My heart beats for only you (Episode 15)

Okay don’t laugh nahh …

Twinkle & Kunj – Twinj
Siddarth & Sargun – Siddun
Varun & Chinki – Vinki.
I know, i know they sound funny.? Any better suggestions? It will be of good help…

Episode 15

Recap – Dance rehearsals. Some friends wala pranks and fun. Kunj and Twinkle crazy night out and rain dance.

Next day ; College.

“As we approach the college, we can see huge banners and highlights hanging on the brick walls of the buildings. Some saying, “Welcome!” , “50th Anniversary” , “Congratulations on 50 years of success” and many more..
Inside of the building we can see the decoration has been put up magnificently!! Wow…just look at the purple coloured cloths and curtains..It is draped along the ceiling and walls giving it an enticing look. And to brighten the beautiful atmosphere, there are fairy lights used along the curtains and how unique!..They are multi coloured lava lamps placed at every corner of the hall and right above us in the centre of the hall lies a very beautiful ribboned structure of the numerals ’50’ marking the college’s most important day. Ok .. We’re moving towards a very small water fountain here which has some tiny pretty fishes… Aww how cute! The stage is also looking phenomenonal! Let’s have a sit and wait for the show to start…This is reporter Romaisha saying hope the TU family is imagining!” (Sorry for such a lame introductory but Welcome all!! Just sit back relax and enjoy the show ??)

Next scene ; Backstage.
Everyone is hell tensed and nervous as to how the show’s going to be. They are pacing back and forth waiting for the signal to start the program.Twinj and their friends are moving here and there to get things done.
After a while they all meet together and wish everybody good luck.
Kunj stands and speaks to the entire student body. “Okay everyone, let’s hope and pray that everything goes well and whatever happens , happens for the best. Ok?” They shouted yes and together they started praying…
Varun turned to Kunj and Twinkle. “You two have been sneezing since morning… You guys ok?” Twinkle smiled and looked at Kunj who was also smiling. “Haa we’re ok Varun…just that maybe we played in too much rain for one night.” Varun looked puzzled but nodded ok then. Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other and smiled. “Twinkle, only because of you all of this is possible. Thank you. Thank you so much!” “Shut up Kunj! One more time you thank me, i swear I’ll destroy everything.” They laughed and Twinkle pulled him into a tight hug.
The teachers came and informed them it was time to start the show. They all got into their positions. First on the program was the call to order and a huge Welcome to all the guests. After that, the principal’s speech and his introduction of the special guests (will be revealed later). Half an hour later, several acts have already been preformed and done perfectly. Now it was time for Twinj and their friends’ performances.
They came out of their dressing rooms looking stunning. Kunj, Varun and Siddarth’s ‘all boy’ dance was to be done first. The girls wished them good luck and they approached the stage. The lights suddenly goes dim and spotlight falls on three dashing handsome boys. They turn around slowly and music starts. Kunj,Varun and Sid are dancing on Jee Karda from Badlapur.

“Chalni kar de seena mera
Chalni kar de seena mera
Chalni kar de seena mera
Daag saari goliyan ni ajj mera jee karda
Marjaneya ni aaj mera jee karda
Marjaneya ni mera jee karda
Marjaneya ni aaj mera jee karda

Mushqil kar de jeena mera
Mushqil kar de jeena mera
Mushqil kar de jeena mera
Hanste hanste mit jaaneya ni mera jee karda
Marjaneya ni ajj mera jee karda…” (Song continues..)

After their mind bowing performance and number of praises, it was now the girls’ turn. “Knock them dead yaar!” The boys said wishing them all the best.

Twinkle, Sargun and Chinki were dressed in different coloured anarkali suits. Twinkle, in a lime green colour with golden embroidery at the ends which were plain and simple. Chinki, a dark blue and Sargun, a purple coloured suit with silver embroidery. They looked stunning and breathtaking. Different colours of light are flashed on the stage and they started dancing…

“Sukh dukh jhoothe
Dhan bhi jhootha
Jhoothi moh-maaya
Saccha mann ka wo kona jahaan
Prem ratan paaya
Prem ratan paaya
Saiyan tu kamaal ka
Baatein bhi kamaal ki
Laaga rang jo tera
Hui main kamaal ki

Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo
Payo re payo re payo re payo re payo re..
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo (payo..)
Rut milan ki laayo
Prem ratan..
Prem ratan dhan payo maine (payo..)
Prem ratan dhan payo ….

