My heart beats for only you (Episode 12)


Episode 12

Recap – Kunj’s talk with his parents (flashback) his love for twinkle but isn’t ready just yet to accept his feelings until he fulfills the promise he made to his parents.

Next morning ; Sarna Mansion

Twinkle, who was dressed in a dark blue kurta top (armless) basically its like the suits she is currently wearing in TEI) and black jeans followed by a ponytail hairstyle, was walking towards the kitchen when she bumped into something or should i say someone heavy, muscular and soak in sweat. She looked up and her eyes popped out. She stammered, “Kk..un.j?”
Kunj turned around and Twinkle’s jaw dropped. “Oh good morning Twinkle.” He helped her get up. “Good Morning Kunj.” She said swallowing. “Arre kya hua?” She nodded nothing.
“Okay then … Oh i see you’re ready.

Sorry i was working out. I’ll just change and come.” He ran up to his room and as soon as he was out of Twinkle’s sight, she pretended to faint on the couch, got up back and then took a sip of water. “Oh my god!! What was that? Damn that body yaar. His muscles, his sweaty abs…woahh damnn?…Kunj you’re going to kill me one of these days. But Kunj,” she said smiling ,”You don’t have to prove how s*xy you are to me though you are hot. Its your personality that’s piercing its way to my heart. Uff!” And she acts like pulling out a dagger from her heart. She blushes and laughs. “No Twinkle, why are you thinking like this? And why so dramatic? Kunj bhi nah .. He’s calling me siyappa queen so much that I mite end up creating a bohot bara siyappa!” And she slaps her forehead and sat down waiting for Kunj.

Kunj’s room
“Oye, Mr Sadu Sarna!! Jalde karro nah!” Twinkle shouts from downstairs.
“God my heart!! Sadu Sarna! Sounds so sweet from her mouth!” He yells back, “Coming jaanu!” He said smiling and winking at his parent’s ki photo. “Kya? Im allowed to flirt nah? He asked sarcastically fixing his blue and red checkered shirt in front of them. “Aao, bless me now.” He said spreading his arms wide open. A huge wind blows at him and he hugs himself and smiles. “Thank you!”

“Jaanu? Huh? Arre Kunj is getting weirder day by day.”
“Challe Miss Twinkle?” He said from behind giving her a fright. She just looked at him with blank expressions.
K- kya?

She put her hands on his forehead and neck. “Kunj, tum thik ho nah?
“Yeah why?”
“Nai…you’re just acting so weird lately. You ok nah? Kunj!! Look you’re smiling for no reason!”
Kunj started laughing. He starts the car and they hopped in and drove off. “Kunj bolo nah!! Kya hua?”
“Nothing yaar Twinkle. I was just pulling you leg.”
“Are you sure?” She asked not fully convinced. “Haa baba. Im ok. If u want another reason then just think of it as if I’m generally happy ok?”
T – acha? So y r u happy then?
K – “well let’s just say i missed mom and dad alot lately but they’re something else that came in my life in place of them,” He said smiling at her. She smiled back at him and nodded ok.

Next scene ; college
Sargun, Sid, Varun and Chinki joined them just outside the hall. “Kunj, you ready?” Siddharth asked and Kunj nodded yes. “Where are you going?” asked Chinki. “Arre jaanu..don’t we have to start working on Twinkle’s bright idea? We’re going to the basement to start working on our masterpiece.” Varun said dramatically, flexing his muscles. “Haa sure, your masterpiece,” chinki said rolling her eyes.

“You guys will be ok handling the arrangements in the hall?” Asked Kunj looking at the girls. Twinkle looked at him and smiled.”Yah Kunj. You guys go and start working.” The boys left them and went towards the basement with the necessary tools needed to start carving the ’50’.
“Challe?” Sargun asked and they smiled and nodded. Just as Twinkle was about to step in the hall, she stumbled on large roll of huge twine and started falling. Before she could reach the ground, Chinki and Sargun caught her by her shoulders and prevented her from falling. She sighed and thanked them. They nodded in affirmation. “Twinkle we not only caught you because you were going to fall but because of that.” Chinki said pointed to a box of nails. “If we hadn’t caught you in time from landing in it, your face would’ve been damaged terribly.”
Twinkle was shocked and looked at them.Sargun was furious. “Who was the irresponsible person that left this here??” She asked angrily. One girl walked up to them (let’s name her Priya).
Priya- Arre, i had just put this back in the cupboard. I swear!
Sargun- So how did it end up here?
Priya- i don’t know but im sure i did put that back. The twine and the box of nails. I can’t imagine why its still here or moreover how it end up back here. Sargun, i really dont know. I am sorry Twinkle.
Twinkle – its ok. I believe you.
“What Priya said was true because i was there wen she had put it back,” said another girl.
Chinki- hmm ok … Thanks …
The three of them looked at each other puzzled. “Twinkle, you ok nah?” Chinki asked putting her arms around her. “Haa Chinki I’m good. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding.. Leave it, let’s go.” They nodded and Sargun looked worriedly at Chinki.

