My heart beats for only you (Episode 14)


Episode 14

Recap – Kunj saves Twinkle. Twinkle gets a mysterious message.

My heart beats for only you (Episode 13)

Next day ; In the college’s studio.

K – Okay, no more time wasting. Just one more day left!
T – You are getting worked up for nothing yaar. Trust me nah.
C – Haa kunj. Trust the dance expert.
Twinkle laughed. “So, what is the plan? How many dances are we doing for the function?” Sargun looked at the program then passed it to her. “Twinkle, according to the list, we’re doing four dances in all.”
Sid – Two of the dances are that you girls have to dance alone without us and we boys have to dance without u. You know all girls , all boys dance.
She nodded and he continued. “Then we have to dance a traditional dance. Remember what the teachers said? One explaining the country’s land? Haa I know confusing nah?”
She smiled and stood up and thought for a moment. “No not really. I already got songs for all the dances.”
K – What? Already?
T – Of course Kunj. Being a very “talented” dancer u most know every detail of the dance. Moves, songs, beats…sab kuch.
K – ok stop praising yourself and spill!
Twinkle told them the names of songs for the three dances and they all agreed. (I won’t reveal the names of the song until the day…sorry).
V – Arre wah! You never fail to impress me.
She started laughing. “Thank you. Thank you.” “What’s the last dance?”
V – Mera favourite! Couple romantic wala dance.
C – oh god! She rolled her eyes.

Siddarth on the other hand started smirking. “Varun my bro, my favourite too ?… Hay nah baby?” Sargun pushed him away. Kunj was also smiling since he knew the couples would be Sid and Sargun and Varun and Chinki which left him and Twinkle. Apparently, Twinkle was thinking the same thing and looked at away blushing. Kunj smiled and thinks -“At least she doesn’t mind.. ”
“I’m sorry to burst your bubble boys.” A voice said at the end of the studio.
K – Sir! Aap yaha?
Yes, the principal was standing there listening to them. He approached to them.
“Good morning!” They wished him back. Siddun and Vinki had composed themselves and was acting all innocent. “You’re discussing the dances right?” They nodded. “Well um, we only.need one couple doing the romantic dance. Sorry… But that was a special request from one of our guest. “Ohh,” said Siddarth disappointed. “Please discuss among yourselves who will be the couple. I’ll be right back.”
He left.

T – Arre why are u guys looking so gloomy? Don’t worry I’ll teach you the steps of the dance.
Varun and Siddarth looked at her pretending to be angry then made a puppy face. “You shut up Twinkle! I don’t want to dance anymore!” Siddharth said pouting. Varun joined. “Haa i wanted us all to dance and now these ‘special guests! Yeh hamari function yaa..” “Arre what’s the big deal Varun? Its ok nah..Chall, which one of you are dancing?” Kunj said patting their backs interrupting Varun. They glared at Kunj and nodded no.
T – come on! Don’t be stubborn! Sargun/Chinki, make them understand nah!
But they both were giggling at the boys’ state.
Sargun – Nai Twinkle… I don’t want to.
C- me neither.
T – Huh? You guys are weird yaar!
Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other helplessly. The principal returned and asked for their decision.
“Actually, Sir we haven’t deci…” Kunj started but Sid cut him off. “Sir, kunj and twinkle will dance!”
Twinkle and Kunj looked at them shocked and surprised. Twinkle widen her eyes and looked at sid and gave him a what-are-you-doing face.
K- no sir we’re not…. But the principal smiled and patted their backs. “Good that’s what i wanted.” He played Ishq Wala Love and said, “This is the song i want you two dance. Can you handle it?” Both of them were still shocked and speechless. Vinki spoke up for them. “Haa, sir they will manage. In fact they will show you the moves right now!”
P- really they will?
Twinj together – we will??!!
“Yes!” They pushed Twinkle and Kunj in the centre of the studio, leaving them still speechless. Song starts. They both looked at each other with trust and faith in their eyes. He held her hand up and entangled them up with his and his other hand at her waist. He was hesitate to touch her since he didn’t want to do so with out her permission. Twinkle saw this and smiled. She stepped closer to him and blinked her eyes as if saying, “I trust you.” He smiled. They started dancing slowly to the music and the rythmn. He twirled her around and lift her up. She looked down and stared deep into his eyes. He put her down and left her. Kunj traced his fingers along her arms and neck. She trembled by his touch. Now kunj pulls her to him and back hugs her and they move slowly, eyes closed , enjoying the moment. They were lost in the song forgetting all their troubles and felt wonderful in each other’s embrace.
“….Ishq wala love…oohh….”

