My heart beats for only you (Episode 18)


Heyyoo! All’s well?
Okay so somebody asked who’s playing Varun’s role… To be honest i couldn’t think of anyone really but if you want it can be Zaan Khan from Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani or Shantanu Maheshwari. Sorry i don’t know if he’s acting in anything currently but i saw him on Jhalak Diklah Jaa with Sidhant so…❀❀
Thank you all so much for commenting and liking my previous episodes..
Okay so for my upcoming episode…I have a huge request to ask….Pleaseeeee!! If any of u r fans of Zack Knight please do tell so in your comments and i would like you to listen to the song ‘DUM DEE DEE DUM’ by him and Jasmin Walia.(I know name’s a bit funny). Please!!! If you listen to it then you will enjoy the episode better. Please??!! For your Romu’s sake? Please.. Thank you in advance ?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
Now let’s start the episode with a smile..

Episode 18

Recap – Truth revealed ; Maya being behind all that happened…

My heart beats for only you (Episode 17)

Next day ; College

All are gathered in the hall for an assembly. The special guests who had attended the function the previous day was also present. The principal is speaking. “Okay, I welcome you all back to college after a tiring and exhausted week of preparations but we can’t deny the fact that we all had fun. Right?” They applauded and he continued. “Special thanks to Kunj, Siddarth, Varun, Chinki, Sargun and of course our one and only Ms Twinkle Taneja, who had worked diligently towards the success of our program. Thank you once again Twinkle..and students…Good news! She’s going to be the college’s new dance teacher!” The students looked at her and started hooting and cheering for her since they were extremely happy. “Another piece of announcement..Well fun’s over and your annual exams are coming up. We encourage you to study hard so that you can finally obtain your MBA degree…I know how well you all worked over the pass years and now its time for your exams in a couple of weeks.” He heard a set of groaning and mumbling but smiled. “Yes i know exams are a pain but you still have to go through them but we have a treat for you all since you did such impressing jobs. We would like to announce a party before your exams so that you can soothe your brains a bit. After that, it’s time to get serious.” The students were all happy and excited and cheered. “Okay we have a special man here with us today, who is none other than Mr.Singhania. He is one of the most successful and kindhearted businessman in all of India. He owns a company of Exclusive designs and decors and would like to say a few words..” He handed the microphone to him and he began his speech. The students clapped for him. “Good Morning students. First of all i would like to congratulate all of you on a job well done. I was simply impressed with the hall’s decoration and i hear the credit is to be given to that young lady over there so please give her a round if applause again.” They started clapping for Twinkle. Kunj was also standing and clapping for her and felt proud to have Twinkle in his life. He looked towards Twinkle, who was way at the back of the room sitting in a corner since he didn’t want her to stand and irritate her ankle. After all, it was twist. He smiled and let out a little laugh. “My siyappa queen!”

