My heart beats for only you (Episode 16)


Episode 16

Recap –

Twinj, Siddun and Vinki all come out wearing different coloured bhangra suits since they wanted the dance to look as cultural as possible.

Drums started beating and they all turn and start dancing and swaying to the beats. Discowale Khisko starts playing from Dil bole haddipa..
They were dancing in pairs and Twinkle and Kunj were enjoying themselves. Why? Because Kunj got a kiss on his cheek, still on cloud nine while Twinkle had no regrets gifting Kunj the smooch. They both danced with pleasure and joy knowing that they will have somebody by their side forever and will keep each other happy. Girls-
Nach karenge, touch karenge, bach le ve yaara (hoiii)
Ajj toh hum too much karenge, bach le ve yaara (ho ohoo)

(Here they push the boys and continues dancing)
Nach karenge, touch karenge, bach le ve yaara
Ajj toh hum too much karenge, bach le ve yaara
Ajj discowale khisko..
Ajj discowale khisko, bhai desi beat bajaani
Ajj discowale khisko, bhai desi beat bajaani…

The boys come and twirl them around and dance with them..
Nach karenge, touch karenge, bach le ve yaara
Ajj toh hum too much karenge, bach le ve yaara
Ajj discowale khisko
Ajj discowale khisko, bhai desi beat bajaani
Ajj discowale khisko, bhai desi beat bajaani
Ajj discowale khisko, bhai desi beat bajaani
(Song continues and they keep dancing..If you know the song just imagine they’re doing the same moves..)

Performance gets over and everyone claps for them..
Now it was time for Kunj and Twinkle’s couple dance…
While Twinkle and Kunj were getting ready, their friends were chatting and waiting for them to come out when Aarav (a student who was looking after the music system for the program) runs up to them looking worried..
Sid- Aarav!! Why are u looking so tensed?
V – Arre all ok?
A- No yaar .. Nothing is ok!
C- huh? What do u mean?
A-i left my spot for a couple of minutes since one of the teachers were looking for me and when i returned, the disc for Kunj’s dance was missing!
They were shocked.
Sid- what do u mean by the disc is gone? Oh God!!
A – i don’t know yaar …
At that same time Kunj came out of the room wearing a black suit and walked towards them. “Huh? Why are u guys upset? Kya hua?”
Aarav explained the situation and Kunj began worrying also.
Sargun- now what are we going to do?
K- i don’t know .. Without the song hw am i going to perform with Twinkle? Abbhi yaar!! They were all trying to think of a solution when suddenly they heard a scream from Twinkle’s room. They were shocked and ran towards her.
Sargun – Twinkle can we come? Are you ok?
K – Twinkle? Twinkle!
C – Oh God! Why isn’t she answering us? Twinkle!!
They kept knocking on the door but no response. “Okay, thats it!” Kunj said and pushed open the door. He stood rooted to the spot. His heart skipped a beat as he mouthed Twinkle’s name.
C – Twinkle!!
Sid- twinkle! Wake up!
Twinkle was laying on the ground, unconscious and blood oozing from her wrist.
Kunj ran to her, held her hand and placed her head on his lap. He rubbed her hand and continuously yelling her name for her to wake up. “Chinki, please go get the nurse.” “Haa sure Kunj..” The nurse came and attended her immediately and dressed her wound. Twinkle was now regaining consciousness.
K- Twinkle! Oh thank god yaar! And he hugged her.
Twinkle was looking a bit pale but managed to smile.
V- Twinkle what happened?
She sighed before talking and pointed to a shoe box on top of the cupboard and then to the fallen stool. “I was going at the top there with the help of the stool to get the shoe and when i turned around I saw someone in a black hooded shirt facing me. I couldn’t see the person’s face but he/she kicked the stool and i tripped. When I fell, my hand landed on a piece of glass and started bleeding. I asked who he/she was but a wicked laughter was the answer I got instead. They pulled me by my hair and that’s it..I fainted afterward.” She rested her head back on Kunj’s shoulder. “I don’t understand what’s going on at all.” Kunj, who was boiling in anger , couldn’t take it anymore. “But I do..” Twinkle looked at him puzzled. “Someone wants to harm you. And trust me whoever it is won’t live to see daylight again!” Sid and Varun started worrying for Kunj since they knew hw he gets when he’s angry and this concerned twinkle. Aarav walked into the room. “Guys you have 10mins more to get on stage… We need a solution quick.”
Sargun- Kunj, right now getting angry won’t help in any way.. Please calm down.
T- haa Kunj she’s right … Please calm down.. Im ok alright?
Kunj looked at her with a what-the-hell wala look. “You? And ok? Twinkle you’re hurt yaar! You know what cancel the dance… Twinkle isn’t well…and how is she going to learn a new dance in such a short notice?”
T- what do u mean new dance? They quickly explained the situation to her and she got even more worried but then suddenly looked at them and smiled. “Don’t worry I’ll dance!”
“What?” They yelled at the same time.
K- Are u mad? Twinkle..
T- shut up kunj…i know the situation and i can handle it. You very well know dancing is my thing..and besides , even if there is someone who’s trying to hurt me then i should show them nothing can stop Twinkle Taneja and I’m not weak!
K- but…
T- Kunj please..
Kunj gave up. He knew fighting with her wouldn’t lead anywhere. “Aarav just play any song… This Siyappa Queen will send me crazy if we don’t do as she says.” She smiled. “That’s better,” she said getting up but she fell down back with a thud landing on Kunj. “Ahh!! Ouch!!”
K- Twinkle! Kya hua?
C- Oh God… Twinkle your ankle is sprained yaar!
T – what?? No!!! She got up again and fell back down .. Naiii!!! I’m still dancing!! I don’t care..
Sid&Sargun- what? But twinkle!! Kunj also joined them. “Twinkle!! What nonsense!! It seems as though u really want to dance with me, that’s y you’re being so stubborn!!”
T- shut up kunj .. She got up and managed to storm out the room. Kunj looked at his friends who were feeling sorry for him.
V- go … before she end up hurting herself.. He got up and left the room yelling “siyappa queen come back!” All this while a pair of angry eyes were looking at them. Though the blood red eyes were filled with hatred and anger, there was still a nasty evil smirk on the lips. “Koi baat nai Twinkle… There’s still lots of things stored for you in future … Until then enjoy baby..”

