My heart beats for only you (Episode 13)


Episode 13

Recap – Episode 12

Episode starts with Twinj and their friends in the basement.

Sid- So shall we carry this up now?
K – I guess so…we don’t want to waste anymore time.
V – let’s do that and place it one time in the hall. We have to start rehearsing anyway.
T – one more day left right?
They nodded.
Siddarth, Varun and Kunj managed to carry the models of numerals ’50’ up to the hall. The students stared in awe at their work and clapped for them. There were cheerful murmurs heard from them. “This year we’ll knock the socks of the guests coming for the function.” “Yea, this is going to be awesome!” Twinkle smiled and her friends showed her a thumbs up.
“So, Twinkle where are we gonna place this?” Kunj asked. “Haa what does your inspiring mind think?” Varun asked teasing her. She laughed. “Well… about putting it in the middle of the hall?” Kunj arched his famous eyebrow wala look. “Kya? What do you mean?” “Ok ok .. I mean we’ll put it in the middle of the hall…Up there.” She pointed where there were several cloths which had been used to decorate the hall in the centre of the ceiling. (You know what im talking about right guys? When the cloths are placed from the corners of the hall and then meet together in the centre. Hope u get the picture)
Sargun- Ohhh so the we’ll hang the numbers in the middle … You’re saying like a chandelier thing?
She smiled. “Exactly!”
K – ohh now i get why u said brighten up the looks of the hall. Not bad Siyappa queen. And he did this ?
T – thank you, thank you.
Sid – your idea is great though and its coming up amazing too. I mean look…the theme is shades of purple. Only one colour adding spice to the atmosphere then there’s this! He said pointing to her substitute chandelier. ?
She smiled at them.
“Okay no more talks. Let’s get this up right away!” Varun ordered and went to search for a ladder. He came back with not a very strong one but could only handle one support.
K – are u sure this is strong enough Varun?
V – well its the only one left to use. We’ll have to put something at the end so it doesn’t fall.
Sid – Here’s a piece of wood … I’ll use it to hold up the ladder. That ok?
They nodded.
“Okay I’ll go up, you two will pass it up to me and we’ll attach it to the cloth.” Said Varun. Kunj and Sid passed it one at a time and he tied it tightly to the cloth. “Perfect!” Kunj said smiling. Varun jumped down from the ladder. “Good..Now we have to make it even.” While they were busy discussing, someone stealthily removed the wood from the ladder and it started to wobble.
Sid- oh no! … Kunj!
K – oh sh*t! Twinkle! Twinkle look out!
But twinkle couldn’t hear. She was speaking to the students about the decoration. The ladder began to fall and Twinkle was right on the spot. Kunj ran towards Twinkle to save her. He pulled her back and luckily the ladder fell on the ground not touching twinkle but since Kunj pulled Twinkle with a sudden jerk surprising her, she held onto the cloth causing them to trip and fall and the cloth fell over them. They started to roll across the hall with the cloth wrapped around them while Twinkle and Kunj were lost in each other.(Sajna ve plays). Twinkle was above Kunj. Her hair was blocking his face. He tucked her hair behind her ear while Twinkle’s arms were on his chest staring at him. Unknowingly the two started coming closer to each other’s faces and could hear their heavy breathing. They composed themselves when the cloth was removed from them and got up. “Are you two ok?” Asked sargun. “Haa, im ok. Twinkle tum thik ho?” She nodded and asked what happened and kunj pointed to the ladder on the ground. She was shocked and placed her hands over her mouth. “Oh my God! How did this happen?”
Sid- i don’t know it how happened but it wasn’t suppose to happen.
V – you’re right. It only happened bcz our support is missing! (The wood they had placed earlier)
K – huh? What do u mean missing?
V – it’s not here Kunj.
“Varun! Kunj! Is this it?” Another boy yelled across the room (let’s name him Aarav). He showed them the wood which was now broken it pieces.
“Arre haa Aarav! What was doing all the way there?” Varun said puzzled. “Pata nai,” he answered.
Twinkle sighed and became worried. “Kunj, thanks for saving me.” He nodded its ok. “I’ll just use the restroom and come.” “Im coming with you!” Chinki said and went with her. Sargun walked up to them with a tensed look on her face. “Another unexplainable situation.”
K – I swear whoever is doing this will not be spared!!
Kunj was really angry. His friends tried to calm him down. “Somebody really is harming her..If anything happens to her. I’ll never forgive myself.” Kunj said nearly crying. “Kunj, don’t worry, sab thik ho jaiga.” Sargun said comforting him. “We’ll just have to be a bit more careful.” “You’re right.”
Twinkle came back feeling a bit better and smiled at them. She left to continue her work and so did the others. When they weren’t looking, she went out of the hall and took a stroll in the garden.