It was now midday and the girls had worked hard and completed the rest of the decorating work. “Oh God, so much work!” Complained Twinkle. Chinki laughed, “Chall lets have lunch now and look the boys are back.” Siddarth waved at them and hugged Sargun. “How was the morning without me jaan?” Asked Varun flirting with chinki. “Ohh so peaceful!” “Achha u didnt miss me at all?” “Nope.”
While the two couples were talking and romancing with each other ,hamari so called ‘love birds’ were busy staring at each other.Kunj broke the eyelock and smirked. “Seems like somebody missed me.” “Oh please!” replied Twinkle but was extremely happy inside to see him. Kunj started laughing. “Achha what will you to have?” Asked chinki since she offered to order their food. “Ummm….” Twinkle started talking but someone called her away and she excused herself. “Ok..ay? koi baat nahi. We were friends since six yrs of age so i know what she’ll want.”
After a while Twinkle came back.

“Sorry guys. Had to take care of something.” “Okay eat now!” Ordered kunj. “Aww Chinki! You remembered!” Chinki smiled, “Of course yaar. Chicken sandwiches are your life.” “Haa that’s true. Thanks!” She took the first bite and started chewing but then suddenly started coughing. “Twinkle! Are you ok? Here have some drink,” said kunj passing her drink to her and rubbing her back. She started coughing again when she swallowed the drink. “Arre, Twinkle kya hua?” Twinkle started stifling and coughing at the same time but she tried to talk. “Ch..i.ll.i” she coughed again.
V – I think she said chilli.
C – Chilli??? Oh no!! Twinkle come with me. But twinkle refused and said she was ok.
C – kya ok? Come with me I’ll take u to the college clinic. Come!
Chinki took her to the nurse and came back the following 15 minutes alone.
K – Chinki, where is Twinkle?
C – Its ok. I left her with Ms. Patel (assume its the college nurse). She’s checking her.
Sid – what happened just now?

K – yea what happened there? She’s getting me worried. Everything all right?
Chinki looked at them with tears in her eyes but she quickly wiped them while Varun put his hand around her. “Kunj please check and see what really is in her sandwich.” Kunj opened the sandwich and was shocked and so was the others.

“She was right! It is chilli. Red chilli powder!” Exclaimed Varun. Chinki sat down with a worried expression on her face. “This isn’t possible, i ordered a plain chicken sandwich for twinkle as i knew she can’t eat chilli. I told the woman no pepper in the sandwich.”
K – you’re right. She didn’t put pepper in her sandwich. I just asked.
C- Oh my god. I don’t no what’s going on. How did that sandwich get chilli powder in it then?
Sid – But why are u making a fuss out of it? Can’t she handle chilli? I mean you overreacted so…
C – No Sid, you don’t understand..We could’ve lost Twinkle today!!! (It echoes)

“What? Chinki please explain!” Kunj asked, his voice trembling. Chinki herself started trembling but spoke clamly, “Twinkle’s mother had invited me for lunch one day and before we usually eat, Twinkle and I would take our bikes and ride down the river and when we reach back home, Leela Aunty would give us both pickled mangoes as a treat and you know pickled mangoes usually goes with chilli so Twinkle was being stubborn and started crying for more and leela Aunty wasn’t looking and she unknowingly added alot more than expected.

Twinkle obviously ran and hid from her mother since she wanted to prove to me that she could handle a lot of chilli. After an hour we realized there wasn’t a sound coming from twinkle. When we finally found her, she was lying on the ground with her hand on her throat and face redder than ever. She had fainted but tears were still flowing from her eyes. We had carried her to the hospital immediately when the doctor told us luckily we brought her there without a minute to spare else we would have lost her. The doctor informed us to not give her chilli AT ALL since pepper had an effect to her lungs and breathing system, well u saw for yourself how she was stifling.” She stopped and breathed for a while wiping her tears.By now they were all shocked and was thankful that nothing had happened to her.Kunj on the other hand was crying silently since he didn’t want to cry in front of his friends and cause them to worry.

