sid also got up and go after them.
K- Oh God. Girls i tell you… They like getting you worried. Twinkle, come back yaar!
They ran following them. They finally meet them up panting behind.
Sargun- Wow… You three are panting as if you’ve ran for miles.
T- Sargun, don’t you know..they’re lazy.
K- Acha? Really? We work out if that counts not being lazy.
T- Oh please!
Just then 3 goons were passing and started eyeing Twinkle,Sargun and Chinki in a disgusting way. They smirk as they stare them down while our boys were fuming with anger.
Goons- Oh God yaar! Not one..but three.. One for each of us.. Hayye kya figure hai. Babydolls, if they aren’t good boyfriends then come with us we’ll give you better treatment..Chall.. Arre come least give us a good night kiss then if you’re being stubborn..
They started holding Sargun’s hand and the boys were about to hit them when they stopped. Twinkle and Chinki had stepped up in front of them pushing them away.
T- Oyye .. Don’t even think about it!
C- Tumhe kiss chaheyeh nah? Wait I’ll show..
They took off their shoes and started to hit them. “Wait you’re mine..come come..i want to see how better you are than my husband! … Teri tuh!” Sargun said yelling.They started hitting them harder while the goons were begging for mercy since they were completely shocked and didn’t expect them to be so .. ‘Manly’. The goons started running for their lives with the girls chasing them with their shoe and sticks which they found nearby.
Screen shifts on Kunj,Varun and Siddarth’s faces. (Funny tune plays) Their mouths were all opened in shock and they were staring at one direction and not moving. Varun speaks up still facing the direction they went and not moving. “Bhai?” “Haa?” They answered still lost. “What happened just now?”
K- I think we just turned into girls.
Varun frowned and composed himself and looked at Kunj and Sid and slapped both of them to bring them back to reality. They spun around holding their cheeks and was about to slap Varun back when they all got flashes of the girls with shoe in their hands. They sat down in the middle of the road with hand on their cheeks suddenly scared.
S- Kunj?
K- Haa bhai?
S- What did you mean by we just turned girls?
K- Because usually the boys are usually the ones that be the hero of the story but yeh tuh.. And he pouts.
Varun starts fake crying. “Abbhi yaar! Now I’ll have to learn how to cook, clean and do the chores cause if I don’t Chinki will kill me with her shoe 😭.
Sid starts crying too. “Think about me too nah! On top of that, I’m already married!”
K- Okay i know we should be happy that the girls can take care of themselves but .. will God spare us?.. Maaa!! … Yeh bhagwan!
The three sat there sulking and thinking about what happened and started worrying for themselves.
Suddenly they looked up and got shell shocked. They got up and unknowingly hugged eo in fright. “Oh sh*t!” 😭

Episode ends on the boys hugging each other and on their funny yet scared faces.

Precap- Police?

So guyss!! How was it? Was I able to entertain you all? Song and dance kaisa laga? And the fight? Aur boys expressions? Seriously I tried to make it sound not boring. Hope it wasn’t and so sorry for updating late. Actually i wanted to continue the episode but it would be way long so.. There’s more fun in store for you. Don’t worry. For now please do tell if u liked the episode. πŸ˜ƒ

Bye love you all!!

  1. dreamer..arundhati

    Osum…omg its was epic

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  3. Kritika14

    It was so good! i was laughing so much on the boys reaction when the girls were hitting the goons πŸ˜‚ continue real soon cuz i am really excited to know police? loved today’s episode.

  4. Amazing!

  5. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely episode….

  6. Kruti

    Superb…….i just couldnt stop laughing coz of that boys ka conversation in d endπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
    Amazing epi……looking forward to d nxt one

  7. Hahaha.. superb epi.. too good.. loved it.. I loved the song,dance,girls manly avatar and of course the boy’s expressionπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. haha.. how can you write so wellπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.. eagerly waiting for the next πŸ’•

  8. Shreya098

    I looveed the dance and song part….it was awesome…..
    And the last part was hilarious….. Boys expressions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. Shatakshi

    Omg romu
    Boys expressions we hilarious
    Seriously I was laughing…
    N police??
    Something is gonna happen…
    N the episode was too good
    Loved it❀❀❀

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    awesome amazing fabulous epi

  11. Baby

    omgg romaisah amazing yr osm chl rha hai sb kuch yr post kun nhi kia or koi nhi lmba chlta nhi nhi dodta bt beyond dat d episode was amazing d dance song toh i ofcourse heard many tyms osm u were able to entertain us fr sure n yr abhi toh picture baki hai n abhi toh party shuru hui hai osm d boys faces dekhne lyak honge pkka hhehehe yr cnt w8 post nxt asap dear luv u a lods n w8ing

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