Sarna Mansion

“Twinkle! Stop being a stubborn little child nah! You’re hurt and you need rest.” Kunj said trying to reason with Twinkle. “Naii Kunj! I want to go with you, please?!” “No you need to rest, you’re weak.”
“I’m completely fine!! I’ve been resting the entire afternoon yesterday and last night. How much more do you want me to be stuck in this room?” “Until you have completely recovered and i don’t care how much you rest, you can deny it or not but you need to get better.” He said ignoring her.
“Sadu Sarna!” She said annoyingly. “I hate you Kunj Sarna!” “I hate you too Darling,” he said still ignoring her.
Twinkle widened her eyes and made her ‘hawww’ wala face.
She thinks- “Oh God! Yeh Sadu Sarna nah will drive me crazy one day. And look how he’s ignoring me! His eyes are fixed on that laptop! Ughh! I feel like walking up to him and throw all that coffee on both him aur uske lappy! I need to convince him to get me out of this room. I mean who rests for so long yaar?” She thought for a moment and then smirked. “Haa that’ll work. I know it’s gonna hurt but if he’s stubborn tuh meh bhi stubborn hu!” (then im also stubborn)
She stood up on the bed and started jumping. Her ankle was hurting but she ignored the pain and started shouting. “Mujhe jaana hai! Mujhe jaana hai! Mujhe jaana hai!” “Abhi yaar Twinkle! Chup nah!” He said placing his hand over his ears. He now looked at saw what she was doing and was shocked. He ran towards her. “Twinkle! What are you doing?! Stop it! You are going to hurt yourself even more. Twinkle!” “Mujhe jaana hai! Please dont leave me at home alone! Please let me go with you.” “Bilkul nai. Twinkle why don’t you understand yaar? I want you to get better now please stop jumping! You’ll hurt yourself!” She still kept jumping and ignored him and kept on yelling. “Twinkle your ankle is hurting. Stop jumping dammit!!” He shouted since now his anger was at its peak. “Its not!” She shouted back. Kunj jumped on the bed with her and held both her hands together and pulled her closer to him. She stopped jumping and they looked at each other. (Sajna ve plays) “Really Twinkle? Now you’re going to lie to me? I know it’s hurting. There are tears in your eyes and you know I hate them.” He said quietly shocking her. She closed her eyes since he was right. She lost her balance and they both fell on the bed with Kunj on top of her, his hands on her waist and their gazed at each other intensely. Ishq Bulaava plays in BG.

Twinkle’s POV – “Oh God, please help me. I’m running insane just looking into his innocent eyes. God they’ll kill me! …. Twinkle focus! Now is the right opportunity..”

“.. Ishq bulava jaane kab aave
Ishq bulava aave jab aave..
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta baitha kol tere..”

T- Kunj..
K- Hmm..
T- Please?
K- Kya?
T- College..
K- Haa..
T- Promise?
K- Pakka..
Twinkle smiled victoriously and started yelling. “Yay!!” Kunj now realised what she did and got up. “Twinkle that’s not fair! You’re not going anywhere..” Twinkle fronwed and made a puppy face. “But you promised!!”
Kunj sighed and held his head. “Okay fine..” He said after a while. “But you will listen to me when we reach there and don’t be stubborn.” “Yay! Thank you Sadu Sarna!!” Kunj looked at her, faked angrily. “Dont make me change my mind..” She started laughing. “You can’t do that .. Saduuu!!”
K- Twinkle, you..!
T- Me what? You can’t do anything anyway..
He pointed his finger at her. “You know what I spare you since you’re hurt.”
She smirked. “ u like when I chase you?”
“Naii, i don’t like when YOU chase me. I like when GIRLS chase me!” He said elaborating his words laughing. Twinkle got angry and threw a pillow at him since she couldn’t get up. He ran out of the room taunting her. She was left alone now. “What does he think of himself? God…and girls?? Bilkul nai ..He has me why will he.. Arre Twinkle tum jealous hu?” She unknowingly started blushing and hid under the sheets. “Ayy, mar gaya Twinkle!” She said.

***Flashback ends***

“Kunj!! Kunj!! Are you on earth?” Kunj composed himself. “Haa haa Varun..kya hua?”
V- Kuch nahi. Speech is over.. Where are you lost?
K- nowhere yaar…I’ll just go to Twinkle..
V- ok? and Varun looked at kunj going weirdly..