“Sargun, do you think somebody is doing this intentionally? I mean first the incident this morning then the chilli…” Before chinki could complete her question Kunj turned to her angrily and shockingly. “What happened this morning?” Chinki and Sargun explained what happened this morning and Kunj was shocked. “Who the hell is doing this to Twinkle?!” “But why do you think they are doing in intentionally?” Asked siddarth worrying for Twinkle. “Why would anybody put chilli in soft drinks haa?” replied Sargun. “Yeah u have a point. Wait … You don’t think Maya is doing all this nah? i mean she doesn’t having a liking for Twinkle.”
Kunj started laughing,” I swear if she’s the one behind all of this, i won’t leave her!” He added angrily.
V – calm down kunj. We don’t know that for sure.
C – guys Twinkle is coming back

K – Okay just for now don’t tell her what we think abt Maya ok? Before she starts worrying.
Chinki ran to Twinkle and hugged her, so did Kunj.
C – u ok nah Twinkle? Im so so sorry! I don’t know hw chilli got into your sandwich. I’m sorry, its all my fault! She started crying.
T – Are chinki.. It wasn’t your fault yaar. Look meh bilkul thik hu ok? Nothing happened to me so stop blaming yourself. Im sure there’s some misunderstanding.
Chinki hugged her again.
Sargun thinks, “Twinkle that’s what you said last time yaar. I’m worried. I hope Maya really isnt behind this. I won’t leave her if she is. Yeh bhagwan please keep Twinkle safe. Please!”
“Hey are you okay?” Sid asked placing his hands on her shoulder. She nodded and sid held her hand tightly and gave her an everything-is-gonna-be-ok face. “Twinkle you’re ok nah? I was so worried! Ek baat batai yeh.. Do u have a habit of making others worried for you? Haa?” Kunj asked teary eyed. Twinkle pulled him in a tight hug and whispered she was ok. Kunj fed her some of his food and gave her water to drink.

“Twinkle, you feeling better now?” asked Siddharth. She nodded and smiled. “In that case we have a surprise for you three. Chall let’s go!” Said Kunj. He had decided to make him and Twinkle both forget what happened since it was affecting him badly. The thought of losing Twinkle scared him so he decided to ease his mind and the only way to do that was to make her cheerful again and back in her siyappa Queen mode. They had reached in front of the basement but before stepping in, the boys blindfolded the girls and led them inside. Before kunj took off twinkle’s blindfold he gave her a rag and told her to keep it so it would prevent the dust from raising her allergies.
“Surprise!!!” They shouted and took off the blindfolds.

Chinki, Twinkle and Sargun were equally shocked at the sight before them but were also happy. “Wow! It looks better than i expected Kunj!” Twinkle said smiling. “I must admit, your hard work did pay off.” Said sargun teasing them. “Oh really? Did you think that u have a hot and talented husband that sits back and wastes time?” asked Siddharth who was coming closer to her. She blushed, “Yeah!”

Kunj,Varun and Siddarth had took the whole morning period to finish out carving the numerals, ’50’ to place in the hall as a mark of their college’s fiftieth anniversary. They had painted it in a combination of silver,purple and white and let different shades of purple coloured ribbons fall at at the edges.

Kunj walked over to Twinkle and smiled. “Do you like it?”
“Of course not Kunj. I love it!” Kunj smiled even brighter and was also shocked when she hugged him and whispered, “Thank you Kunj. Thank you for fulfilling this desire of mine.” Kunj hugged her back tighter and told her she was welcome.

K (in his mind) – “Anything for you Twinkle..I’ll always fulfill your demands,desires and wishes, just keep smiling and be happy. I don’t who is hell bent on taking you away from me but I’ll be more than just your shining armour. I will never leave your side … Never!”

Episode ends.

Precap – More trouble for Twinkle and Kunj to be her saviour.

Helloo all!!! Hope i havent bored u with today’s episode! I would like to thank all those of commented on my last episode and liking it. Haa u were right it was obviously Kunj’s parents voice just wanted to see if u all were following my ff ?… So i have to apologise for not commenting on ffs but i think we all knw tht the site is behaving weirdly and have problems which is very irritating…
Do comment whether -ve or +ve and tell me if u enjoyed today’s episode and if you’re confused about anything, feel free to mention so in your comments

Bye !! Love u all ?

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