Twinkle’s POV –
“What is going on? Mujhe kuchh samajh nahin aa raha (Sorry if my hindi is wrong nah mujhe marf Karna haa? ??). I have to pretend as if I’m ok in front of my friends. In front of Kunj…I know he’s worried for me, but i don’t want him to stress about it. I have to be more careful and take care of Kunj as well. I know somebody is doing all this purposely and I know Kunj is worried sick for me. He can’t hide his feelings for me. I know he cares for me and so does the rest of them.”
She sighs a bit before continuing.
“That chilli wala incident and now the ladder. I think im an obstacle in somebody’s life..
Nai Twinkle. Stop thinking negative. Just go back in there and look at your friends. They have your back and will never leave you. Kunj will never leave you. Just be careful and stop causing tension in everybody’s lives. Ok Twinkle Taneja?”
She smiles. “Whoever is doing this will not be spared. I have the entire college with me.”
POV ends.

Twinkle smiled and felt better. She got up and was about to walk back inside the building when a crushed up piece of paper hit her. She bent and picked it up and opened it. Her eyes popped out and was shocked at what was scribbled in the paper.
It said, “This is just the beginning Twinkle. Picture abhi bakki hai, mera dost. Or should i say , dushman!”
She started to sweat as she read it over and over.She looked around to see if anybody was there. “Hello? Koi hay yah ha pey? Show yourself! Hello?”
“Umm Twinkle?” A voice behind her said. She turned around and jumped. “Kunj! You scared me!” She sighed.
K- tum yaha kya kare yo?
T- umm kuch nahi. Just came for a walk.
Kunj held her shoulders. “Twinkle, you ok nah?” She nodded. “Haa baba. I’m ok.”
K – you sure nah? Don’t lie to me you know!
T – arre im not lying.
K -hmm ok .. So u say. Wat are you hiding behind your back?
Twinkle was hiding the paper behind her back since she didn’t want kunj to get worried though she felt bad hiding the matter from him.
“Nothing kunj. See?”
She tore the paper up and quickly threw it away and showed him her hands.
“Ok..let’s get back to the Hall then?”
She shaked her head yes and they walked towards the hall. Kunj noticed her being quiet and got suspicious. “Twinkle, why do u look so tensed? Everything ok?” She turned to him and smiled. “Kunj I’m perfectly fine. When there’s somebody like you by my side, do i need to worry?” He smiled back at her. “Twinkle if there’s anything bothering you , please don’t hesitate to tell me ok?” “Ok!”
He pulls her into a hug and she felt comfortable and better in his embrace. (Sajna ve plays). They break the hug and stepped back into the hall and completed the rest of the work.
“Wow!” She exclaimed. “It looks breathtaking up there!”
“Haa haa, of course! Teamwork is always the key!” Said Varun laughing. Chinki laughed. ‘Tum pagal ho, pata hai?” “Haa baby,i know.”
They all laughed. Sargun and Siddarth looked at Twinkle and was happy that she was feeling lighter. They looked at Kunj who was busy staring at her. Siddarth nudged him a bit in order to tease him. He blushed and gave him a What wala face. Sargun smiled. “Kunj..kya hua tum ko? Haa? She ruling your heart or what?” Kunj just laughed at looked at her and whispered so he alone could hear. “Maybe. Just maybe!”

Episode ends on Kunj’s smiling face and Twinkle’s laughing face.

Precap – Dance rehearsals. Last day of preparation and some twinj masti.

Hola everyone!! How are you all? Haa haa i know im late … So so so sorryyy!! I apologize from the bottom of my heart (dil se ❤) sorry nah hope you’ll forgive me.
How was it? Boring? Interesting? Worth reading? Or is it trash? Bear with me nah . if u didn’t enjoy this one then i hope youll enjoy the next one … And was the length ok? Please do tell in your comments please…
Thank you again all those who commented on my last episode and liking it. Seriously without your support, i would not have made it so far. Thanks alot!!
Oohh you all enjoyed our Sidhant’s perfromance? Jhalak dikla jaa? Haa? Yaar i keep lookin at it over and over. ?? anybody else jealous because Jacqueline ma’am is getting all the praise? ? First time seeing him flirt live ? .. Anyway enough of my chapping … Gotto go .. Bye love u all ?✌✌

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