Meanwhile, backstage, Varun, Siddharth and Kunj were completely lost in their performance.
V – Hayyy, mar gaya Varun…ufff…she’s ruling my heart more and more!!
Sid- You think? I’m damn lucky to be married already…
Kunj was busy smiling and was completely mesmerized by Twinkle. The way she was dancing and her steps were just perfect. He thinks – “God! I just want to go out there and pull her into a bonecrushing hug and tell her how i feel about her! But I’ll wait.. I will fulfill my promise that i gave to my parents before giving Twinkle the life she deserves…Varun is right.. she’s ruling my entire body day by day…Yeh bhagwan!!” He passed his hand through his hair smiling. A gust of wind blew at him at the same time. It Also blew towards Twinkle on the stage. She felt it but concentrated on her dancing.
There performance got over and they hurried back to the boys. “So how was it?” Twinkle asked.. “Arre bolo nah!! You’re all staring at us as if it was the worst thing you’ve ever seen!!” Sargun said faking anger. “Haa … I knew it .. You boys were so awesome on stage and we messed up..” Chinki said fake crying. “Oh God, be quiet nahhh calm down. Did we say anything? You girls always talk without stopping yaar. How’s that even possible? Listen to us for a while nah.” The boys yelled shutting them up. Suddenly they started smiling. “Of course it was a power pact performance!! Ek dum awesome thi!” Twinkle started smiling and breathed a sigh of relief.
The show was now on a fifteen minutes break. Twinj, Sidun and Vinki were making sure the rest of the acts and performances were ready. Suddenly Twinkle started yelling. “KUNJ!!!” “Ahhh, arre I’m right here yaar…kya hua? He asked holding his ear. “Kunj your song?? Did you rehearse? Do you even know wat you’re going to sing up there?” While Twinkle was busy yelling and asking these questions tensely, Kunj had a broad smile plastered on his face. “Now why are u smiling?”
Varun and Sid walked up to Twinkle.
Sid- Arre Twinkle…why r u getting worked up? Calm down. Kunj has his song. Tuh tension matley.
T – matlab?
V- he means its a surprise. He already has his song and we r helping..
Sargun- Kya? Im lost here..tum dono? What..?
Kunj started laughing. “Just wait and watch.”
The break was now over and it was now time for Kunj to perform his song. He grabbed his guitar and turned Varun and Sid. “Ready?” They nodded. Apparently the two of them were joining him on stage. Before going on stage, the boys turned to the confused girls and said this song was dedicated to them leaving the girls even more confused.
The stage lights flashed and turned to a dark rose pink light. Kunj is now shown sitting on a stool in the centre of the stage with His guitar in his hand while Varun on the left and Siddharth on his right. Kunj starts strumming while Varun and Sid starts humming the first part of Kabhi Jo badal barse…

“Heey heey ho ho ho…”

Spotlight falls on Kunj and he starts singing..

“You’re beautiful
You criminal
Girl you took everything from me
Can’t let you go
Like a general
I’m going into battle cause…

(All three starts singing K,S&V)-
You stole the breath from my lungs
Cut my veins, bleeding love
Oh I still remember that scene..

Cuz I can see the tears running down your cheek
I can feel your body so close to me 
I can hear the rain dropping at your feet 
Cuz your love was gone

(Koi nahi.. Mita de sabhi..)

24×7, I will be waiting
Out in the rain till somebody saves me
Don’t care if it takes forever to make you believe…

Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa..

It’s like a gun shot went straight through me
Stopped my heart from beating
No – won’t let you get away

Cuz I can see the tears running down your cheek
I can feel your body so close to me
I can hear the rain dropping at your feet
Cuz your love was gone..

(K,S&V-) (By now they were all standing and closing their eyes, singing from their heart)
Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa

Tere pahloo mein reh loon
Main khudko paagal keh loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
Seh loon saathiya

You’re killin me
You’re bad for me
So why do I feel such ecstasy?
Do you believe
In you and me
How do I stop this jealousy?

I’ll never stop fighting till you’re with me
I built a castle and you’re my queen
Just give me a chance to make you believe it again

(Koi nahi.. Mita de sabhi..)

24×7 I’ll be waiting 
Out in the rain till somebody saves me
Don’t care if it takes forever to make you believe
Cause you’ve got to believe it…

Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa

Tere pahloo mein reh loon
Main khudko paagal keh loon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
Seh loon saathiya..

It’s like a gun shot went straight through me
Stopped my heart from

(K,S&V slowly-)
No – won’t let you get away..

Music slows down and they open their eyes slowly facing their jaw dropped audience…
Everyone stood and clapped loudly for them. Kunj was on cloud 9, happier than ever…He thinks – “Maa,Papa they liked it!! They really did.
He smiled.. See with your blessings, i can do anything in this world and face any difficulties. Haa i know i was being the stubborn one and not sing in front of everyone.. You win ok? I can’t wait to see the look on Twinkle’s face.” They left stage waving at the crowd and approached backstage where thunderous applaud shook them. “Wow i didn’t no i had a husband that could sing and Kunj!! Yaar where were u hiding that voice?” Sargun asked giving Sid a hug. Kunj just laughed. He was looking for Twinkle when he saw her running towards him. He was shell shocked at her response. She hugged and gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Kunj! You were amazing!” She said smiling. Kunj looked at her still shocked but happy (imagine that face he had when she gave kissed him on his cheek the first time after the boxing match… II miss those moments yaar??) Twinkle realised what she just did and blushed. She ran into the dressing room and closed the door behind her. Kunj was still lost and was soaring in space. He pretended to faint and fell on Varun. “Kunj!! Snap out of it!” But kunj was busy in wonderland still holding his cheek. He was mumbling something all the time. Chinki put her ear close to his mouth to her what he was saying and started laughing. “He’s saying, Mar gaya mar gaya mar gaya..over and over.” They laughed and pushed him in the males dressing room to change since their “traditional” dance was coming up. Now Sidun and Vinki were left. They girls turned to them.
C- Are u sure that song was dedicated to US?
V- actually no it wasn’t … Kunj told us to tell u girls that
Sid- but .. I think it was for Twinkle…
Sargun- Hmmm … A love story is being written..
They smiled and agreed. They also left to change leaving Twinkle and Kunj behind closed doors blushing…

Episode ends on Twinj’s face..

Precap- Function abhi bakki hai …

Sorry, i forgot to mention that Kunj sang “I’ll be waiting-Kabhi Jo badal by Arjun..”

Heelllooo all …did u like today’s episode??
I tried to write today’s epiode in a way that u all could visualise their performances..hope it helped…
Thank you all for your comments on last epi yaar .. It made me smile and feel better … And Maya which part are u from? ..
Saby di … Hope u come back soon … 🙂
Sayu di hope u feel better yaar .. Do take care of yourself nah? ❤

Do comment pleaseee?
Bye love you ….

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