Song ends but they both still held onto other.
Their audience started clapping (principal, siddun and vinki) breaking Twinkle and Kunj’s trance. They quickly left each other and looked away in embarrassment.
“Great! That’s taken care of.. That was beautifully done.” He praised them a bit more then left. As soon as he left, Kunj ran up to Varun and Sid and started hitting them while Twinkle ran after the girls. “What was that haa? We will dance? Teri tuh!!! Wait I’ll show you!”
V – Are Kunj!! Stop yaar!! Ouchh..
Sid – Mummy ahh!! Kunj meri bhai rukhh nah!! I have wife yaar she won’t be able to live without me! Kunj!!
K – bhai?! You’re calling Me your brother haa?
V – Kunj abhii rukh nah… We didn’t do anything wrong!
K – What do you mean you didn’t do anything wrong?
Sid – really kunj? You were enjoying that dance more than us.
Kunj suddenly stopped at realised what they said. Twinkle walked up to them holding sargun and chinki’s ears panting. “Ku..nj.. Leave them now. They got their punishment.”
V – Haa listen to her bhai
Kunj turned and looked at him and Varun folded his hands and closed his eyes and sealed His lips. Kunj left them and walked to twinkle. They stood together like how they r looking in my ff’s cover photo. Suddenly the both burst into laughter. They fell down holding their bellies while their friends looked at them weirdly. “Twinkle look at this…” He walked slowly towards sid. Sid widened his eyes seeing Kunj coming towards him and jumped into Sargun’s arms (bridal style ?) “Hahaha Siddarth…thik tuh ho nah tu?” Twinkle asked teasing him.
K – ok ok we forgive you yaar. Now stop looking like four little cowards and let’s get dancing. Twinkle do your thing!
They smiled and started rehearsing for the function. Twinkle taught them the steps one by one making it easy for them.
By afternoon they knew the dance steps by heart. “Twinkle you’re amazing yaar. You r one of the best dance teachers I’ve ever met in my entire life.” Said Siddarth giving her a side brotherly hug. Sargun hugged her the other side and smiles. “You know its like God finally saw the struggles we were going through and sent you along. Right Kunj?” She smiled and hugged them back. “Really though thanks alot nahh. I could finally dance like i mean it … And we wouldn’t have gotten this far without you..” Varun said joining in the hug and so did Chinki. “Thanks alot Just as they were about to leave, the principal stopped them. “Twinkle/Kunj… I saw the decorations in the hall. The designs are really beautiful. I’m impressed with your idea of the one colour theme. Thank you for making this happen in such a short time.”
K&T – Your welcome was not a problem.

They left the office and drove off in Kunj’s car to the post office.
At directly 6pm they reached and dropped off the principal’s papers and headed towards home.
The journey was rather silent but there was a reason. Twinkle was resting back on the seat and was smiling. She was busy recalling all that happened today. Her and kunj’s dance, their pranks played on their friends, they fun they had while rehearsing. She smiled and sighed. Her thoughts came to an abrupt stop when the car suddenly jerked to a halt. “Kunj, everything all right?”
“Pata nahi. Let me check.” He got out of the car and checked. Twinkle came out as well. “All ok?” He started coughing…”Nope. Apparently something is wrong.”
T – oh no! What are we going to do now?
Kunj just looked at her and placed his hands on his waist. “Oh I don’t know..why don’t you think of something?” … “Huh?”
K – What? Cant you see the car is broken now we have wait here for help.
T – Abbi yaar ..No !! .. I have to stay here with you…ooff!!
Kunj made a frustatred sort of face and sat on the car. “Haa your luck. You know you’re happy because we’re on an abandoned road…all alone…under a dark and starry night..sirf ham dono..” He said sensually teasing her. Twinkle blushed and shied away. “Noo nothing like that…just that I’ll have to bear you Mr Sarna.”
Kunj – Haha how funny
He stood at the middle of the road waiting for someone to come and help them. A truck pulled up and Kunj explained the problem to the driver. He was happy to help and they towed the car onto his truck and he left. “Twinkle we’ll have to find our way home ourselves. He hadn’t enough space for us so…” Twinkle smiled..”Kunj, i don’t mind walking besides its such a wonderful and soothing night.” And she spread her arms out and let the wind take her away. Kunj just smiled at her and they kept walking since there house wasn’t that far. “Damn no network signal here.”
“Kunj who are planning to call at this hour?”
K – Arre Sid or Varun nah..they’ll pick us up…

T- Kunj tum bhi nah…kitna boring ho…lemme guess the only reason you want to go home is to stress yourself on work..
K – Matlab?
T – dekh .. You will go home, take a bath, go over ur dance moves, check and see if everything is in place, make number of phone calls and pace back n forth worrying for no reason. Hai nah?
Kunj mouth just left open. “How did you know that? .. I mean um … Tum bhi nah Twinkle.” She laughed. “Meh kya? I know I’m stubborn but u need to step in the comfort zone yaar. Come let’s enjoy … Tomorrow is the college’s anniversary nah? So let’s be stress free. Thik hai?”
K – ok my Siyappa queen. Chall.