“Oh hi kunj! Mr. Gupta..Here he is.” Twinkle said as he approached her.
K- Hi.. Hi sir..and who is this?
Principal- Actually Mr Singhania just came over to personally congratulate Twinkle on her job well done and this is Mr. Gupta, who is very much interested in speaking to you. So I’ll just leave you for a while..ok? He nodded.
K- Hello sir..Its a pleasure to meet you, I’m Kunj..Kunj Sarna..
Mr. Gupta- Of course .. Sarna.. Son of Manohar Sarna..Right?
K- Yes but how..?
Mr.Gupta (G) – Actually the last time I saw you.. You were only 15 years old then. Your father and I were really good friends. I was really shocked when i heard about his demise. I’m so sorry.”
Kunj smiled. “Its ok sir.”
G- Do you miss them?
K- Alot..but they’re always around me..
He laughed. “That’s good.” He took off his spectacles and wiped them and then placed them in his br*ast pocket. “Actually Kunj…Have u thought about your future?”
Kunj nodded no. “Not as yet but i want to get MBA degree. Don’t know as yet.”
G- So you will be looking for a job?
K- Haa sir, i want to earn on my own
Mr. Gupta smiled and forwarded his hand. “Sir naii, call me Dev. Actually it would be my pleasure to become your manager Kunj.” (So his full name is Dev Gupta)
Kunj was lost. “Manager? Kya matlab?”
Dev- Don’t you want the world to hear your voice? Like seriously i was spellbound when i heard you sung on stage yesterday. And from that moment i realised that i needed someone intelligent and talented like you for my little business that i have…Well now its also going to be yours since I like to be fair..” Kunj was speechless and Dev saw this. “Wait you want me to sing for you?”
D- Arre yaar .. You make it sound so..sit I’ll explain. Ok so actually i love music and i decided to open my own music studio and get people to sing and I would look after all the little details like edits, costume, instruments and more. But so far it hasn’t been successful at all since no one wants to look at small ‘cheap’ studio. Its been hard for me but I saw you and your talents and i thought i would give it a try to come and speak to you. Dekh are just like your father. You want to earn on your own and be somebody in life and progress further. I can see that potential in you and I’m not forcing you take a decision. I will wait as long as you want. Here’s my card and please get back to me. Good luck..” He left a stunned Kunj plastered to his seat shocked.

Next scene ; Cafeteria
“Lo agaya Kunj Sarna! Where were you?” Twinkle asked.
Kunj walked up to his friends looking lost.
V- Kunj? You ok? What are you thinking about so much?
Sid- Yaar you’re scaring me. You look like Amitabh Bachan sir when he was acting Mohabbatein as the principal. They laughed. Kunj looked up and told them about his conversation with Dev.
T- so what are you going to do?
K- Don’t know as yet..I’ll think of something. Anyway, yeh sab chod..You guys ready for the party?
Sid- of course!!
Sagun- Twinkle you’re coming right?
T- Its your party, why should i come?
C- Arre! Yeh kya hai? Don’t forget you still a part of this college!
T- acha? Vo kaise?
They all shouted together, “Masterjii!!” And they started to laugh. Twinkle slapped her forehead. “Ohh God! I forgot..I’m a teacher now.. How nice..but yeh students kay party..”
Kunj put his arm on her shoulder and looked at them. “Don’t worry she’s coming! I think some chilli is still stuck in her head..Stubborn ladki!” Twinkle rolled her eyes. “Sadly…you have to bear with me..” They all laughed and discussed about the party and chatted for the rest of the day.

Next scene ; Sarna Mansion
At night

Kunj is seen on the terrace staring at the night with its twinkling stars above. He looks like he’s in a deep thought about something important.

Kunj’s POV-
“Kaise ho app Maa? Papa? Thik hu? Mujhe bhi. Papa, i met your friend today..Dev uncle… He’s a really nice person. He gave me such a decision to make that i don’t know what to do. What do you think i should do?” He closes his eyes and waited. His father sent a slight wind towards Twinkle’s room and Kunj felt it. He opened back his eyes and smiled.
“Thanks dad…You gave me a solution. I will wait until my exams are over then decide everything else.” He took a deep breath and looked at Twinkle (from the window nah). “Don’t worry you’ll soon be forever in my life. I need to become a person that will earn on his own and show you how much you mean to me. I’ll do everything i can to keep you happy .. And financial problems is one nah?
Papa you again showed me the right path .. Thanks nahh.. I think you really want to make this girl your daughter in law..” He laughed at his own words and bid his parents Good Night.

POV ends and so does the episode.

Precap – ? surprise..

Hope you all enjoyed it and understood his and Dev’s conversation.
Please don’t forget to listen to the song..
I know its a stupid request but I want you all to be familiar with the beats and lyrics of the song since i might use it in next epi. If you know the song then, even better. Sorry for being so stubborn ?

Bye and love you all..

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