Kunj was still looking for Twinkle and finally saw her hesitating to go further since she reached the stage. He walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder. She turned and saw him. She shrugged his hand off of her. He scratched his forehead and smiled. “Are you miffed with me?” “No .. Just not interested in talking to u.” Kunj smirked. “Really?” “Haa really…any problem…ahhh .. Kunj put me down!!”
K – never!
T- kunj!
Kunj had picked her up in his arms (bridal start) and started walking (sajna ve plays). “Kunj please put me down!” She said trying to be nice. Kunj whispered to her..”If i put u down then u will fall n get embarrassed in front of all these people. So be quiet.” Twinkle realised they were already on the stage and stayed quiet. Kunj put her down slowly so her ankle wouldn’t hurt. They stood facing each other waiting for the music to start. Kunj saw the worried look in Twinkle’s eyes and he held her hand. “Worried?” “A bit,” she replied. “Don’t worry. Main hoon nah.. Don’t u trust me?” She nodded and he smiled. Sanam re starts playing in the background and spotlight first falls on Twinkle. She looked prettier than an angel. She wore a long light blue coloured dress with matching accessories. Then spotlight falls on Kunj. He forwards his hand as if asking her for a dance. She smiles and readily agrees.

” O hoo… (xx)

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun

Khudko main yoon kho doon
Ke phir na kabhi paaun
Haule haule zindagi ko
Ab tere hawaale karun

He spins her around slowly and she lands back in his arms, this time closer..

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

O hoo… (xx)

Their foreheads touch and Kunj wraps his hands around her waist and her arms around his neck, eyes closed, feeling nothing except each other’s closeness and presence

Baadalon ki tarah hi toh
Tune mujhpe saaya kiya hai
Baarishon ki tarah hi toh
Tune khushiyon se bhigaya hai
Aandhiyon ki tarah hi toh
Tune hosh ko udaaya hai

Mera muqaddar sanwara hai yoon
Naya savera jo laaya hai tu
Tere sang hi bitaane hain mujhko
Mere saare janam re ..

Kunj again spins her around and lifts her causing her hair to cover his face. He puts her down slowly. He back hugs her wrapping their hands together on her waist. His lips playing with her shoulder..

Sanam re, sanam re (sanam re..)
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re (sanam re..)
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re (karam re..)
Tera mujhpe karam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re (sanam re..)
Tu mera sanam hua re …

Kunj suddenly feels tears falling on his hands and opens his eyes. He saw Twinkle trying to hide the pain by closing her eyes tightly.. She was also unknowingly squeezing kunj’s hands. He understood that her ankle was hurting and leaned forward and whispered something in her ear. She looked at him and he nodded ‘go ahead’. Twinkle placed her feet on his and now her pain had eased. She smiled at Kunj…

Song ends and so does the episode.

Precap – shock for Twinj, their friends and the students..

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    1. Romaisha

      Awww sayu dii!! I somehw missed u yaar ??? glad to hear you’re ok n of course arjit is life!! ? Im so happy u liked the epi n haa of course ur comment made me smileeeee!! Love u too …

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  15. Purnima.agrawal30

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