Raat Bhar from Heropanti plays while kunj and Twinkle let themselves loose with nature. Kunj and Twinkle have dance contest on the road looking all crazy. They start to scream and yell their lungs out how happy they were. They bought ice cream and ate. Twinkle put some on Kunj’s face while Kunj does the same. They tickle each other and laughs. In other words they enjoyed the night having fun like never before.
Song ends.
Rain starts falling. Kunj pulls Twinkle under a tree so they can get shelter. “Abbi yaar i was having so much fun and now this rain!” Twinkle said becoming sad. Kunj smiled. ” No not really…look over there.” He pointed to a bunch of children playing and dancing in the rain. Twinkle and Kunj looked at each other and smiled. They ran from the tree and towards the children and started dancing with them.
The children pulled Kunj and Twinkle away from each other and starts singing…

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom….

Ghode Jaisi Chaal Haathi Jaisi Dum
O Saawan Raja Kahaan Se Aaye Tum
Ghode Jaisi Chaal Haathi Jaisi Dum
O Saawan Raja Kahaan Se Aaye Tum

Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

They start dancing…

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai
Baarish Hoti Hai Chhanar Chhanar Chhumchhum
Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai
Baarish Hoti Hai Chhanar Chhanar Chhumchhum

Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Arre Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai
Saawan Aata Hai Ghumar Ghumar Ghumghoom

Children –
Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai
Saawan Aata Hai Ghumar Ghumar Ghumghoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

(Voilin part plays..)

Ho Ho Ho Ho
Hey Hey Hey Hey

Ambar jhuka jhuka sa hai

Sab kuchh ruka ruka sa hai

Chhaya samaa kitna pyaara

Saawan ka samjho ishaara

Aise mausam mein tum bhi kuchh kaho
Tum bhi kuchh karo khadi ho kyon gumsum

Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom Chakdhoom dhoom chakdhoom dhoom

Ghode jaisi chaal haathi jaisi dum
O saawan raja kahaan se aaye tum
Ghode jaisi chaal haathi jaisi dum
O saawan raja kahaan se aaye tum

Koi Ladki Hai Jab Vo Hansti Hai
Baarish Hoti Hai Chhanar Chhanar Chhumchhum

Koi Ladka Hai Jab Vo Gaata Hai
Saawan Aata Hai Ghumar Ghumar Ghumghoom

The children circles around Twinj singing-
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom
Chakdhoom Dhoom Chakdhoom Dhoom

Twinj singing slowly while standing and staring at each other-
Ho Ho Ho Ho
Hey Hey Hey Hey
Ho Ho Ho Ho
La La La…

Violin part of the song plays while Twinkle and Kunj have and eyelock. Episode ends.

Precap – “Welcome to AOE college ki 50th anniversary!”

Hellloooo all…..First of all, I’m really really really really really really really really really sorryyyyy for such a long episode!! Really I am. Honestly i tried to make it shorter but i wanted all the ideas to fit in this episode…. Really sorry … Hope i haven’t wasted your time and bored you. I know my last episode was boring but i hope this one is better… And also sorry for being late and those ffs that i haven’t commented on im really sorry i had some problems…
A huge wala thank you to all who commented on my last episode thank you thank you 🙂 … Hope u enjoyed … And please do comment…i promise I’ll try to be earlier next time 🙂
Bye love you all ???

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      Hey thanks ?? …There was a part missing from the episode so i posted in the comment section … Do read

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      Hey thanks for ur comment …There was a part missing from the episode so i posted in the comment section … Do read

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    Heyy guys … Actually a part is missing so I’ll post it here hope that won’t b a problem … This the part where they were all thanking twinkle in the studio

    Varun said joining in the hug and so did chinki. “Thanks alot Twinkle for all your help!”
    T- haww its like I’m a stranger that you’re all thanking me? Very bad… If u really want to thank me then do so tomorrow when we shall have a successful show .. Thik hai?
    They nodded and pulled into group hug. Kunj stood there and smiled looking at them.
    Kunj thinks – “Maa aur Papa sent the right person for me..She’s so awesome! Arre she’ll send me crazy!”

    They turned and saw Kunj folding his hand looking at them with his eyebrow wala look. Twinkle giggled. “Look someone’s feeling left out.”
    Sid – Aww .. Come beta.. Come for a hug.
    Kunj looked at him and took out his shoe. “Tu chup kar! You want another beating? Haa?”
    “Arre yaar … Im only asking u to come for a hug…sorry.. Too bad no hugs for you..Twinkle he doesn’t want your hug.” Kunj widened his mouth and ran towards them. “Coming siddarth baby!” And he joined the hug.

    Next scene ; Principal’s office.

    Kunj and Twinkle were standing infront of the principal waiting for him to finish his call. “Okay..yes I’ll do that..Ji..ok..” He put down the receiver and pulled out an envelope and handed it to them. “Actually i need a favour from you. This envelope is to be taken down to the post office in an hour time and i have a tight schedule here so i can’t leave my work and tomorrow’s the function. I know its a bit far from where you live but you’re my only hope. Can you please drop this there?” He asked.
    “Of course sir, no problem.” Kunj said. “Thank you so much!” Just as they were about to leave……. Sorry for the inconvenience

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